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I forgot this guy exists tbh


Good comparison to KB is David Wright in terms of per injuries


I guess I haven’t been paying attention to him. Was he hurt for a while?


Yep. Only appeared in 42 games.


26 of those were at Coors though. Still unbelievable that he couldn't hit just 1 home run in 26 games there.


He still hit for a .323/.387/.374/.761 line at home. Small enough sample size that it’s likely just luck/variability. 5 HRs in 16 away games and a .996 OPS. It’s not like he’s washed.


No one said he was washed. It's just unbelievable that someone as talented as him didn't hit a home run at Coors Fucking Field in 26 games there, you could make contact with a pitch on a check swing at Coors and it'll almost leave the ballpark.


His power has always been wildly streaky. He’d go 30 games without a HR and then hit 8 in a two week span. I don’t remember specifics and I’m too drunk to google it but I think he went like 30 games into his career before his first HR. I still remember it too, it was a rocket in Milwaukee


.374 slg on a .323 avg at Coors is insane.


He was doing a weird Tapia impression in April, lots of liners and singles. Clearly playing injured in hindsight, the few weeks he wasn't injured were mostly on the road (where he _did_ pick up some homers)


Man Tapia hit a monster home run vs Rangers in Texas of all places a couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful.


Yeah dude is straight ass. It’s funny that people put him in the tier with Nolan. Most fraudulent mvp in baseball history


I was glad the Jays never signed him at the time while simultaneously confused that the Rox signed him.