No birds are coming :( what am i doing wrong??

No birds are coming :( what am i doing wrong??


Don't worry! The birds will show up eventually!


Yes OP they have to find it. Hang it near cover and be patient.


Take stickers off and see if maybe u can separate it from structures and higher up on tree for more light/visibility. Maybe add some colorful fake flowers. Dont be sad!


I have a broken toe right now. But ill try to get someone to put it up higher. And right after posting those picture i realized that i should have removed the sticker hahaha. Thanks for the advice!!


No worries. Feeders can be hard right now as more and more birds are migrating and natural food sources are opening up.


Ditch this cheap seed and buy some black oil sunflower seeds.


There are some that actually have a fear of sunflowers, it even has a name, Helianthophobia. As unusual as it may seem, even just the sight of sunflowers can invoke all the common symptoms that other phobias induce.


I'm always torn on what to buy because I like to feed the doves too. So I just buy the mix


The bird feeder used to be close to our entrance in the backyard. But i have moved it further to give them some space! Did i get the wrong food or the wrong feeder?


I cannot offer any advice as I am new to bird watching also. There is another sub, r/birdfeeding that had given me some good pointers. Good luck and happy watching.


Cool, will definitely post there for some advice. Thanks


Your food is very unattractive. It's full of red millet and maybe milo, I don't even have to see the ingredients list to know that. That's a cereal filler that many wild birds don't like, so if there's any better food anywhere close birds won't come to your feeder. Avoid cheap blends like this at all cost, even if wild bird show up most of the seed will end up on the ground and you'll go though it very fast.