You should be protected from pregnancy by now. Did your doctor or nurse not explain how your tablets work? Do you have the next pack to start immediately after your placebo pills?


I ordered my birth control from Nurx. It's my first time on any kind of birth control and it's really just an automated customer service system and they take days to reply back. I have my next pill pack to start after my placebos, I just wasn't sure if I stay protected even I take the placebos only 2 days after "unprotected" sex.


The placebo tablets are to help you remember to take your pill at the same time every day. You should be safe from pregnancy. Birth control pills that have placebo pills are designed to be effective even during the placebo time (as long as the next set of active pills are taken immediately after the placebo time). No birth control is 100% but using the pill and him not cumming inside you should reduce the risk a great deal


Yes you are, the first time you start ypu have to take the active pills for 7 days. On day 8 you can have sex without another form of birth control like condoms. Even if you took those pills "late" is isn't actually late. The mini pill has a 3 hour window and the combo has a 12 hour window before they are considered late. As long as you take all the active pills in the pack you will be protected against pregnancy for those placebo pill days. Just make sure you start the new pack on tome or earlier if you want to. You also can skip the placebo pills if you want and go straight to another pack of active pills.


You are totally protected! Especially if he didn't finish inside you, but regardless I wouldn't stress!


you’re protected immediately if you start on the first day of your period