"Who were we bidding against??"


We got the better post player. They got the better shooter.


He's more of a facilitator than finisher.


He makes others around him more effective, he just does


You da real MVP


“We traded two dollars for 25 cents House!”


I was going to be really annoyed this thread even existed, but this comment made it worth it.


Ainge leaked he had a better deal in place but pulled out at last minute. Saving assets for better trade ahead.


He’s been locked up 15 years. Russia thinks they’re getting another Elway but they’re getting Russ instead. Past his prime and not up to date on the newest arms dealing technology.


What would Russia's cap hit be if they cut Bout next year?


Are they in the luxury tax?


Did they even take a flyer out on what North Korea was offering? Who were they bidding against?


He doesn’t know how to space the floor and he can’t play off ball. Russia should just blow it up and get picks for 2024.


Sad day for red fans. It's about to be 2023, we're way past new owner syndrome. Putin was desperate to show he can close a deal and paid extra to save face with the other rich guys at the Uzbekistan summit.


New warlord syndrome


Lol he's going to be trading in knives and chains, when the rest of us are using guns.


What are the physical stats on Viktor? Can that guy even anchor a defense and protect the paint?


>4.7k comments Can he play 7-8 minutes on a finals team??


Word is he was incredible at posting up chairs when he was locked up


He studied tape on Chairman Yi?


Maybe this is a Fultz/Tatum swap where Bout forgets how to make weapons.


Stern boutta veto this from the Underworld


They could have at least thrown some picks swaps and expirings in.


I just don't believe this was the best offer available. You're telling me we couldn't have brought in a third team to even this out? China or Canada or even Mexico? Insane.


A PTBL should have at least been included. Just got fleeced.


Most original nba joke


Realistically we won't know who won this trade for a few years but I can confidently grade it a C-. And I'm taking the UNDER on the Mercury this season.


I gotta think they could've gotten more for bout. I'd like to know who else they called and what those countries were offering. I heard this and just thought "that's it?".


we were asking for her and an ex marine who is definitely not a spy. they declined to release the guy, who is definitely not a spy. Biden caved and the merchant of death goes free for a wnba player, and our guy, who is definitely not a spy, remains in prison


Is anyone curious as to how the actual physical exchange took place? I imagine they were in a vast, flat outdoor area. They were both instructed to take one step at a time. Once in the middle, they both run towards their sides. Snipers on both sides in case of any funny business. Is this movie bullshit, or is it something like this?


The vast, flat area piece is correct, but no running or snipers. Both parties approached each other in armored SUVs. They stopped 50 ft. apart. Biden exited the vehicle with his prisoner, who had a burlap sack on his head and hands tied behind his back. Once out of the vehicle Biden put a gun to the prisoner’s head. Putin did the same with Griner. Biden: “How do we really know that’s her?!” Putin: “How many 6’9” black people do you think we have in Russia?! Prove you have The Merchant of Death!!” Biden: “Merchant of what?! I thought we were trading sports athletes!! This is Ovechkin!”


Behind Biden, a fleet of Canadians whispered into their wrists "Threat neutralized." It's not like he was really going to catch Gretzky, but we weren't going to stand for him having a chance at it.


Does he have a chance to catch Gretzky? I saw SportsCenter mention he did and was shocked but my interest never went beyond that.


He’s within 100 goals now. It’s entirely possible he gets it. I don’t think he will personally, but Pujols somehow got 700 homers so anything is possible


Yes Pujols “somehow” did it with an insane spurt at the age of 42. I wonder how? Must’ve been eating some balanced breakfasts.


man I've had a lopsided week but this literally made me laugh out loud.


This is so fucking good.


you're mostly right. film documentary 'con air' will fill the gaps for you


I hope it's like shooter, and we just snipe all the Russians from a mountain top as soon as we get her back. I think it's possible.


After Biden smelled a trap at the transfer he called Putin and said “I’m talking to an empty telephone, because there’s a dead man on the other end of this fucking line“


Here is actual footage of the exchange taking place: https://twitter.com/phil_lewis_/status/1600945329133977602?s=46&t=kCe4FVpzFNw_EkVnE0zUVg


Did they edit out an interaction between Griner and Bout? Maybe they just nodded, but that cut to both sides heading away from each other.


I think they literally walked past each other on a runway in Abu Dhabi.


What about when Viktor sells guns to buyers? Does he he pull up in a pickup truck, lay all his guns out for display, and excitedly talk about each one? Or is that some movie shit too Or


[They just released the footage](https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cl7GpVXAoPt/?igshid=YTY2NzY3YTc=). Yeah, almost exactly what you said they each walk over to the other side and literally swap lmao.


i'm something of an expert on prisoner exchanges and international arms dealers myself


highlight of this Brittney Griner saga was one of Lebron's guys on The Shop acting like she was captured on the last helicoptor out of Saigon in 1975, as opposed to voluntarily entering the country against the advice of the US Govt at the time.


The funniest thing that happened on The Shop related to this issue was LeBron saying that if he was her he wouldn't even want to come back to America (he promptly walked it back within 48 hours lol)


> LeBron saying that if he was her he wouldn't even want to come back to America I can't believe this wasn't bigger news. That's an absolutely insane thing to say.


Well he’s a remarkably stupid guy. Amazing athlete but stupid.


Well, its pretty par for the course for Lebron. He painted a slur onto his own fence then painted over it before police could confirm, and thinks is racist that he hasn't gotten questions about a 70 year old picture of a teenage Jerry Jones attending school.


The hate crime was absolutely real. I have no idea why people keep spouting this shit.


Because Lebron is a Letard


Does anyone have a list of all the dumb shit he has said over the years?


I don’t have a list like the NFL sub does with Antonio Brown, but how about him saying he can’t be a Cowboys fan anymore because of his morals but chose to be a Browns fan now, because fuck morals it’s about where you’re from…?




They* are just trying to bring a black athlete down *24 women who were sexually assaulted


how about the time he faked a hate crime?


Is it confirmed that was fake? It seemed sketchy.


No in fact it was confirmed that it was real lol


LeBron is sneakily pretty dumb.


I'm not sure I'd say he's legitimately dumb but he is *absolutely* a quintessential fake-smart person.


I mean dude has a high school level education where he was pressured academically VERY minimally since he knew he was the 1 pick his sophmore year. I would say he's dumb


I know a lot of people who turned out way smarter than their formal degree would indicate. Shit happens when you are a teen and education often isn't the most important thing on your mind. LeBron does not seem to be one of those people who developed latr in life. When you look at what he says beyond a surface level (and sometimes even the surface level) you notice he never really speaks to anything on a deeper level. He also has this bad habit about trying to sound smarter than he is by showcasing his vocabulary (with his most famous quote being how spiritually affected people were by Darrel Morreys Hong Kong tweets)


Oh definitely. I watched The Shop when Jay-Z was on a while ago. Jay who is actually intelligent, was speaking about personal development and what not. LeBron chimed in "U gotta have a growth mindset..." and he spewed self-help slogans for a few minutes. He knows how to sound like not a total dummy, and like Kobe he stopped trying to sound "hood" a few years ago but he definitely has a very limited number of topics he can understand.


For all of Kobe's faults (of which there were a myriad), he was no doubt more intelligent, well-read, and worldly than LeBron is, but that's neither here nor there. To your larger point, yes, LeBron is a meathead whose worldview is limited to his tribalism. It's unfortunate that folks take him seriously when he's such a dipshit.


Exactly. His tribe includes Brittney so he would be happy for her coming home. Then if someone were to ask what do you think about this Russian arms dealer who sold to terrorists directly led to massive death - LeBron would say I need to get myself educated more on that topic before I speak on it but never will.


Gotta think he had China in the back of his mind, right? He’s a big China guy.


I think that it was her wife who said that Britney “needed” to play in Russia to support her family. Her WNBA salary was $220,000 a year. She also had a good amount of endorsement money from Nike and possibly others. I get that most humans do what it takes to maximize their earnings. But what was never said in the whole Britney saga is that entering a country with no rule of law for the sole purpose of padding your bank account is an inherently risky thing to do.


It's been completely normal to play there to pad salary since the WNBA started. Becky Hammon played there so much, she represented the Russian national team via naturalization. The only mistake is doing illegal stuff in another country. I have friends who told me of doing similar things in countries where the penalties can be extreme. It is such an arrogant move, I can't really relate to this type of decision making. I guess Griner lived and she learned.


I think it's relatively safe to assume that Griner and many of the other high profile women who play(ed) in Russia were protected by the oligarchs who fund the teams. I bet they all regularly brought in weed and other illegal shit and no one cared because they were protected. But, as is the nature of a rival autocracy you really don't want to be left holding the bag when they decide to start cracking down.


uh huh. I think that one missing part of the Griner narrative was "Britney was getting paid by very sketchy people in a country that denies its citizens freedom of speech, etc.". That's somewhat morally dubious on her part, in my opinion (and I also completely admit that I might have made that moral bargain if I were in her spot).


Sure. Most people would make that bargain as evidenced by the fact that a bunch of high level women players were doing the same thing.


Right. But that’s the risk/reward you have to try and balance out. There’s been times I’ve turned down offers (granted not nearly as lucrative) because I thought it was a bit sketchy and the potential punishment and consequences weren’t worth what I’d be getting. When you go to a country run by oligarchs and gangsters and they tell you to do illegal stuff because they get special privileges, you gotta remember the dude ultimately in charge is Putin and he can take away those privileges in an instant. And that’s exactly what happened.


Yeah no shit man. The wheel spun a billion times and Griner got fucked over by it. It's an insanely low "risk" to go play pro basketball in Russia for US women. It's something that has been done for years. Same as going on vacation to Egypt/UAE/Qatar or working in Singapore or whatever. She just ran into a crazy edge case where Russia decided to invade Ukraine and use a US citizen as leverage. Should someone in her inner circle or the WNBA circle got in the players ears about keeping on the straight and narrow or avoiding going there entirely? Probably.


Looking at annual salary for athletes is misleading, she’s not a financial analyst making 200K for 40 years, she has a 10ish year window that has to set up her family for life. Also I think you’re underestimating how quickly Russia became a no go zone for Americans. I went on a family vacation to Moscow in the mid 2000s, lots of other American wnba players were playing there right up until the war, it’s not like she was going to somolia


Yeah, she was making over a million in Russia in what was essentially her off-season. Everyone here would have at the minimum strongly considered making the same decision.


I would have 1. played basketball for $1m and also 2. not traveled with weed, which Russia frowns upon


That’s the biggest issue, the ignorance/arrogance of saying I’ll just bring some weed and if I get caught what’s the big deal?


Isn’t she is going to end up as one of the better players in WNBA history? Honest question I have no idea. If that is the case it’s not like she won’t have an opportunity to do media work after she quits playing. I assume the WNBA being owned by the NBA has a similar healthcare setup where after playing for a small handful of seasons you receive lifetime benefits. Families all over the world truly have to put themselves in bad situations to provide food and a place to live, this is not one of those plain and simple.


Media work requires skills that she may or may not have. I know that WNBA players do not get the same post career benifit as NBA players, which is a source of contention. But moreover, I simply don’t understand the point of your argument. Yes there are millions of families in more dire financial circumstances than Britney Griner out there, and it was stupid of her to being a weed pen into Russia. So therefore it would have been fine if she had to spend the rest of her life in a Russian penal colony? Ridiculous.


Claiming she had to go there to “support her family” is bogus. She went there because, well to be blunt people are greedy and like making money. Are Russias laws stupid and was she potentially targeted by the government? Sure? I don’t really have enough knowledge to comment on the politics and propaganda that this situation involved to be honest. My point is the “have to put food on the table” shit is infuriating and lacks perspective. And even if she can’t stay in basketball after her playing career is over God forbid if she has to get a real job after getting paid 3x the median national income to play a game for a decade.


If you don’t have enough information to comment on the politics of her arrest, why do you think you have enough information to comment on the prisoner swap? Seems like you should maybe read up on the situation or just talk about something else


I have enough knowledge to know that someone making 200k a year doesn’t have to go work in Russia “to provide for my family”. That’s my point here brochacho.


Dude you can’t act like it’s impossible to know about the central aspect of this story and then expect me to take you seriously on any other part of it


Are you dumb? That’s not a lot of money when you’re developing a skillset with a limited window. She’s not going to make partner at 40 or something and be set for life.


Is this the Herschel Walker trade 2.0 ?


If Russia isn’t paying the remainder of her 2022-23 salary it gets even more lopsided


Should we do prisoner exchange trade value rankings?


Can’t grade until we know about the protections put on the Bout piece.


In the general reddit news thread people are killing this deal, saying Biden got fleeced. I see people bringing up a past domestic abuse case of hers or something? Idk man, I just think it must feel pretty shitty to go to a Russian prison for 10 months because you brought a vape pen with you on a plane. And I'm sure her family and friends are very happy to have her back.


My completely speculative take: All these Russian oligarchs fund the women’s basketball teams over there, right? Pre-Ukraine war I imagine these billionaires could and would flex their money to allow the players to do shit they’re not supposed to like bring weed in the country. After all, they funnel huge wealth into these teams and bring over American players, what’s a couple bribes to make them happy? Well Russia invaded Ukraine, a lot of assets gets seized, and the us is outwardly supporting Ukraine… maybe those special benefits afforded to American players get cut off to send a message. Maybe every other time she’s been able to bring a weed pen through, but now Russia wants to look tough on Americans


This is probably exactly what happened. The owner of UMMC Ekaterinburg is a billionaire oligarch. She played for the team for years so I’m sure she brought in whatever she wanted. She probably thought it was business as usual but when the Ukraine situation escalated everything changed and she became a pawn


I would guess that the FSB identified her years ago as a high profile American who could be easily arrested on ticky tack charges if the situation demanded it. And her identity as a huge, athletic, queer, rich, heavily tattooed, pot smoking Black woman likely made her into an even more appealing target amidst Putin’s Culture War.


She certainly made a big, dumb mistake. A mistake most would never make. That being said, the number of people actively rooting for an American citizen to remain in a Russian prison camp, and are disappointed that she was released is baffling. I’m certainly happy for her family and friends and I don’t wish that type of treatment on anyone.


Also, if you read some of the legal stuff around this type of situation in Russia, people usually get 2-3 weeks MAX for this type of stuff. I am firmly in the camp that she broke a law and should pay for it but what she went through is so ridiculous. However, it's not like you can come to America and have blow or heroin (granted I know those are more egregious drugs than a vape pen and hash oil) on you and get away with it. However, Russia absolutely made an example out of her and that's the real shitty part. She was a political pawn in the geopolitical arena. It's the equivalent of what most have gotten in the States for having a dime bag of pot on them in non legalized states.


The rich black athlete resentment piece…


I don’t think anyone resents WNBA players for their success


Pretty clear from the comments that plenty of people resent them for being considered important public figures


I call bullshit on that. People absolutely resent a woman who’s made 5+ million in salary and endorsements for playing a sport they would never watch


When I think of resentment against rich black athletes, WNBA players don’t make the list. Most people probably don’t know she made that much since it was overseas. In fact, I’d say it’s the opposite. People are like who cares it’s a WNBA player. If it was an NBA star, they’d probably get more support.


I think they resent how she shits in America then gets bailed out at the highest level of American politics - all so Biden can score identity politic points w lefty chodes


She did not shit on America. This talking point is based on the fact that she fucking kneeled at the anthem. Did you forget that she said after kneeling that she loves this country, but think there’s some injustices? Or did you just not do research and are rehashing talking points you heard from righty dipshits.


>the number of people actively rooting for an American citizen to remain in a Russian prison camp, and are disappointed that she was released is baffling. The Trump era made this super clear to me - a lot of vocal people don't have principles in politics. They just want their opponents punished and their team to win. She is a leftist, so these chuds think that she doesn't get the full rights of US citizenship. It's uneducated and/or super low integrity thinking. They are not 'rights' if they can be taken away simply for having an opposing viewpoint.


Not to go full Russillo, but it's possible for people to think its horrible that an American is in a Russian gulag on a trumped up charge being used as a political pawn and also think that the prisoner swap was laughably disproportionate. The Trump era certainly succeeded in dividing people more than ever though.


Agreed with all of this. I still see a LOT of people full-on saying she should have stayed there because she didn't 'appreciate America' enough.


she is not the only American locked up in a russian prison


And I have empathy for them as well and want them returned to the states, and wouldn’t really care who it was in exchange for.


probably could have gotten the other 3 in jail for weed charges for one of the biggest arms dealers on record. All this did was signal to normal people that unless you are famous you will rot. Which we already knew that but rarely does it get thrown in our face so blatantly


The reason she’s imprisoned in the first place is because she’s famous. People tend to get 2-3 weeks for this in Russia. She was a political prisoner. So she is getting favourable treatment due to #FreeGriner but she also got imprisoned to send a message/show America their balls


You are right, we should’ve let her rot in there because if it happened to us it wouldn’t be headline news. Way to look out for your fellow humans.


>Way to look out for your fellow humans. that is rich. Read up on the guy that is walking free before preachy about my concern for human well being


She’s a rich black gay woman, Reddit has certain degrees of hate for all of those things


Sure, but should the President be trading regular (albeit stupid) criminals for the dude the move Lord of War is based off? Is he going to save a bunch of other criminals who fucked up because "their family will be appreciative)? It's a bad deal and I say this a Biden supporter. Ultimately though no one is changing their vote over this and that's why it really doesn't matter even though if Bout starts smuggling arms again the harm greatly outweighs the cost.


No. She's famous so she got the special privileges. There's been constant pressure on social media and directly from other famous folks. The normies gotta tough it out because nobody knows who they are. Pray for them.


"Ultimately though no one is changing their vote over this" It depends who the GOP nominee is. If it's Trump, I agree. If it's DeSantis, I would disagree but not just because of this. He's smarter, younger, more articulate, and in a better mental state than both Biden and Trump.


As someone below noted, it wasn't just a Russian prison. It was a labor camp in Siberia. Anyone saying we shouldn't have been trying to free her can get fucked.


I dont think anyone serious is saying that, I think most people are upset at what we gave up to get her.


And that there's still an American citizen in a Russian labor camp after the trade, that's the main thing. All the reports previously were saying that the arms dealer would get both Griner and Whelan out. Only getting Griner out when Whelan has been there for 5 years and was likely sent to Russia on a mission from the US gov naturally makes people bristle.


Despite Whelan's family's positive statements about Griner's release.


A lot of morons are saying exactly that, unfortunately.


Yikes take


Hopefully she feels equally awful knowing a terrorist was released due to her stupidity but probably not.


I have a hard time believing that any American would care that much about what had to be given up to get them out of a Russian labor camp. I know I wouldn’t be advocating for the US to play hardball if I’m the one locked up.


I’m not saying she or anyone else would’ve said no don’t get me out of here, releasing such a heinous criminal on my behalf is too much. You can want to get out of a Russian prison and still feel awful about the consequences of said release; the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. So for she or anyone else to not care about what it took to get them out is a them problem, and probably the mindset that got her into the problem in the first place.


> So for she or anyone else to not care about what it took to get them out is a them problem, and probably the mindset that got her into the problem in the first place. Sounds like it’s a you problem since you’re the one bothered by it and wishing that she feels terrible for the rest of her life.


It is shitty. But it's also shitty to put yourself in the position that Russia could do that. Now you're free but in exchange for a very bad man. Next time just don't bring the vape pen?


There’s also a number of people repeatedly saying that she confessed or deserved to spend nine years in jail for a vape pen.


Those people are wrong. She obviously doesn't deserve nine years in prison, but it doesn't mean you trade the Apex Mountain arms dealer for her.


It’s an arms dealer with less than five years left on his sentence. The person comparing him to Russ on the Broncos has it right.


Herschel Walker lopsidedness


Nobody will trade with Putin again, he just got Aigned


When does the ESPN article about awarding grades to this Griner-Bout trade drop??


This guy, Viktor Boot? Bout? Sorry i have name dyslexia. This guy is kinda heat checky don’t ya think? Like he can do some things. I wonder if he’d make top 7 arms dealers of all time right now? I dunno, you know?


I don’t think Bout is much of a risk anymore regardless after serving the 13 years. His business depended on personal relationships and trust among a global network that he either has no access anymore or its no longer around since he’s been in jail, nor will have the ability to fly all over the world through private aircraft connections that don’t exist. He also was about to be likely be released on parole in a few years anyway.


Also america sells arms to people in conflicts all the time, this isn’t some unique thing


But when they do it it’s legal, because they make and enforce the laws…


It was a federal crime, so no parole. Most he could get off is 10% for good behaviour (so freed in about 9 years).


Do you have a source for this?




He was selling to FARC, they are a political party


Ngl this is the last user on this sub that I would’ve expected this post from


Don’t worry USA have their own viktor bouts. Anyone remember when the government trafficked hundreds of assault rifles so narcos in Mexico could use them? That resulted in thousands of deaths and no narcos jailed.


Viktor is a system guy


Damn, what do you think sabrina ionescu would demand in a trade?


Should we have gotten like a murderer back instead


Dude’s a scumbag but I don’t think you can say he’s responsible for those deaths. If he wasn’t the one profiting from those weapons sales someone else would. He’s just one part of the system responsible.


If he was in our government he would be a small fry when it comes to arms dealing


Why would Biden do this?


Dudes sentence was up in about 6 years anyway. We traded an expiring contract for an asset


Over/under on when he starts planning to kill Americans again.


I mean the Americans who made this “trade” plan to kill people all the time


It’s too bad we don’t use this mindset when it comes to how we treat Americans who’ve killed people overseas


Does don't count silly we are the good guys!






It means that we’re spinning Viktor Bout as the Merchant of Death, Lord of War, when he’s just one arms dealer, meanwhile the US contains and contracts with all of the worlds most foremost arms dealers just via corporations. We say “how long until this guy starts killing people again?!?!” in an outrage when we’d never say that about former US military members who have killed people overseas and got captured and had to have their release negotiated.


I think comparing US veterans (many that come from low to middle class families) who joined the military as teenagers to Viktor Bout is quite the stretch. While there is certainly a space for criticizing those in power in the US for Global conflict and politics, I’m also unwilling to place them in the same category as Russia.


I don’t think he’s talking about active military members but, former military members who are now paid contractors and merk people for money.


Classic salary dump to clear the cap for when we go after Putin next year.


Couldn't even get Paul Whelan back? That's rough


If she wasn’t a black lesbian she’d still be over there but this is identity politics GOLD for the Biden Administration and democrats who are obsessed with this stuff.


America is the real merchant of death. We were just mad he was on our corner.


For real, these dumbass commenters don’t realize American intelligence agencies do the exact shit he was doing all the time


Yup. Everyone does it. What's your point? Pax Americana is a great thing and you're blessed to live in the most prosperous, safe, and most connected era in human history. That doesn't happen lightly. Russia is trying to undermine that. Should we not go after our enemies?


The point is who gives a shit they are giving an arms dealer back in this exchange? Also, no, there is no point of “going after” our enemies, unless you want innocent people to die.


At least BG knows how good she has it over here now. She will never question that again for sure


She’s going to get a Kaepernick type deal making documentaries and commercials about how awful this country is.


I’d have let her rot. This exchange is ridiculous while multiple marines are held in Russian prison and Biden does this for an American hating WNBA player. Crazy man.


Lemme guess, you think Trump would've worked out a better deal? Strap on your Depends and move to Mar-A-Lago.


Not sure he would have left a marine out in the cold that’s already been in prison for 4 years.


Didn’t he say that he prefers the guys who don’t get captured? Edit for anyone who doesn’t remember (or chooses to ignore) how vile a human being Donald Trump is, here’s what he said about John McCain in 2015: > “He’s not a war hero…I like people who weren’t captured.”


If he’s been there for 4 years he was there while Trump was in office too


Trump released 5000 taliban prisoners to a country he has business dealings with. Didn’t hear much outrage on the right then.


Entirely different circumstances. That was a prisoner exchange during a war and right or wrong Dems and Republicans both thought it was an important step toward achieving a peace deal.


Massive TDS coming out. He did so much better deals when he was in office, it’s not even debateable.


Run into tuckers arms, tribe. He is your tribe.


Remember when he told people the antidote to Covid was drinking bleach


Woke America is a global threat to our civilization.


I feel like this is the part in Saving Private Ryan where they let the German dude go, only to see him at the bridge killing Americans later in the movie before Uppem finally sends him to his maker.


I know this sub isn't the most serious place for this discussion, but some of the "jokes" in this thread are in really poor taste. You're telling on yourself.


Where would Griner rank on Bill's trade value rankings? Gotta be top 10 just based on this.


Any American complaining about an arms dealer being released is very funny. PLEASE don't Google "Operation Timber Sycamore".


Say what you want about Trump but he was the far superior negotiator in these trade deals. Too unpredictable, could threaten to nuke you at any point. He knew some crazy angles on the court no one else was willing to touch.


You think Trump would just fire up the Trade Machine on slow days, just for kicks? Like fuck it, let's call some people and see what we can get for Chelsea Manning today...


Oh yes. Remember the Greenland swap for Puerto Rico? Definitely came from a 3am trade machine bender


I know you’re trying to be funny but we all know you loved trump so you don’t have to pretend otherwise


Do you think Biden is the better negotiator?


Trump would have traded her for cash that he kept personally.


Yeah Joe Biden has the inside source with his son, no way Trump could’ve got a better deal


Biden wasn’t looking for crack. His son wouldn’t help at all. Trump’s family does have great contacts in Russia however. They even take meetings about "Russian adoptions" before elections.


Galius with the cold hard facts


Lol, Trump almost immediately got A$AP Rocky and the UCLA players that shoplifted back. Meanwhile Sleepy Joe took months and gave up a notorious war criminal.


China never tried to keep the UCLA players. The deal had already been made before Trump knew anything. And ASAP Rocky was also allowed to leave even after the conviction. He didn’t need anyone help.


Bruh under Trump we traded the most advanced fighter jets in the world to the UAE so they could set up a weekly flight for Israeli tourists.


Lets be honest, the US doesn’t mess around. If he leaves Russian soil he’ll receive a parting gift via a drone. He shouldn’t be free but his days of arms dealing is over.