So the Mets will do well having 2 of the top 5 pitchers of their generation? Tell me more🤔


This level of journalism is why you have to pay to read The Athletic!


Well Max should be back on Monday. Let’s hope deGrom isn’t far behind


Just announced possible rehab start on Sunday.


Hey fellas did you know that if you get your two top 5 pitchers back you’ll start doing good?


Can’t believe they’d leave out megill smh


Thirty, flirty, and thriving.




I dunno, do they? Still doing pretty good.


They definitely do. Braves are red hot and still have a shit ton of games against the Mets. At this point, the division is close to a coin flip and whoever wins the season series probably takes it. Having Degrom and Scherzer back for those big games will be huge.


They're still on pace for 100 wins at roughly the halfway point of the season. If the Braves pass them that's less about the Mets and way more about just how hot the Braves are.


We shouldn’t expect the braves to continue their current pace once pride month is over. I want them to, but I’m realistic.


While you’re right that a 21 win month isn’t unsustainable, the division is definitely gonna be competitive. The Braves and Mets have a 3 game series in less than two weeks, so the Braves have a good chance of passing the Mets if the Mets can’t expand their lead in early July.


I think it’s going to be competitive, but I am concerned about fucking Mad Max and Jacob “Jacob deGrom” deGrom. Those two pitching together reminds me of the 2001 Arizona diamondbacks. It’s definitely going to be a fun summer for baseball but my liver will have some work to do.


Probably. That lead has shrunk now to another bad weekend away from second place.


Well they don't face the Astros anymore, I don't think.


Correct. The Mets' schedule gets significantly easier moving forward, and most of their games against good teams are against the Braves, so they just need to take care of business against the bad teams and hold their own against Atlanta with a few games against the Yanks, Dodgers, Padres and Brewers mixed in.


Yeah for sure. They’ve done what they needed to do so far without them and in my opinion should get and A for the position they’ve put themselves in. To hold off the braves and make a serious push in October they need them. At least one of them definitely.


Until the season is over, you don't assume anything. I've seen too many Mets teams flounder in the second half to believe otherwise.


At least we are finally getting Max back instead of saying “when we get these guys back”. Pray for Jake.


I love baseball headlines that sound like they could have been written in a zombie apocalypse


Well pitching can be great, but if you can’t hit against top tier pitching, you won’t go far.


Can't all be Jason Castro.


Boy do we wish


The Mets beat Sandy Alcantara less than a week ago lol


I beg to differ. Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago.


Astros are the first team that swept us. It’s not like Astros are the only team with top tier pitching lol


Nope.. the rankings are actually like this: 1. Astros 30. Everyone else


No shit.


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I still feel like Escobar and DH is the problem. Keep in mind we don't really have a great bat at C either, although I don't mind Nido.


You know who needs scherzer back??? THE FUCKING NATS BLEASE


no :)


If you lose two generational talents and *still* are easily winning your division with one of the best records in the sport I really find it hard to sympathize