Pretty wide gap between talent level and contract expectations there. Also why is Jerry so obsessed with keeping JP Crawford at short? I will never understand.


Everything he’s said this offseason is that they are happy to keep JP at shortstop but that won’t be the reason they don’t bring in another. He’s trying to get a shortstop, but the reality is it’s not a given that one of the top tier guys wants to be here so there’s no point in publicly saying you want to move JP until you have to.


He will move him over to second if we get someone new, he’s committed at least now due to his contract extension.


I would hope so. I mean he is a pretty elite defender but him and turner are a coinflip and if Turner only wants to sign a contract to play short well move on over crawford. Just kind limits the market when they are so insistent on moving top tier SS candidates to 2B.


the situation you described is one that jerry said they would move jp over for. jp signed his contract as a shortstop, it’s what he wants to do, but he is willing to move if absolutely necessary. dipoto wants to honor this and is not treating it as a non-factor, but if the right guy wants to come and he only wants to play shortstop, jp will move.


I honestly think it was a strategic thing last year. they knew they weren’t gonna get a big ticket SS last year (Bryant/Semien we’re best fits) and they really want to build their culture as a program that takes care of its players (Seahawks style).


Galaxy brain dipoto: “dude… what if we actually had TWO Genos in the infield” His eyes narrow as he starts googling “did geno smith ever experiment with Bo-ism in college or anything”


> Also why is Jerry so obsessed with keeping JP Crawford at short? I will never understand. He probably remembers [this](https://youtube.com/shorts/LPTHBTxZosQ?feature=share) as well as I do and frames his entire knowledge of JP's defense around it dreaming of it becoming an everyday occurrence


With the big signings of Julio, Ray, and Castillo it appears as though ownership is finally willing to push the chips on the table


So stoked for you guys. I’m glad our two franchises owners are willing to spend. I hope to see a vedder cup WS someday.


I'm jealous.


I’ll be honest, I don’t get this meme


imagine if they go through all of this just to bring back Jean Segura


I like Jerry but his ego would never allow that.


I don't think we want to bring back a dude who literally got into a fight with Dee Strange-Gordon lmao.


Idk I don’t think that’s as big of a deal as we make it online. For all we know they totally made up


Good to see the Ms willing to go all in


Turner has repeatedly said he wants to return to the east coast. Think it will take a significantly better offer to keep him on the west coast. That said Mariners should go all in. Get one of the other ones.


Used a lot of characters to just say "they're interested in everyone"


I want to re-sign Trea, but I wouldn’t be too mad if he went to Seattle.


His east coast desire seems very real. Obviously Seattle is as far from Florida as you can get.




The stove has been plugged in


Cool so the Mariners will finish like 7 8 games back of the Astros now!


Low-effort meme; downvoting