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How many times do you have to trip in your new hiking boots that you didn’t lace up properly before you stop wearing them?


He's seeing an acupuncturist so, ironically, probably not the sharpest tool in the ~~shed~~ office


Acupuncture has real and measurable benefits. Especially the IMS/dry needling variants. Source: Have long-lasting chronic issues from car accidents; acupuncture is one of the few treatments that actually have a sustained impact on my symptoms.


Anecdotal evidence isn’t actually that useful. You’re a group 1. By your logic, humans should never go out in stony sunlight because I have chronic migraine and strong sunlight is my biggest trigger.


>stony sunlight Tbf if the sun is launching rocks at you, you probably ought to stay indoors.


Fair. TBH, that’s how strong sunlight feels when I’ve got a migraine, so you’re not wrong.


It's also one of the highly theatrical remedies, that will influence a persons perception of it's results.


Do you have evidence that the results are better than placebo, and that the difference is statiatically significant? Every source I can find says it's pseudoscience.


The way my physio explained it when he was stabbing my joints was that the needles created micro injuries that made your body flood the site with healing juice (I cannot remember the medical term). I dunno if it was placebo or the exercises, but the joint pain felt better after. Nasty bruise though.


What did you google? I googled "efficacy of acupuncture" and [this](https://www.news-medical.net/health/How-Effective-is-Acupuncture.aspx) was the first result. > According to the World Health Organization report on the efficacy of acupuncture, studies have shown that acupuncture is effective in inducing analgesia, protecting the body against infections and regulating various physiological functions. > > It is found that although acupuncture is most often used as a measure to allay symptoms such as pain, it can alter the pathogenesis of the disease to provide relief from the disease as well. [Second link is from the NIH](https://www.nccih.nih.gov/health/acupuncture-what-you-need-to-know) > How acupuncture works is not fully understood. However, there’s evidence that acupuncture may have effects on the nervous system, effects on other body tissues, and nonspecific (placebo) effects. > Research has shown that acupuncture may be helpful for several pain conditions, including back or neck pain, knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, and postoperative pain. It may also help relieve joint pain associated with the use of aromatase inhibitors, which are drugs used in people with breast cancer. > > An analysis of data from 20 studies (6,376 participants) of people with painful conditions (back pain, osteoarthritis, neck pain, or headaches) showed that the beneficial effects of acupuncture continued for a year after the end of treatment for all conditions except neck pain. Did you actually bother to look, or did you just assume that it was pseudoscience BS and not bother to check?


my evidence is that insurance companies actually cover it for back pain.


That's because most "real" back pain treatments are only marginally more effective than placebos. Acupuncture is cheap (compared to, say, spinal fusion), so the insurance company would much rather pay for it even knowing it's just a placebo. The placebo effect is real, after all!


Happened to me and I threw them out after it happened once. And I never even considered I didn't "lace them up" properly, I put the lace in the eyelet and the other shoe still caught on the eyelet. I tied them properly, but didn't tuck the laces in [but they were tied and the eyelets were in use]. I am an avid hiker and threw them out, no fucking way am I risking my safety in case my shoes get untied or a loop gets loose and catches the eyelet again.


I love how they imply the manufacturer took these boots out of production after their claim. If there was a design issue it wouldn't just be these boots it would be hundreds if not thousands of boots that would be off the shelfs!


Literally every boot manufacturer still uses the half-eyelet. You *supposed* to knot the laces in such a way that the bunny ears aren’t long enough to catch on your other boot.


And with hiking boots you should tuck the bow into your laces too so they don't get caught on branches, etc.


Yeah loose bunny ears are a great way to bring home the kind of seeds and burrs that require surgery to get out of your dog.


I hope you aren't suggesting that I tuck my dog's ears under her collar.


Or you could get them gaiters. We just comb the dog after any walk in an area with cheek grass


Do your dogs ears hang low?


Yes, and they wobble to and fro. Tying in a knot and a bow did not lessen the problem. After some thought, the manufacturer should have warned me this could happen, so please advise on how to proceed with litigation against God.


Even so they work their way free. I lace all the way up, tuck in the loops and still have them catch. I ate shit off a ladder because they'd gotten caught as I was standing on the rung. I changed to lock/speed laces and don't put the donglely bit on at the end. Haven't had problems since.


Fun fact: the tape like end of a shoelace is called an aglet. It's literally the only thing I remember from Phineas and Ferb. (Your comment reminded me of that fact, and now the aglet song is stuck in my head)


Their true purpose is sinister


If you spiral lace them then you can use the speed hooks and they don't come undone.


Plus if you actually lace the boots up all the way, your excess laces won't be as long and loopy.


> the bunny ears aren’t long enough to catch on your other boot. While LAOP is definitely out there...I am guilty of having had this happen to me in the past.


I think it happens to everyone at least once. After one time eating dirt most people don’t make that mistake again.


Yeah, how many times exactly did he have to fall before tying his laces differently?


I have boots like those, and my shoelaces are a lot longer than they should be bc the original laces got lost and I bought the wrong ones. If you tie the shoes correctly, no matter how big the bunny ears are, they won't get caught in the other shoe.


I just wear pants. They cover the eyelets. Hiking in shorts is an open invitation for a tick to latch on to your nether region.


I always get asked on hiking trips “aren’t pants hot?” And I always say I’ll be fine. Because it’s never worth the risk of a tick or something else that I’m not aware of munching on my leg. It’s not perfect but better than being exposed.


Add in the bonus of not breaking out in ridiculous hives because of contact dermatitis for me. Pants for the win!


Plus sun exposure


It's not even that bad with a high-polyester blend. Long sleeves, too. I've got ginger skin, so it feels better anyway if the sun is blazing. Unless it's humid. In which case, fuck going hiking.


You're supposed to tuck the bunny ears UNDER the crossed laces so that they don't catch on anything.


>Have you considered Velcro? Seems like the easiest solution for you. It is so ordered, by the Court of BOLA, that LACOP must wear velcro shoes.


I love that it took him tripping over his shoelaces *multiple times* to figure out that it's the shoelaces making him trip.


LACOP is the reason why shampoo has instructions


*Do not ingest.*




Apparently, that’s a necessary warning. [Relevant post](https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/5f7h70/i_dont_think_my_mom_understands_how_her_rice/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1)




Back in the late '80s I rocked those velcro sneakers thinking they were so cool. Then a friend's girlfriend asked if I was wearing them because I was mentally challenged. I refuse to divulge how old I was at the time because this story is embarrassing enough...


I just bought new shoes and they have "laces for dummies" ... there's a plastic grippy thing to hold them tight, and a plastic bar moulded across the two ends to pull on. Not what I was expecting.


After watching the provided video on how to tie your shoes. Speaking of which, I’m always amazed at the shoe tying hacks out there. I had trouble keeping my dress shoes tied until I saw the TED talk where you reverse direction. Best trick is to go around twice- increases friction but can still be pulled loose.


I readily admit to spending way too much time on [Ian fieggen's excelent shoe lace resource site](https://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ianknot.htm)


This was the original dream of the World Wide Web-- not a handful of walled gardens, but a billion sites, each with their own particular genius. A site just about shoelaces! I am happy that it exists.


I’m not quite old enough to remember the earliest days of the internet, but do miss the time where you never really knew what random website your search would lead you to. Not all that long ago, the internet used to be filled with mystery and surprise. We used to have reason to visit wonderfully garish Geocities and Angelfire sites devoted to the most niche things. Then the monetization came…


Every time I get a new pair of shoes, I spend at least an hour on there deciding how I want to lace them 😂


There’s a TED talk about shoelaces? I gotta go watch it.


There's a TED talk on everything. The one about drying your hands effectively with one paper towel got super popular in 2020.


Oh nice, I saw that one at least 5 years ago I still count to 12 when I’m shaking the water off my hands pre-paper towel


Twelve is the largest number which is pronounced with only one syllable in the English language. It also has the most letters of all mono-syllabic numbers, in the English language.


I need to show my coworkers that one.


Yeah. The short version is that when you have the loop in one hand, and you wrap it with other hand, go under instead of over. Since that makes no sense, you should watch the video. It will change your life. https://www.ted.com/talks/terry_moore_how_to_tie_your_shoes?language=en


So, it's really just a proper square knot as opposed to a granny knot.


Yep, when I first saw this I had the same thought. A surgeon knot is also a great base to use for tying shoes or drawstrings in general. It won't slip nearly as much.


just flex seal your feet, problem solved.


Or use Flint Lockwood’s spray on shoes!


WHAT No, really, my mind is blown.


My favorite is, "This video on how to tie your shoes may be useful to you." But yes. Just. Wow.


Why are we just all ignoring the countless no-tie shoes out there? Am I a weirdo for only using Vans and then Vessi for the last decade of my life?


As soon as summer hits I live in Reef Fannings with two exceptions. 1. The dog and I are in creeks or at the beach = vibram watersport shoes or similar. My dumbass sank 2 feet deep into silt two summers ago with sandals on. 2. Brooks or vans are generally my jam when closed shoes are required unless I have to look like a real adult. Otherwise let me be a barefoot heathen.


This is hilarious. LAOP just doesn't know how to lace up boots and they think it's a design flaw


Did you see their edit? > All of you have brought up that it was my inability to tie the shoelaces properly that caused me to fall. It is true that this was why I initially did not consider the design of the shoe to be a potential factor for personal injury when I fell. At the time, I thought it was due to my own mistake of not tying the shoelaces properly and wrong use of the product. However, after giving it some thought, I realised that if not tying the shoelaces properly can lead to a fall, isn't it something that the merchant needs to warn the user about? It certainly falls under the "fail to warn" category. Apparently, if I fail to warn you that not tying your shoe laces can cause you to trip, I'm liable for your tripping injuries.


This update was amazing. They came so close to getting it but ‘after some thought’ ended up right back where they started.


100% the thought process was "oh wait, can I get paid for this?"


"At the time, I thought it was my own mistake. But after taking zero steps to address that idea, I've now decided fuck all of you guys, my mistake is actually the company's mistake! So there!"


This dude is why they have to tell us not to eat shampoo


And also why they tell us not to iron clothes that you are wearing.


My mom once found a warning to not iron water wings.


And not to attempt to stop a chainsaw with your fingers.


And unwrap your suppositories before you insert them.


Just make sure they're definitely [suppositories.](https://youtu.be/CWGi1k1BHV0)


Lol yes!


What’s the fun in that?


Or not to blow dry your hair while sleeping


I've been wondering who to send this lawsuit to. Thank you for confessing!


This idiot is the reason why toothpicks come with a set of instructions.


Be right back, off to sue Nike because they failed to warn me that shoes are worn on the feet and not the hands.


My car didn’t explicitly say that I needed to use the brakes to slow down. So slamming into that tree was the manufacturers fault


My car actually does say that in the manual. I guess they know someone could sue for smashing into a tree


> At the time, I thought it was due to my own mistake of not tying the shoelaces properly and wrong use of the product. However, after giving it some thought, I realised that if not tying the shoelaces properly can lead to a fall, isn't it something that the merchant needs to warn the user about? https://imgur.com/fYna3ge.jpg


Great to know. I’ve worn my favorite pair of Nikes to the point the tread on the bottom is obsolete, and I fell and screwed up my knee a bit a few weeks ago on loose gravel on an inclined sidewalk. I wrote it off as my problem but they never warned me! Who wants to take my case


Honestly that's how it works at my job. I'm a teacher and we have duty of care, so if I see a student with their shoe laces untied I have to tell them. Because then later if they do trip and injure themselves, we're covered. Same with swinging on their chair. I'm thinking about just making a sign about that 😂


> However, after giving it some thought, I realised that **if not tying the shoelaces properly can lead to a fall, isn't it something that the merchant needs to warn the user about** Wut? Didn't Kindergarten cover this?


> It certainly falls under the "fail to warn" category. no it falls under you fail at life 101


No wonder they didn’t enjoy hiking.


Especially after buying ankle supporting boots that gave no support as they weren’t laced around the ankle.


Right? Those things were probably loose enough to be house slippers. Not exactly trail appropriate footwear


I know! I really don't like to laugh at or judge people based on intelligence alone, but this OP is so insistent that they aren't wrong that it is warranted


Imagine just telling on your own grown ass like that


As a scout leader, I've seen an injury happen this way before. They were 11. They were leaving the hooks unlaced on purpose being dopey and fell face first into a picnic table. Little did I know, I was supposed to sue the manufacturer rather than tell the kid a scout appropriate verison of "Fuck around and find out".


One of the many valuable lessons kids learn with scouting.


So you're the one to blame for little Jordan not getting that litigation merit badge!


Can you please share, word for word, the scout appropriate version of "fuck around and find out?" I need it for reasons


I always just looked at my kids and asked “Did you learn anything?” Or “What did you learn from that experience?” Now they’re adults so I ask “Fucked around and found out, huh?”




Best reply: > The fact that your post doesnt say “i broke my fucking head open and almost died and i missed out on work and my wife left me” suggests you are, in fact, fine. To the extent there are any damages for you as a person, they are minimal and no lawyer will make a dime off you. To the extent there are any damages to a class of people, a lawyer still does not see light at the end of the tunnel.


The pithy "Have you considered Velcro?" one also made me snort a bit


The Velcro one got me, too. And the how-to video lol


It's happened to me when my boots were properly laced up. I think it's because my feet are so close together when I walk because I have even cut my legs with those damn hooks. I stopped wearing that kind of boot because I'm not stupid and reckless.


You'd figured after the first couple of falls you should change something.


Same here. I tossed them after the first time I tripped. Not worth it.


Thank you so much for posting this, I'm still chuckling, probably will be all day!


I came here to post roughly the same thing. What a good thread!


He didn't even need to write so much, just said "look at my shoes, I tripped a bunch while wearing them, do I have a case against the manufacturer?", would've saved everyone a lot of time lol Just properly tie your goddamn shoes and stop looking for a payout ("your honor, my damages are that *I tripped*").


This might be the funniest explanation for wanting a lawsuit I've seen on any LA sub


It's great at the same time how the usual LA advice is "You should see an actual lawyer and not Reddit for this", and now it's "You're just really dumb, don't bother a lawyer for this".


[I never wear shoes because they make me fall down](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYiKRaBDizk).


Agador Spartacus!


Yes! I hurried to the comments to see if anyone else was thinking this. I love The Birdcage.


> I purchased a pair of high-ankle hiking boots, similar to the image in this link (not the same brand). Later, I found that hiking was not a suitable activity for me. Therefore, I only used these shoes as winter boots. So there I was using this product not for its intended use and I injured myself.


Even better, LACANOP wasn’t tying the laces all the way up, which is why they were catching on the hooks. Some people…


I would have thought you'd get your Canadian citizenship revoked if you couldn't lace up hiking boots or hokey skates.


🎶 ya do the Hokey Pokey 🎶


Hockey pokey.


Hockey [Pocky](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocky)? I imagine it being maple-flavored.


Oh, that's why that one user compared tying these shoes to tying skates. I thought that was such a niche comparison.


I keep waiting for them to revoke mine because I don’t know how to skate. I do know how to lace hiking boots correctly though.


Well, I mean, hiking boots- if waterproof- often double as mild to medium level winter boots. I live in New England and have three levels of winter boot, and I assume Canadians do as well. Hiking boots, duck boots, winter boots. I also have rain boots, but they are not insulated so they're not for winter.


I absolutely use my hiking books as winter boots. Do people think hiking only happens on warm spring days? Walking on sidewalk is easier than on a hike. The problem was he didn’t understand that you lace them up using the hooks. Not the type of terrain


I'm a Canada Post Letter Carrier in Ontario. I use the same type of hiking boots all winter. Anything more is too heavy. I just try not to step in snow that goes above the height of the boot. Also, I literally LOL'd at OP's pic of how he had laced his boots! Did they think those metal hooks were decorative or something? Unreal that someone could even think they could sue for this.


Some Canadians have multiple levels of winter boots, however some of us just like wear Birkenstocks year round & maybe add socks if the snow is too deep. or crocs, or slip on Vans, whatever.


Yep, waterproof hiking boots for yard work/walking around in mud/wet/few inches of snow. Snow boots for deep snow. The waterproof boots are easier to walk around in, and if the snow isn't going over the ankle height of the boot, I prefer the hiking boot. For snow deeper than the ankle height of the boot, I'll switch to the snow boots, which are taller.


> I also have rain boots, but they are insulated so they're not for winter. Are you sure you have the right number of "not"s in that? I would think you'd want insulated boots for winter and non-insulated ones for not winter


Right. They are just cheerful plastic rainboots, not insulated. Not for winter


Your post says you have rain boots that are insulated. You are missing the Not before insulated


I live in original England so it doesn't get as snowy here but still plenty cold. I used to have an outdoor job looking after horses, and I wore welly boots all year round - in winter I'd wear two pairs of socks and put plastic bags over my feet before putting my wellies on, for insulation and to keep my feet dry when they inevitably started leaking. (I earned less than minimum wage and every penny of it was spent on my own pony, so there was none left for new boots for me!) This is a totally irrelevant tangent but it's a nice nostalgic memory.


I have the one pair of shoes I wear all year round. However, that’s only been since 2016 when I moved to the city and don’t have to shovel snow anymore.


I'm not sure I agree with the comment assuming LAOP wasn't lacing up. I also have a pair of hiking boots with these fast-lacing hooks and have tripped in exactly this way with fully laced up boots. The loop from my other boot's laces managed to get hooked mid stride as my feet passed one another and I ate shit spectacularly. Especially dangerous at the end of a long, tiring hike and when stride gets sloppy. You can see they are quite aggressive. The MOAB is a very popular boot and I can't be the only one to have beefed it because of these things: https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/merrell-moab-2-mid-waterproof-hiking-boots-for-men You can look online and find people complaining about this from a variety of different boot makers. https://www.reddit.com/r/CampingandHiking/comments/jnvs3z/be_wary_of_these_speedlace_hooks_these_are_keen/ I ended up taking a pair of pliers to mine to crush the loops closed more so that they are less likely to catch a stray lace. I'd say if try to avoid these next time I need to replace my hiking boots, but they seem to be ubiquitous. Edit: looks like LAOP posted a pic and yikes, two pairs of unused lace hooks with a huge mess of mega knotted, floppy laces. No wonder she was falling all the time. I still don't like these, but usually having them laced up makes it much less likely this can happen.


That reddit thread you posted is saying the same thing people are telling LACAOP, that the shoes have to be properly laced up Did you see the images LACAOP posted of their shoes?


Lol yikes. Ok can't blame the design for that, what a mess.


> I'm not sure I agree with the comment assuming LAOP wasn't lacing up. How about the photo LACAOP posted of their shoes with them very clearly not laced up all the way? lol


Oh dear. >The shoelaces are too loose and long, which could easily get hooked onto the other shoe. I love how they were unable to connect "these laces are too long" and "it's really easy to get them hooked into the conspicuously unused hook on the opposite shoe" to figure it out.


"It's crazy they put those hooks on there! It's almost like they were specifically designed to catch laces and hold them in place! Why would they do that?"


I have hiked hundreds of miles in my MOAB 2's and have had the laces catch exactly zero times. How people are catching them so frequently is beyond me.


Looking at the picture the hook is kinda aggressive in comparison to most hiking boots I have used. And personally I don't really have great awareness about the exact location of my feet (or arms for that matter) which increase the chances of the hook and the loop getting close enough that they can kiss. Its presumably not the problem everyone else suffer from but I am the kind of person who accidentally kick my own leg when walking casually somehow.


When I was bending the hook back in noticed the one that tripped me was flared out significantly more than the others. No idea if it was like that or the weight of me tripping is what deformed it. Since bending mine in a bit it's not been a problem and I like the boots overall enough that I convinced my wife to buy her own too. That said, having my feet suddenly shackled together isn't a fun feeling and definitely left an impression on me. It's something I inspect occasionally.


The act of tripping on it would definitely bend it open, those things are not *that* sturdy, but it’s entirely possible that it caught because it was already a little bent.


I always tuck my laces inside the boot so they do not snag on stuff.


All of my computer desk chairs have tears in the cushions along the left side, from where I habitually hook my right ankle under my left leg. The hooks from my hiking boots rip up the fabric. That's mostly been from the Vasque boots I've worn previously. The last two pairs have been La Sportiva and I haven't noticed them snagging.


Do you mean at work or home? If home, why are you wearing full hiking boots inside chilling on your computer?


I mostly mean in the office, but my chairs at home have had the same problem. I'm almost always wearing high ankle boots. I tried switching to lightweight trail runners and had lots of trouble with plantar fasciitis.


That makes sense, I've never had to deal with foot issues, so I'm always barefoot at home.


I didn't grow up being barefoot in the house - I'm from California and I'd say in at least 4 out of 5 of my friends' homes no one took off their shoes routinely indoors. It's not like your shoes get muddy 10 months out of the year. And I've got high arches, so I avoid spending much time barefoot if I'm on my feet. I spent a week with friends in England last summer and just in that time I started to have a lot of pain from going barefoot indoors.


> I didn't grow up being barefoot in the house - I'm from California Funny, I didn't grow up barefoot in the house in the midwest, but now that I'm in the bay area I **wouldn't fucking dream** of wearing shoes indoors. Gross as hell, man.


They'd have better luck suing the naughty kid who tied their shoes together while they were looking elsewhere.


Love this comment. This video on how to tie your shoes may be useful to you.


God, what a thread. Perfection.


the best of best of legal advice


Imagine going to multiple lawyers and explaining that you don’t know how to tie shoes. I mean really, just imagine.


My 5 year old literally has this same issue. I guess I need to lace his boots up better so he doesn’t sue me.


So “I bought hiking boots, but I don’t like hiking and then I didn’t do up the laces properly because I don’t like putting effort into things! Then I got tangled in my shoe laces and I want to sue someone!” is pretty much the story here?


So if I don't know how to drive a car, then drive it and hurt myself because I crashed, I can sue the manufacturer? ​ Hot damn!


This is hilarious! LACAOP fell multiple times before the major injury happened, but didn't realize it was the shoes - what did they think caused them to fall? Then they think posting a picture is some kind of a "gotcha!", when in fact they don't know how to tie the laces. And they want to sue the manufacturer??? LACAOP probably skipped kindergarten on the days they taught toddlers how to 1) walk, and 2) tie shoe laces. They should look into whether there are any adult classes for "things you never learned when you were a toddler".


Formal request for a mod to change my flair to "Have you considered velcro?"


Oh man. I want that flair too. That comment was perfect.


[♫♫ Just loop de loop and pull ♫♫] (https://youtu.be/Zq7Wsp_yGSw)


I was running with one of my dogs and stepped on my shoelace because I am a dumb-ass and didn't check to see it was actually tied. I now have a rest of my life [souvenir](https://i.imgur.com/JZNwsij.jpg). I did not sue New Balance because I am a dumb-ass. That was 100% on me, a more or less functioning adult, who forgot to make sure her laces were super duper tied before running with the [dog](https://i.imgur.com/JC4XCHW.png). My only tip to LAOP is that you can buy these super cool things called Lock Laces, that come in all sorts of colors. When I was unable to use my right arm for months after my "incident", I used them. Maybe LAOP should just stick to them forever...


How do people like this just.. survive life? I truly don't understand.


The ones who die don’t get to make posts on reddit


I understand how you're dumb enough to do it. I do that kind of dumb shit all the time (apparently this might be an ADHD thing but I've always assumed that my learning style was just "fuck around and find out"). What I don't understand is being dumb enough to TELL A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WHAT A DUMBASS YOU ARE and try to sue the shoe manufacturer for you being a dumbass. I've closed a washing machine lid on my own head. You will not catch me trying to sue Whirlpool over it.


I thought everyone learned by FAFO? That’s the ADHD? WTF are the other people doing?


He knows exactly what he’s doing and is just looking to profit off it.


Lol, I did something like this with my iron rangers- looped the extra laces around the ankle instead of using the speed loops, then caught one side's speed loops on the other side's wrapped laces. I felt like an idiot but I never considered it anything other than my own fault.


New balance? More like no balance!! *rimshot*


As a serial ankle sprain'er, I have never thought of blaming and suing the shoe manufacturer lol this is genius


On one of the posts where OP provided pictures of the shoes, a comment points out the shoes are not laced properly and adds a video with the helpful idea: "This video on how to tie your shoes may be useful to you." Love that.


Posts like that make me miss Zapopa


> speed hooks WHAT ARE THOSE?


If I could sue for every time I fell or twisted my ankle wearing platform shoes when I was a teenage wannabe goth I would have enough money for a lifetime supply of Louboutins.


I once fell on my ass at the courthouse because I was wearing new patent leather shoes, and somehow touched my feet together, causing the patent leather to stick to itself and stop my movement dead. It was not a pretty sight. I did not sue Stewart Weitzman. This was probably 20 years ago, and I knew I was such a clumsy moron that I still remember those exact shoes.


This was most definitely user error (and weak ankles) on my part, but during my second week at my first job, I tripped over my own feet and fell face first down the courthouse steps in front of a police detective and a deputy, who were chatting near the detective’s car maybe ten feet away. The next time the detective and I crossed paths he asked me how my trip was. I retired those adorable grey wedges that very same evening.


Should’ve told them it was an adrenaline rush until the abrupt ending & just wandered off. I do that nonsense all the time and the only people who ever get my random answers like those are sassy elderly people. Their eyes light up and get all twinkly and we banter for a moment or two then go our separate ways.


I just told the very concerned officers that I was fine and had just decided to make a *grand* entrance while introducing myself to them. The shoes were mostly retired because I kept rolling my ankles while just standing still.


I can't even imagine how this happens. I mean even if you don't lace the boots to the top how do you walk so that you manage to snag one lace on the hook of the other shoe. MULTIPLE TIMES! I mean, my feet don't get that close to each other when I walk, do I just have extra wide hips or something?


Honestly, I've made myself stumble a few times doing this. Maybe it's a variation in gait? (Obviously it's my own damn fault that I didn't tie my boots right and I'd never even think to sue if I hurt myself. I also learned to *just start lacing them all the way up*.)


Once you snag once, those hooks bend open enough to make it easier to snag again.


HIs laces weren't tied, that's how. There's another picture in the thread.


Yea I understand what happened, he didn't use the top hooks and the loops of his laces caught on it and he fell over. I just don't understand how you make that happen when you're walking. Like, my feet aren't generally that close together and my pants legs usually cover the tops of my shoes so the look hooks probably wouldn't even be exposed. I was walking around my house just now trying to see how close my feet get. I'm clumsy af but I don't think even I could pull that off. Not to mention if it did happen I'm smart enough to be able to figure out how to make it stop, not blame the shoe for being defective.


I'm pigeon toed and tend to kick my big toes together as I walk (all my dress shoes and work boots have scuffs right there, annoyingly), so I can kind of see how she could do that. I'm also terribly clumsy. But I still have never managed to loop my laces into the hooks on my boots. Let alone 3(???) times!


Don’t forget that the laces that come with the shoes have extra length because they’re intended to go around those hooks. So if you don’t hook the laces, you’re going to have extra long loops. At that point, though, they could also get under your shoes and be the same sort of tripping hazard that untied laces are.


This guy can't possibly be serious...can he?


oof. Next time someone brings up Stella Liebeck to back up the claim that there's no such thing as a frivolous PI lawsuit, I'll bring up LAOP here.


How narrow is laop's stance that he keeps catching his laces on the opposite shoe? I'm not shocked he discovered that hiking wasn't ideal for him with a gait like that.


Omg please tell me this is a troll post. “It’s the company’s fault I didn’t use their product the way they instructed me to!”


This is what we call an ID10T error.


I’ve been wearing hook lacing boots for over 20 years, this is hilarious to me.


So OP can't even tie shoelaces and needs a warning thst not doing so can lead to a fall. OP is the reason fire wood needs stickers thst it is flammable.


My 7 year old had a similar issue with his winter boots in the fall. After it happened once, we bought him new shoelaces which didn’t come out of the eyelet. If my 7 year old can figure it out, then an adult should be able to find a solution.


This really takes the cake… fucking hell


I hope the insurance adjuster gets a good laugh out of this.


I looked at the photos they posted and shiiiit I knew how to tie shoes like that when I was a kid 😂


OP might be better off purchasing a pair of blundstones, but you know, that's if he can figure out how elastic works.


Man... this ~~might~~should be an account deleting level of embarrassment for LACAOP. Or, I guess a lawsuit. Edit: *should* like... sure, everyone trips once or twice and stuff, but to have it be a consistent, repeated thing? And you can't tie your shoes, and/or figure out that the hooks are for the rest of the laces... and then think that's the company's fault? *sigh*


Why does this feel like the most unhinged post I’ve ever read. I’ve been on here for years but this is the only post I’ve ever burst out laughing reading.


I used to wear hiking boots a lot and one day got lazy and didn't tie them using the ankle eyelets to take the dog out. I noticed immediately I was tripping about the place. How did this guy keep wearing those shoes like that after tripping several times indoors?