A way to charge triple the price for two fat bikes


It's what you ride when you want to feel like you're struggling hard to pedal uphill, except you're actually on flat ground.


This bike has to be electric....


I looked into it. It's a $7500 USD e-bike weighing 120 pounds and with ~40 miles range.


Wow just buy a quad at that point lol


Pretty sure this is being marketed to skirting motorized vehicle bans.


PA Game commission already banned ebikes on state game lands lol.


Hunting, ebikes are gaining a lot of ground in those communities. The boar and deer can still hear you but it lowers the effective radius so you can get closer. They're also using drones to scout and herd boar.


Fuck me at this point there is no sport left in sport hunting. It is just a massacre


In most places it’s very illegal to use drones, wireless communication, moving vehicles, etc. while hunting (you can still drive, but can’t shoot from a moving vehicle). All because it’s considered unsporting and unethical. Feral hogs on the other hand are a non-native invasive species who are prolific breeders and incredibly destructive. People are encouraged to kill as many as possible. Hence, use of drones is permitted. You can also use baited traps, spotlighting at night, and a ton of other bent rules.


Yup, boar hunting is not sport hunting. It’s a safety thing


in PA they used to hold bird shoots where they would basically deny cages of birds food or water so when they were released they were easy targets. Wasn't even about food, just a more "fun" replacement for clay pigeons.


Lol, that probably happened around the time guns were invented.


The European invasions of Africa and the Americas happened around the time guns were invented. We know how that went...


*one and a half


I’m sure it has “tactical” in the name


Like this "Paratrooper Tactical Folding Bike"? https://militarybikes.com/


Lol "Silent running"


I mean, a full-sized folding bike is a neat idea... it alleges to have 3x8 Deore(?) It's super entry level but I've seen worse mountain bikes, even if the marketing is a bit TactiCool for my tastes.


Everybody knows at that point this Paratrooper shyte is the model designers use to show why a full-sized folding bike is NOT a good idea in itself, because it’s useless (take a real foldable bike at that point). Also, it makes it somehow even heavier than a BSO, and because it only panders to people who think cycling is for *fags* unless you can strap a tacticool rail on it, it still gives cycling a bad rap. Sorry for my rant. Please ride whatever you want, as long as it got pedals and don’t use gas.


I don’t think it’s reasonable to claim “everybody knows” because I’ve never seen this thing before, and I’ve been riding for a long time. I’ll take your word that it’s a flawed design— I wasn’t going to buy one anyway. It IS kind of funny that they’ve figured out how to successfully market a terminally dorky bike to people who otherwise look down on cyclists.


Surprisingly no, but naming sounds like it's a Jeep product. "XR Rubicon Trail Edition".


/r/tacticool /r/mallninjashit /r/iamverybadass


its like a pedal can am


It's a Rungu ebike. https://youtu.be/d-clY0EZ4A8


"The dual front wheels gives you great stability".




Yamaha Niken is a dual front wheeled motorcycle. One of the biggest benefits is the significantly increased front wheel grip. Not so much stability, but grip.....which might lead to stability https://www.cycleworld.com/making-sense-yamaha-niken-motorcycle-with-two-front-ends/


Shame it cant lean far enough to take advantage of the extra grip XD


Except in the rain :D :D


Is this the type of thing I see them filming the bike races from?


No, those are just standard motos. One guy driving and one guy facing backward filming.


Then look again, i think when i watched the Giro i saw at least 1 Yamaha Niken. :)


Yeah, there's definitely a handful of Nikens at most races these days. Not sure exactly what their role is but they're there.


Well while carrying a camera man it's probably handy that the bike stays upright also when you stop.


But the back wheel provides the torque so it doesn’t even matter how much grip the front wheel has


Why wouldn't the front wheel grip matter? I get loss of traction is a thing with torque, but you can easily recover from that. If you lose the front end there's a very significant chance you're toasted


you could just wheelie all the way like that champ last mnth in NYC helping a minor cyclist try and master her first very long wheelie


I guess they probably both matter but it matters less to have more grip on the front then more grip in the back. The grip on the front doesn’t matter if your spinning out in the back. It sounds like the two tires are marketed more for stability


I disagree, the front tire is almost more important than the rear in most situations, relevant to motorcycling as well as MTB riding IME. By the time you realize your front end is glassed, you're going down. The rear end will often skip or burn out before the loss of control, giving you time to correct it. Not that it should be doing that, but it's preferable to the front losing control. You can drift a motorcycle under control with a poor rear, and I've seen a preference in mountain biking to put more meat on the front tire because that's the one that gets you around a corner. Not trying to start an argument, it's just what I've seen and experienced motorcycling, riding on tracks, and mountain biking.


Yep, give me a nice bit of tread on the front and I'm not all that bothered about the back


If the front ain't grippin I won't be rippin'. Its super nice to only have to buy one tire at a time haha, once the front wears out, move it to the back and buy a new front


Yea that sounds reasonable honestly. I’m thinking with too much of a physics class mindset


Haha I can totay see what you're saying, spin out the rear and the whole thing washes out, and I totally felt that way for a few years when I first rode. It wasn't until I started going around a track that what I said made more sense to me.


>time you realize your front end is glassed, you're going down Not always the case. You can train to recover it by locking the front wheel in snow at low speeds and then trying to catch it before you fall. Get good at it and you can try lockign while turning. I've had my front wheel slip out on a MTb trail and that was fun to have it slide then catch again! Its an odd feeling but you need to really lose grip to go down once you get good at catching it.


Good note, it can happen, just have felt on motorcycles in particular once it's gone it's gone


The extra weight made them feel super planted and stable at speed. The grip theory makes sense to me, but honestly the biggest thing this bike gave me was confidence in the front end. Idk what point I'm trying to make here, I just worked at a dealership for a few years and got to put a good chunk of miles on these things. Never could sell em though.


Shame. Such a cool concept. I've never seen one in real life. Have lots of miles on two wheels, both motorized and pedal powered. Always wanted to try one because of that front grip!


Looked up several videos on it that didn't come from the company, looks like its better in snow, sand and mud than a standard fat tire. Also has enough torque to haul a deer on a trailer behind it as their primary target audiences are offroad and hunting.


Yamaha did it and it works pretty well


Jeez, costs almost as much as an ATV


Hunting channels like it because you can get into a spot while making way less noise/can be taken on cycle allowed trails/doesn't need fuel if you've got a solar panel to charge it back up.


That would need a realy big solar panel to charge up. I doubt you will bringt that to the bush. The noise factor is a point tho.


If you've got a hunting shack the price that panels have fallen to make getting some make it a nobbrainer. The van lifers have been mounting enough solar to power water heaters, fridges, induction cooktops and desktop gaming PCs. Sure not all at once, but enough juice to charge this with a DC to DC charger and some lights and a DC powered cooler at your hunting shack is certainly affordable.


I can see that, my 4.9" hardtail was like $1100 — and I get some exercise 😄


> Took me places and over terrain that a normal fat tire bike just couldn't handle *doubt*


Chances are it is modified to roll coal.


Close! It only charges with the (included) Cummins™ Diesel Generator


Only in the presence of roadies.


Lots of cynicism here. Most of the guys are on four wheelers. I'm for anyone who wants to be on a bike.


That and no gasoline is a big plus for that monstrosity.


This is a trike, though.


Eh, I get the tri-thing, but I'm not going to argue with people who can't ride regular bikes that they're technically not on a bike. Not that this applies to this monster.


My guess is it has something to do with distributing the weight of a deer.


My first thought is it's 100% to make bringing a deer out easier. Especially if you were to opt to basically use the bike as a cart and walk it out.


The deer would be mounted on the rack over the rear tire so it wouldn’t do much if anything for helping in that respect.


I know, but maybe it helps with steering in rough terrain while loaded. I don’t know what dual front wheels benefit and the dude looks like a hunter.


> the dude looks like a hunter The bow and arrows are definite clues


It won’t help with steering. It MIGHT help with the forks compression under slightly more weight. But even then the added weight is over the rear axel so it dosnt make sense lol. I’m sure that’s what they were thinking though.


Dual disc front brakes!


Helps with braking for sure. Maybe it helps with balance too


Actually makes sense. A little less chatter from the forks when braking maybe. Still, if they’re good forks it shouldn’t matter with the weight over the rear axel


Unless you're trying to pull a deer out of a muddy bog, that's the point if the duals, to keep you upright. Its not like a bike for yeeting yourself off a cliff.


I’d think you still want two rear wheels where the weight is and for added traction where the power is. There’s a reason dualies are better for towing. People have been riding xc in the snow and mud for ages. Never used tires up front for that before. Either way I doubt this will catch on at all. It’s not going to help handling/steering the bike. Good attempt though. Balance and braking are the only advantages I see and I’m not sure they outweigh the disadvantages of handling the bike. Plus that’s even more weight. Two forks and wheels are going to be heavy.


Well tell them that, so far the hunters are saying this works well for their needs.


Would it? I have trouble handling 50 pounds over the rear because the front is so light


I don’t see any front rack aside from the bow. So you’re packing it out on your back or using that big ol reinforced rack they have on the back of the bike. Either way the weight is going to be more towards the rear than the front. Or a trailer which isn’t pictured so I’m not gonna assume they’re using one.


No, they say to pull the deer out on a trailer, dual fats in front for stability in rough terrain.


It might help the bike stand up to help with loading.


I think it’s not a cannondale lefty


Nah that's a hefty.


If the Cdale lefty was the mini truck fad of the 80s, this is the bro dozer answer we're stuck with currently. But-I actually think this thing is awesome.


But they've been making the left for almost 20 years now.... How is that a fad?


Looks like a great way to survey land/get out into nature without tearing up the land as much as an ATV. It would also be quieter and less disruptive to animals in the area. Although that bow would be pretty disruptive to at least one animal...


The target markets are hunters and campers, it's designed so that you can get in quiet and pull a deer out on a trailer behind it while remaining stable over mud, snow and sand while doing it.


Rungu Dualie Standard


A tricycle.


My dad almost bought one of these and had it shipped from Australia. Apparently they're made for traversing the outback or something. The 2 front tires are for the ridiculously slippery dust they have out there, it gets several inches deep and is almost impossible to ride through on a normal bike (according to my dad) Mf wanted to buy it to ride on gravel fire roads in the US NE.


I’m into it, whatever it is.


reported. this belongs on /r/tricycling


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I think it's a joke




I wouldn't call them an idiot, this is the internet after all -- myriad sticks are up butts aplenty, so I wouldn't have been too surprised if you were legit angry either




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Oh no, you just invented Votecoin








He needs a bike fit.




Gentlemen, I present the tippiest of tippy 3 wheelers. Dual actuation of the front to tires so you can lean on a turn was found to be prohibitively expensive and we also don't have an engineer on this team, just a couple welders and a guy that's just happy to be part of the gang.


I don’t think he’s worried about leaning and cornering - dude’s probably going 5km/hr through rough terrain, either trying to be slow and quiet or loaded down with weight.


A monstrosity


Hard to pedal ;)


Its an ebike above class 2 power output.


Goddamned awesome is what that is!


Package delivery vehicle for Norman Reedus. https://505games.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/1.jpg


spoiler alert, the other wheel is actually a gatling gun...


A way for a guy who rolls coal on other cyclists to ride without feeling emasculated.


It's a bibicycle.






experimental tactical stealthy troop transporter mainly used in rough terrain.


[This](https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport-touring/models/niken), without the gas




They stand by themselves and require less balance. Worked on a few of them last year.


Well, it's not uninteresting


That's overkill


That there is a solution hunting for a problem.


an illegal way to hunt in europe


Unfamiliar with hunting laws in Europe, why would it be illegal to use an ebike to get a deer carcass out of bush?


It's not about the bike but the bow and arrow he has on the bars :)


Looks like something a smart guy would build that is physically stable and has superior performance but is super dorky. The ball cap under the helmet gives it away.


A sweet helmet.


Looks like a bike with two front wheels to me


Yamaha did it years ago and called it Niken https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport-touring/models/niken


That’s a tricycle.


The mtb equivalent of lifting your truck and extending the mirrors


Is this what you ride if you want to feel like you've got a constant headwind in every direction? Just come to Oklahoma and you can feel that on *any* bike. :-|


that thing looks like it rips.. a hole in your bank card, nothing else.


Looks like a quiver.


A human


It's a "never uphill" bike


It’s called the juggernaut. Pretty innovative


Saw one of these coming at me in the wrong direction when I was riding my road bike last Sunday. The person/rider/driver guy was a burly red head with a rusty beard. He looked like he had gotten here (Hawai'i) from a parallel universe and was super confused. Scary and ratty clothes so I just kept riding by.


My next bike. That’s what this is!


I use a powerful E-bike to haul back my game. Better to not disturb the whole forest with a loud engine methinks. This looks like an E-bike that somebody over-engineered.


Ugly as a mangy pitbull's butt.


The Mercedes 3t SUV just as a bicycle


A dumbass