You should definitely hop [in the Discord](https://discord.gg/bigscreen) to speak with the developers on this issue. You can also email them at [email protected]


How many times before you just kick them from the lobby?


I may have encountered this same kid.....


I think I just ran into the same kid in the lobby I just reported one Joltix08 He kept calling people the N word and when I told him to stop he started in on me then strted try to accuse me of sexual harassment. When I never did a thing to the kid. Even a few people said I never did nothing to him but he was starting it all. I’m not gonna get in trouble for that crap because a kid is gonna accuse me of it because he is spoiled rich kid behind a computer.being a bully.


I have two questions. How would someone prove sexual harassment in VR? They could accuse you but how would you prove it? The second question is do you know this person? You said rich kid that's why I'm asking. You would have to know them to make that statement.


one my whole family heard the conversation , 2 no I do not know this kid but I am a adult and all it would take is for this kid is to tell a lie to his parents .and why I said rich kid because I asked him if his parents knew what he was doing and he said yes they did and they didnt care what he did.and no I don’t have to know a spoiled child . sounds like maybe you know him but it’s ok it’s been took care of I talked to the Support team and they are looking for him!! They take this seriously.I happened to know this kid has a bad reputation in the chat rooms and the lobby of causing problems. He should have not bothered me I wasn’t doing nothing to him.I Will Not Be Bullied By No One!!!


I've met this kid too


I hosted a lot of Star Wars Ep1 to Ep6 and Matrix through the xmas holidays and I know that kid you're talking about. He frequented my lobbies as well. I banned him a lot, but I hosted a lot of SW while I slept or was out doing stuff for the peeps in BS to watch. He would always rejoin whenever I remade the server. I totally support these feature for a blacklist. I hate having to reban perpetrators who ruin the experience for others. Developers, please implement a black list so these guys can't reoffend, especially when you're afk hosting for people.


Just kick him every every time he comes in. Takes 2 seconds. Don't sweat it. These social VR apps will always have that type of person