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To help anyone who is still on the verge of a stroke and/or did not want to dig to 30 levels of comments: * LAOP was month to month with their previous landlord when the property was sold. * Two weeks ago the new landlord requested they sign a lease. The lease stated it was for 12 months, the end date listed was November 15th 2023. * Landlord is trying to say oopsie it was supposed to say 2022 (like, a 60 day lease?) and gave them a 60 day notice to vacate. Basically everything here is in the LAOP's favor, aside from their own ability to explain that they're in the right.


You are a hero for figuring this out for us


I can't imagine being a lawyer


Some other bits- the previous landlord had already served a 60 day notice to LAOP. The new landlord made everyone sign new leases. I would place a large wager that the new landlord needed executed leases in order to secure bank loans, and now wants to kick everyone out, probably to renovate and charge more.


Somewhere in the giant pile I missed that they'd gotten the 60 day from the previous landlord... although I'd presume that's null when signing a lease with the new landlord. And even though I'm curious about that first 60 day, I sure as hell am not gonna ask more questions because I've already unpacked enough for the day. Agreed on the new landlord's likely intentions. Although that won't go well for them if everyone's talking to each other and they make one quick phone call to a local tenant advocacy group.


> that's null when signing a lease with the new landlord Yup.


They're in California. One of the few states where they may actually not get away with it. I went on a rant the other day about how much I despise landlords. I own a home, but I still hold onto that hate for the rest of you.


Owning my own home made me hate landlords even more


In my entire life, I've only rented an apartment for a year (not counting university dorm housing) and I had zero problems with my landlord/property management, but I'm still happy to despise landlords on behalf of everybody else who suffered through horror stories.


This place and this site skews towards nightmare landlord stories but there are a ton of nightmare tenant stories too.


I feel like having nightmare tenant stories is like having a nightmare “insert minority“ story. Sure, there’s likely a significant amount of tenants who are horrible and absolutely do awful things; but at the end of the day structurally and systematically the power lies in the hands of the landlords. Any horror story a landlord might have, no matter how impactful to the individual persons, is infinitesimally small in comparison to the centuries of abuse people have endured at the hands of landlords. Until renters laws/protections are seriously implemented and baked into our society my sympathies will almost always fall in line with the tenant.


One of the things that makes it so unbalanced is how an eviction- even one that's bullshit- can follow a tenet around. There's no equivalent that a tenet can apply to a landlord that can do the same amount of damage. (Yeah, I'm still bitter about it happening to me.)


Even better is that even just having a court date FILED for late rent, that is dropped when you finally get paid and can catch up can and will prevent you from getting future leases for quite some time. It took literal years of renting from a family friend and ultimately getting a person with pristine rental history who qualified on their own, plus playing double the deposit, to finally be approved to rent again.


Credit history is like that- the person borrowing the property of another is the one that builds a credit history. The equivalent can be an online rating for the landlord, but renters don’t take those as seriously as landlords take credit history. While renters risk their reputation, landlords risk their property. A bad renter can absolutely destroy a house and/or cost a landlord tens of thousands in lost rent.


Well said


I asked my mom, an L&T attorney in a different state, and she immediately picked up on the same scheme. Wild that with some clear communication LAOP could have gotten useful info. CA seems like the best(?) place to be in if you’re getting played with like this. Mom specifically said the first landlord served LAOP the 60 days because he knows the new landlord does not want tenants and wants to refurbish the unit. Landlord two needed a lease, got it, and is now trying to back out on it.


also LAOP is either slightly brain-fried, or convincingly pretending to be. Which might be helpful if this ends up before a judge and the judge gets the impression the LL is trying to take advantage. Or might not. IDK, there's something fishy going on.


Mom is mad about it now and came back to say if she was defending this tenant she would push to have the entire financing behind the deal invalidated if this lease was used to get that financing. Mama doesn’t fuck around.


Lawyers and landlords: two professions where a single encounter can make someone love or hate an entire industry for life.


Is that the situation? Thanks. I was so confused by their comments. I thought it was a 2 year lease that said 12 months so the date said 23 but the 12 months would have been 22. I stopped reading because the answers to questions were frustrating.


The confusion is because they didn't say until asked that they signed the lease just a few weeks ago, not last November.


And then never updated the post…


>The lease stated it was for 12 months I'm still not convinced that the lease actually says this explicitly on its own. Based on how ridiculous LAOP is, I think they might still be calculating this from the dates in the lease, and simply not understanding that people are asking them if it is spelled out in words, separate from the dates. They gave off a real vibe that people were idiots for not being able to do the math themselves, from what I recall.


I might be having a stroke but I swear (not going back in there to dive through the threads to check) that the laop said that the new lease was provided by the realtor or w/e of the new LL. I’m wondering if the new LL even planned to provide a new lease. More likely is that the LL is from out of state and not fully aware of the law in Cali.


The only thing I know for sure is that the situation with have an outcome. I don't care to try figure any of it out any longer. :-)


Thank you. I got a headache trying to make sense of the post.


Thank you for your work, that's so much clearer. What I still don't get is it's a 12 month lease ending in November of next year...but...it's not November yet. Even if what LAOP says is accurate then it's still not a 12 month lease. I do feel a bit sorry for LAOP. Most people can read but there are a lot of people out there who are "functionally illiterate" because they can't comprehend documents like leases.


LAOP kept saying it was the previous landlord that initially served them the 60-day removal notice too. I hated that post and the comment threads in it, it was so annoying to try to parse


I tried to read this yesterday and it made my anxiety spike...like wtf


Thank you for your service.


Thank you for your service. I saw this initially in LA and did not want to dig in far enough to understand LAOP.


Thank you for that!! Very succinct and helpful 🤗 I was sitting here at the lower end of globe going “but there is no 15th month 😳😳”


Drip feeding information, doesn’t even answer the questions, and can’t keep story straight. This is a form of torture.


i had to quit reading, i can’t stand threads like this where the person can’t even communicate their issue properly.


By choice. LAOP can't communicate by choice. They know they got the notice from the old landlord. Then the new landlord made a mistake and LAOP just wants to know their rights. Nothing to see here. Quite simple can't LAOP know their worth rights over a typo?


There is a fair amount of evidence the new landlord indeed gave them a valid lease for a year. It is unclear if the new landlord meant to, did it accidentally, or if the new landlord was being sketchy wanting the lease for mortgage reasons while then still kicking op out. OP was frustratingly bad at communicating what went on exacerbated by new landlord contradicting the old one, but they appear to be reasonably in the right here. A year+ lease is a lot more reasonable than a 2 month one and in cases of ambiguity the burden is on the writer of the lease to be clear. A typo is only invalid if it is very obvious what the actual intention was and this isn’t that clear cut. A old landlord giving termination notices before a sale and the new landlord giving a new lease also isn’t uncommon. Giving the new landlord that flexibility to keep the tenants or not can be a selling point. Ymmv, but OP has a reasonable chance of winning the argument they have a valid year long lease if they are able to properly present their case. OP in reality has a high chance of losing because they appear to have a hard time staying coherent.


There is no evidence especially with LAOP's narration. I can see it happening this way: I (new landlord) buy the property and for whatever reason want to rewrite all existing leases in my name. I tell everyone that this is happening but when the lease gets sent out there is a typo. Of course other interpretations are equally possible. One point to note is that LAOP first says all discussions were via realtor but later mentions multiple direct conversation.


>One point to note is that LAOP first says all discussions were via realtor but later mentions multiple direct conversation. "when did the landlord start communicating with you directly?" "when he stopped communicating through a realtor" "when was this?" "right before he started communicating with me directly"


Did they actually answer like this? I tried to read through the LAOP, but good grief, like many others I just couldn't stick it out. If I didn't know any better, I would just assume LAOP was just doing their best imitation of a Monty Python skit with how they've answered from just the few comments I did manage to read lol


People trying to find if there was other info about the date was pulling teeth. “Yes it says the date”


I work in eviction prevention referral, occasionally we get someone like this who calls in, and it’s exactly as aggravating as you’d imagine. “Do you have a notice of eviction?” “My landlord gave me a note.” “Is it an eviction notice?” “I think so.” “Is it a 72-hour notice to pay or vacate, or is there a court date on it?” “Yes.” “Is there a court date on the notice?” “Yes.” “What’s the date?” “Oh, the paper’s in the other room, let me get it” Getting an eviction notice is really stressful, but this conversation or something like it happens frequently enough that I think eviction notices just temporarily turn off the common-sense portion of the brain


Lol when I did EDP the amount of times a conversation would proceed on this exact sequence: Me: okay do you have the court paperwork in front of you? Tenant: oh no Me: ok can you get it? Tenant: no I lost it. Me: then how did you know to come here? Tenant: it says it here on this paperwork Me: was this sent in the mail from the court? Tenant: yes Me: _shoots self_


That was me on attempt #2 of trying to get a divorce. Got married as a teen, didn't last, we started divorce proceedings with her as petitioner and then she left the state and disappeared. I eventually started over with a new case and after things dragging on for years and the paperwork getting more and more confused, I finally resolved to devote a day to sorting all of it out. I spread out papers all over the bedroom floor, weeding out duplicates and organizing everything, and then left to run some errand. My roommate (who rented a room downstairs) was puppy-sitting that day and while I was out the puppy got loose, ran straight up the stairs and being a good puppy in training peed all over the papers on my floor. And that's how I ended up married for 20 years of a 1.5-year relationship.


So did you murder the puppy, the roommate, or both? Seriously though, I would have had a breakdown if that happened to me. Paperwork is my greatest nemesis.


> this conversation or something like it happens frequently enough that I think eviction notices just temporarily turn off the common-sense portion of the brain You give people way too much credit. I think a lot people never learned to organize their paperwork nor their thoughts. They literally are unable to clearly present the facts, as they themselves can't keep a clear picture in their head. So much depends on clearly understanding the situation, devising a plan to navigate it, communicating this plan to all parties involved, and then executing on it. Ideally, this should also include the ability to adjust the plan as facts change along the way. You'd think, schools would spend all their time teaching this foundational life skill. But from what I can tell, lots of people regularly fail on a large majority of these steps. And that happens even when not under stress. It's a learned behavior, and if nobody ever taught you, it rarely comes naturally.


Don't blame schools, if there's anything we do it's teach young people to fill out paperwork.


I have done IT support like that a couple of times, you are 15 questions in and they say they are not at their computer right now.


I know I'm not going to have enough patience for a technical support caller who expects me to be able to infer the error code or text from the circumstances it appeared under. "Motherfucker there's more than one possible error"


I do amateur tech support for my family (not an expert, but I know the difference between a search engine and a browser which apparently make me the most qualified) Dad: help the internet's not working Me: is there a specific website that you're having trouble with? Or is the whole computer not connecting? Dad: I don't know it's just not working. I clicked on something and it said an error occurred Me: OK what did you click on to make that happen? What did the error message say? Dad: oh I just closed it, didn't read Me: *bangs head on desk*


Most of the times its cause they can't log into one of the like 15 programs we have running on different systems, and most of them only use one program so you have to get them to tell you what program they can't log into which apparently is hard.


All troubleshooting begins with, "Is it plugged in?" "Is it turned on?" At the very least you have to mentally check off those tickboxes, or you *will* get burned.


Only helps so much when people just guess at what the answer is while they are somewhere else. Is it plugged in? "Oh yeah sure it is" Is it turned on? "Yes" Ok now can you try turning the screen on? "Oh I am not at the computer right now"


I feel you, but hear me out. How am I supposed to respond to the help desk when they want me to be on another device *but their chat app is only available through their app on my cellphone with its dual authentication?!?!* which is what I'm having an issue with?


Oh man that does sound stupid, we just got a phone number, but we also just do internal support. Also wooo our 2 factor is based on government issued digital id, so you can use it wherever.


> Getting an eviction notice is really stressful, but this conversation or something like it happens frequently enough that I think eviction notices just temporarily turn off the common-sense portion of the brain Bold of you to assume that sort of person ever has it turned on to begin with.


This is where lawyers make money.


Was LAOP stoned or just really confused?


I really, really, really hope for his sake it was the first. If it was the second he's stuck spending his whole life in that state and is going to have some real trouble making friends.


As someone with severe ADHD, LAOP is what I sound like when I'm unmedicated and under stress. This is why I avoid going without medication.


I have pretty severe ADHD and even unmedicated and highly distractible, I was fully able to process a question and deliver an answer. I don't know what this is but I can't see how the cause could fall under the scope of ADHD. Losing paperwork, missing dates, not remembering details you only learned recently, that all fits. Being directly asked a question and failing to answer it properly doesn't make much sense to me.


I've been reading Franz Kafka's *The Trial* today and LAOP's post has a similar feel.


Surely you've done something evil to deserve this.


Ive accidentally mis-dated things before, but both OP and their landlord should have double and even triple checked to make sure the date was accurate on the termination of the lease.


It took incredible nesting of followup questions, but LAOP signed a lease 2 weeks ago that says throughout that it's a 12-month lease. There's no wiggle room for the LL saying the end date is a typo.


Even more reason for tbem to double and triple check the dates before sending out communication. Helps avoid situations like these.




That is most likely what has happened.


Weird, the LA post does not appear to be locked as of 6:30 AM PT. I noticed because there were very fresh comments about the length of the lease document. Didn’t see where LAOP is, but leases for apartments in CA are looooong. So many addendums, such as lead based paint disclosures (is there any?), for the pool area, for the gym, for parking, etc. umm have to pull my last one out, but 35 pages sounds about right… Edit - LAOP is in CA, so a 35 page lease document makes sense!


No, you’re correct. I goofed and missed the 12 hour rule by an hour or so. Now I’m the clown that can’t get the time straight 🤦🏻‍♂️ sorry


that's downright poetic






Your ability to clearly communicate that information is appreciated. After trying to decipher the original thread, it's downright fantastic.


It’s daylight savings time in some parts of the world (i.e. Europe) and it’s not in the USA — that might have affected you being off by an hour?


I’ll be honest. Initially I was too embarrassed to say but I saw this post (https://reddit.com/r/CasualUK/comments/yh761w/its_530_am_someone_didnt_get_the_clock_change_memo/) and thought it was daylight savings time without realizing it was posted in the UK subreddit. I just assumed it was 5:30am when it wasn’t lol


You got that backwards. It's daylight savings for most of the US for one more week, but Europe doesn't observe DST (they are on CEST and BST year round rather than CEDT and BDT during spring-fall, etc).


... No? It have been a consistent debate about whether ending daylight saving time is something we should, but nothing have come from it yet. We literally rolled the clock back today.


I just opened my last apartment lease from California, and it was 56 pages. For comparison, I also opened my final closing documents from buying my house in Oregon, and it is 96 pages.


Good lord. My last lease was 5 pages (at an apartment complex). The one before that was 3 pages (renting half a house from a small scale landlord). New York is way more chill, apparently.


It's quite simple, the tenant thought it meant the 15th November, but it was very clearly the 11th day of the 15th month.


Lousy Smarch weather.


Very very cruel of the landlord to try to kick out a tenant in the middle of the Long Winter.


Makes more sense than LAOP


11-15-23, means the lease runs to year 2111, month 15, day 23 Which is just slightly less than my state's 90-year definition of the Rule of Perpetuity and would not be invalidated under those grounds


LAOP was super annoying. Sure, he made a title mistake. But his non-answer answers just made me stabby.


I cringe at the thought of his back and forth with the lessor


Imagine being his landlord...


Reading these comments makes me wonder if OP is the landlord and is trying to figure out this one trick to getting rid of a tenant that just signed a 1 year lease.


My favourite exchange is >Does the lease have any language that outlines that it is for a duration of 12 months or one year? >>Yes, the lease is very specific.


That whole thread was frustrating to read. OP signed a lease that ends in 2023 - but then there was so much back and forth about his previous lease, and the landlord changes. But he has a lease which states it ends in 2023 - that's all that matters. [Also WTF who signs rental agreements through a realtor? And the realtor helped him with it when the previous owner had already served an eviction notice? That whole thread made me annoyed and I had to stop reading the exchanges]


When purchasing an occupied investment property with a mortgage, the bank will often want a current lease. Stuff like that to secure financing is an area a realtor would step in.


I'd like to take this opportunity to plug ISO 8601, which should be the standard dating format for everything. YYYY-MM-DD. Year Month Day and no fucking around. This comment is dedicated to Ann, my wonderful ex-employee who was inconsistent with M-D-Y/D-M-Y dates in file names and frequently randomly replaced a leading numeral 1 with the letter I for some reason.


I am willing to die on this hill with you.


There are dozens of us!


It turns out ISO 8601 is not quite at the level of things I'm literally willing to die for, but thanks anyways




Together we will ride to Valhalla. ✊


I’m cringing for you re Ann.


Yes! I also propose we all use military time. I do both, because there's no ambiguity. A habit I picked up many years ago when I worked on a boat and there were physical log books.


Go one further. Use UTC everywhere!


I have found my people!


There are dozens of us!


Why not just 15 Dec 2023 format?


Take that up with the ISO, not me. In seriousness I like *numeric* YYYY-MM-DD because it is easy to sort chronologically.


Absolutely! Alphanumeric order = chronological order. Can’t go wrong.


It doesn't sort properly on file names


In a lot of scientific/data management contexts, we do year first. It sorts more easily, although for human reading, it doesn't much matter. (And the two formats are easily distinguished for current dates, even without hyphens or spaces.)


Doesn't sort well when sorted ascending/descending, plus numbers are universal instead of linked to a language. People will get confused to hell once they see 15 Avr. 2023, even though it is a very logical avril.


Computers don't sort it correctly. Year month day file names sort nicely in order by name. Your way puts things all out of order, especially if leading zeros aren't used, even worse if they're used inconsistently. 01 Mar 2023. 1 Apr 2023. 1 Aug 2022. 10 Feb 2022. 10 Jan 2022. 11 Jun 2021. . . . 19 Dec 2020. 2 Oct 2023 I assume you get the idea by now.


Because when you sort then this order appears: 15 Dec 2023 15 Dec 2024 15 Mar 2023 16 Dec 2022


This is the standard for my industry. If it’s good enough for the FDA, then it’s good enough for me


If I sort a directory alphabetically then `auto-log_2023-12-15.csv` will be the same order as chronologically.


Man, Ann sounds like a piece of work. I had one too many parsers crash in me due to a wrong assumed date format so dates are my pet peeve.


Ann (not her real name) was one of those people who deliberately made her job difficult by refusing to consider how to do it better. She retired and we hired a replacement. While training her replacement it became obvious to us that all of Ann's work could be easily covered by our completely inexperienced new tech *who was willing to learn the right way to do it* at a third of the person-hours.


I have a feeling she knew her work could be done in a third of the time but didn't want to either lose hours or learn new things that were outside what she was hired for. I don't exactly blame her, but I would be bored and anxious as hell all the time if I tried that.


I took over a retiring person's job at a bank several years back. It took ~6 hours a week for me to perform her entire job function. So they gave me a new title and added it to my existing duties. She spent 40 hours a week on it for 30+ years. I admit that it was probably slightly more time consuming in the 80s and early 90s, but how no one had figured out that she spent 8 hours a day doing an hour and a half of work is beyond me.


Early in my career I took a job in headquarters that was created when a couple of regional offices were closed. I very awkwardly had to be trained by employees who were getting laid off. One of the things I was trained on was the most painful, time consuming, manual process. It was ridiculous how much time was spent literally keying in amounts from a spreadsheet. After doing this for a few months I was chatting with someone in IT. I was complaining about this ridiculous process and he told me that years ago they offered to automate it, so there would be 0 manual input, saving like 15-20 hours or so of mindless manual data entry a month. They DECLINED. I can only believe it’s because they were scared for their jobs if this large task went away. But in the end they still lost their jobs, presumably because someone realized that the output from those groups was less than what it should be.


I frequently have to work with Canadians and Australians. I make sure to always spell out the month. I usually put the day first to them too. So you could say I am inconsistent with D-Month-Y and M-D-Y, but I try to eliminate some ambiguity. Y-M-D is definitely the superior way to name files to sort.


I still say that Ann died under suspicious circumstances, even if the police sided with your “made a mistake about the date” story.


I legitimately thought I was having a stroke reading the original post.


I think I need to come back and read this post when I'm more awake, because I can't understand what's even going on


It's not worth it. Just read the summaries here. Unless you *really* like parsing LAOP's answers that could have fit in a courtroom: technically correct, and not volunteering the tiniest tidbit of additional information.


>Op wants to use a clerical error to make money A 35-page document specifying 12 months with an end date in…12 months…is not a clerical error. No one’s “making” money on a move right now, at best they’re *not losing* money.


Who's on first. What's on second.


this reminds me of that famous bodybuilder.com thread


Sounds like LAOP was on a month to month with the previous homeowner. The new owner intended to move him out with 60 days notice but accidentally gave him a 1 year lease. The new owner may be trying to move into the residence, who knows…


Unsuspecting LA Commenter: Does the lease have any language that outlines that it is for a duration of 12 months or one year? LAOP: Yes, the lease is very specific. --- Edit: Oh, pooh. Someone beat me to it. Well, here's one more from the LA hive mind, one of the best things I've ever read on /r/legaladvice: > I wouldn’t use any information posted here to form a opinion as to what’s going on.


LOL. Tenant knew perfectly well that the landlord thought he was sending a one-year lease. Tenant saw the typo immediately and thought he could use it in his favor. Hence, tenant will not answer questions like, "But does the lease say it is a one-year lease somewhere else?"


He signed it three weeks ago, he said, and the lease says it's a 12 month lease, he said.


He signed the lease last year with the previous landlord, and for some reason when the property was sold signed a new one with new landlord. My guess is the second signing was supposed to have the same end date as the first.


They said they were month to month with the previous landlord. I know it's a tough post to follow because of the drip-fed info, but if you dig far enough, the info is there.


Just read that after posting, also the part where they had been given a notice to vacate by the previous LL.


But the new LL sent and signed the new lease after that, negating the prior notice to vacate.


Yep. But this is still all info provided out of order, by a very unreliable narrator.


For sure! It's presented in an extremely confusing way that seems almost deliberate. But I've known people this bad at communicating IRL, so I'm on the fence.


Yeah, props to the people trying to help them but getting pertinent info from laop looked like trying to pull teeth, with a hacksaw.


It is a one year lease and it was signed this month. He didn’t have a lease with the previous landlord.


If literally anyone accused me of doing that I would make their life a living hell in every way that was under my power. Like how is this what you *immediately* assume of an online stranger who's on the whole scattered?


The way LA commenters jumped on top of LAOP for making a typo is the most annoying behaviour. And people repeating the same crap in here. LAOP made one typo but within 3 or maybe 4 comments everything was very clearly laid out. Yeah LAOP made a typo but you all have to work on your communication skills too. I’ve been in this situation before when someone else makes an *obvious* misstatement and rather than trying to let the person clarify everyone is interrupting and bringing the discussion back to the misstatement. At least on reddit, people saying “I can’t possibly understand anything you have to say after you said the same date twice” don’t interrupt the person explaining like in real life discussions. But that makes it even more unjustifiable for the commenters. There are people in the original thread that posted *hours* after LAOP had clarified everything that are still claiming to be so confused by LAOP. All you have to do is read what he said!


That it's a typo is obvious, what the actual information should have been is not. Like someone there posted, they knew right away it was a typo, they should've deleted and reposted as soon as they figured out they couldn't edit the title.


Three comments in it was obvious. Yet there are people who HOURS LATER were like “i’M hAvInG a StRoKe.” If that was you, then you’re the problem.


Thing is, a lot of the comments in this thread are still confused by OPs situation. It's not just the date/typo in the title that was confusing. If you think you have it all figured out because OP was so clear, please write up a timeline for others in this thread so that it's less confusing for them. Edit: Also, "interrupting" on a test-based forum like this isn't really a thing. LAOP could have figured out that his situation is confusing to people and took the time to write a comment (or edit his post) to fully explain the timeline.


> Yes, the property was sold, and I had a month-to-month lease with the previous owner. When the new owner bought the property, he insisted that I sign the lease, which terminates next year, on 11/15/2023. It appears that the new owner had been mistaken when he’d drafted the lease, since he told me yesterday that he expected me gone by 11/15/2022. When I had told him that I was under the impression that the lease would terminate next year, he apologized for the “confusion” and served me the 60-day notice. > The lease was signed on 10/10/2022. > Yes, the lease states that the begin date is 10/1/2022 with a term date of 11/15/2023. > Yes, the lease states 12 consecutive months. > But the lease has already been signed by both parties, and I want to know my rights. The only date typo is in the title, which is the only place where the typo can’t be fixed. And OP does not know what information is relevant, so it makes sense he isn’t answering questions until they are asked.




Wouldn't this depend on the clauses in the lease, irrespective of end date?