I was called a "Republican" outside on the streets of SF yesterday, because I wasn't wearing a mask. Can someone please update me on the policy for outdoor areas?

I was called a "Republican" outside on the streets of SF yesterday, because I wasn't wearing a mask. Can someone please update me on the policy for outdoor areas?


You do not need a mask outside. I was just in a conversation where it was agreed that, at least in the Bay Area, the mask fights are going to be dragged out to the bitter end. This kind of thing is probably going to be unavoidable for a while.


I'm in the East Bay and it's such a mixed bag right now. Once the CDC announced masks were not required outside a few weeks ago, most of my neighbors stopped doing it just walking around the neighborhood or exercising, but there are clearly some holdouts that glare at me. I still bring a mask around with me just for social niceties - in most situations if other people are clearly anxious, I'll put it on to make them feel better. But most of my neighbors will come over to chat without a mask, they just stay maybe a foot or two further away than they used to. Still negotiating what is acceptable I guess. At the park in Emeryville the other day, pretty much nobody was wearing a mask, but one of the parents looked kinda wary and put on a mask for like 10 minutes, then took it off. We're in a weird transitional time right now. I think, just like it was with vaccine hesitancy in many places, it'll just take some time for people to see that it's actually OK. I actually do agree in part with the Right critique that masking has become a part of some people's righteous identity and the burden of proof to get them to stop masking is going to be very high. The right tends to caricature this behavior as being widespread, which I don't believe it is, but there is CLEARLY a set of self-righteous holdouts that probably believe if you don't wear a mask outside you are directly killing people.


>I actually do agree in part with the Right critique that masking has become a part of some people's righteous identity and the burden of proof to get them to stop masking is going to be very high. I'm about as leftist as the come, but I definitely agree with them on this. The mask hold outs seem to insist on having 0% COVID rates before no masks, which will never happen. It's definitely not as anti-science as the anti-maskers, but it's definitely not listening to what most of our data is telling us.


https://news.gallup.com/poll/350480/life-becomes-quasi-normal-virus-fears-fade.aspx >As seen previously, there is a substantial partisan divide on the advice question, with 87% of Republicans versus 64% of independents and 29% of Democrats recommending people should strive to lead their normal lives. Conversely, 71% of Democrats believe people should stay home as much as possible, although this is down from 85% in April. I find that 71% mind boggling.


Meanwhile I just got back from a trip with an extended layover in TX. Went out for a meal and wow, it’s like the pandemic never happened there. Only service persons are wearing masks and everyone’s jovial. Was like an alternate universe…


It’s about listening the professionals. If the CDC says we need masks outside, we should wear masks outside. If they say we’re good to go with out them, then people don’t need to wear them. What’s stupid about self righteous people holding on to mask shaming is that they are 100% the same people calling right wing people idiots for not listening to the CDC, yet here they are doing the same thing but in the other direction.


As long as they're not being jerks about it it doesn't hurt anyone. There's real public health advantages to normalizing mask wearing during flu season or in crowded spaces like public transit.


Yup, the "being jerks" part is the key part haha. I'm definitely going to wear one when I get sick in the future and have to go out, and probably when I go on public transport, or airplanes. But I'm so ready to be done to have to wear it all the time. As for the phrase "it doesn't hurt anyone", I think is interesting. I think it's important to accurately inform people of risks. If people are being told that they can get COVID when outside, when the overwhelming data shows us that it's extremely unlikely to do so, makes it seem like everywhere is dangerous. This leads to inaccurate risk assessment, and the fallacious assumption that all activities are dangerous. I think people also deserve to not live in fear and be scared all the time, and that anxiety of constant danger is not a way I think people should have to live. I think that stress and social strife does hurt people. But yes, I totally agree with your second sentence too. I will not go out of my way to shame anyone about their mask usage, I am vaccinated, but I just want to be back to normal soon and I want to make sure we aren't constantly moving the goal post to what is acceptable.


>I'm definitely going to wear one when I get sick in the future and have to go out I hope more people have your outlook.




but I mean, it's definitely anti-science in the broadest sense . . like, we can't say we "listen to the science" when it comes to climate change, but not listen when it comes to COVID and the CDC. It's hypocritical and only gives the true nutters out there more ammo (not that they care if they have any or not) for their nutty ways.


Love to see reasonable takes on this on Reddit. Absolutely agree, you aren’t a risk to others when you skip the mask in outdoor areas, aside from perhaps the rare instance of being in an exceptionally crowded spot like a mosh pit. This isn’t so much of an opinion as it is what the data seems to be saying. The folks who continue to *both* wear masks outside and shame others for not doing so have allowed the mask to become a kind of virtue signal, which is actually profoundly counterproductive because they are making in something other than the lifesaving mitigation measures it is supposed to be. And this further politicizes it and makes it even less likely the mask skeptics will be willing to put it back on come Fall/Winter if we need to temporarily go back to some limited restrictions again. Ugh.


Well said. That said, given the low incidence of flu last season for mask wearing, I'm thinking about wearing a mask during the flu season when I'm on public transportation or in a crowd. Some years ago I visited Hong Kong during the flu season. It wasn't a pandemic or anything but I saw many many people wearing masks. I asked about it and they said it was to prevent catching the flu or other airborne disease. Personally, I stopped wearing a mask outside as soon as the CDC gave that guidance. I think it's going to be a while before we can do without masks in certain situations like retail.


I'm curious what kind of data we'll see next flu season. My suspicion is that the lack of flu has more to do with social distancing and changing habits around indoor public spaces than masks.


All of the above. Seatbelt+airbag+crumple zones all combine to save you in a collision. Masks can be part of the combination.


There was an Atlantic article on the clinging to masks as a political statement rather than actually following the science. There's no shortage of people on either side who are irrational about things.


I'm in East Bay also and have transitioned to just not wearing a mask outside for 90% of the time. Hell, I shared an elevator with an 80-year-old lady, and then the next day a random dude in my apartment complex. None of us wore masks but we asked each other if we were vaccinated and if it was okay. At this point, I just don't wear my mask unless mandated to do so. If people want to get pissed off at me for that, fine. I can't control how other people feel about the things that I do when the things that I do are safe.


Defintely gonna see mask Karens once all mandates are lifted. "When keeping it real goes wrong" comes to mind. But as you said, tiny tiny portion of people. Just as we had anti-mask Karens. And anti-vax Karens.


At the same time, there will likely be a small segment of the population who will continue to wear masks but not be dicks about it. Like in Asian countries you have people who wear masks during non-pandemic times for a variety of reasons. Could be they think the air quality is bad, or they have a cold and don't want to spread it around, or they have an immuno-compromised person at home and don't want to take any risks.


This hits home! Within a month of the mask mandate ending, Bay Area air quality is going to plummet from smoke anyways, so I'll be donning my N95 once more. But I really hope, though I'm not holding my breath, that we see a culture shift to wearing masks in crowded places during flu season, and staying the fuck home when you feel sick.


Lol I mean I had a set of N95 masks and whatnot from the fires before the pandemic started. Felt like we were ahead of the curve


You're not wrong. People got *very* emotionally invested in what the right thing to do was, and now that we as a society are shifting away from mask wearing, it can feel like admitting we were wrong, now that the mask mandates are being lifted.


Its more about embracing victory. In only about 1 year, we invented and deployed vaccines to around 75% of the population. That is a massive success. The pandemic is over in the bay area, and in California in general. We won. I don't know why we're so afraid of accepting victory.


For a year, people lived with the fear that any random stranger might kill you just by getting too close. Fear is powerful and doesn't go away easily. I don't think we should be surprised that some people won't go back quickly if ever.


Right now we're doing a ton of routine surveillance testing, and we care about any positive result. No matter how clinically irrelevant that positive is. Just note how obscenely low our positivity rate actually is. We're trying very hard to find anyone that's been near trace amounts of viral particles. Until we shift from "positive PCR test results" to "actually sick and positive", its going to be hard to convince people that its over. Of course as we stop routine testing of vaccinated people, that shift may start to happen. Note that our current case rate, on the surface, looks similar to what it was last May when everything was shut down and we were all cowering in fear. (Though if you consider the positivity rate, the actual case rate is probably a mere fraction of what it was back then.)


Yeah, it's like recycling: some folks are adamant and judgemental about recycling every possible scrap, while others (also on the progressive side) are just as adamant that recycling is a corporate conspiracy to foist responsibility on ordinary people. I lean toward the first camp, though I see the 2nd camp's point. But it seems to me there's no harm in making an effort, and I like the way my black can only fills up once a month or less (especially since my dog died). As for masking, I'm grateful for its part in keeping our little town's death-rate so low. I attribute that to our east-asians normalizing it for the past 20-30 winters. But it was always pointless outdoors on windy days, and I don't like it when my behavior feels performative.


But there actually is real harm with feel-good recycling? We’re all lying to ourselves, I mean big oil is lying to us and most don’t know we’re being lied to. It’s not even about who has the responsibility, there is no recycling no matter who is doing it. https://www.npr.org/2020/09/11/897692090/how-big-oil-misled-the-public-into-believing-plastic-would-be-recycled


I actually liked masking outdoors when it was windy and cold because it kept me warmer!


Well at least those who choose to keep their masks on are aren't hurting anybody unlike the anti-maskers/vax.


also a nice way to thwart facial recognition


There is a cost to wearing a mask. It is definitely worth it to protect lives, but suggesting there is no social cost to wearing masks is incorrect. There are social benefits to communicating via facial expressions. There are resources allocated to producing and buying masks. It is worth it, but there are externalities to wearing a mask.


So shouldn’t individuals get to decide if they are willing to pay the cost? I really don’t want to get into the bodily autonomy debate, I consider myself to be very much on the Left, I don’t wear a mask outside unless there is a crowd. I agree with other commenters that there is a very small number of people who still insist on masking everywhere. Given all of that, should we really harp on those few? Are they REALLY that much of a problem? I say let them wear masks if that makes them more comfortable. By now we are all aware of what the negatives of wearing a mask are. If science says masks are not needed, those few people still wearing them don’t hurt anybody. (Unless they are belligerent and forcing others to wear them, too. In that case they are assholes. )


I agree with you. I see nothing wrong with wearing a mask when it is not strictly necessary (per CDC advice) if that’s the choice you make. Furthermore, I understand for many is a sign of PTSD, so who am I to judge? Everybody stick to their lane and we’ll get alone fine. I like not wearing a mask and won’t, so long as I am allowed to. But that’s me.


I wonder/worry about the affect of masking on the socialization of the children. Can’t be good for them.


I think part of the problem is that there are people who have always been anti-mask and are anti-vax, but you can't tell them apart from vaccinated people on the street if fewer people are wearing masks. So it's more about not knowing who you can trust that still makes people uneasy.


Although - to be clear - if you are vaccinated, you don't need to worry about people who are unvaccinated. No trust is required. The CDC does not even recommend that vaccinated who are knowingly exposed to COVID quarantine.


My family and I were eating outdoors at a restaurant and had taken our masks off to eat; going by the book according to my county's guidelines on COVID procedures. Pretty soon this guy comes by filming us with his phone in one hand and holding a laminated list of COVID laws from the state or county in the other. He's mumbling some shit about us being anti-maskers and what not. He hangs around for about a minute doing his thing before walking to some other table of people trying to eat. Everyone there was literally going by the current rules and yet we were called out by some guy for somehow not following the rules.


People like this are just completely irrational and bordering on lunacy. The only thing to do is try to ignore them, even though it's hard.


Lol, the self-appointed civilian enforcers crack me up. They’re the hall monitors of the adult world. In the Bay Area I think they’re often banking on people being non-confrontational and just ignoring them and not calling them out, but even as a small woman I take a lot of pleasure in telling them either to fuck off or that they’re being anti-science.


The wanna-be nannies are always been out there. This is just the excuse of a lifetime.


Yeah. I wear a mask full time at my job, at times my ears hurt towards the end of the day. I relish my lunch hour where I can walk outside without a mask. Though the majority of people are still wearing them, but no one seems to go out of their way to avoid me and I try to keep distance when possible.


Look into ear savers. They are amazing. I couldn't do my job without them


I'm surprised honestly. In an area where no one seems to speak up about any number of asshole things that people do on the BART, etc that anyone even has the cajones in the Bay Area to question other people's behavior. Always one of my biggest pet peeves about the Bay is that you could have any number of terrible things being done or happening to someone in public and no one ever does anything except maybe film it with a camera.


Yes, too many think you can't criticize people that do drugs on the sidewalk or break into cars or attack elderly Asians, but uh oh if they see someone without a mask it's the end of the world.


I don’t understand how people can scream “listen to the science!!” last year and now judge people for listening to science.


Because "The Science (tm)" is dogma, while science is a process where you regularly update your conclusions based on new evidence.


Smoke season may settle the debate soon enough unfortunately.


SO. DAMN. TRUE. PH/researcher here. Been out of town for a minute and came back to the bay area and find people SOLO on walks (no one around them) are still wearing masks. I'm not understanding...


I still wear a mask outdoors for solo walks or runs in my area because it helps with my allergies.


Some people genuinely find them comforting. I will probably keep wearing one when I dont feel like having my face exposed on public transit. I like the privacy it provides. Plus it can keep your face warm.


I get sick every time I travel abroad to visit family and ride public transportation over there. I'm keeping the mask in that situation.


Some people who are immunosuppressed wear masks outdoors on the off chance they are near someone (who may or may not have COVID or even some other other contagious cold or flu) and also to help protect from certain fungal agents we have in the soil that can wreak havoc if inhaled. Not trying to imply that everyone you’re worried about is immunosuppressed but it’s useful to keep in mind that some may be.


Fire practice


I wear a mask on my solo walks because I stop by the coffee shop or a store on my way home. It's really because I'm too lazy to keep putting it on and taking it off so I just leave it on.


Yeah I often find that stuffing my mask in my tiny girl-pockets is more of a PITA than just keeping it on until I get home.


Yeah it’s way more of a pain to be putting it on and taking it off multiple times. If I now I’m going to need it again soon I just leave it on. This means sometimes I have it on driving solo in the car between stores and people probably think I’m super weird


Yep, I do the same thing.


Can't speak for anyone else but it seems as though the mask has become a symbol of peace of mind for others so I do tend to wear it outside unless I am exercising. It feels silly and like theater, but then again I wore a tie for years to make other people feel comfortable and I find masks to be more comfortable than that at least. I'll be happy when the wearing of a mask loses its symbolism but until then I'm happy to do it.


>You do not need a mask outside. I dunno If I believe you...it's been hella windly lately and the mask has been keeping my face warm when I go for walks... Real talk though, being fully vaxxed, at this point the weather has more of a say in whether or not I wear a mask outside than the pandemic...


probably keep most of the dust/pollen/smog out too.


Mask has me down to 0% bugs in mouth rate on bike. I want to go without, but do I want bugs in my face? No. No I do not.


I still had a bee fly into my helmet though. I need a head mask


I was banned from Nextdoor from saying this exactly, but in a harsher kinda way. Thank you.


The vaccinated can be outside with no mask unless you're in a large crowd. It's a wonder how some of these people are going to react next Tuesday.


I'm out of the loop, what happens next Tuesday? Edit: [California reopening June 15](https://abc7news.com/june-15-california-gov-newsom-mask-off-reopening/10758410/) Thank you u/tplgigo, we've been nonstop on our business and catch *maybe* 50% of the news. This was a big one for us to miss.


California opens up from COVID with all restrictions gone.


WHOAH! That's Really Big News for me to miss. Thank you!


\*Most restrictions gone


Im pretty sure 99% if californians are out of the loop. The rules are changing every fucking week lol


The UNvavccinated can be outside without masks unless in a crowd, per the CDC.


Its fine. I don't care what unvaccinated people are doing because I'm vaccinated, and so is 75% of the population. The odds of me getting sick despite being vaccinated are minuscule. Car crashes injure and kill far more people than the number of breakthrough cases.


I'm still not sure what I'm going to do after next Tuesday. I'm pretty sure I'll still need to keep a mask handy for the (likely) numerous times some place still expects me to wear one, but it'll clearly just be there to avoid the argument. Whether or not I put it on in absence of some sort of rule or notice, remains to be seen.


I work in a doctor’s office, I am very worried for the crap we’ll be dealing with next Tuesday and on..


Ignore them. That’s how women handle street harassment. If you’re vaccinated you can go maskless outdoors unless you’re in a large crowd.


Facts. Sadly one of the best parts of masks was that fewer strange dudes were telling me to “smile, beautiful” and I could frown or be neutral in peace. But also, some people are gonna comment whether you wear a mask or not. I was cursed at for wearing one in the early pandemic, too, and called a “stupid f*cking sheep” by one of my lovely neighbors. Assholes gonna ass.


Ugh I got the “let’s see that pretty smile” going through TSA in SEA. Of course you have to wear a mask in airports, but TSA makes you take it off momentarily during the ID check, and I guess some agents are gross.


I understand.. My brother in law last weekend said "Did you really believe all that?" I was surprised. Then thought later on.. He was one of the first ones vaccinated in the family. Why would you Vaccinate against something not real..


This has truly been a time to shine for those of us with RBF


My wife told me the same thing. I had no idea that was a thing. It's never crossed my mind to creep somebody out like that.


Yup, it happens more than you’d think! Obviously most men don’t do it, but some dudes decide strange women are their business for god knows what reason.


Its not just women, as a depressed guy I have been told I need to smile and also people get mad if you just ignore them in public but I don’t like talking to strangers on the street. I don’t even like them opening the door for me because then it kinda forces me to interact with them. I just want to mostly be left alone because I hate todays society for the most part.


Ugh yeah I feel this. The mask anonymity was also kind of nice. Sorry to hear about your depression. I hope you’re doing ok all things considered.


UGH the smile beautiful men are the fucking worst. I might continue wearing a mask to just not deal with that anymore.


I have to admit this has been a huge benefit to me as well. Being able to mouth fucker at people without them seeing has also been a benefit. The no sickness and reduced allergies have also been wins. As much as I enjoy going maskless to hike and exercise I also enjoy the mask benefits in public spaces I’m not exercising in


I honesty will continue to wear a mask as long as I can. Got used to it. And frankly I like it. Just think about [https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/06/scale-new-york-police-facial-recognition-revealed/](https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/06/scale-new-york-police-facial-recognition-revealed/) I think we can stretched it to one more year and maybe normalize for people with the cold like in other more civilized countries.


Im asian. We were wearing them before it was cool. Plus as a dude you dont gotta shave.


I thought as an Asian you dont gotta shave? (I'm Asian)


Then you know we have to shave our mustache and gotee once a week and the 15 sparsely placed hairs on our neck and face or else u look like a bum. Oddly enough my younger cousin, also pure chinese, looks like fucking wolverine.


It’s such a smart idea, and a courteous behavior. I wish it would have caught on sooner in the US, and I hope it finally will now!


I started shopping at asian grocery stores more in march of 2020 because I could wear a mask and feel like I fit in. Everyone there was already wearing one.


I think it's generally accepted to walk outside without a mask regardless of vaccination status as long as you're not in a dense crowd. Sometimes I'll pop my mask on if an elderly person or a big group is coming down the sidewalk towards me, but I usually go maskless outside.


Vaccinated or not, science says that it cannot be transmitted while walking by someone. You need to be indoors, for approximately 15 minutes and with a close proximity to someone who has huge viral load. I’m not sure why we need to keep playing this theater anymore.


I honestly just do it to be respectful to elder people or bigger groups if they're already wearing masks. Doesn't hurt me, and they don't have to get stressed out.


> Vaccinated or not, science says that it cannot be transmitted while walking by someone I don't know which study you're referencing but I'm highly doubtful that's what the study says. Specifically the "cannot" portion. I would assume the study says that the likelihood is extremely low (or more likely "we did not see a statistically significant rate of COVID transmission outdoors[...]"). But maybe that's what you actually meant and I'm just being a pedant right now. If so, carry on.


> science says that it cannot be transmitted while walking by someone. link to the study?


Science doesn't "say" anything. That's not how science works. There IS scientific evidence that this is a low probability model of transmission, but this question is far from settled. There's also plenty of scientific evidence that normalizing mask use on general leads to higher compliance with mask use in all situations, including ones that are higher risk. So when you account for the human behavior part of the equation, there is an argument to be made that wearing your mask outside does lower transmission.


Ugly people are conspiring to get the population to always wear masks. /s


Science doesn’t say cannot, just that it’s very unlikely and isn’t a significant risk. I’m not advocating masks in those situations, quite the opposite, but I also think we should be accurate and not speak in absolutes.


Why does it matter if someone is wearing a mask or not? Like there’s reasons they could be wearing it beyond thinking they can actually get/give it outdoors. This is one of those things where people on all sides need to relax. I mostly don’t wear a mask outdoors anymore but don’t bother with thinking about why others do or don’t.


Seriously, I read posts on other social media (not this post, this guy sounds fine!) that are men complaining *bitterly* about strangers having opinions on their bodies and faces and I'm like... yeah dude, welcome to street harassment. Wait until you find out what it's like if you want a say about what's in your uterus.


Lol. Fuck I never thought about it like that. I'm still bitter about that old dude in Half Moon Bay who called me out for not wearing a mask last year seconds after my toddler tore it off my face. I guess I've had it easy all along...


Hey, this is a really kind and reflective response. Thanks for being willing to put yourself in my shoes for a minute. :)


Thanks for making me get a better understanding of how it feels. I knew it sucked, but I never really thought about how it can stick in your head and continue to piss you off and make you feel bad about yourself. I rarely get any street harrasment. I probably remember every instance in my life and there's like 5 of them and they all still piss me off if I think about them. Now to compare that to the number of times women get nasty comments on the streets... The next time I hear someone say "You need to grow thicker skin!" to women I'm likely gonna blow up lol.


> The next time I hear someone say "You need to grow thicker skin!" to women I'm likely gonna blow up lol. yes. be an ally.


Seriously, we need more men like this. Women can't advocate for ourselves against sexist men because sexist men *don't listen to women.*


that feeling of sudden empathy (and that you never thought abt it like that) is you seeing your own privilege. TYL


> men complaining bitterly about strangers having opinions on their bodies and faces and I'm like... yeah dude, welcome to street harassment. My favorite thing about wearing masks is no random dudes telling me to "Smile!" any more. Fuck off, guy. I don't need to smile for your gross ass.


Love how they call it "catcalling" when it's more like "dog barking". "ME ME ME ME LOOK AT ME PAY ATTENTION TO ME ME ME ME PENIS!" - Douche Translation


One of my favorite takes on women being harassed by strangers on the street: https://i.imgur.com/waW96pl.jpg


I never considered in that light. Thanks for the new perspective. We won't give them an ear to listen.


People should mind their own business. Telling someone to wear their mask is futile, and leads to confrontation.


SF is like Paris in that it's an awesome place filled with a high density of the most insufferable people on the planet


Truest thing I’ve read all week


Wow this is a beautiful poem ❤️


SF is at a rate of 80% vaccinations. I think that person is confused and wanting attention.


Some people like to complain/criticize/judge other people in order to feel superior/better about themselves. It's because they're small, insecure cunts.


Make them take BART for a year. That'll fix 'em right up.


72% - single dose for all ages in SF. It's 79% for those >12. https://data.sfgov.org/stories/s/COVID-19-Vaccinations-Progress/7mye-zncy/


My .02 cents, I got yelled at last week for not wearing going down the street... I personally just ignore and keep moving. Not worth potential outcome of a loony going overboard over it. Wear when asked, but outside walking I understand it's not mandatory. Either way not going to fight with someone who could be looking for trouble.


I witnessed some total stranger harass a guy for having his *on* last week. Both ridiculous. I think lots of folks need to relearn how to people (and mind their own business) after the last year


I hope we can normalize wearing of masks when we are sick with a bad cold, or flu. In the future I will wear a mask when I’m sick, and I hope people won’t give me shit for it.


Agreed. I think I will wear a mask when I am sick going forward......but at the same time...if I am sick I am staying home and not really going out in public anyways (except for a potential dr visit).


Consider how many people you walked past who didn’t say anything. Crazy people are in every city


I was shopping in contra Costa yesterday and this homeless guy was walking through a parking lot breaking windows in broad daylight. If we use him as a measure for the Contra Costa community, they are bat shit insane.


It doesn’t matter if you wear a mask or not, people are gonna say something anyway. I was wearing a mask yesterday and two guys coming out of the store told me that I didn’t need a mask. So I told them, “Mind your own business dumbass!”


Sadly it seems not everyone is on the same page. Thanks for the insight.


Just say you have covid next time


I'm gonna go with an extremely chirpy "I know!" and go about my business. We'll see how that goes.


Yup. I use, "It's my right!"


It is like, INSANE insane to harass a stranger on the street in this manner. SF is 90% vaccinated and has zero hospitalizations. People need to get a grip.


Also, who cares what your political affiliation is, that’s just plain bullying BS.


hahaha, that's so san francisco


You're fine: https://sf.gov/information/masks-and-face-coverings-coronavirus-pandemic


Vaccinated people do not need to wear masks outside unless they are in crowds. Unvaccinated people need to wear masks if they cannot maintain 6ft of distance.


im so incredibly sick of the covid seriousness olympics. the same people that made fun of trumpsters for insisting they know more than doctors and scientists are now acting like they know more than doctors and scientists.


I think people *are* taking this seriously, but I also think that California, and the bay area is in a bit of a bubble right now that they were not in pre pandemic. We aren't fully open like many states and areas, but we are quickly moving towards it. We have mixed messaging on the national and state levels, and even on the local levels there are rules that are in effect that will keep people wearing masks or not depending on ***outing*** their vaccination status. On top of all that, there is this real world situation, of Covid still being ***rampant*** in the world at large. A world that pre pandemic actively pursued coming to Silicon Valley. Many still do, and there is no real protection from the virus coming in through those routes again. Add to that, the *scariants*, the unknown vaccination/Covid-19 status of each person you meet, and the whole masks thing. This is our future for now until even more people are vaccinated, and not just here, but everywhere in the world and at all age levels. It isn't that we are all doctors and scientists, it is that we *aren't* and even if we were, the best in the world are still working on their opinion, based on new data, ***all the time***. That is what makes them "the best". We all need to be better, and it starts with respecting each other's right to choose what is best for them and their [tiny bubbles](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t45DKmtzTHo).


>there is no real protection from the virus coming in through those routes again. Yes there is. An 80% fully vaccinated population (projected to be at that point in just a couple weeks) in the bay area is a pretty real protection.


No advice for you but I get called a “Lib-tard” here in Denver when I go out with my mask on. People need to stop.


Some people are just dumbasses


It’s been a weird transition between being required to wear one all the time to not necessary outside. I’m vaccinated, but still wear one because the higher quality masks I use, also keeps my seasonal allergies in control. I will opt to take it off if I’m not near anyone, like at a park bench to dry out the mask. People need to mind their own business if one wears one or not outdoors. Similar to those who sit in blue seats on the bus, do not accuse people they are not disabled, people may have non-visible disabilities.


I was called a Trump supporter once because I told a guy to stop yelling at a bike cop who was doing nothing sitting on a sidewalk. You're 100% fine if you've been vaccinated and don't wear a mask outdoors. I'm tired of virtue signaling morons.


I hate this culture war so much. Outdoor risk was ALWAYS [really low](https://www.microcovid.org/paper/14-research-sources#outdoor). Even without vaccination you could have everyone ignore all the rules outside and it would have barely changed the course of the pandemic at all. But of course, outdoors is where strangers encounter each other and have the opportunity to signal their virtue.


The politicization of identity signals around mask-wearing was never going to be exclusive to the right wing 🙄 "Follow the science" is just a bumper sticker political identity signal for some people.


Follow the science, except when the CDC says masks aren't needed anymore I guess lol


It is odd — I took the mask thing very seriously this whole time and judged anti-maskers as much as the next guy. Exercising in a mask *sucked*, but I did it anyway. But now that I'm fully vaxxed I've been mostly not wearing it outdoors (except in crowded areas just out of courtesy) since that's been the CDC guidance and CA has one of the best vaccination rates in the country. But I seem to be in the minority, which is strange. Why are so many people still wearing masks in outdoor, non-crowded places? Is it just a social norms thing? A gesture of solidarity or some sort of "virtue signaling"? Are they following state guidance as opposed to federal? I considered that maybe people aren't vaccinated yet, but at this point the shot is widely available here and I'd imagine just about anyone that wants it has already gotten it, while the anti-vaxxers never really wore masks in the first place. Those with specific medical conditions that preclude vaccination are a tiny tiny minority. What gives?


just ignore them I’m a bleeding heart liberal and don’t wear a mask unless I have to because I’m vaccinated and not insane


Reply with “vaccinated”


Lol. The mask theatrics now is so bizarre, like the whole point of rushing the vaccine and making free is so we could go back to normal (aka maskless and full occupancy). Something like 60-70% of the at risk population (50+) is vaccinated. Like what point is enough for these dudes?


SF mask rules until June 15th https://sf.gov/information/masks-and-face-coverings-coronavirus-pandemic


Were you trying to overthrow the government at the time?


Earlier in the day I was, but not at the time the interaction occurred.


As one of the dozen republicans in San Francisco whenever this happens to me I go "shit, how'd they know?!" 😅 As others have said OP, technically you were doing the right thing. I still wear my mask outside to avoid Covid Karens shouting at me but you don't have to.


I wonder how many closet Republicans there are in the city.


Well I know both of us.


Your only mistake is in taking that person seriously. They'd be ignorant a _year_ ago if they complained about being maskless and distanced outdoors. The pandemic did a number on pretty much everyone's mental health; out of the 4 or 5 cities that I ended up in over the course of the pandemic, SF seems to have had had the most trouble in that regard (though not without benefit, as the paucity of SF Covid deaths is really miraculous). TLDR: The average person is _really_ stupid and _really_ ignorant, so you shouldn't care what they think in normal circumstances. Add in the understandable mental toll the pandemic has taken on everyone, and that goes quadruple. Just respect other people's wishes in their spaces and be safe in the ways that make sense to you.


People are so locked into their religion.. er, political party, that they see everything as an affront to their moral fiber. It is fucking disgusting. I just ask people why they are so angry? I am so done with the arguments... and I love to argue!


If you’re vaxed, Show them Fauci’s latest tweets and tell ‘em to trust science instead of acting like a trumper.


You're fine. Virtue signaling idiots that can't rub two brain cells together only know how to follow simple directions like "just wear the fucking mask" and have no ability to contextualize, determine nuance, or even read further into the rules and try to make a lowest common denominator example out of you by themselves being idiotic.


Continue using no mask outside when fully vaccinated. Trust the science.


This is a Bay Area thing. It really is a bubble here. Leave here and no one is wearing masks, not even elsewhere in California. Too many here live in a fantasy world that does not have much to do with reality. You disagree with them, you are bad - or worse, a Republican (God forbid). There is no possibility that you could believe something even a little different, even if it is the actual science. That said, if someone wants to continue wearing a mask go ahead, but leave everyone else alone.


I’m really proud of our mask compliance rates over the last year, and I respect anyone who still wants to wear one, but expecting others to wear one at this point is ridiculous. I’m vacationing at the Jersey shore this week and haven’t seen one mask yet. It’s nice.


Horseshoe theory… this is where progressive and regressive meet… ignore em your fine


Lol epic diss in the Bay Area “REPUBLICAN” “Gasp” oh no you didn’t Fight to the death ensues


Hit em back with anti-vaxxer. You can't have a problem with outdoor unmasked unless you deny the science of vaccines.


California hasn't opened fully yet. As far I know it will be on June 15. What I understand from the messing rules is if you are vaccinated, then you don't need the mask, if you aren't then you need to provide a recent test (3 days max) for not wearing the mask. That being said, it still going to be a shit show because both sides turned covid-19 and the mask as a political issue and not a health issue. Both sides will still keep making a show. If you go to a blue area people will look at you for not wearing a mask. If you go red area people will look at you for wearing a mask. I would prefer to everyone mind their own businesses. If someone wears the mask or not, is not my problem.


Just say I’m vaccinated you twat!


I’m following CDC recommendations and don’t wear one when walking my dog anymore. I m not coming close to people, I’m not going into an establishment, or staying static. Luckily, no one has said a thing.


Society is a large ocean liner. Its inertia is difficult to change. Maybe instead of demanding instant compliance with cutting edge science we could all work a bit more on our empathy and compassion.


I don't wear a mask if i'm walking around my neighborhood and no one is around. If someone is walking towards me, I pull up the mask, give them space, and pull it down once they've passed. I only wear masks once i'm in more populated areas (downtown area, parks, places where i'm more likely to run into people more consistently) but that's my choice. ​ I hate the grey area with masks and when it's okay to wear a mask and when it's okay to take it off. People have varying views on what's considered a crowd (is a park considered a crowd? is a busy downtown area considered a crowd? how many people are considered a crowd?) and it causes these dumb spats and name calling. Use your best judgement and ignore the name callers.


I'm the same way. With no one around, mask comes off. If someone is walking towards me on the street, I'll out it on to make them feel more comfortable. I've been vaccinated for a while but , ya know, people.


Same, I’ve been fully vaccinated since end of April but continue to choose to wear a mask in crowded spaces. Totally my choice and if someone is not wearing one, I just give them extra space. June 15th is going to be a shitshow


I seriously think people turned wearing a mask into virtue signaling. The science says that as long as you are vaccinated + aren't in large crowds of people then you don't have to wear a mask. Yet we have people calling others " Republicans" cause they don't wear a mask when their 50 yards from the nearest person. Truly embarrassing.


Respond with a firm “oh fuck off” and go about your day


Some people are just nuttier than a tree full of squirrels prepping for winter. Especially in sf.


Weird, Im vaccinated and live in the east bay and never wear a mask outside unless it’s insanely crowded, and nobody ever says shit.


There's a lot to unpack there... 1. We can wear masks in public if vaccinated. 2. Kinda scary that not wearing a mask is being associated with being a republican 3. Let's all agree it's probably bad to yell at people in public. Myself and other passengers used to be yelled at daily by a homeless woman when exiting the ferry terminal in SF from Alameda... It was horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. 4. It's not bad to be a republican. They have a different view and as Americans we should try to understand and try to sway. Respecting each other is key. It's true a there have been a few bad apples and some are going to prison. Take Jan 6 -- 74m didn't storm the capital 500 or 0.000675%. BLM / ANTIFA burned down my families business... we all have portions of our "tribes" that need to settle down. 5. As we learned recently from Fauci's emails, masks (the cloth kind) don't do anything. He lied. [https://twitter.com/drsimonegold/status/1400580635035643916](https://twitter.com/drsimonegold/status/1400580635035643916) When handling those situations, it's best to ignore them.


Say "yeah, how'd you know?"


My guess, it was more about hating on Republicans than about the mask.


Nothing's wrong being a republican, is there?


SF is just a hub for entitled clowns. Carry on, wayward 💪


Also been vaccinated for 2 months and I continue to wear a mask outside so I’m not mistaken for one lol


Fully vaccinated, I don’t wear a mask outside but do so whenever I go to indoor public establishments. Will have a mask handy even outdoors in case tight spaces etc.


How ✨uniquely✨ San Francisco.


in other news, democrats can be ignorant, too


It is ok to not wear masks outdoors. It is ok to be a Republican too.


who cares. fuck em


The ultimate insult to be called a Republican. Kinda funny. I have always been partial to throwing a tad of Yiddish...much more effective cause I know what it means and they don't.


I just love that “Republican” has become a slur.


You should have told them to get vaccinated


Bad idea to make masks a partisan issue. Taking the mask off feels so good, you don’t want people associating that liberating feeling with right-wing ideas.


I like how republican is an insult lol


Based on published vaccine efficacy results, you do not need a mask if you are fully vaccinated (indoors or outdoors). Requiring masks for fully vaccinated people indoors or outdoors now has nothing to do with science and is purely a matter of policy, virtue signaling, whatever else.


You're fine. It's insane how attached people have gotten to masks. It's like an emotional support cloth for some people.


Wear a fukin mask u Nazi /s Mask becoming partisan is hilarious. I love wearing a mask and not because Im representing democrats lol its cause i dont run in to anybody and have to have that awkward "Hey how are you" bullshyt convo ugh


When someone did this to me, I just yelled back "Shut up, Karen!" They seemed shocked. It was kind of fun, actually.


Liberal dystopia!


Full disclosure, unless I'm indoors or around young children, I stopped masking. My thinking has always been... me not wearing a mask is for my own benefit. Me wearing a mask is for other's benefit. So inherently, not wearing a mask is selfish, and wearing a mask is selfless. I think those attributes more or less sum up the differences between liberals and conservatives; that is, one group tends to think of how something can benefit others while the other focuses on how it can hinder themselves. The people you encountered feel that there is still a benefit, no matter how small it may be, to wearing a mask. While name calling isn't a good idea, that at least explains why this happened. Many people in this thread are commenting that you're right and you should do what you want. But bear in mind that there are reasons to believe that this isn't over. CA's rates are up. Variants are spreading and Fauci even says the variant could be a problem if we don't step up our vaccinations, which are also slowing down. Also, regardless of what you want, the CA rules are still in effect until June 15th. It's soooo close, but its still 6 days away. There's another comment that linked the current CA guidelines - and in my reading, nothing indicates that being vaccinated is enough reason to be without a mask. You didn't indicate how many other people were in the area with you, but my experience is that in the city, it's pretty much crowded wherever you go. You should also bear in mind that in locations like the city, you're going to find a wind gamut of people and cultures. We tend to think of people who aren't vaccinated as anti-vaxers, but the truth is there are many many reasons why, even today, someone may not have been able to get their shot. Some can't afford the time to get it, some have other medical reasons, some aren't old enough. You should still consider the impact that the virus is having on people's lives. Ultimately, you can do whatever you want... I'm just trying to show why some people still feel that there's a good reason to wear a mask.