Mama mia. How do they determine eligibility for this? I never would have guessed Fletcher was Italian lmao


basically, it's just do you have Italian ancestry? if yes you are eligible


That's basically the criteria for getting Italian citizenship, so it's pretty fitting. "Oh, you have a great-grandfather from a tiny village in Puglia? Here's a passport!"


I’m in the process of getting my Italian citizenship at the moment, and I wish it was this easy. Lots of odd little quirks and details you have to prove along the way.


I would love to do this when I'm a little more settled in life. Though I know someone who has been in the process of getting their Italian citizenship for several years now.


We used an agency to help us. Expensive, but I feel well worth it. Whole process from start to finish should take us about a year.


I guess this means that the Yankees are going to be sending most of their roster lmao.


Huh, when you put it that way I guess having a job in the Bronx is pretty much Italian heritage.


I mean they toss pizzas in Italy not 4-seamers. What can we really expect?


Oof. Why even call it team Italy? Just call it the Italian-American team. Maybe they could try to field a national team? They'd be bad probably but this is kind of ridiculous.


They’re just trying to introduce the game outside the hubs it’s already thriving in. Team USA already looks like an all star weekend roster, and it kinda ruins the whole spirit of the thing if you have billions of dollars worth of world class athletes playing against a bunch of paesans off the street.


[Here are the eligibility rules for the WBC](https://imgur.com/a/p8lwOin) It varies a ton from country to country since every country has different citizenship/passport eligibility laws. Italian citizenship is very lenient. Essentially find anyone through your paternal line that was from Italy and you’re good haha (jus sanguinis). Other countries, for example the Netherlands, have much more strict citizenship laws. You must either be from The Kingdom of the Netherlands, or your parents must have been citizens at the time of your birth. So players in the MLB who have Dutch grandparents or great grandparents do not qualify.


Anyone who’s ever eaten pizza is eligible to join Team Italy.


Is it grandparents or parents have to be Italian or can you go farther back?


For Italian citizenship, there’s really no limit to how many generations.


My great grandpa is Sicilian, so I’m in. Although, my other great grandpa was from Ireland. But my great grandma was from France. Idk what to do


A single grandfather (or great-grandfather) is enough. As long as you can provide documentation that proves where he was born and that you're related, you're good.


If it goes back a ways (pre-1948), it has to be paternal. Women don’t count in lineage before 1948. And along the way, no one has to have renounced their Italian citizenship by choice (not birth) - meaning your ancestor could not have become an American citizen (or citizen of any other country) before their next decedent in line was born. For example, if your grandfather was born in Italy, and your father in the United States, you would qualify for citizenship as long as your grandfather didn’t become an American citizen BEFORE your father was born.


Was about to say, I'm sure learning a lot about players' descendants during this time lol.


They look at your text history and if you use 🤌🏽 enough times you're in.


Let's just say Jake Arrieta may play for Puerto Rico and leave it at that


Had no idea Fletcher was Italian


Piazza said his mother was born in Italy, and apparently David speaks fluent Italian


Dude can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 90 seconds, play elite defense, hit pitches a foot out the zone, and speak Italian? Is there anything David Fletcher can’t do?


He’s also good at poker and escape rooms


It's so random, that it actually sounds legit. I honestly can't tell. 😂


His wife said once in an interview that they go to escape rooms together during the off days. He also participates in quite a lot of poker tournaments. I think I saw him in one of those celebrity poker games on Youtube live lol


I think there was an interview at some point where he said he was the clubhouse Smash champion. Bonus: Apparently Shohei is the best Clash Royale player, if I remember right


All you have to do to be the best clash Royale player is spend the most money.


I'm 11% Eyetalian on Saturday evenings. I wonder if I qualify. On a more serious note: I've been following the Angels for a year and this has never been brought up before. Kinda wild.


Romano will be useful for the 0 times Italy will have a lead in late games.


He's going to be the shortstop.




This post taught me that Piazza is managing Team Italy. Very nice.


Same. I wonder if Nimmo will play for them again. I can’t find any news on it.


If Nimmo is actually Italian, then I’m the archduke of the Ottoman Empire.


It’s kind of silly. But he did play for them last time.


Impressive. Very nice. Announce Rizzo and Gallo


Can’t wait to see the Ohtani Vs Fletcher matchup!


Romano not playing for team Canada is a tragedy. What a terrible day for Canada, and therefore, of course the world (except for Italy).


Nice to see the Angels representing in the WBC! Also, I didn’t know Piazza was Italy’s manager. Pretty cool!


Trout, Ohtani, and Fletcher, all three Angels MVPs confirmed for the WBC


Sleeping on Rendon smh /s


Just wait until Texas enters in as a separate country, then Rendon will get the call up too


Fletch is Italian?!?


None one knew apparently, but no one is more surprised than David Fletcher himself.


He’s apparently pretty close to fluent in Italian


I don’t think ordering the tour of Italy off the Olive Garden menu really counts as fluent.


Confirmed that Fletchers real family name is Fletcherini.


If we only could go back in time. I would love having Honus Wagner, Lou Gehrig and both Cal Ripken an the german WBC.


And Babe Ruth, and Bob Feller, and Gary Carter, and Bill Dahlen, and...


And their coach, the one and only. Ahem.




[I never miss an opportunity to post my favorite Team Italy gif](https://sports.cbsimg.net/images/visual/whatshot/ItalyWBC.gif)


David fletcher propaganda love to see it


This is so ridiculous. I love Trey but Jesus Christ the dude is from Florida. Romano is a Canadian. This is like the guys who think they are just as Irish as actual ethnically Irish people in Ireland except they have one Irish grandparent and live in Des Moines .


I get where you’re coming from, but I think this is actually good for the game. It allows for these lesser good nations to actually have somewhat of a fighting chance in the tournament, which can in turn grow the game in said country if they do have a deep run.


as someone whose entire family is from south philly and are of irish ancestry, i would fuckin love to play for ireland if i was in this position lmao


I was born in the United States, but have always felt both Italian and American growing up. As an adult, I have very strong connections to both countries. I love baseball, and English is my first language, but culturally I’ve always felt closer to Italy than most of the rest of the United States. I can’t speak for these actual players, but I know personally I’d be comfortable living in either country, and if I were a top level athlete, representing either in my sport. I know it’s the same for a lot of first and second generation Italian-Americans where I grew up. The link to Italy was still quite strong. Was a same for a lot of my friends whose parents were from South America. I grew up in an area largely made up of immigrant families. First question you always asked when you met someone was “What are you?”. And you answered with the nationality of your parents/grandparents. That’s how you identified yourself first and foremost.


That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.


I think it's cool. These guys probably wouldn't make the cut on the USA team (at least not as starters). Gives them a chance to play in the tournament and increases the talent level overall so we won't have teams that have 0 chance to at least make games competitive.


Wtf Romano


Oh boy. More Americans representing other countries they aren't from. A guy named **David Owen Fletcher**, born and raised in California, is representing Italy. I'm not sure how you guys don't see that as obnoxious and demeaning to actual full blown Italian players who can't make the cut because American players, born and raised in America, take up the spots to represent them and their country. One which they've probably never even stepped foot in. This is an American team with a different label. Remember Team Israel's "miracle run" at the WBC that got alot of buzz a few years ago? It had only one Israeli player on it. So very impressive. Imagine having an indiginous people's team, but its represented by nothing but pasty 1/16th Cherokee white people.


What too much diversity does to a mfer


There's diversity and then there is representing something you have zero affiliation with.


David fletcher is fluent in Italian and his mother is Italian. Delete ur comment buddy u look like a clown. America is a country built on immigrants and diversity lmao no clue what ur point is. The WBC is an international tournament it’s good for the sport to give countries more of an opportunity to compete. Nobody wants to see one or two teams steamroll the tourney


Jordan Romano is not American and he could walk onto the Canadian roster with ease if he wanted. He is still choosing to play for Italy because he wants to help out the team and feels loyalty to them. Has nothing to do with not being able to make the cut on his expected team. Trey Mancini could also probably make the American team.


TIL that Fletch is italian wow


Piazza gonna go off on someone like he did with his soccer team.


Are minor leaguers eligible? Fletch's little bro plays in the DBacks system so he would meet the criteria I suppose


Vinnie Paz gotta join