Imagine if he had range of motion in that suit.


Growing up I always thought his dodge movements during fight sequences were amazing because it seemed like he was taunting them with little movement. Nope. Bro just can’t turn his head. And it’s awesome.




He was wonderful! Batman returns is still my go to Christmas movie!


Look up Michael Keaton in Desperate Measures(1998), he wasn’t huge (neither are most versions of batman), but he had great muscle definition certainly not 'average'


He also did the great Job as The Vulture in Morbius


The drive to school dance where he figures out Peter is Spider-Man is a great scene. Teenagers are terrible at keeping secrets.


Those eyebrows are like 90% of what makes him so great in the role tbh.


While working on Spider-Man, Sam Raimi said that he believed in casting the alter ego, because costuming stunt coordination, special effects, and cinematography can turn your actor into your super hero, but they have to play the alter ego with nothing but their on screen faculties. Keaton did not play the typical Bruce Wayne that we're probably used to now. But he played a Bruce Wayne that was human and approachable and determined. . . and a little bit nuts.


Never know judge a person strictly in looks. Size and stature can be deceiving. There are very dangerous individuals that on first sight don't look like much but are very capable.


My dad worked with former SBS soldiers. Three of them. They were all small statured, didn’t look like much, but were absolutely fucking nails.


Honestly I don’t think Batman should be that tall, he’s a lean ninja-acrobat, I don’t think muscle mass or height helps him as much as just being able to dodge out the way.


He should be a kinda tall, it adds to the intimidation factor. But the Frank Miller tank build is impractical, too big and would get winded easily. The secret identity thing too. A lean to medium build Batman has strength and flexibility.


That's why Batman's size never really mattered to me as long your in shape and not ridiculously short. It's mostly the performance that matters.


Best Live Action batman No contest imo


You hardly need an amazing body when you’re fully clothed or wearing a sculpted suit. The rest is acting, and Michael Keaton is a good actor. Although given his background in comic roles, I don’t remember anybody expecting him to the the face of dark Batman.


Tom Hardy was also average size in height in Dark Knight Rises, but they shot around it.


Michael Keaton is the Sean Connery of the Batman. Noone will be like him.


Bruce Lee had almost no muscle and was skinny AF.


He was lean but he was ripped


Bruce Lee had ton of muscle. He was ripped. He was just very lean.


No muscle? Lee was ripped to the bone. Sure he didn't have a lot of mass but to say he was skinny is absolutely wrong.


Have you never seen Bruce Lee before? This is like saying dogs have wings


Bruce Lee is a seven foot tall Swedish black woman that needs coke bottle eye glass lenses to see. She is currently living in Prague with her full time cat servant Mr Grundle.


Bruce Lee is rolling in his grave right now.


So you don't know what lean muscle is 🥴


Did you mean to say body fat? Because the dude had possibly single digits and a bell of a lot of lean muscle