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some team out of left field may get him. Welcome to Baltimore, Aaron!


Not with the Baltimore wall


No, it's part of the deal. They are lowering it and bringing it in.


Anyone good at photoshop? Can't imagine that stadium without the infamous wall


"We are negotiating hard...but the Phillies just screwed $50M out from us by giving $300M to Trea Turner."


Judge was always gonna get more than $300 million


I agree. But I said a 10 year, $380M was in Judge's range and people blasted me for it lol


I still think 10 years is more than he will get. That will put him past 40. Before treas signing 8 year was expect. Now I think he gets 9. Probably something like 9 years $330-340


I'm leaning towards either 8 years, $42M AAV or 9 years, $38-40M AAV.


I don’t think he gets over $40mil AAV. Pitchers almost always make more in AAV. I think $40 is the absolute max for AAV unless he did a short term. If he got $40mil+ AAV it would mean the Yankees were insanely desperate


Judge is also like 2 years older than Turner


But he’s a lot better


Dont you talk about my new SS that way


Turner is great, but judge just had the best season since 2004 bonds


So give him 9 years, $380M lol because someone is going to offer something in the range of 8 years, $336M / 9 years, $378M / 10 years, $420M to have MVP Judge for the next four or so seasons. Obviously the $420M won't happen, but that's just 10 years with $42M AAV.


Looks like giants may both have higher AAV and years on the contract.. won’t be surprised if judge is holding a 9 year 360 million contract in hand.. why give Yankees a chance to match it when their first offer was so useless in comparison


…says who?


KatyPerrysBootyHole and WetButt23


Everything the Yankees have said over the last week or so makes it seem like they are not very confident Judge will be coming back. They've sounded kinda sad tbh.


The little guy will never get ahead in this country I tell ya what


I don’t think the Yankees’ public comments have any meaning in particular


Yankees also kinda sounded like this with Cole tbh


I'm thinking he takes 400 over 10. In San Fran.


Honestly Trea was always gonna get $300 million too


They should probably go handle that in the bathroom or something before negotiating any further. Some post-nut clarity might really help the negotiations move along


Can't tell if signing Verlander is a post-nut or 3 seconds pre-nut decision


It’s getting dumped by your longtime SO and immediately going to the club and picking up a cougar. Even if they’re hot, it feels wrong


“Is that a gram?”


I’ll be honest, I got no idea what this could possibly mean in the context of what I said, I’ve been trying to figure it out since you said it but I’m stumped


It’s from *American Psycho* where they all do coke in the bathroom. Probably should have put quotations around it. My bad.


You know, I probably should have at least figured coke lmao thank you


> “I can tell you that we are negotiating hard,” Cashman said. “Hal Steinbrenner has been very public. Privately in the conversations, I can tell you Hal is putting his money where his mouth is. He told our fanbase he’s going to make every effort to sign this player. It doesn’t guarantee anything. >“There’s competition. Who they are and how many, I couldn’t tell you. How much, I couldn’t tell you. I just know we’re putting our best foot forward. We have a lot to offer, both financially and as well as the culture and what we do on a consistent basis. He’s a big part of this team currently. We hope it remains that way.”


Well they better, Cashman didn’t sound like he had a plan B. It’s probably sign him, or rebuild. He had one of the more historic offensive seasons, not sure if they are playoff caliber without him, especially with how poorly the rest of the team was hitting down the stretch.


I think the Bronx getting hit by a meteorite is more likely than a rebuild


We went through a pretty big rebuild in 2017. It was a pretty quick turnaround and we would’ve made the World Series if the cheaters didn’t cheat


Negotiate so hard, mfers wanna sign me!


That shit cray


if he goes to the mets, heads will explode.


Can confirm my head will explode ... with joy.


This is all just show. He's coming back to NY no doubt about it.




The yankees didnt win when judge was cheap then what makes people think they will win when he is getting 38 million a year? The yankees are better off spreading that money around


That 38 million will basically cost a SS and a good reliever. Less than that if you wanna reset. But if you’re set on resetting you might as well rebuild.


Correa and rodon make a bigger difference than judge alone


Fuck Correa


Imagine if a random FA OF like Haniger has a better 2023 season than Judge


At this point, I think he's gone


I agree, I think he is going to the Giants.


What an all time fuck up if that's what ends up happening. The guy breaks your home run record and then you lose him a couple months later. That's firing material for a GM.


With all this noise about how hard the Yankees are trying I feel like they know they won't get him. I'd imagine they wished they offered more last year.


We are negotiating hard but get yourself ready to be disappointed, Yankees fans.