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50/50 whiteVinegar/water soak for 30-60 minutes? Rinse well and put back in the tank. It will die.


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Mod answers: 6.6 Gal, Yes heater/filter, 78°F, Tank for just over a year, fish for about 6 months, 1/4 tank water changes each week, mystery snail named Ivy who is usually an absolute beast when it comes to feasting on algae, a three story mansion for my boiii, the zen tree (it’s in the pics) and some plants


The rest of the tank is totally fine. My mystery snail Ivy absolutely kicked this blooms booty but these little leaves are almost impossible for her to get into to clean and idk how to clean them without it taking me 20 years


I’m pretty sure this bloom was due to the fact that she was staying with my parents when it happened and so the tank got a different amount of sunlight and other things it was adapted to


Maybe get a nerite if you have the stocking space as they are expert algae cleaners. Otherwise, maybe introduce some bladders.


Amano’s work too


Not a popular thing to do: I clean mine with bleach. Pure bleach. Soak my plastic plants for about 10 minutes. I rinse it thoroughly and then soak it in water for a day and then do it again one more time. Otherwise it will take me the whole day to remove it with a toothbrush. NEVER do this with painted, fabric or porous decors.


Personally I wouldn't worry about this little of algae, hardworking Ivy should be able to keep it in check so there's not another bloom. If you really wanna get rid of it tho I'd think a toothbrush & rinsing in super hot water would be your best bet.


You can spray with peroxide let it sit overnight rinse and rinse again repeat or use a toothbrush to clean debris. I pick up a cheap pack of toothbrushes from dollar tree you can get maybe 5-10 in a pack and I use those to scub my surfaces decor type stuff. I also buy the 3 back of brushes in the auto section and scrub wood etc with those. They I think come in 3-4 packs. One of the brushes is wire and works well on wood after boiling it.


That's brown algae. I have the same issue currently. Looks very nasty in my tank. Definitely rinse of plants if you could. Turn up the flow of the water current if possible. Heard that brown algae clumps together more when it's less of a water stir.


Being that it's plastic decor, you're good to soak it in a dilute bleach solution; however use this only as an extreme method and be careful to rinse it very well (I'd soak it in clean water for a good while, too) before adding back to your tank. I usually just scrub with an old toothbrush, while dipped in warm water (yes, it's slightly tedious, but effective). I do not recommend boiling! I have ruined a few plastic plants this way. Once I got ghost shrimp, I no longer had algae issues. I've also migrated to exclusively to live plants.