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This thread is being left up because it’s relevant content but locked because these Aaron Judge home run threads truly turn out the exact same. Call him MVP unless Ohtani says otherwise. And a reminder that the pitchers all had to choose to pitch to him to be able to give him home runs, same as everybody else.


Turning mod posts about vaccine thread locks into pasta is peak r/baseball


👌 we got good cooks in here


Now THIS is content


absolute gourmet pasta here


Fantastic use of the mod post




oh my god


I don’t think I’ll ever get over how deep that left field wall is. It’s insane. That thing was 456 feet down the line and it looks like it barely got out.


They already announced that the wall is being moved back to 460 feet for their next series.


Won’t work he will just hit it 500ft.


I think that’s how evolution works


Thank you DJ, very cool


He’s as strong as he needs to be in the moment


then just get rid of the wall.


384 like 25 feet right of the pole


It’s was a bit deceiving because it hit off of the facing of the second deck and deflected straight down.


Hitting it to the concourse alone is usually 430-440 feet. And then this one was a bit beyond that. So 453 makes sense


It hit the second deck lol


I’d imagine they’re gonna have to make some adjustments in the off season. They went a little too deep with the wall.


I actually assumed our ridiculous stable of lefty minor league bats was intentionally timed with this


Yeah they are not about to drop more money into moving the wall forward right away.


It’s going to massively hurt them in recruiting righty free agent bats in the future. Not that they spend anything on free agents right now but if the team is sold or Angelos let’s his family run the team it could hurt them. Not only is it pushed stupidly far back, whoever designed it is just hoping a player runs into the side of the wall.


The idea was to actually help the Orioles recruit free agent pitchers.


Of course, but how many pitchers are going to be signing there that are top pitchers. They already don’t spend money, it would be cheaper to get decent FA bats than spend the same on average pitchers.


Homie, our payroll was $190 million in 2017. Crazy thought, we may approach that again someday


Yeah… That’s forever ago in baseball terms homie.


I know, it covers the length of the rebuild. As has been said so many times on this sub, when the orioles are trying to compete they spend big money. Often recklessly. See Belle, Jimenez, Baez, Davis…


Maybe they think their farm will produce more bats than pitchers


They do have a habit of ruining pitchers, but it still makes no sense and the design was done by a donkey.


Dude that ball was way out.


Ended up hitting the second deck, which is really impressive


Especially in a division where they have the smallest field in baseball.


It is insane. They took away 2/3rds of the lower deck it seems


It’s crazy. 384 feet just to the right of the foul pole and the wall is a million feet high too


he’s actually gonna hit 60 this season isnt he


The AL home run record is still just 61...


It's also the clean MLB record


Maris was juicing for sure.


He was eating nasty burnt eggs and bacon


Bob, do you have to clip your toenails when I'm eating my breakfast?


i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about Maris. u wouldnt say this shit to him at the ice cream parlor, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol.


Pretty sure Maris record also have an asterisk


The asterisk was out there because he did it the year they expanded the season, but only in the American League. Unless you’re implying he was on the juice back in 1961?


Could you even juice in 1961, no i was implying that the public put a asterisk because he took him more game than Babe.


Yes you could. Steroid abuse in sports started in the 50s.


There was a chance it didn’t work and ended up with you sick and missing a few games. He was almost guaranteed to be on amphetamines though.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doping_in_baseball?wprov=sfla1 Read "historical usage"


Only because his season was longer than Ruth's but he didn't cheat


yep other 60+ guys are all drug addicts. should ban bonds.




I watched ‘61 again during the off-season and it’s one of my favorite baseball movies. I really want Judge to get that record.


You’re the reason why he’s on this pace. You manifested it


It’s based on a true story


He's on pace for 62 currently.


All off the Orioles, yea


Yeah... Let's just not pitch to him next series


They should have just walked him there with a base open. But Hyde froze and hung his pitcher out to dry. Dumb. So very dumb.


That’s fine, boost his OBP. then


That's a sacrifice I'm personally willing to make


And one I’m willing to give


Big man hits big dongs


*Kylo Ren voice* MORE


Holy shit he might break the AL record


I didn’t wake up today thinking about Judge but I’ll think about him a few more times before I go to bed.


See a doctor if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours


When he hits an oppo next year at Yankee Stadium as a visitor.


Does Baltimore have the money to sign him? Legit curious, not a facetious query


Any team has the money. Only a few will actually spend it though.


Their salary is low if that's what you mean.


You and I both.


Why don't the Orioles just move the left field wall by uhhh another 40 feet?


that won’t stop him






Already know what it is before clicking yet I still laugh every tjme


Just 3 more games.


We aren't even playing well right now lol


Oh, I’m well aware of that.


I do enjoy that our flop period has us with a 12 game lead as the Rays struggle with the Royals.


Perfect timing on the call


“F that wall” - judge


"How come every time us Orioles move back our shitty wall, stupid Aaron Judge come and hit it over?"


The fact that a 450ft monster shot just barley cleared that wall shows just how overkill that thing is lmao Edit: the bad resolution on this replay didn’t clearly show it deflecting off the second deck.


It bounced off the second deck


I’m still waiting for someone to actually hit it into the second deck.


That's happened a handful of times already. Hays did it earlier this season IN THE RAIN against (I think) the Yankees in the game he had the cycle. Before that, Machado, Schoop, and Mark Reynolds had all done it, but it doesn't happen often. I think JP Arencibia got one up there at one point somehow though


I will gladly take links, I wanna see it!


Huh? It bounced off the second deck and came down.


I just watch the replay on MLB.com and yeah, you’re right. The bad resolution on this replay made it hard to see that.


Aaron Judge


Tiger Woods. LeBron James. Michael Jordan. Aaron Judge.




Ohtani isn’t MVP


I’m just glad there’s a good race. More good players is better for the sport.


Judge is back on a heater and Ohtani had a bad start, but the fact that he pitches gives him a big leg up and opportunity to come back. If Ohtani pitches two more gems in a row and goes on a heater, that'll overtake Judge being hot alone.


Well easy solution. Judge has to start pitching too.


I'm here for it. He cannot be worse than Greene or worse than Jameson has been over the last month or so.


The award is not called The Most Freaky Talented Player.


One terrible Ohtani start because he was left in for too long and a ridiculous hot streak by Judge have reversed the MVP conversation back to Judge's favor.


Why the fuck did they leave him in that long like it was my team benefitting and I was still shouting at the TV take him out lol


Two words Phil Nevin


We know a thing or two ‘cause we’ve seen a thing or two.


Phil Nevin, Yankee sleeper agent.


It wasn't a terrible start, it was a downright incredible start that was heavily tainted with a terrible inning, which was entirely on Nevin being clueless and not at all on Ohtani. But if we're talking the conversation shifting, all it takes is another stellar, 10+ K start, something Ohtani has more of than any other pitcher in the MLB, and he's right back in the lead. Judge has a lot less leeway than Ohtani does by default. Everyone is saying he needs 60 to win. I agree. But that's a tough number to reach. Ohtani keeps doing what he's doing, makes sure that last start was an anomaly and he's almost definitely taking it home regardless of what his final numbers are. It's just the way it is. And I said he takes back the lead earlier, but I'm personally not convinced he's lost it. One great week by one guy and a slip up on one day by another doesn't define a season. Fans will be reactionary as always, looking for any opportunity to jump on the other candidate, but since June 9th, not including today (because the stats haven't updated yet), Ohtani has absolutely been better still. Better wRC+ at the plate, and of course the overall stellar pitching. It hasn't been close. I don't personally think that one week changes that turn of the tide that had Ohtani taking the lead in the first place. I just don't.


Saying that inning is not at all on Ohtani is a bit of a stretch


I said that the inning being terrible was entirely on Nevin. The first home run ruined the shutout and hitless streak but it was still just two runs. Not terrible. As soon as he walked the first guy and gave up that first home run, with both at-bats showing that he had clearly lost command, he should have been taken out. That's all on Nevin. He was clearly tiring and a smarter manager would have seen it right away. Everything after the homer was on the manager not doing his job. Ohtani clearly wanted to stay in but sometimes you need to rescue players from themselves. Nevin hung him out to dry. Edit: Okay Yankees fans. Give me the downvotes while multiple people saying the exact same thing on that night were agreed with. Gotta love the bias. It's not someone's fault when they lose the ability to do something well but are asked to keep doing it anyways, and it never will be.




Every pitcher has a 0.00 ERA if you retroactively take them out before they give up a run.


Love me some Ohtani, but 60 and 135 with 15 stolen bases in CF on the best team in the league is the MVP. We said it’d take some historic shit to take it away from Shohei, and Judge is doing just that


Today the Angels won their first game in almost a month that wasn't started by Ohtani. Judge is my boi but when there's a guy out there who's literally an ace, like FIP/WHIP/ERA/K% etc. all point to him being an upper tier ace... and that guy also has a .850 OPS hitting everyday with 20 home runs, that's just legitimately insane. There are players around the league I can point to and say he's a slightly worse Judge this year. There's nobody I can point to and say he's a 99% worse Ohtani, because nobody else can even attempt what he's doing at an elite level. Overall if both players keep up their pace, I can't imagine how a guy who'll end up top 5 in Cy Young voting alongside 35 HR and 100ish RBI end up losing. Judge needs to be Bonds rest of the way to beat that.


Not gonna end up the best team in the league


May or may not wind up being true, but irrelevant to the point nonetheless. If he hits 60 the MVP is his


Counterpoint: Yes, they will.


They are not going to have the best record at the end of the year. Michael king is gone


Counterpoint: Yes, they are.


Can’t wait to watch the Yankees bullpen blow this season


Counterpoint: They are not going to.


dude you should be lawyer


Astros own y’all sorry


Counterpoint: They will not.


Might be time to flair up son


Judge has definitely taken the lead back for now, but this really is such an awesome race where I feel like there are still 5 guys having awesome seasons.


Ohtani is by far the most valuable player in the American League


if ohtani is "by far" the most valuable player, then why doesn't he have the most war? an argument can certainly be made for ohtani, but it's just plain wrong to say he running away with it.


Because his value can't be measured by WAR. He gets you something no other player currently can: an extra roster spot. That has no bearing on his MVP credentials, but it does make him way more valuable than any normal player could ever be as long as he keeps hitting and pitching proficiently.


right now it seems that the extra roster spot in the pen is being used on jose marte, a quadruple-a player with a career era+ of 60. it's certainly an advantage, but i just don't see how the ability to add another way below average reliever is really that important in the grand scheme of things.


Having fresh bullpen arms is definitely valuable in a way that WAR can't define either, but in terms of the extra roster spot, I view it as too context dependent to say Ohtani's value = his WAR + the extra guy's WAR. You could waste the extra spot on a random AAA reliever, like the Angels are doing, or you could sign/develop a quality major league reliever to fill that spot instead. What the front office actually does has nothing to do with Ohtani's value in making it a possibility If Ohtani was on the dodgers and they used that extra spot to add another elite reliever, I think people would view the flexibility differently


in this hypothetical where ohtani is a dodger, if the dodgers had the opportunity and desire to acquire an elite reliever, they would do it regardless of whether they had an open spot or not. they would just get rid of whoever their worst reliever was. the extra roster spot is inherently only as valuable as the team's worst reliever, and there's not a single team that fields a bullpen full of guys who are even above average. i guess it's more of a philosophical question than anything, but i would much rather have the better player than the roster spot.


In theory, yes, but that's not how it works in practice. You still need middle relief and setup men/closers. You can't have a bullpen made of just one of those roles. The worst reliever in most pens by WAR is still a middle relief pitcher. You can't just get rid of one of them and have your 1 remaining middle reliever + back end guys pitch every single inning that the starter isn't in, including blowouts (which is what you'resaying would happen if a team without the extra roster spot wanted the elite reliever). The extra roster spot would allow you to sign another elite back end 1 IP/appearance guy that a normal team wouldn't have room for. To break it down even further in a more reductionist way that has less to do with actual practice, I look at it is this: even if you signed another AAAA middle reliever, all they would have to do is put up at least 0.1 WAR in order for the extra roster spot to be worth it. 26 man Angels roster WAR < 26 man Angels roster WAR + 0.1 WAR from the extra guy


Is he? When you factor in that logistically Ohtani occupies more like 1.5 roster spots and adjust his value accordingly, Judge is well ahead of him.


He is valuable because he occupies 1.5 spots. No one else can even dream of what he’s doing


How much actual value does that provide tho? Like great, you get to add another 65 OPS+/ERA+ bench bat/reliever to the roster. Whoopdie fucking do


Yes but you can’t just add his pitching value and hitting value together unmodified as if he takes up only one spot. He’s more valuable than if he took up two roster spots but less valuable than if he truly took up one. If you split his modified value evenly between pitching and hitting based on 1.5 roster spot value his 4.7bwar becomes an effective 3.5bwar.


Why would he have a 1.5 roster spot. He is only one person. The angels don’t lose .5 spots because he exists. He is literally one person taking up one roster spot. You have to add the values together.


Because you have to have other players on the roster to fill one of his roles as he is filling the other. It changes roster construction. You don’t gain a full roster spot from him playing two roles for this reason. You net about half of one. Because WAR describes value per roster spot, his effective value is basically his hitting WAR x 0.75 added to his pitching WAR x 0.75. Think about it this way. Would you rather have one player generating nine war, or nine players generating one war? The first one right? Well if the first player was somehow allowed to bat all nine times, he’d be generating nine war but effectively he’s only generating one war of value. You have to divide the production by number of roster spots used to create it to get the effective value.


You literally gain a full roster spot from him playing two roles. I don’t understand how you don’t get another spot. Instead of having a starting pitcher and a good hitter. They have one guy doing both. That allows them another person that no other team could have


But he hits on days he pitches? So he's basically just a full time DH that also pitches 1/5 days. I'm not following your argument for him needing a replacement.


How does one occupy half a roster spot? Where does that 0.5 come from?


Because he isn’t always available to DH, or always available to pitch, you need to have additional players on the roster to fill the gaps. His actions on one side of the ball impact his availability on the other. So while he fills more than one spot on the roster, he also fills less than two. The general wisdom is to at a two way player nets you half a roster spot compared to having two different players fill those roles. So when you calculate Ohtani’s value you do it based on him occupying 1.5 roster spots.


He's available to pitch as often as any other SP and he can stay in the game as the DH even after being removed as the SP thanks to the Ohtani rule. I'm not following your logic. Can you explain how he's taking up 1.5 roster spots if he pitches as much as any other SP and DHs like any other position player? Before the Ohtani rule, I would've gotten it a little more, but that's not the case anymore


I don’t really get this guy’s argument tbh but I’ll try to illustrate part of the point that he does limit your flexibility somewhat. You need to run a 6-man rotation and when he’s hitting he has to DH. That limits your lineup and rotation flexibility a fair bit, and curtails much of the benefit of gaining an extra roster spot. No more putting starters in at DH for a quasi rest-day, no shuffling people in at DH to get extra at-bats. And you have to run a 6th starter whos probably not very good (Jose Suarez, the Angels 6th, is considerably worse than their other options).


How does he occupy 1.5 spots when he’s just one person?


Because you need ancillary pieces on the roster to fill his role when he’s occupied by other. Effectively he takes up 1.5 roster spots so he still saves 0.5 roster spots compared to two separate players in those roles.


He gives you the opportunity to roster someone else. Moreno wouldn’t do it but this is basically would you rather roster one 5 WAR player and be able to sign another player or roster two 2.5 WAR players?


Yes, he effectively saves you half a roster spot.


If one person takes up 1.5/40 he’s not saving anything, he’s costing you half a spot. That’s the part you haven’t explained yet.


He is one player giving you 0.75 of a roster spot as a batter and 0.75 of a roster spot as a pitcher. So you are getting 1.5 roster spots of production out of one player, effectively netting you 0.5 extra roster efficiency.


So that I'm tracking, he's "worth" 1.5 but he does not "occupy" 1.5. So if you adjust his value accordingly, you wouldn't divide by 1.5, you'd multiply it. Otherwise that same math says that Ohtani would be more valuable if he stopped pitching, because you'd only divide by 1 instead of 1.5.


I mean, not statistically though.


Shh you’re gonna trigger a lot of sensitive bois with talk like that


Ohtani wins bc he pitches as well. Those are the rules I’m told.


This was right after a long double to the wall from LeMahieu, too. Ball don't lie.


I just don’t want to hear about Soto. Right now, this is the best player in baseball. We need to resign him,


He’s 100% going to test the market. And he’s going to get some monster offers.


[400 foot] Porch job


That crack of the bat 🤤


I figure the next time we face this guy, all nine players on the field should just faint where they're standing and play dead until he reaches first base. I can't really see any other way out of this.


“Fuck that wall” -Aaron Judge probably


They should put another Judges Chambers out there




I guess his slump is over


that's a straight up home run derby home run that would get him bonus time, jebus


Is Judge going to hit 60+?


The moved the wall back for Gleyber but forgot it only made it easier for Judge.




TikTok taught me




Better move that wall back a bit further


i'm now having nightmares of the orioles surprising everyone by signing judge this offseason because of how well he hits historically at camden yards




The Wall's Reign of Terror has come to an end.


You can see him recognize the breaking ball, sit back for a nanosecond, then crank his upper body into that. Really impressive.


No fucking cheapies in Camden lol


That wall is so cowardly


Enjoy it while it lasts, buddy.


Thats what we call a camden yards wall scraper




Bro it’s over 100 fucking degrees out.


I was gonna say def not worth going today. 100+, straight sun, baking out there for 3 hours wouldnt be enjoyable


But.... Judge


It’s like 100 degrees outside


Bro I went to my local park today, where it's usually PACKED on the weekends considering it's huge and right on the Bay. It was empty as fuck. It's 100° outside and the sun is blistering.


Aaron Judge.


Wait so 37. What’s he on pace for at this point?




judge is the daddy


How was he not in the homerun derby?!


he hurt himself in the 2017 Derby, so he's said he'll only do it again if it's in Yankee Stadium


Truly terrifying how well he's seeing the ball this year. Man wants his money.