It was the first time I have work for my own money and that was the first thing I buyed. I hope it was worth

It was the first time I have work for my own money and that was the first thing I buyed. I hope it was worth


I thought it was totally meaningless, I was waiting for it for ages and the end result was just meh.


yeah. This is one of those things that I wonder if it was affected by Geoff Johns leaving this role at DC.


It’s like someone had this idea “Wow what if there’s actually THREE JOKERS not just one!” then they left it alone for ages because it wasn’t that good of an idea and they didn’t know what to do with it, then that shat this noncommittal nonsense out. Not everything can be - or needs to be - The Killing Joke


The *concept* is neat. It explains a lot about the Joker's past behavior, i.e. remember that continuity is supposed to be on a sliding timeline, and the Joker during the silver age was more of a goofy, silly villain, not the murderous sociopath he started out as and became in the bronze and iron age. It seems unlikely that detectives of Bruce and Barbara's caliber wouldn't be able to discern that at various points in time (I think the Batman continuity takes place over 15-20 years now, i.e. Bruce is 40/40ish) the Joker was actually separate people-they're just that good that they would notice tiny changes in vocal inflection, very subtle differences in height, weight, body posture, etc.


The art it's amazing, the story isn't. Read it having in mind that's not canon, as a "What if"


The art from Jason Fabok is always amazing




That’s how I read it not cannon. Also in my head canon Jason Todd is still dead and Barbara can’t walk.


In my headcanon, batman is having a fever dream rn /s


Sexy fever dream where he knocked up Talia Al Ghul…I have a first print of Son of the Demon and that’s like the one Mew 52 modern Batman retcon I’m down with.


It is Canon tho, the only problem is it's placing in continuity, because it was hinted at in Darkseid war so many years ago, just took this long to finally get written


Geoff Johns says it isn't canon, so it isn't canon.


It’s so awful. Honestly the most disappointing batman storyline I’ve probably ever read. The art is very good though


> Honestly the most disappointing batman storyline I’ve probably ever read. Let's not get carried away now. Remember somewhere out there is a batman story where bats calls robin "fucking retarded". Purely for edgy/shock value.


Was that the miller Boy Wonder?


That's the one


That was…an interesting read to say the least. I don’t hate it as he established pretty well that Batman is a fascist in hos universe so 🤷


Crazy Steve!


Right, but that allstar batman and robin was actually interesting (not necessarily “good”). Im just disapointed that Lee and Miller didnt get a chance to finish it


Yeah but All Star is at least so insane that it's a comedy. Plus it has that Green Lantern scene which is awesome. The only redeeming part of this book is the art.


Overhyped, I might grant you, but I can think of far more disappointing Batman stories than this.


Dark Knight Strikes Again, for instance.


I have to admit I have a soft spot for that series. I appreciate that it wasn't sitting on its laurels and tried to do something balls to the wall and different, respecting DKR's legacy that way. It was also my first introduction to some characters in the DCU I've grown to love, like Captain Marvel, The Question and Wonder Woman. The twist at the end with Joker was some bullshit though.


Honestly I... don't even remember Joker being in DK2. I just feel like DKR didn't need a sequel, so if they were gonna make one then it needed to be something amazing to justify it. And obviously art is subjective but DK2's is awful IMO (maybe it would be more tolerable without the awful colouring). At least All-star Batman and Robin was nice to look at. I kinda liked what they did with Captain Marvel though, so I'll give you that. Edit: oh yeah, also Lex Luthor and frog Brainiac were... something


It was years before they paid it off, the story was weak with no lasting payoff (or resonance to past stories) and they shoehorned in a Jason Todd/barbera Gordon missed romance which being called cliche would be generous.


Yes this was the only thing i thought should have been omitted, unless they had expanded. I feel it should have been a little longer


What modern Batman storyline can you recommend to me? I am eager to read more


Court of owls/city of owls/death of the family is probably the best. I also enjoyed Batman/Flash The Button and Doomsday Clock if you enjoy The Watchmen crossing over


Death of the Family was messed up. 10/10 would recommend.


White knight


The Court of Owls is really good, but I would recommend reading Post-Crisis Batman stories


Creature of the Night if you like it dark, Batman Universe if you like it super-heroey


Batman Odyssey would like a moment of your time.


honestly, i liked it. i liked having all three versions of the joker come together and face the batman and the mystery of who's the real joker. op, it's worth your money. give it a read.


The art is beautiful, the story... not so much, at least for me. It’s a pity. But who knows, maybe you’ll like it.


It’s a solid read man, I’m still not sure wether it’s earth 0 or not but it’s a good book


> I’m still not sure wether it’s earth 0 Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I think DC has moved into this area where they just tell stories and decide after the fact if they're "canon"/earth 0 or not depending on how popular they are. I think they even explicitly said this is the case with the Three Jokers, I remember Johns did an interview or something and was asked about it and kind of handwaved it away as "Well we'll see what the readers think of it"


The optimist in me thinks that's a good thing. The 2000's era dc was starting to get pretty dense with canonical references to the point where it could get overwhelming even if you knew all the main characters and their backstories. This approach is probably less restrictive for writers and takes a lot of pressure off just knowing not every word you write is going to potentially define superman for decades. And you can kill people without having to come up with some clunky resurrection storyline that eats up half an issue at best.


It has some benefits for sure, but it also takes some of the weight out of a story when you don't know if the events are really going to impact the characters you love or not. It kind of gives it this "it was all a dream!" vibe if the big important moments end up being non-canonical. Like in regards to the three jokers, >!Jason killing a joker!< is a *big fucking deal* and would have a major impact on his and Bruce's relationship... but I guess we're just gonna wait and see if that impact is real. Or worse, they just won't address it for five years then some writer will decide to canonize it by referencing it in a bit of dialogue or something. But you're right that DC has always kind of made a huge mess out of its continuity, so maybe it's the right path for them.


True, though when someone dies in a more canon oriented universe, I always just assume they'll be back in a couple years


I agree


Oh right, I don’t actually think that’s a bad thing. But I guess it was slightly easier when they used to label them elseworlds. I guess it limits them less and can inspire more creativity from writers. Black label have doing a lot of that and I’ve been loving 95% of the books from that label.


I bough all 3 original issues


Such a disappointment of a story


Bought not buyed


I think I need to practice my English again


I remember the first time I had to work for my own money. I was so sore after but he left me a great tip.


\*worked, because its past tense \*first thing I bought


Sorry for any dumb mistakes and thank you for your correction


Don't be a dick. We already have enough of them in the world. You know what OP is trying to say. We're all here because we enjoy Batman and the universe around the character. OP, congrats on your score! I haven't read this but I hope you enjoy it. Please report back on how it is.


I will give you a feedback soon as I can


Saying "Hey stupid, learn to spell", would be being a dick. Pointing out mistakes isn't. Sometimes people are willing to learn and improve, especially if English isn't their first language.


If no one is ever corrected, then they will continue to be wrong. OP clearly didn’t have a problem with it so neither should you.


if you don't help people then you're the one being a dick


Worth *it* or *while.* I'm guess English is not OP's first language so let's cut them some slack.


Worth it


Oh that is a very good purchase. Enjoy :)




This might come of as a fucked up racist remark, but please don’t take it like that. I would make your next purchase duolingo, just because if you’re going to write in American English or speak American English, you’re going to make your life much easier if you learn it properly. Ow don’t take this as a racist thing please, I’m not saying your dumb or anything, you speak English much better than I speak a second language. English, especially American English is very difficult to learn. The fact that you communicate to the point that people understand what you mean is a great accomplishment, I hope you continue to broaden your education, you can never learn enough. And that goes double for learning a new language, there’s few things as frustrating as not being able to communicate with someone


You know what you are right. I will practice more my English now with doulingo. And you don’t need worry that you have said something racist. You just want to help and that’s great


Thank you


What makes you think he’s learning American English and not, regular English?


That’s a fair enough question. It’s really just an assumption on my part. I know I shouldn’t make assumptions, but I thought Batman is more of an American Brand. Most of his stories take place in America and the majority of his writers are American. Had this been about Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Who, I would have assumed they were more interested in learning the Queens English.


That’s kinda ridiculous tbh. Yes Batman is an American owned character but most pop culture stuff is American. I mean I’m Australian for god’s sake lol. Even so surely most Americans would still just refer to their own language as English. Surely there’s no American who refers to the US version of the Office as “The Office US”.


Actually a lot of people refer to it as The US Office, and whenever people I know talk about the original, we call it “The British Version”. And loads of people say “The Queens English”. It could be a territory type thing though. What goes for one place doesn’t necessarily go for another. Hell in America, almost no regions call sandwiches they same thing. They’re referred to as “wedges” “heroes” “grinders” “subs” “hoagies” etc. And that goes for a lot of other stuff, New York Pizza, Chicago Style Pizza, Canadian Bacon (ham), Football (soccer). The list goes on and on


Really? Even here I always hear it referred to simply as “the office” while the UK versions the “The Office UK”.


Well I’m not gonna put down the ways of another culture, but as I said, things are different place to place. In Northern Australia, do they refer to somethings differently then they do in Southern Australia, or Western? If they don’t, that’s just another difference based on geography.


I’m referencing to the fact that people refer to their normalised things in the simplest forms based on familiarity. I’m not just talking about people I know who’ve spoken about it but people in general on the internet. Most of whom I’ve heard from are American. The Office US is the more popular version so when people talk about The Office they’re likely talking about the US version. As for the Inbetweeners, the UK one is far more liked than the US one so it’s “The Inbetweeners” and “The Inbetweeners US” to most people. There’s also plenty of reality shows that have different versions for different countries. When Australian people talk about The Bachelor, they’re referring to the Australian one because that’s the relevant one to the region. Americans would refer to the US one because again that’s the more likely one someone would be referring to. That’s all. So when you say “things are different place to place” that‘s exactly what I was talking about.


Lol fair enough


No one in the US says US office we just say the best television show of all time and people tend to know wassup


That would be Breaking Bad or South Park sir, everyone has their personal favorites, there’s nothing wrong with yours, but I’ll be damned if you choose mine.


Breaking Bad would be my top full length show too and South Park of course gotta be among my top comedies as well I’m bout to go watch some SP tonight matter of fact good looks on the reminder


I haven’t read it yet but I plan to. Beautiful art. I’ve got quite a few framed comics just cuz the covers were so beautiful. Some are valuable, some aren’t.


Hi! Does anyone know if this is on DC Infinite? I looked the other day, but I might have missed it.


Word to the wise, the library's graphic novel section will potentially save you hundred of dollars. Happy reading!


Super fun read. I never understood why people dislike it so much, probably because of that old expression: ‘people hate change’. You can’t please everyone


You will love it


whether you like it or not, its always special to buy something with your own earned money for the first time. I spent my first payment in a Playstation 2... like 18 years ago. I feel old. Congratulations and enjoy the book!


Why does the third one remind me of Rob McElhenny???


It was mediocre. No real reason for this to exist.


Wait, so it's not canon for the mainstream DCU?


Not really, no.


Bro I say as long as you're happy with the purchase of your ow money, it's ALWAYS worth it. ALWAYS


So was there three jokers? This story was teased for so long I lost track of it


Loved the art but story was so so... Still nice novel and hope that You will afford Yourself many more.


You’ll never forget the first thing you buy with your salary enjoy mate!


Yep. Art superb, story mostly absurd.


Nothing more satisfying than buying something with your own money for the first time! Congrats!


Worked* Bought*


Hella worth, lotta cool shit in this book




You know I'd honestly say yes. The story is fine but I love this book for the brilliant character moments it has. Also a lot of people hate the ending but I think it's great (most of the ending anyway). Tbh I really don't understand why people hate it so much I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not perfect but I'm glad I read it. I will say that it was almost definitely overhyped but with a pitch like this how could it not be?


The book sucks, art is great though.


It is, in my opinion! Just finished it last night, and I really enjoyed this story, hope you feel the same






I enjoyed it and was heartbroken at the end.


Good choice.


Good first buy.


Pretty decent, hope for an absolute edition one day.