Lost Cause Mega Thread!!

Lost Cause Mega Thread!!


it makes me sad that she says this is one of her favourites because this is one of my least favourites so now i’m worried about the album










I love the song. Yes, it’s not their best work, but it’s different to the last album, different to the other singles. Really enjoyed it and the music video was fun - it’s nice to see Billie enjoying her new self and this period in her life.


I like the song, but it’s far from her best. I’m worried about the new album. If she thinks it’s the one of the best on the album, there’s reason to be concerned. Her previous songs resonated with anxiety and stress felt by young people, but the newer songs are all over the place, so we can already tell it’s not going to be completely cohesive. Sour by OR seems to have invoked a similar reaction among people as Billie’s original album, so hopefully Billie has something else up her sleeve. I’m so glad she’s happier now, so hopefully that will be a recurring theme in the album to make it more positive. As far as the music video… was just okay. Didn’t really match the tone of the song very well but they did look like they had fun.


You articulated my thoughts perfectly


Idk I really like this album so far were getting bop after bop after bop. And imo last album wasn't cohesive whatsoever. We had songs about being a bad guy and then a song about not taking Xanax and then a song wishing a guy was gay and then a song about missing someone and then a song about suicide. Bone of these went together. None of them had a common theme really. I'm not saying that I didn't like it but I'm just saying it was completely incoherent. This album doesn't really look that much more cohesive either but I guess that's just her style? Either way I loved lost cause and the music video matched perfectly imo.


I'm just passing through here from r/billieeilishgw subreddit but I felt the need to say when someone refers to an album being cohesive they're usually talking about sonic cohesion - how well the sound of a song fits with the other songs, rather than the actual lyrical content. The first album is cohesive and has a distinct sound and aesthetic whereas the singles sound all over the place in my opinion.


Wow it’s insanely creepy that sub has been around since she was a minor??


I really do enjoy this song, but I do think it's missing an extra something. Honestly, I think Billie should really remix this song with some more upbeat and embellished production and throw in a guest verse from Megan or Nicki on here. I feel it would give the song more of a summer-ish feel.


A GUEST VERSE FROM MEGAN WOULD BE AMAZING! I hope she does that! Wow! What a great idea!


Hmm idk I don't think Megan or Nikki would fit on this song well but it would be cool to see


Her verse in Beautiful Mistakes was so good.


I....loved her previous album and loved “therefore I am”...but everything else after that has been..at least for me...sorta underwhelming? I’m glad she seems super happy with the music and the style she chose, but personally speaking, it just does not resonate with me at all. In fact, the very opposite, it sort of disenfranchises me. I find it a bit tone deaf of her to associate “being a lost cause” with not having a job? Like, isn’t that sort of classism? I mean, I get it, she is rich and powerful and maybe that made her feel better than her ex after he didn’t treat her right. That’s her life and her music, she can write and feel that if she wants, she’s entitled to. But they can’t expect it to resonate with people, especially young people, during a world pandemic, a global economic crisis and a mental health pandemic....at least in my opinion. Like, all of the above mentioned conditions caused a lot of people to loose their job, or not being able to hold onto it due to mental health....how is that going to come off to them? Stylistically speaking, I just don’t get why it’s so bland. if you want to do bland, then just do, like, really, really bland, as in, make it a feature. This just sounds like not so much effort to me and like many other singers could have covered it and I would have not recognised her signature style. Once again, that’s just my personal take and I’m still hoping that some of the other songs within the album will wow me like “therefore I am” did.


I get what you mean about the song. Its very chill and minimalistic but has great vocals and I'm obsessed with the bass. It reminds me alot of xanny with the deep barely there bass and drums which I realize now xanny also wasn't as popular as her other songs. Imo it's way better than my power tho and am hoping she doesn't stick with that folk sound.


I actually liked the tone of this one, it matched well with the message. When you're truly done with someone there's no more convincing, engagement, fiery emotion. You just check out and go, and that's what this song did well.


This song is a real grower for me. I was a little bit underwhelmed first, but it's getting better and better with each play. I love it.


The video kind of reminded me of a tamer version of Can't Stop by Miley. I don't mind the song I just kind of find it a bit boring, the combination of the slow tempo and not much variation musically. She is also going really hard on the vocal fry on this song. Not bad, but I dont love it


happier than ever is an album composed in the pandemic. With millions out of work at the time, live venues closed, and countless musicians looking for other jobs, I think the lyrics of lost cause are ... 'inappropriate'. and lost cause does not work as a single. It is her first (real) artistic misstep in a career of triumphs.


I agree that making fun of someone for not having a job was inappropriate


Perhaps the reason she mentions them having no job is because, they put no effort into the relationship and never showed up, and they have no excuse because they have no obligation to be somewhere else. That might not make sense but that’s one way to take it.


That would be a lot less problematic if that’s what she meant. But the lyrics don’t really indicate that at all. It more seems like she’s saying that not having a job is one reason he’s a lost cause


Good point!


I love this already better than Your Power. This actually gives me hope that I might enjoy her sophomore album.


I was thinking the same thing


Right! I personally hate country and folk music so it was a huge turn off for me when I heard it. I really hope that this folk/country style is isolated to that one song


I'm kinda vibing to it. It sounds chill and sweet, imo. And I love the fun vibe from the music video. Made my depressing ass feel a little better after watching it. Makes me wanna go enjoy life more myself.


My opinion on the whole Billie Eilish *situation*: I should preface this by saying that others’ opinions are also valid; these are just mine. 1. I’m bi and although I’m not lesbian, I AM dating a girl and we both think people are realllyyy overreacting to the music video and queer baiting accusations. 2. The boyfriend. I’ve found the homophobic / racist tweets people are referencing and obviously they’re bad but I don’t think people are realising that they’re from 2012 - 9 YEARS AGO. So many people online have just read the tweet and jumped on the drama, assuming it was recent. Also, why is SHE getting the most backlash, rather than the person who actually said these things? To finish, Billie should obviously address these issues but I think the internet, especially TikTok, has blown this wayyyy out of proportion.


I like how this album seems to be the polar opposite of the first album. Considering this album is Happier Than Ever. Just shows how versatile she can be. This song is very awesome.


Guys I’m a fan of Billie (or I was a fan, or I’m a fake fan... it doesn’t matter), but I wanna say that, Billie said so many times that she hate singers who change a lore after getting so much money or just growing up, she hates singers who showing theirs ass in videos... but now she’s doing same things. I don’t like this song and this music video at all. First of all when I watched this video, I couldn’t concentrate on song and its lyrics for a long time, because of video ( she said so many times that she want show her voice not her body). Now she’s similar with others, she always was different from them with not doing that, but now she’s like other singers and that’s so sad. After that maybe you will call me fake fan or just a hater. You know I don’t care. It’s my opinion and I will be with it.


Consider this, she was 14-17 when she said that, and now she has grown and changed. When I was young I swore I would never drink but now as an adult I do. She’s allowed to change her mind and her style. She’s not gonna be the same person as she was at 16 forever


Maybe my mind will change one day too. But now I don’t like it. And it’s my opinion.


Where did she say that? Didn't she always said the opposite, that she hates it, when singers are slut shamed for being sexy?


I agree with your opinion.


Dude, she grew up. She obviously changed her mind about loads of different things. Tbf, Avril Lavigne also said the same thing about changing, about having dancers etc etc etc, but she grew up and did exactly that. Everyone changes all the time, regardless of age. But I think you need to already EXPECT changes when you like someone that is an artist on such a young age.


i made a reaction video to the Lost Cause music video!!! https://youtu.be/x8_Bbtf8-Vo


> I used to wish you were mine (Mine) But that was way before I realized Someone like you would always be so easy to find (So) So easy (So, so) Hee, mm-mm-mm, mm Savage.


i dont really care how people view this, but this is yk take as a lesbian: she was queerbating this entire music video. i know it was meant to probably be intended as "girls having a fun sleepover!" but that's how everything is played out. if you don't know what sapphic relationships are: "Referring to women who are sexually or romantically attracted to other women. Applies to both lesbians and bisexual women, as it is only the same-sex attraction that matters, not any other attractions the women may have." history and society has played off being touchy and kissy towards women as friendly between one another, that's why if you see two girls holding hands, is it friendship or relationship? this music video, she was kidding and on the bed in sexual ways this plenty of women. if it was a bed full of men, youd all agree. now her recent instagram post, she captioned "i love girls." billie has came out as straight before, not once, but about 3 times. sexuality is fluid, so it changes, but if she comes out as straight after this, i will be greatly greatly dissapointed. shes queerbating and i don't think she realizes, but she's helping build stereotypes in wlw relationships that we have to deal with daily. it's not fun.


Oh look, you get downvoted for telling the truth which no one apparently wants to accept, typical reddit


I'm late but I have to say that I just do not understand this take. Why can't we express sexuality with our friends? I'm a 100% straight male. But when it's all boys hanging out drinking? You already know we're sus af. Worth mentioning that I'm talking about same sex stuff just because that's what was on display in the video but I've also had friends that were girls where we would dance raunchy or cuddle or hold hands or make jokes and it was because we both knew that we were friends and it wasn't anything more than that. I don't know. I'm a left leaning moderate but takes like yours always make me feel uber progressive. Like to say acting sexual MUST be constrained to sexual relationships? That sounds so conservative to me. If you and your friends wanna express sexuality in a safe, private setting where everyone there knows that no one is actually trynna fuck, I just don't see anything wrong with that. If I see girls holding hands, I don't assume they're just friends but I don't assume they're dating either. I assume they like holding hands. If I see two boys holding hands same thing. If I see a boy and girl, same thing. Maybe it depends on the person. But I'm so physical that I absolutely cannot imagine a world where I'm told that if I'm too touchy with my guy friend, we gotta be gay. Anyway. I'm ranting. But yeah needless to say I don't get you haha.


I’ve seen people address it and while I personally don’t see it myself as an Omnisexual person, I understand why and how people can think that way. If she is still straight, I honestly really do think she could be queer baiting without intention. I want to try and be able to bring this drama to her attention so we could get an answer to solve it but idk how.


i agree!! it's jsut she deadass has a bf rn (matthew taylor vector) and he's homophobic and racist so 😕






Did u see the target where it had the word men on it. And later on, Billie throws darts


Felt like desperate queer baiting for the male gaze


I agree sadly :(


Billie really be treating us right in pride month


I was thinking the same thing. It looked like a lot of fun was had, and I’m kind of jealous.


My thoughts exactly! Near the end the looks the curly woman and here are giving each other are like 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


I really like it. Second favorite of the new stuff


I really liked the song. I'll admit, I don't think its her best. but its really good and not like her previous songs. the music video was amazing, gave slumber party vibes.


It was a sexy ad. Nice to see Beneton back in the game.


My thoughts: - You can post a video/song in June and it not be about pride month. There are more things in life than LGBT issues… - Billie does NOT owe anyone an explanation - Trying to out someone against their will is WRONG - You can say you love girls without being LGTB. I love cats that doesn’t make me a zoophile… love does not equal sexual attraction - You can dance with a person or a group of people without being attracted to them - She does NOT need to confirm or deny rumours about her alleged boyfriend - If it is confirmed that he is her partner it is still NONE of our business - You can date someone and have different opinions to them: that is OK!!!!!! Stop being entitled snowflakes. This fandom is indeed shameful. Enjoy her music and art or don’t. She is NOT your friend. You only have a para social relationship with Billie and I am not surprised she is tired of y’all. Grow up! PS: if anyone is thinking about burning her clothing, CDs, concert tickets etc I will gladly take them off your hands. Edited to fix typos


I liked most of it but naming it "lost cause" was a mistake, here's why i think that + something to help people feel better: https://youtu.be/vAW2i0a4xrk


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her calling it Lost Cause but I don’t like that she makes fun of him for not having a job. Especially now when so many people are unemployed


This!! Like isn't she 19? so presumably her partner would be around the same age (even though I think her old boyfriend was way older) but like most 19-year-olds don't have a solid job or if they do it's usually just minimum wage crappy jobs. Most people aren't as lucky as Billie and have an amazing career at such a young age, I'm 23 just graduated college, and don't have a job rn (as you pointed out with the state of the world and unemployment is so high). Seems like high expectations to put on someone at a young age. Overall I just think this song was not it. Like someone pointed out her voice sounds so vocal fried; like she smoked 20 cigarettes before recording and whisper sang the entire song. The lyrics are boring (I also thought the lyric about her getting her partner flowers and they didn't care was weird like most guys wouldn't care about getting flowers it's more of a gift for a girl) and repetitive. The music video felt like it was a horny 12-year-olds vision of what a girl's sleepover is like. I think this whole era so far has been disappointing because it feels so generic. With her first album, I don't think anyone in music rn could have embodied the attitude and sound she cultivated but with this album, I can see anyone singing this song. Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, even Halsey probably could've sung this song it's so basic. I hope I like the album better but sadly rn I feel like she fell off.


It's interesting that you named Miley here, since I felt like this song and video is a more boring version of we can't stop, both musically and visually. Honestly, it seems really underwhelming, and that line about having no job definitely rubs me the wrong way. I was just thinking about how a 19 year old multimillionaire saying "you got no job; you're nothing but a lost cause", especially during the pandemic seems immature at best. Ironically, she wants to portray herself as more mature now, but I've yet to see that demonstrated genuinely. Hopefully the album is better.


Yes, it does give off we can't stop vibes. Though at the time that music video was kinda iconic, visually at least it was interesting and fit Miley. This just felt sooo boring for Billie considering the amazing visuals in all the music videos from the WDWEWWFA era. You're also right the lyrics seem immature and holier than thou. I feel like she's regressing with the visuals, music, and lyrics. I loved how her previous songs had so many background noises and layers to it. Like in Bury a friend there would be the sound of broken glass crunching, this new music doesn't have the same depth.


I like how you said holier than thou, because that's the vibe I got from your power, "try not to abuse your power" just sounds kinda lame to be honest. The point itself is really important, but to have lyrics like that makes it almost melodramatic. It's sort of like making an anti bullying song, and then saying "try not to bully people". Though, at least that song has an interesting melody, and the video had some interesting visuals with the snake metaphor. I feel like her singles have been not bad songs by any means, but she set the bar so high with her first album, that it's hard not to feel underwhelmed.


Honestly, your power confused the hell out of me. I don't really get what the message of the song is, obviously the surface level of don't abuse your power is an easy concept and one I think most people can get behind. I honestly listened to it like twice and really did not like it, it was so slow and boring to me so I just had to look up the lyrics rn to understand your response and it seems like to me it's hinting at an underage relationship and that the older man is abusing his power and in turn abusing the young girl/Billie? Idk like I said it's confusing to me and also seems like might be Billies response to her breakup with her old boyfriend who I think was 22 when she was 16 so it kinda makes sense but at the same time, some lyrics said he didn't know her age cause he never asked and I'm pretty sure her old boyfriend would've known shes 16. She also uses "her" to describe the girl in the song then at one point says you made me feel like it was my fault so it's hard to tell if she is talking about herself or just a general situation a lot of young girls find themselves in, but as you pointed out kinda hypocritical to write a song about an inappropriate relationship between an older man and younger girl when that was her last relationship unless she is talking about herself.


Ok don’t get me wrong, I love Billie and I even got tickets to the world tour, but I do not like Lost Cause too much at all. I don’t listen to it fully through and I hope her other songs are not like it.




Yeah didn’t really like it as much either at first too but it kinda grows. I interpreted the music video to be like a post break up you invite all your friends get wild to help cope with the heart break. I think the song is about dating an older person but in reality they’re a loser cheater fuckboi whatever the “you ain’t got no job” bit i think it’s more of something a group of friends would talk shit about in a sleepover if the ex was unemployed in an attempt to cheer their friend up. Poor choice in lyrics maybe, assuming it’s her brother still writing it for her. I also kinda see this as being in an abusive relationship where the SO is always out drinking partying fucking other ppl and not being responsible in general with their life, but since they are older when you first met them what looked like maturity was really Immaturity. I don’t think Billie would be that naive and insensitive with that line with covid happening I really think the song is about billie’s supposed bf as the dude does look older. The whole “I love girls thing” idk one hand I can see it as a cringe immature but someone her age range “men suck I wish I was lesbian” kinda POV as if heartbreak universally isn’t a shitty experience no matter who you are attracted to but like someone said earlier here... maybe she just wasn’t ready to come out back then. Hell maybe with this dude she trying to figure out stuff but if billie knows she a straight cis woman for sure I hope she educates and does better soon esp for her younger fans who see themselves in her Either way just because this is her favorite in the album doesn’t mean the rest will tank... if she really recently had a shitty break up experience and filming a song talkin shit about the dude and having fun with friends really brought her back to the light from the darkness than by all means... I have hope for the rest of the album, but since therefore I am and my power idk I’m getting post break up with an older dude now reclaiming myself vibes.... Tldr: song and music video is about talking shit about an older person you felt giddy that they picked your young ass but now realize they a sleaze bag cheater who ain’t gonna change, so now you need a sleepover with the girls to vent and have fun