Cannot help but picture LACAOP with fresh grime on his face and cartoonish post-explosion hair


[Found a photo of LACOP for you](https://imgur.com/a/uj96Dwu)


Dear Legal advice I recently purchased a ACME branded package and it malfunctioned exploding in my face and sending me over a 200 foot cliff. Do i have any way to sue for emotional damages?


Fun fact: there’s a prominent homebuilder in my town named Acme Homes. I have so many questions about their choice of name.


Acme is a really old word meaning "[the highest point](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/acme) of something," so it's possible that company is older than Looney Tunes and they meant it sincerely.


Also makes businesses show up toward the front of the section in the phone book (remember those?) See also Apex, ABC, Advanced, American, etc.


Now's it's 1st and #1. Numbers come before letters.


There's a AAA Ministorage in town here. You see all kinds of tricks left over from the yellow pages days.


Amazon was named partially for that reason. Also when Google incorporated its parent co. "Alphabet," I joked that they saw it a way to get ahead of Amazon and Apple... Alphabetically. Edit: What's the problem here? [Citation needed?](https://www.grunge.com/169594/the-real-reason-jeff-bezos-picked-the-name-amazon/) >way back in 1995, a lot of websites were still listed alphabetically, meaning that a site with an "A" name had a leg up on the competition.


There is a product liability tort case law package that gets sent around in many law schools titled “Coyote vs. ACME”. My Mom showed it to me when she was in law school. I laughed and laughed.


No! Now, go to bed, Coyote!


Give me marv from home alone


Now we just need to photoshop him in front of an Ontario townhouse that has a garage


*had* a garage


For once, a linked photo was exactly what I hoped it would be. Should I play the lottery or did I just use up my random luck?


That’s exactly the image I had in my mind as I was hitting the image link. Well done.


Lmao can’t believe I clicked the link thinking I was going to see an actual pic


Was expecting Seamus Finnegan or Merry and Pippin


If there were ever a case where a shitty MS Paint graphic would be perfect...




Needs more maple leafs and plaid


Sorey. Next time I’ll add more curling.


The only sport that involves throwing a large rock, ice, shouting, and drinking beer. It truly is the most Canadian sport 🥌


>It truly is the ~~most Canadian~~ sport It truly is the best sport ever anywhere


It is great for Canada, and therefore the world


Curling is great. Period.


Fun fact, from an old AMA, some people who are blind say they masturbate to sound, rather than visual. Apparently curling is the best jack off material.


Took me a moment to figure out what the sticks were. This is pretty much perfect, though you forgot the Maple leaves/syrup.


Sorey. Next time I’ll have the maple leaves, beavers, and moose.


Watch the maple syrup, we just had to tap into the reserve. (Seriously)




I forgot LACOPs hair. Sorey.


I'm assuming it was singed off. Besides, you gave them bonus hockey sticks, so how can we be angry?


Oh! I was trying to figure out why they had vacuum cleaners!


Sorey, next time I’ll draw better hockey sticks.


Can’t they be both?


The hockey sticks are a great touch. 😂


“Honey, I blew up the ~~kids~~ house”


Expected more juicy details about house explosion, got nothing but your typical cowboy contractor asking /r/legaladvicecanada how to do insurance fraud. Thread did not deliver.


Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed. kinda wanna know how the fuck he managed to blow up a house. Kinda impressed at that level of a fuck up


This might have something to do with it me thinks: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pyrotechnics/comments/qdremv/a_use_for_spherical_aluminum/


That whole post history is… questionable.


OP seems to be a contractor who's posts revolve around dick pics/videos, questions about GHB, homemade pyrotechnics and who also owns a Hamilton Fire Department uniform... I'm not going to assume that he's employed as a Firefighter because I don't want to get depressed before I even get out of bed for my shift but God damn. (Also seems to have posted pictures from their actual Google account and has their face visible so I don't know, maybe Hamilton has low hiring standards? I'll come work there for maple syrup and moose rides.)


Hamilton is a dump. However, there is a news story about a home explosion there last week so...


Holy shit seriously? Edit: found it, even mentions him being taken to hospital. What a dipshit.


Here it is if anyone else is looking. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/stoney-creek-explosion-1.6248551 It says at the bottom that the fire marshal was investigating the incident but now police are investigating due to the nature of the incident. Sorry that OP was injured. Seems like that's the biggest loss here. The story reports that the damage was only $3,000-$5,000 but that OP's life will be changed due to the nature of his injuries.


I have a sneaky suspicion the explosion was less from "home improvement" and more trying to make homemade pyrotechnics.


what part of home improvement could even potentially lead to an explosion? Only thing I can think of is drilling into a gas pipe (if you use gas for cooking/heating) but other than that...?


He posted later that week about losing his right hand


Hahahahah yep.


This makes me check my own history to make sure there isn’t anything too stupid in there.


The best kind of post history 😎


Well that flair checks out


This was before I knew about the penis pictures to be fair lol


Oh my god it's a goldmine! How does this person exist?!? I need to buy him a beer and hear his stories. He's a one man guilty read, it's hilarious


Just a warning, his post history has terrible clothed dick pics


I've got nsfw posts hidden by default, so luckily I was spared that trauma.




Dude posts to /meth. Probably tried his hand at making some.


>It has been done, but it is an accident waiting to happen. A most poignant, yet predictive of the future, reply to his question.


So now bringing even the claim that he was doing any sort of home improvement into question


Here's a substitute story then: My parent's idiot neighbour decided to modify a propane tank in his garage. It exploded destroying much of the garage. His house burned down and the fire spread to my parent's house. Parent's house had to be ripped down to the studs and rebuilt while neighbour's house was a complete bulldoze and rebuild. Idiot managed to get out with a few 1st and 2nd degree burns. He was extremely lucky none of the tenants living in the illegal apartments he divided the house into were home at the time as I am almost certain someone would have died.


As is the way, the real delivery is in the comments.


Yes, tell us more about The Fire


[Half An Hour To Tragedy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzdnUZReoLM) TL,DR; An untrained novice propane tech causes a propane tank leak that fills a highwayside convenience store with propane vapor. Management orders employees to close the store *and lock themselves inside in the store full of propane gas*. 30 minutes later the entire store >!explodes, killing four people including all the staff locked inside.!<


I was disappointed because from his description it sounds like he only blew up part of her garage, not her whole house. I mean, the responsible adult in me is happy for that, but it's much less entertaining than what I was picturing from the title. (seriously though, he does mention he was injured and I hope it isn't too bad)


I don't think he actually blew up the when house lol, he said there's damage to the garage


All I know is that when the contractor came to install a new gas water heater earlier this year, I specifically told him: "Please do not blow up my house." He promised he wouldn't, and he didn't. Good thing I asked!


I asked something similar when I had some gas work done. Guy just deadpanned me and asked if my insurance was up to date. Then laughed and said he'll do his best not to. I would hire him again.


I'm assuming your house did not blow up, then.


Not yet.


Ah, yes, they could be playing the long game.


> Oh sorry my bad I didn't realize that was a rule here actually didn't familiarize myself with the rules until just now I'm spotting a pattern.


I hope you aren't their insurance adjuster.


You know, everybody's going the "unlicensed contractor" route but has nobody considered the "meth lab" theory?


I wondered for a split second but once I noticed someone else linking to his pyrotechnics post, I assumed he's just making fun blow-y upp-y things in her garage and "contractor" is the way they're going about claiming the accident took place. "I was doing some work that absolutely didn't involve creating other things that can explode, which then exploded prematurely in the garage and partially exploded me."


He’s got comments in pyrotechnics subs, but posts in drug-making subs, so it really could go either way


Maybe making pyrotechnics with drugs or drugs with pyrotechnics.


Crack crackers


Afghan candles


Methrine Wheels


> Maybe making pyrotechnics with drugs So, Florida?


I wonder if he was trying to make Lithium Aluminum Hydride in order to cook some meth.


Based on the post history, meth lab is the best bet. Or… meth fireworks?


Was literally about to say motorbikes, drugs, home made fireworks/pyrotechnics. Posts with really horrifyingly basic questions about each. Bare minimum to no research done before buying each and them going to reddit and posting without looking on reddit or the Internet for any further info. Blew up to me means either means he did work on gas lines in his house, or damaged gas lines in his house, or he was making fireworks. Feel bad for his girlfriend really. LACAOP doesn't seem the type you'd want to introduce to your parents. Hope she recoups her losses and doesn't avoid doing it to save financial damage to this LACAOP.


I want to go there, but if his meth lab exploded, he's damn lucky if this is the only legal advice that he needs right now.


Which would explain a lot better why a house exploded


His first comment on his account is in the meth sub


I feel like an actual *win-win* would have involved 100% fewer explosions.


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This is certainly one way to test the strength of your relationship.


And of the load-bearing walls.


if you remove the load bearing walls you get to test the strength of the non load bearing walls


Ah, *there's* the win-win


Mostly, you test gravity at that point. Then again, if you knock out the load-bearing walls, the roof probably didn't make it, either.


Load-bearing drywall more like


Relevant: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QRVExJZKIT8


I thought it would be Groverhaus


I too was expecting Groverhaus




Well, that's one way to charm your future spouse...


If you're a contractor but doing work for free for a loved one, are you a contractor or a person doing a favor in that legal situation? If there's no money changing hands I don't see why your contractor insurance should come into play.


This is what I was wondering. Especially if he's unlicensed - not that he should lie, but is this just considered home improvement gone wrong, or him doing a proper job? I imagine that would also depend on the scale of the job though and if it would have required permits or something.


Yes, why didn't the original thread address this. If I'm working on my own home then wouldn't insurance cover it? So, if I'm working on my own home with my friend, wouldn't insurance also cover it? I don't know enough but this was my thinking.


I think it depends on what kind of "work" was being done. Homeowner's insurance isn't going to cover you if you end up tearing down your entire house in an attempt to improve it. Anyway, it's best just to stick with licensed and insured contractors lol


But it will of you accidentally burn it down, typically, right? Also curious, as I couldn’t find it in the thread, if he is a tenant in his girlfriend’s house. I wonder if that would be relevant as well.


Now I'm kinda curious. Maybe they would investigate the fire? Or else it would be too easy to commit insurance fraud. Someone should cross post to r/insurance.


I imagine it would depend how you burn it it down? I don't see any insurance company in the world paying out if you burn your own house down doing unlicensed electrical work or something.


>I don't see any insurance company in the world paying out if you burn your own house down doing unlicensed electrical work or something. Really? Homeowners do minor electrical work all the time and I'd completely expect damage due to that to be covered. (If it was work requiring a permit and you didn't obtain one, I could see that resulting in a substantially larger headache however)


Yea I meant unpermitted I was half asleep lol


I dunno about Canada, but in Australia if you do something boneheaded and cause a bushfire that then burns down your house, you are NOT covered by insurance. And may also be liable for anyone else's house you burnt down. An idiot using an angle-grinder on a Total Fireban day learnt this the hard way some years ago.


But who pays, then? The girlfriend is stuck with the bill?


Oh you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone’s insurance will find a way to weasel out of it.


Her insurance or him personally.


Both, maybe. Her insurance will pay, then go after for all of, his insurance will step in and fight to protect him. Then they'll work something out, either in or out of court. At which point the homeowners insurance will take the money they paid out to repair the house and house OP, then if there's any left over, reimburse the deductible. At which point OP's insurance will either pay what they need to or max out and OP will have the pay the difference.


I don’t see why it would matter to the insurer whether the contractor is being paid or not, as long as they’re properly licensed for the work and the right permits were pulled.


Because the insurer will pay only if he's acting as a contractor. For instance, if he's a contractor and he does work on his own house and causes a gas explosion, he's probably not acting as a contractor in that situation but as a homeowner. But if he's doing work on his house which his wife also owns, and he has a contract with her paying him, he's acting as a contractor in that situation, or at least that argument can be made. At which point the gas explosion could be covered by insurance. Really, it's not so much if he's getting paid or not, but if he's acting as a contractor or acting as a friend/family member/significant other. Accepting money is one way to argue that he is acting as a contractor.


It occurred to me after I wrote my comment that HE might not be insured at all. If he’s actually a contractor then he would have insurance but if he’s actually an *employee* of a contractor, builder, plumbing company, etc, then THEY would be one insured and he’d be screwed since he wasn’t acting as an employee in this case.


He does mention it's a sole proprietorship, so it sounds like he should have some insurance coverage, especially when he starts talking if he should incorporate or not. So odds are he's a one man show.


Am not a lawyer, but this seems like one of those situations where peppercorns come in. Where do you draw the lines between 'free', 'grossly underpaying', and 'market rate'? I expect this would be specific to the insurance contract, and probably whether it's billed per job/permit, hours worked, total turnover, or a flat annual fee.






[I couldn't help but search "Ontario garage explosion" on Google News, and...](https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/friday-evening-barrie-garage-fire-leaves-50-000-in-damage-1.5674569)


You're one of the real ones. What are we betting this is op?


Not well. If you look at his history, he's in the Hamilton area. Then again, it's his GF's house, so that could be it as well. I did my own quick search, and [this one matches better, even if it is earlier in the month](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/stoney-creek-explosion-1.6248551). The man injured in the explosion is also the right age range. Then again, the man has severe injuries, so maybe not.


If the injuries are "life altering" it would make sense for there to be a delay between the incident and the reddit post. Nice detective work.


If this is him, I, oddly, *hope* that's why there was a delay. I don't want to wish harm on anybody, but it would be pretty bad if he was like, "oh yah, I should get around to getting legal advice."


SO. Check out OP's most recent posts. He's saying he lost his hand from a non- work related injury.... yikes


OMG I want so badly to reply to one of his posts asking if that's w hat it's from... I think I will. EDIT: I did and asked if itʻs from when he blew up his girlfriendʻs house. No reply yet. His recent posts have also been replies on r/dirtyr4r . Maybe his gf broke up with him over blowing up her house. SECOND EDIT: Just noticed that before blowing up the house, he was posting a lot in a pyrotechnics subreddit.


The damage to the house is at least severely minimal — 5 grand at the outside is barely worth going through insurance for. His medical issues are a bigger thing.


Frances Ave from a Google satellite view does look like a lot of townhomes.


That's not a townhouse. He says townhouse in his post.


Listen, I tried, ok? ;\_\_\_;


So much discussion about incorporating. Last I heard, if you incorporate with just one person, it's pretty easy to piece the corporate veil.


That's what my attorney advised me as well, yeah. If I were to incorporate or even set up an LLC for my sole proprietor IT consulting business, I'd need to arrange to have a board and so on. It's cheaper to just have plenty of insurance than to incorporate anyhow, considering the annual fees I'd be paying. Why would I bother if there's no real benefit when I'd need it the most? I pay a bit over a couple hundred bucks a year for insurance and that includes an umbrella policy. I'd pay about the same for the privileges of being a corporation and my accounting would need to be a heck of a lot more complex. This way I don't have to worry about it and I have the insurance company who deals with crap if the shit ever hits the fan.


Yes, you have liability for anything you do personally. AFAIK an Inc. can only shield you from what employees do.


Anyone else wondering if the OP’s period button was stolen from his phone?!


It blew away


Am I really the only one who thought an LA cop blew up LAOP's girlfriend's house before I clicked the link?


I love how he said there was just a ‘bit of damage in the garage’.


If the news story dug up above is the one, the fire department estimates 2-5k damages after a minor fire at the back of the garage. I mean, super lucky it didn’t spread, but that does track.


> and it caused some damage The accident caused damage, not him.


Acme contracting strikes again


His sex is on fire...