Can’t see the players saying no, I *really* don’t think players care about on-jersey advertising as much as Redditors do.


Yeah I hate advertisements on uniforms, but if it's what it takes for players to get their pension and medical benefits where they want them, it's whatever. They're the ones that put the product on the field, they should receive some long-term security for their play.


I have no problem with a small patch on the uniform. If McDonalds wants to pay the league and the players to put a small golden M on the jerseys, sure, go ahead. What I don't want to see is something like European hockey where the player's uniforms are literally [covered head to toe](https://i1.wp.com/thenationnetwork.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/images/5e/07/article_5e0724ad-452c-4c44-8d45-4724c8d76ae6.jpg?resize=500%2C334) in ads and it's just so god-awful and distracting to look at.


Same here, small patch is fine, giant head to toe ads is distracting


Watching so many soccer games have made me go numb to ads on unis. To the point that I’m indifferent about it. Also the NBA and NHL helping on that front.


*desensitizing Not helping


They’ve had ads on their jerseys since they put that ugly swoosh on the front.


That's gross but also seemingly inevitable.


I think Ben Lindbergh from Effectively Wild summed my thoughts on it well. A small patch on jerseys doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of the game for the vast majority of the fans. And if (and only if) the players get to partake in increased revenues and benefits as a result of it, then it’s a win-win for everyone involved.


A small patch doesn't bother me I'm more worried about it one day becoming like European sports where the sponsor is bigger than the team on the jersey.


I was around 12 years old when I learned that Fly Emirates was in fact not a soccer team




I thought the same thing when I was younger about the Juventus jerseys with “Jeep” on the front.


Well the only options are zero ads or that. Stock cars used to have small, unobtrusive ads too. It's probably already too late with that ugly Nike shit


Yeah, if it's like the nba, it won't bother most


About to ruin some classic uniforms if it prevails.


What, you don’t think the classic clean blue and white Dodgers uniform will look good with a big yellow and red McDonalds logo pasted in a prominent spot?


But maybe it will lead to NEW classic uniforms too? Like instead of Camo-Sundays, there might be Phil’s-BBQ-Sundays. And that would just be cool.


Corporate advertisement can never be classic because it isn't culture, it's parasitism.


Advertising is pure evil


Thanks, I hate it


Helmet decals sounds way worse than jersey patches but maybe that's just me


The NHL does helmet decals with ads and to be honest i don't even notice them anymore.


On one hand, it’s fucking disgusting that not a single surface is safe from having advertising smeared across it. On the other hand, this is an extremely small concession from the players’ perspective and I would absolutely use that to my advantage if I were them.


We've reached the point where so many facets of our life are ratfucked by ads that the only solution would be extremely restrictive federal bans on advertisement, product placement, and viral marketing in basically all forms.


Helmet decals? Are we morphing into the NFL?


At least our birds on the bat will likely be next to some Anheuser-Busch product. 🙄🍺


CardinalHealth is another obvious one.


Can't wait to see a McDonald's logo on the pinstripes, or ExxonMobil on Cubbie blue


Remember ads were a huge point of contention in 2020. How do we all feel about them now?


It's bad enough that stadiums are wall-to-wall corporate advertisements (but they always have been, so whatever). In absolutely no way, shape, or form do they belong on the players.


Oddly enough, the one perk of the "concrete doughnut" stadiums of the 70's and 80's was the relative lack of ads.


The number of acceptable ads is zero


As long as they don’t touch the hats I really don’t care that much but I’m sure that’s not a popular opinion


I'm 100% expecting ads on spring training hats within the next 5 years.


I think that's a good place to draw the line, personally.


I better not see any of y’all wanting the players to have less benefits just because y’all are scared to see a little Burger King logo on the side of the Yankees helmets


I literally don’t even notice a tiny nike swoosh meanwhile reddit freaks out any time they see it I don’t care whatever gets this lockout over


There's already branding on the unis, so that ship has sailed for me. At least the players can get some benefits out of it


As long as it’s not too overbearing it’s fine. We managed to adjust to the NHL and NBA doing it, I don’t see why MLB can’t do the same


Pension and medical benefits are not what this proposal is worth. Ads on uniforms is a FA after four years instead of six concession.


I think you vastly overestimate how much the players care about if there is a Dunkin’ Donuts logo on their jersey. FA after four years would probably have to come with a very low salary cap to ever get accepted by MLB.


No, I realize the players don't give a shit about it. My point is that the additional revenue stream such a concession creates is worth more than some minor medical/pension adjustments. It's probably a more lucrative ask than expanded playoffs.


The Lakers deal is for 20m a year, and they’re probably the most popular sports franchise in the country. Baseball doesn’t make viewership numbers like the NBA, and most of those deals are only for 5-10m a year. Teams aren’t going to bend over backwards just to get 2 million dollars a year, they sure as hell aren’t giving up two years of team control.


Huh this was one of my predictions in regards to the CBA. I doubt that the players will have much issue with this.


Lol. Baseball is about to be nascar.


I dont get the ads on these jerseys. Granted I loved the logo game a few years back as I apparently don’t know any logos. Like I couldn’t tell you one logo on a nba jersey. I guess maybe if you bought one that is the real audience? Cause during a game I can’t tell who is on the jersey.


I’m not into advertisements on the jerseys either, but even if it goes through it doesn’t mean some of the classic jerseys will get ruined. The Yankees never sold the naming rights to the stadium, they may simply choose to not advertise.


and who wants to bet the Jays patch will just be Rogers? or will Rogers sell the spot to the highest bidder, even if that bidder is Bell?




If it gets the players pensions and medical benefits proposals accepted then this is a no brainer. I won’t notice the ads after maybe a couple of games the same way I don’t notice the swoosh on them now or the ad patches on NBA jerseys. If you are vehemently against this solely because you don’t want to endure the horrors of a stupid logo on a shirt then I don’t want to see you ever say that you’re pro player.


Yikes, players are going to say no about that