Feels like big silver is just trying to get us to... buy silver


no bro just buy the product bro it’s not consumerism you’re actually fighting the system bro please buy our silver


Banking Solvency Problems Are Everywhere And The Backstop Guarantee Is Worthless https://kingworldnews.com/banking-solvency-problems-are-everywhere-and-the-backstop-guarantee-is-worthless/


Or buy wax. It's literally gold juice


Silver and gold aren't systemic solutions to our historic problems, but I'll take a commodity-backed currency over fiat currency any day of the week


Precious metals aren't going to save your wealth in a reset. They will buy you a short window of purchasing power, but once the entire asset chain is on CBDC you will either trade it in at a loss or not at all. The only safe haven is an offshore account. The type only the intel and elite guys have access to via chums in London and NYC. Everyone will lose except the elite. Even celebs with millions will get fucked over.


Gold and silver is the ultimate money of the people.


false that’s why the FED was created because we mined a shit load of gold out of the grand canyon and it crashed the value of gold so they hid the fact they found all of the gold they did and stopped backing money by gold. if money crashed ur gold will be worth nothing too because the elite have a lot more gold than accounted for


Okay Einstein.


NWO is just reskinned Nazi propaganda. Nazis claimed that America and the USSR were ran by Jews that were going to unite the world against the "Aryan race". Don't fall for neo Nazi propaganda. Don't watch Tucker Carlson.


You mean only watch Tucker and Gutfeld




[https://sdbullion.com/silver/junk-silver/90-constitutional-junk-silver](https://sdbullion.com/silver/junk-silver/90-constitutional-junk-silver) [https://sdbullion.com/deals](https://sdbullion.com/deals)


Buy Bitcoin. The majority of nay sayers are in a cult that is pissed they didn’t buy early. I didn’t either, oh well. It’s the only option the commoner has to replace the whole financial system. You won’t be buying things with silver, and it’s small minded to think precious metals will be a form of currency or a good way to barter. So I guess everything must be traded in terms of ounces like weed? You want toothpaste? You’ll need to buy 60 boxes because that’s what your bullion bar is worth. Wanna buy a soda? I guess if you insist on just one, you’ll need to learn to shave some silver off a bar and have a great scale to use as well. Good luck with that. The world needs currency, and it’s had the answer to kill the banks for years now. Unless the global elite find a way to kill every computer and the internet, it’s not going anywhere. If a few countries ban it, that’ll only strengthen the ones that don’t. But thinking it’s going to help the world to buy shiny rocks is not the way. Maybe a store of wealth, sure if you don’t mind losing 15-20% immediately on tax, selling it if you need to, and markup. For the anti BTC , what’s your excuse? “Govt will just use it to make the CBDC”. Okay, whatever your reason, what’s your solution to the problem? Hole up like a zombie apocalypse and barter with shiny bars? Keep allowing the banks to dilute your money? What solution has anyone made for all of this except BTC? I hear all the arguements against it and I’m afraid of it too, and like stranger guiding you through hell, it’s your only chance at making it and it’s the option you have. If it takes you down, you’ve reached the same place the banks and global elite plan on putting you anyway. Mass adoption of BTC is like billions joining a pitchfork mob and Tossing out the parasites that caused all of this. The only thing that stops it is pessimistic folks that would rather see what their overlords will do with them next instead of trying for a real revolution.


I think if we ever find out who really invented Bitcoin people would stop using it. The NSA and DARPA has that info.


I'm amazed all the bitcoin bros never bothered to ask why no one knows where, or who, Satoshi the creator is 😂 No one, especially someone of that importance, can go anonymous in this day and age. Oh, and the encryption used being NSAs SHA256 of course..


Well said👌🏻 the Silver the banks are selling is in the form of paper. think about that!


We might need the Silver for Bullets it's the only way to kill Werewolves and other Monsters that Transition from one thing to another HoHoHilarious


No bank ever has had enough cash on hand to cover all deposits for IMMEDIATE withdrawal - However almost all banks have enough assets to cover withdrawals they only need time to sell those assets . SVB wasnt short either, unless you forced a firesale on assets. In the end this is a consolidation play Stack some metal, heck even stack some CASH - tin cans and back yards are still fairly safe to cover yourself if your bank ends up on the artificial run list. If you have more than 250k in a bank, move it around to other banks and spread the potential delays of getting your money.