Introducing the pacifier week 1 an issue?

Introducing the pacifier week 1 an issue?


Two breastfed babies here and both had pacifiers introduced within the first day. No problems breastfeeding. My first kiddo used her pacifier until just before 2 years old. My second is only a month old and regularly uses her pacifier (planning to continue using it until about the same time as her older sister if she wants).


Nope. Do it. I didn’t want to be a human pacifier.


Can I ask you what pacifier are you using? My daughter is 4 weeks, EBF and does not like the pacifiers we’ve tried (Avent Soothie and Tommee Tippee Soother).


I tried them all. My daughter wasn’t picky, and my son likes the tommee tippee, but ultimately he didn’t take to it very adamantly.


Baby was out of me 2.5 seconds and I had a soother in


My baby is EBF and it hasn’t gotten in the way at all. We only use it as a soothing device when we are in the car/ when she is being watched while I’m at work. She’s never used it for sleep and she sleeps great at night. Do what works for your family!


Newer studies show there is no such thing as nipple cobfusion and children who get a pacifier from week 1 are breastfeed as successful and as long as children who don't get pacifiers.


At that age I introduced it as the “emergency paci” for if my baby had a meltdown at the doctors or somewhere but I didn’t use it for sleep or just hanging out because I was worried about his weight gain and having it mask his hunger


another point: when i had my first 4.5 years ago my "baby friendly" hospital told me that i should wait a month to introduce a paci so there wasn't nipple confusion (not a real thing) and by the time i introduced a paci she already started sucking her fingers. here we are 4.5 years later and she's still sucking her fingers. i wish i would have just given her the paci. with my second about a year ago, i waited a couple days to make sure he was eating well and then gave him the paci. so relieved that i'll be able to just take it away when it's time to be done.


Establishing a healthy milk supply the first month is the most important! I would exclusively breastfeed the first 4 weeks and get as much sucking in as you can handle :). Then introduce a pacifier. But that’s only my opinion from the le leche league! Congrats on the newborn mama ❤️




My over 14 lbs 2mo seems to be just fine in terms of weight gain and and appreciates a paci when she's trying to fall asleep while comfort sucking but gets annoyed by milk coming out.


My daughter started in the hospital. No issues!


My daughter started with one the first week too. She breastfeeds just fine too. You do what you think is best for your kiddo!


My son was given one in the nicu at 3 days old, and my daughter I gave her one in the hospital at like 8h old because she flatly refused to not be on the boob. Both all good Edit: nursed #1 for 13.5 months and #2 is 15.5 months and still going. Both eventually dropped it


No problem here with our daughter. She actually kicked the habit herself at 3 months.


My baby is EBF and had pumped milk in bottles 3 days pp and a pacifier within the first 24hrs. 4.5 months old and no issues with nursing at all Edit: occasional bottles, still primarily directly breastfed and hasn't had issues as a result


I think you'll hear various opinions. I tried so hard to get my son to take one starting at the hospital, but he was never very into it. Still looooves to nurse at 3, though.


My little guy is turning one tomorrow (😭🎉) and has been using a pacifier since day 2. No problems whatsoever breastfeeding (which we did for 3 months) or bottles (which we started at 2 weeks old; breast milk and formula). He still uses them when he gets tired. Around 5/6-ish months, we did full cry it out sleep training and it worked out because right around that time he started turning over and being able to find his pacifier and put it in his mouth. Pediatrician has no concerns and we plan to just let him go and phase it out himself / have daycare help us do that over the next year.


My son used a pacifier basically from day one in the hospital and it never caused issues with breastfeeding. Same story with the occasional bottle from day one and more frequently once he was in daycare at seven weeks. I also used nipple shields pretty much exclusively because it was so much easier for both of us and that never caused us any problems. Everyone is different but in my experience a lot of things that made my life easier that people told me would cause problems didn’t actually cause any problems.


Gave one to my boy once we got home. Haven’t had an issue, it’s definitely helped us keep our sanity!


They gave one to my daughter day two in the NICU


They gave my kid a pacifier while he was still in the womb!


Pacifiers are actually recommended because they can reduce the risk of SIDS. Whereas there's no real evidence that they are detrimental. Ultimately it's going to be up to each individual child how they deal with it.


I gave my son his paci day 3 and bottle day 5 and no nipple confusion, he breastfed until my supply dipped too low at 9 months.


Nope, you’re fine. They don’t cause nipple confusion because they don’t produce milk.