I always suspected my car is racist...

I always suspected my car is racist...


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Yeah, I know... I drive a Volkswagen


Big oof


As long as it ain't a beetle, you haven't gone too far. If it is, convert it into a Beach Buggy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFoY3wfRUj8


I drive a white one


I have no doubts about this. This is one of the many reasons why we don't give the right to vote to property.


I think that's what happened in Britain.. too many cars voted "Yes" for Brexit.


Actually it was the bus who tipped the scale...




But women are allowed to vote ?!


Big smart coming in from the US. Fuck citizens united.


But dont we have womans suffrage?


You paint a turd blue, it's still brown under the paint.


I see what you did there


It all makes sense now! Cars want climate change to happen faster to drive humans extinct! That's how the Pixar movie "Cars" happens!!!! So of course they will vote for an anti-science, climate change denying party!


You might be onto something here. I would like to add here that Ken & Attila might be cars in disguise - there is no other explanation. Speaking of: Cars can only move along the plane. so only in 2D. For them the world is flat. [Think about it](https://media.giphy.com/media/IWKOpmMnLGRSUKW9Wv/giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47uet4ju5wr8e5siqfx2j4txva1pq0hygr8qtwhbyi&rid=giphy.gif&ct=g)


There's a doctoral dissertation trying to shed a light on this subject: The prevelance of race based ideologies in land-bound, carbon-fueled, inanimate objects; an analysis by James McReese.


Even black cars?


yeah haven't you heard ? Racism against whites is a big problem now! /s


Been that way for a while actually....


Maybe, but this is not the right post to discuss this.


I wasn’t discussing it, just pointing out that it’s not a lie. Looks like people got passive aggressive mad lol.


Fuck you if that’s your true opinion, my post was marked sarcastic if your tiny little brain couldn’t register it.


It was already stated this isn’t the place to discuss topics like this. I’d love to be snarky, but I’m not gonna send this down a bad road. If you want to discuss this further, I’m more than happy to through dm’s.


This thread is already a shitshow, you can say what you want no worries. I dont use DMs on here, so if you wanna tell me something, just do it here in the open.


You should feel really empowered for such strong and woke ideas that people can’t be racist towards whites. Except that itself is a bigoted idea. Have a great day, you cuck


Terribly sorry i didn’t catch that last part, unfortunately i dond speak QAnon, are you suggesting that my wife might be unfaithful?


Right. This is most definitely not the place to discuss your delusions buddy, so fuck off


Nah, open invitation accepted. Opposing views will make you guys grow :)


Where the fuck are you from where being worthless waste of human life white supremacist is an "opposing view" and not a mental disorder?


even if black and white aren't the only races


Not all cars. How dare you?


"Not all cars" - super reply slogan from Tesla and Co. :)


Just as idiotic as another slogan "Alle anderen sind grün." – "All other [parties] are Green." I'm not too big of a Green fan myself, but that stupid green bashing is just tiresome now. Also, what is a "normal" Berlin?


I‘m not too big of an AfD fan myself, but that stupid AfD bashing is just tiresome now. Also, what is a „not normal“ Berlin?


Lol this might be your dumbest one yet asshole.


Thank you! You said it. Good to know there are other proud germans


Normal is the average. But you are right if you are saying in Berlin most people aren't normal. I think you have to realise what a harm it'll do to us if the greens gain power. They are destroying us and the way we live for non science baby cry bullshit. Everyone has to know this. that's why its good they get bashed. Because they will kill us after 16 years of merkel BS already!


as I said, not a big Green fan myself. But voting AFD would turn Germany into shit even faster. Because to them, freedom of speech only applies as long as you share their values; everything else is dictatorship and green propaganda.


But that's wrong. censorship is done by the left. AfD is saving the country nothing else.


They can't save the country, because the whole party programme does not stand **for** anything, only **against** what is (to be) established, and a dose of ultra conservative nonsense.


Any chance ist a Camaro SS ?


Thing that got me most was the campaign slogan ‘Berlin. Aber normal.’ It’s an awful slogan on the face of it, and even more awful when you consider the dog-whistle undertones.


awful but strong slogan.


I always liked our car but now I’m a bit pissed. It’s such a prick. I’m glad it’s not eligible to vote! I think we won’t park it in the garage the next nights for educational measure.


Makes you think twice about activating "Self-driving" mode.


"Ohne Ideologie" my arse. Honestly, these clowns would be hilarious if only 20% of my neighbours didn't vote for them.


Really brings the 1930's into perspective, doesn't it?


It is fun until it is not.




piss off you nazi turd


Da hat sich auch Armin Laschet die Argumente abgeschaut.




To paraphrase Fred Thompson in The Hunt for Red October: “The AfD don’t take a dump, son, without an ideology.”


Is it a Volkswagen?


No, it's a Race car


And i am a raceiest


Nah, BMW.


Not as bad, but still quite bad


That’s the appeal of right-wing parties right there. Be a selfish asshole and feel good about it. Fuck the planet, fuck minorities. It’s the same worldwide.


It is the same with another slogan they have "Darf ich noch nach Kreta, Greta??" Oh, those horrible environmental issues preventing me from having my little holiday, because I am such an ass, I prefer not to think about the price of cheap flights.


While Greece was on fire, too!


I saw that that one and thought it's fake. No party could think it's a good idea to step so low to attack a young woman in that way.




Decepticons, transformieren und auf!


Berlin ab-normal


Okay, but my car also drinks gas and can carry 5 people. I don’t do either of those things because I’m not a car.


Another reason not to buy a car...


Moreover, your car is an insecure dimwitted prick.


Luckily cars can't vote.


I have an AfD poster close to me: "Schulen sind zum lernen da - Bildung statt Ideologie" aaah the irony...


I think my bike wouldn't vote their car into office.


That‘s why I don‘t even have a car. Granted, my bike is a massive conspiracy theorist but we don‘t talk much anyway these days.


Yeah sure. IF YOU LITERALLY HAVE ZERO BRAIN CELLS BECAUSE YOU ARE A F*CKING INANIMATE OBJECT then yes you are probably on the intellectual level of other voters of this party.


Hey, not all inanimate objects! I vouch for my microwave!


Ah ja, Verkehr ohne Ideologie, aber Autos First!


I don't know if it's also a German alt-right thing, but the English-speaking alt-right seems to be seeing "ideology" every time someone even slightly disagrees with them.


Das Wort Ideologie benutzen die wirklich mehr als donald trump das Wort fake


Damn racecars!


Another reason to ban cars in the city


But only after public transport is on a level to support all these extra people and their needs


what street,asking for a friend.


It's in Mitte :) but there are a lot of those.


Thanks bud.


I've seen it at Ballonfahrerweg between S Südkreuz and Sachsendamm, too. They must have brought a long ladder with them in order to put it that high, though.


So no one reaches them? Lmao who would want to touch that.


I mean, many people don't want to even see stuff like that. Touching it might be a good way to help these people out so they don't need to see that stuff.


I’ve seen it in Kladow.


It's a bit funny having an English headline on a German Poster


I doubt mine would. It's Czech...


Czech is run buy a Trump copy so I wouldn't be too sure about that.


Right as the sign suggests, you need no brain to vote for the AfD, better that you are mindless led like sheep to the slaughter. We know this problem clearly on this side of the Atlantic after four years of Donald and that time is coming only to soon again. Kool-Aid drinking is a popular sport


Bus und Bahn sind einfach viel besser! Behinderte, Alte, Minderjährige... sie alle können Bahn fahren, Autofahren kann jedoch nicht jeder. Außerdem ist Bahnfahren viel besser was Kosten angeht (Autoversicherung, Spritkosten und mehr, das summiert sich alles), vor allem wenn der Staat das so stark subventionieren würde wie den PKW-Verkehr. Für die Umwelt sind öffentliche Verkehrsmittel auch viel besser, weil mehr Leute mit weniger Energie transportiert werden und sie (im Fall von Bahn) auch mit erneuerbaren Energien laufen. Der Großteil der Deutschen wohnt eh in Städten (77%), heißt, für den Großteil der Leute wären öffentliche Verkehrsmittel durchaus realistisch. Edit: Zusätzlich sterben jedes Jahr weltweit über 1000000 Menschen an Verkehrsunfällen, 50000000 weitere verletzen sich jedes jahr bei Verkehrsunfällen. Je mehr ÖPV verwendet wird, desto weniger Leute werden in Verkehrsunfälle verwickelt.




Of course, it can't think and needs someone to control it


I just came back and I’m overwhelmed by the party ads everywhere. It’s literally one on top of another. Feels like I’m on an ancient bazaar


and now you know your car voted AfD... what a day..


Oof, I’ve put so much money in my golf and he does this for me...




It's alright! You'll do great!


It's alright! You'll do great!


Its funny when you pass those signs with an EV 😂


EV really just means you like to avoid paying for gas.


Your logic is bullet-proof


Which does not mean that it avoids all other of the fuel car’s flaws. EVs in the form we see today can only be seen as an interim solution.


Here we go


Sharing the iq with a VW Beetle certainly helps voting AFD


You spelled "piece of shit" wrong


I don’t see a particular bright future for cars in big cities.


Something tells me Berlin doesn’t want to me “normal”


How is this shit real


I´ve also seen ones where instead of a candidate they have a picture of an innocent dog. Edit: so are the downvotes suggesting that the dog is also racist? Or..


Wieso reden hier alle Englisch?


nur weil es einfacher ist.


Kann man auf Englisch besser deutsche Wahlplakate diskutieren?




Mich würde einfach nur interessieren warum 95% der Kommentare hier weiterhin auf Englisch sind, obwohl man den Post an sich nicht ohne Deutschkenntnisse verstehen würde.


vielleicht weil meine title auf Englisch ist, Leute denken das ich kein Deutsch spreche....ich weiß nicht.


Sprich Englisch du hurensohn!


It’s time for the daily dose of 2-minute-hate again.


well if anyone deserves daily hate, it's the AfD.


They deserve so much more than just simple hate.


Would you additionally like to ostracize them from society or even put them in some kind of re-education camp with hard forced labour if they refused to turn away from their beliefs?


Step 1: set up strawman Step 2: burn down Strawman How to defeat a strawman


That’s exactly what I’m asking here all the time.


Don't give me ideas. :)) On the other hand: It's the start of the weekend. No better time to indulge in some dark fantasies.


Yeah, let’s do some roleplay. Can I be the politruk?


I really can't. Right now I am too outraged that for some reason our nice, still perfectly functional guillotine made its way from Moabit to Ludwigsburg in *Swabia* (of all places). I mean, think about it: Moabit - that's Beatrix von Storch's district!


She doesn’t look like a true Berliner to me. I‘ll go questioning some of her neighbors about her general attitude and social contact.


Call *her* in for questioning first! I certainly expect you make full use of your *very particular set of skills*.


First detain her, including husband, kids and grandchildren, then question the neighbors. Develop a strategy for interrogation based on the gathered foundings afterwards. Standard protocol.


What have they done that they deserve it?


[look at this](https://www.deutschlandfunk.de/bundestagwahl-2021-mit-welchem-programm-die-afd-in-den.2897.de.html?dram:article_id=495575)


I get why people don’t want to vote them, but hate as a reaction is definitely not justified if one believes in the fundamental values of a free and democratic society.


They don't believe in the fundamental values of a free and democratic society


If that were true, they would not be allowed as a political party in Germany.


The are being investigated by the Verfassungsschutz for just that.


No, they are investigated, because some of their members have ties to the political extremes. Same goes for the LINKE by the way. But that’s something completely different than being forbidden as a political party.


You're just such a snowflake that you think a bit of pushback and someone making fun of an institution or party is democracy ending hate. Pathetic


I hate them because they hate me as a skilled immigrant paying 40k in taxes every year to this country and they would like me to "return to my country" or worse incite hate among people to kill me. If you think about it, Hitler didn't actively shoot anyone (at least in public) but his hate speeches (similar to the afd) incited hate against the Highly-Integrated German Jewish community and people started killing them. Btw, banning them would be the most politically stupid move as you will have an underground society that might lead to dark crimes similar to what happened in the "Good Old Time" Do I want to kill them? Do I want them to go to prison? No, we are not nazis But we do similar to what happened to the nazi leaders when they lost and instead of retaliation and killing them, they were sent to courts to be judged and show the public the lies and hate the nazis had So let them have some party to play with, play the political game and eventually the german people will know their lies and hate like what happened to the nazis and they will lose peacefully eventually because hate divide and love unit and they incite hate Today they incite hate against immigrants and LGBTQ but tomorrow they will incite hate against the poorer eastern and richer western historic division. Basic divide and control


If you pay taxes and are no criminal, they don’t want to send you home. That’s just what leftists pretend because they want to rule themselves. Hitler and the AfD have nothing in common. Saying this is like equaling any muslim to ISIS or the Taliban. Historic Nazis were not send to court because of „lies“ or „hate“, but because of war crimes. AfD neither incites hate against migrants nor gays. All they do is to articulate the people‘s opinions about certain social phenomena. The typical attitude and behavior of a specific group of migrants is one of those, especially their disrespect and hatred against jews, gays, women, kuffar and so on. Nothing wrong about addressing that, as long as the resulting political means will be according to the law.


Of course "nothing wrong about that" is the reason why AFD is even more dangerous that ISIS. The Nazis were like ISIS but AFD is the more smarter version, they are like Hamas or more specific the political branch of Hamas They are smart and say politically correct statements but when they reach power they will eventually start concentration camps again. We know this from history as learned experience Btw, I have read the AFD manifesto chapter on immigrants. If what they say is honest (and leftists are lying) why we don't see any single "Well-Integrated-No-Criminal\_Tax\_paying-Law\_Abiding" immigrant in the AFD?


When did the AfD systematically kill the innocent whenever possible? Because that’s what Hamas does. If you learned anything from history, it should be that fighting someone because you believe that they might act wrong in the future, ends always in the most horrible excesses. Again, this is like fighting any muslim, because they allegedly wanted to gain world domination and reign in terror over the infidels. To learn about migrants in the AfD, you should google e.g. about the black AfD-member Achille Dembago or the AfD migrant association „Die Neudeutschen“. Just be aware that you will find no value-neutral coverage by established media outlets, which is part of the problem the AfD opposes against. Additionally many eastern european migrants and especially russia-Germans are attracted to the AfD as well. And the AfD has a sub-group „Jews in the AfD“. Since all of them probably learned a lot from history, this should tell you something.


wHaT hAvE tHEy dOnE?!


I don't think that's hate. I think a lot of their ideology is hate fueled. As an immigrabt in Berlin, seeing "Berlin aber normal" sounds very hateful. I think it is fair to point it out, especially with humor (which was my attempt).


don't mind him, he's just our local racist, that probably votes for them (or worse)


Why do you think that „Berlin. Aber normal.“ couldn’t include you? That term refers to this practice, it’s just interesting how perfectly it fits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Minutes_Hate


Their entire ideology, at least in it's conception, seemed to be based on issues with non-germans. I'm not saying it can't include me, I feel like it doesn't include me. Their Sachsen voters for sure don't consider me "normal" (especially because I'm Jewish). Do you think that the AfD are not racist?


You just don't understand, they are the victims here and you're the one who's actually full of hate .. /s


There’s even a sub-group „jews in the AfD“. And as far as I know, they primarily have a problem with those migrants traditionally hating on you the most. Many voters of the Greens or LINKE don‘t consider me as normal. That’s one reason why I criticize them, but would not react with hateful emotions. AfD as a party and in regard to most of their leading representatives is not racist. They are culturalist, because they oppose certain backward oriented ideologies and demand respect and active integration by everyone allowed to settle in our country.


I don't really find a partner in the Green or Linke as well. Far left, far right, I don't support these. They are not racist though. That doesn't make them good, ok? The far left, with their cancel culture, weird communist aspirations etc...I make fun of them as well (with friends mostly). I know full well about the issues Jews have with the immigrants coming from Syria and Co. but having jews their party doesn't absolve them from racism, Jews can be racists as well. Anyway, I found out a long time ago that hate doesn't help ;) Hopefully, you understand that I'm not a political pundit and this is just humor. That being said, AfD has a long way to go to convince people like me that they are not racist.


I didn’t want to label them as good. Just as not evil. But sure, they generally are the counterpart to those radical parties on the left. You seem to have a very reasonable worldview! I hope we’ll live through a political and societal future where both of us can live comfortable and peaceful in this country. Not sure if I theoretically could convince you of some AfD positions, but that’s not my intention. I just tried to put things a bit into perspective.


> Many voters of the Greens or LINKE don‘t consider me as normal. That’s one reason why I criticize them, but would not react with hateful emotions. Well that would be because of your views and or actions, that is something you decide to be. Not like the AfD who consider people not normal for things like skin color, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc, all things you don't choose if you are or not. So this might be the most pathetic white-right victim complex argument I´ve seen. And coming from you that's a big garden to crop from. Fuck you once more.


You can't expect people to take responsibility for things they've said and done in the past. What are you, some kind of left wing fascist?!!1!


> They are culturalist, because they oppose certain backward oriented ideologies and demand respect and active integration by everyone allowed to settle in our country. You see, they can't be racist if we ignore all the racist, far right stuff they put out and rebrand as them culturalist which might even have an air of sophistication. Not that they mostly focus on one specific culture/religion and think 'the left' is degenerate, they also exclusively own the idea of expecting people to integrate into society and also have the best answers about how that should be done. I think we all see the light now and were totally misguided by hate by taking their party history and platform into account.


>culture/religion Exactly. Not race.


>race Lol you're not smart and ignoring everything else mentioned is getting you nowhere other than underlining how obtuse and wormy your arguments are.


Fighting intolerance isn't solved by intolerance. Aiming hate at one group of people with the excuse that some of them hate on a group of people is not the solution, it fuels the hate cycle. Xenophobs exist in every society on earth, every culture, every religion, pointing out xenophobs of one group as an excuse to fuel hate against the whole group will never end peacefully.


That’s why I criticized those hating on the AfD.


But the AfD aren't a group of people, they represent policies.


They are the political representatives of a significantly large group of people.


11-12% Lmao, cope


You're truly enlightened and ascend to new heights of democracy, weirdly or especially when someone scuffs or giggles at the AfD. Must be a coincidence and not at all a double standard when you and the other AfD voter on this sub speak only the kindest, devoid of hate, words about left leaning individuals and ideas lol. Gtfo you're fooling no one.


If you're an AfD party member and you changed your mind, you receive none of the hate. Unlike one's race or ethnicity, which the AfD targets with hate.


Never heard of the AfD hating on anyone because of their race or ethnicity. Where in their political program to they propagate this?


From the same wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_for_Germany > The AfD underwent a further shift to the right after Petry left the party in 2017 and formed The Blue Party, following the AfD's adoption of more hardline anti-Islam and anti-immigration positions and historical revisionist remarks by leading AfD figures. The party now resembles other populist radical right parties in Europe but is somewhat unusual because it maintains visible ties to even more extreme groups. It is sad that this Neo-nazi party has 12% support in a country which saw the real horrors of Nazism just a few decades ago.


It is on wikipedia, it must be right


Yes. If you have not noticed, Wikipedia articles are cited from sources. Plus I was replying to the post above which is also from Wikipedia.


You are confusing political right with national-socialism. That’s like criticizing Die LINKE because of something with Stalin.


They should be paying you otherwise your obtuse way of trying to act like they're not a pretty racist party and actually just misunderstood victims is just sad.


Honestly, fuck them. Normal means white, heterosexual, bio-Deutsch. Fuck that.


Of course rightoids like you will cry and jump to their defense by dramatically misusing 1984 when perceiving even the slightest slight and a chance to act like a thin skinned victim.


Verkehr ohne Ideologie - das passt auch ganz gut zu anderen Situationen. Sollte man also evtl. den oberen Teil mit Einem Herrensauna Sticker defacen?


Why they always put their banners on a position where your eyes easily go when you are waiting in a signal while you are driving.


Warum haben die eigentlich das Nike Logo auf deren Plakaten?


AfD 💙


Verkehr ohne Ideologie and then you should vote for the party that has the most ideological baggage with it that is currently in the Stadtrat.


nah I don't think so. I drive a czech (forgein) car


Warum schreibt hier jeder in Englisch wenn wir doch offensichtlich alle Deutsch sprechen können?


reddit ist eine englische Website


meine Grunden: 1. Ich finde schreiben schwer. Beim reden und verstehen bun ich 10x besser. 2. Thema: Politik ist immer noch schwer, ich rede normaleweise auf Politik nicht, daswegen es ist mir sehr schwer. 3. Autocorrect: ist ein Alttraum. Ich muss fast jede Wort korigieren. Ist das OK? ;)


Ich finde dein Deutsch sehr gut, Du solltest es auch beim Schreiben nutzen! Autokorrektur nervt uns übrigens alle regelmäßig.


We didn’t know that people in Marzahn used Reddit. Tut uns leid.


U stupit


German = Racist




That's racist against bicycles. Or they consider bicycles as non-aryans. 😄


My car is a racist. But it's black.


Und wieso sollte das Auto dann ein Rassist sein?


Frag mich gerade auch was das schon wieder mit Rassismus zu tun hat "Aaaber das ist ja von Afd und weil die grünen gesagt haben die sind böse und nazis dann muss das so sein! " Bitch wir haben seit fünfzig jahren die Beschissene NPD aber die Afd, ja die muss man verbieten. Abartig wie viel Dünnpfiff die leute ZWISCHEN den ohren, und das talent der selbstrecherche verloren haben


Wen man null Ahnung hat, aber irgendwie die AFD verteidigen will. NPD ist nicht verboten weil sie nicht bedeutungsloser sein kann, die AFD ist allerdings nicht ganz so bedeutungslos. Und mal ganz ehrlich, jeder mit mehr als 2 Gehirn-Zellen ist in der Lage zu erkennen das die AFD rechts außen steht, außer natürlich man selber steht rechts außen und will die AFD weiter als irgend ne normale konservative Partei pushen. Dann ergibt es sin das ab zustreiten.


This is only temporary cars will have ki in future and than they will avoid afd.


I mean Volkswagen was founded by the Nazis, so….