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Lamotrigine. My life wouldn't be nearly as...normal...as it is now. I can function. I can think. I can feel. It's a true game changer.


Yes!!! I loved it. Unfortunately I lost my insurance so am completely unmedicated :/ I will get insurance again come January so I'm excited to ask to start Lamotrigine again!


I'll cross my fingers for you. I can't imagine not being able to get my meds because of insurance issues. That must be horrible. So I hope that gets fixed for you asap


I was kind of dumb and I didn't enroll for my work insurance within the 90 day period. And I lost my Medicaid from having a job.... At least in January I can get all my meds including heart and asthma meds. Fuck American health insurance.


No Lamical rash?


You just have to be sure to increase the dosage slowly enough. It takes a lot of time. But for me it was definitely worth it.


100% true over here too


Lamotrigine pulled me out of debilitating depression. Gabapentin made my anxiety go quiet. Geodon gave me my fucking life back from this disorder.


Lamotrigine. That shit is magic.


Amen to that! I'm the same BP2. Also I adore zoloft and lithium.




Lamotrigine! Was gonna >!off!< myself, but that drug pulled me from the darkness. Fixed my sleep routine and anxiety. Really was my miracle drug.




Lamotrigin first and foremost but also Wellbutrin. Has worked wonders! I've tried stop taking lamotrigin. Never doing that again. Made me sooo unstable.


Very relatable! Best combo for me.


Also the best combo for me!


Lamotrigine, after being addictive to meth and Oxys I couldn’t think straight for a full year until I got on my medication. Saved my sanity.


Lamotrigine. It cured my anxiety and upping my dosage to 150mg pulled me out of my last depressive episode.


Hard to choose. Lithium made me not want to die, and rexulti made me want to live


<3 a distinction we all get.


I’m with you on the Rexulti. If I didn’t take it in tandem with Lamotrigine, I probably wouldn’t be on this earth.






Are you on 3mg or 6?


Just 1.5


Wellbutrin, it's the only thing that helped my depression




Why? All I see is LAMOTRIGINE. 😭😂


Same and I had a reaction so can’t take it🥺 about to try Trileptal 🤞🏼


Seroquel has been the one that has helped most overall and kept me well for the longest period of time with minimal side effects.


YES! Seroquel has saved my life multiple times. I love it.


Yeah, I mean a full nights sleep really does a lot to help with this condition.


I'm also team Seroquel, I only have the temp regulation side effect to deal with and I get fantastic sleep too, at least 7-9 hours It made it possible for me to do intensive trauma and CPTSD treatment without going into crisis, I'm so grateful for it going into year three on it


Olanzapine, I can actually sleep!




That sounds about right to me lol. It's the only way I get quality sleep


this medication helped me SO much. like it changed my life. the only thing about it is the sedation… like you said, it helps you sleep which is great! for me personally, i sleep too much from the depression, so olanzapine had me falling asleep throughout the day too. when i was taken off of it, my provider did it too quick and the withdrawal was horrible. i had a migraine for literally 4 weeks straight. i did lose a lot of weight from being off of it though, it had me all swollen and bloated. i am not trying to scare you at all, but just wanted to let you know that if you ever need to get off of it for some reason, please please please do it very slowly. getting off antipsychotics is not the most fun process. sending love your way xo


I can very much understand why coming off this med would not be fun. I had a period where I couldn't fill my prescription and taking even half a dose was NOT fun! But I guess me being on this medication is far better than how I am off it, so I can't complain much!


i’m so glad it helps!! it was truly a life changer for me, but the sedation was unbearable and i basically couldn’t function from being so sleepy🤦‍♀️ i hope things continue to go well for you! also, setting a reminder/having auto refills on prescriptions have helped me a lot. i also went through not having the correct dose of a medication for a few days, and it’s crazy how sick it can make you. i’m sending so much love and positive energy to you <3


Lamictal and gabapentin.


Vraylar saved me from doing ECT. Added vyvanse and poof! Happiness


Lamotrigine for moods full stop. Prazosin stopped night terrors and visual and tactile hallucinations within a few weeks. Insane. I could cry. I haven't found other things that made a difference by comparison.


i’m so glad prazosin worked for you!! i tried it for ptsd, and it made my nightmares worse?? i’m not on it anymore (stopped it like two weeks ago), but the nightmares are still really bad. i’m glad you have relief from it though!! it’s so weird how people respond to medication different. basically everything on here that people have said either made me really sick or didn’t help at all :(


Wow I'm so sorry :( I was told my nightmares probably come from never fully shutting down emotionally bc of my cptsd. My 'reptilian brain' stays active and nervous so I have my nightmares and hallucinations. The prazosin kind of 'knocks me out' all the way while I sleep. I went from waking up screaming and thrashing so I woke up everyone else to sleeping all the way through when we got to 5mg dosage. It did take time to get from the 1mg up to 5mg and it does lower my blood pressure as a side effect. I really hope you find something for you. Nightmares are horrible. Maybe you just have a different core problem or the prazosin doesn't rid your unconscious anxiety I'm not sure? I took some other things like trazadone, nothing, prozac, nothing, so I get feeling a bit left out when you don't get the same help from all these highly lauded meds. I feel for you and I hope you find the answer before much longer of dealing with it.


thank you so much for this reply, it means a lot! i am so so so glad that you found the correct meditation and dosage you need to get through the awful nightmares and hallucinations. no one should have to deal with that. i was on 1mg of prazosin, so i’m shocked that such a low dose has affected me so much (in a negative way). i really hope things will look up from here. i was half asleep when i commented, so i’m so sorry that i made it all about myself!! that was so selfish and i apologize for that. i hope things continue to go well for you! if you ever need anything or want to talk, feel free to message me. sending so much love xo


Seroquel! I had been on Lithium for several years. The Lithium started affecting my kidney function, and I was also experiencing a lot of pain from my chronic illness. There were NO medications they would let me take for pain while on Lithium. I switched to Seroquel and now I am able to treat my joint pain AND while Lithium kept me “stable”, emotionally and mentally I feel so much better on Seroquel, like I can think better.


Yes, this!!! I love Seroquel, it totally changed my life.


I would have thought I’d see more lithium in this thread but that’s probably mine. Lithium has stabilized my moods enough to work on my psychotic symptoms.


Latuda pulled me out of an extremely severe depressive episode with psychosis. God bless Latuda.




Seroquel! I struggle with a lot of chronic illnesses, so finding something that treats my joint and nerve pain was so important. Seroquel has been like magic for me, and has been amazing for helping with my sleep disorders as well as difficult psych symptoms; I can't imagine my life without it. I remember the first time I took it it was like a machine in my head that I didn't even know was there turned off, and I was finally able to think clearly without debilitating psych issues interfering. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I am so grateful to finally have something that works.


Another vote for lamotrigine. Virtually no side effects and my episodes are so mild compared to what they used to be. Seroquel helped me through a really awful life even but I’m no longer on it.


ah man, hard to choose just one. I will say Celexa; not in the way I expected. I had been feeling horrible mentally for years and years and my parents just didn’t really listen to me until I was 18. I was put on Celexa immediately once I could finally meet with a doctor. Celexa triggered my first real manic episode. Which got me my bipolar diagnosis and also got me on the path to recovery. And while I can’t take it anymore for obvious reasons, I wouldn’t be getting the help I needed without going through that. Realistically, i’m alive because of that experience.


Lamictal is okay but seroquel with the sleep + a little emotional stability effect was cool


Lamotrigine. I probably wouldn’t be where I am without it


Vraylar has worked wonders for me


Me toooooo


Seroquel really gave me control of my life again after a 5 month mixed/hypo episode. Sadly lamotrigine never helped at all and kinda just made things worse by destroying my memory.


lithium 💕


Lamotrigine and Wellbutrin (has to be together). Although lamotrigine sucks at times with some of its side affects, I’m actual stable for the first time in my life. The Wellbutrin has given me so much more life.


May I ask what kind of side effects you get from lamotrigine?


I get a lot of brain fog from it. Also, I noticed that I have a hard time “connecting the dots” sometimes. For an example, I’m an engineering major, and I can understand everything conceptually, how the system is moving and interacting, etc. however, my brain takes so much longer to connect it to the math component. 😓 or vise versa.


Lamictal...hands down. I have my life back.


I can't pick just one because three meds changed my life in different but very important ways. Wellbutrin stopped my depressive episodes and SAD. Abilify keeps me from going hypomanic and made my irritability go away. Adderall fixed my issues with fatigue and executive dysfunction.


It's a draw for me, mood stabiliser- Sodium Valporate.(Depakote). Anti Depressant, Valdoxan


Latuda! My life changed when we raised the dose to 100 mg. 80 wasn’t enough and 120 was too much. Finally someone thought to try 100. Truly, utterly, life changing. No more hospitalizations since then.


Lamotrigine and quitiapine


Lamictal and Wellbutrin combo saved my life


Yet another advocate for Lamotrigine.


Trazadone for sleep


Omg Zopiclone for me!




Caplyta. My depression and mood swings are gone, it feels like a miracle drug.


Clomipramine. No more OCD!


Lexapro, anxiety is gone


Buspirone and Gabapentin, definitely. Buspirone was the biggest life-changer, I take it on my way into work and it helps the work anxiety so much.


Lamictal. I’m sane 😁 yay






Effexor. It was magical being put on it after 10 years of treating bipolar and anxiety with no success with bipolar antidepressants




Lithium! From my first dose I knew that shit was gonna change my life. My loud ass brain quieted. No more racing thoughts. I fell asleep easily like a normal person. I woke up feeling rested for the first time in my entire life. I still can't believe I wake up to one alarm (instead of snoozing through 30) like a normal person now. I probably need to add in some type of antidepressant but the effect it's had on quieting my mind and regulating my sleep has been pretty extraordinary.


Wow, you all got me really want to try lamotrigine. 👀 Seriously... Wellbutrin is the only thing that made my depression go away for good. I wouldn't be able to be a decent mother to my child without it. And I have a love-hate relationship with depakote. It has definitely made a difference for me, and I've never been hypomanic in ages. But oof, there's something off about it and I wish I could quit it every single day of my life, even if nothing else I tried works so well for me.


PROPRANOLOL for the win!!!!!




just started taking it yesterday, i’m excited


lamotrigine, i’m not even sure what my life would be like without it….


Reading this thread while currently on lamotrigine, lithium,seroquil and Wellbutrin really made me feel good






Latuda. Made the lows pretty much disappear.






Lamotrogine. And recently Quetiapine was added and seems to be such a great combo for me with my anxiety.


Latuda, haven't had any mixed episodes since I got the dosage dialed in


Caplyta, haven’t had a depressive episode in awhile now


This is the perfect place to share a comedy skit on this [subject](https://youtu.be/lPtsFMAxuK0) It's so relatable


Lamotrigine gang, am not in a devastating and completely dysfunctional depression anymore. I wish I had had this as far back as middle school.




Wellbutrin has given me most of my sanity back, starting lamictal (lamotrigine) on Monday to help with my anxiety. After reading all these comments I’m feeling very positive and hopeful about it! Honestly though, before Wellbutrin I thought that I was going to have to start making plans for my children and getting my affairs in order. Not for death, just because I thought my mind was so far gone that sometime soon I won’t even be a functioning member of society anymore.


What dosage? I just got prescribed 300 from 150


300, made a difference


Another big vote for lamotrigine. It really leveled me out without making me feel dull.


Wellbutrin with Depakote.


Ketamine. Completely ended my suicidal ideation and racing thoughts.


Abilify 🙏


One of the very few people who have had success with lamotrigine.


Lamictal saved my life, Abilify really helps a lot too




not one alone, but three in combo: Lithium, fluoxetine and bupropion(that was later replaced by Ritalin). Fluoxetine lifted me up from a long deep depression, Lithium made me not to fall again and bupropion cured my hypersomnia. What is interesting is that before the mental illness onset I was always between the top 3 students of my class. After onset, I suffered a real cognitive decline(Not caused by meds. The cognitive decline started long before I imagine I could have an illness). I could not even understand a simple paragraph. Until today I need stimulants to do any simple task. I wonder if such cognitive decline is common in mood disorders.


Made me stable for 3 years and counting




Effexor and lamotrogine


Resperidone. Changed my life


Parnate. Any other MAOI peeps here?


Valium for anxiety and insomnia Olanzapine helped pull me out of some depressive episodes


Prozac and Zyprexa with remeron for sleep/night terrors and prazosin for night terrors. I finally didn’t hate I was alive when I woke up, and I could sleep without screaming myself awake due to a nightmare. It also helped me get to a point where I didn’t need medication to handle my symptoms for the time being


Propanolol for anxiety. Everything else works well but Propanolol gave me my life back. I can work multiple days in a row for the first time in ages.


All these people saying Lamictal when I’m over here dropping myself down to 75 mg because it makes me feel like I’m not even alive. Just kind of living if that makes sense


Really hard to choose between Vraylar and Lamictal. Probably Vraylar because it’s really nice not being super angry all the time.


Lamotrigine removed my depression by like 90% i would say, and it made manic episodes a LOT less frequent and shorter, i still get them tho. The only thing i hate about them is the fact that i sleep really poorly, i cant get myself to sleep even with sleeping pills/clonazepam. But i enjoy the energy it gives me to be more productive, to feel more extroverted, feeling more flirty and confident. Lamotrigine is the best!


Lamictal wasnt enough for me so we added a small dose anti depressant plus a small dose of wellbutrin so serotonin and dopamine is covered. Lamictal basically keeps me from getting hypomanic but didnt do much for my depression but all those combined… Muuuuch better and if i do crash its not for long.


zoloft and adderall !!!


Lamotrigine definitively