Silver Slugger Finalists

Silver Slugger Finalists




They must have gotten him cofused with Tustin Jurner. Ever since that deadline deal, it’s been happening all the time


They've got him right where they want him


Question, how much 2b did Justin Turner even play this year


As far as I know he hasn’t played 2nd base since 2019. Not sure why he’s listed there.


Is it supposed to be Trea Turner? They have him at SS here but that's the only thing I could think of


That typo honestly seems like the most likely scenario to me. He played 95 games at SS with Washington and 51 at 2nd with the Dodgers, so they might have him as a finalist for both positions (a la 2018 JD Martinez).


That’s what i was wondering too. I don’t see what else it would be


He has played 1 inning there in the last 6 years




I'm guessing that's supposed to be Trea, and they are counting him as a 2b because they are going to give it to him, knowing it's unlikely he can beat out Tatis for SS.


Trea is also listed at SS?


Players can be nominated at multiple positions (JD Martinez won two SS in 2018)


Huh. That's probably what happened here then. Trea at both.


Literally none.


I disagree with all these “none” folks. With how much the Dodgers shift, Justin spends like half the time over there. Pedantic, I know… but it is what it is.


I’m pretty sure they meant Trea Turner


So the winners are the first names listed.


I'm all for the Mullins Silver Slugger train


I know it's literally a coin flip between Marquez and Fried, but I'll be devastated if our boy misses out on likely the last ever pitcher's silver slugger.


I want Fried to win the elite combo of a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger


He could potententially be the sixth pitcher to win both


C’mon man just give this one thing to Rockies fans. We have so little…


[Me coming back to this comment when Fried is announced as the winner](https://youtu.be/M5QGkOGZubQ)


Rockies are a meme team, pitcher silver slugger is a meme award. I feel like it’s a match made in heaven.


Meme team you say? Yall would fit in over at r/AtlantaHawks


was the all star game not enough?


Not compared to a Penant


the braves earned that, wasn't just given to them for funsies


How dare you. We earned the Home Run Derby by building a stadium at 5000 feet in a desert just to see the longest dongs possible. We played the long game.


Are you sure it won't be Bumgarner and his FOUR hits this year? What a joke


Funny thing is Marquez actually hit better in away games so you cannot even say he benefitted from Coors. Home .229/.229/.371 OPS .600 Away .333/.333/.500 OPS .833


So what you're saying is that Marquez couldn't even statpad in Coors field? I've seen enough to crown Fried the winner right now.


The absolute disrespect to Wade the Blade.


If it is my man Kyle Tucker was robbed


Kyle Tucker better win a silver slugger for the outfield


I'm really hoping Kyle Tucker doesn't get snubbed. Dude had the third highest OPS in the AL behind Vlad Jr and Ohtani.


Enh Kyle Tucker deserves it more than Teoscar imo, decently higher OPS with only 2 less home runs.


Judge Silver Slugger? I'd be over the moon!


[I think Albies is 3rd at best. India I think should take it.](https://imgur.com/5mEmLY4) [Fangraphs](https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=2b&stats=bat&lg=nl&qual=0&type=8&season=2021&month=0&season1=2021&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=16556,18036,21523,5235&startdate=2021-01-01&enddate=2021-12-31&sort=18,d) I don't see how it would be fair if Trea Turner wins at 2B when he's not qualified for that.


I just want to let you know that your linked picture is incredibly small, so most of the page for me was taken up by a picture of a tweet that said “NASA wants to probe deeper into Uranus than ever before” and I just thought you were memeing at first lmao


Brandon Belt fans in shambles. It's me, I'm Brandon Belt fans.


Didn't even realize how amazing Belt has been over the past 2 seasons. Batting .285/.393/.595 (165 OPS+) and 38 HR's in that span of 148 games. That's insane. Even counting just this year it's a .274/.378/.597 (160 OPS+) with 29 HR's in only 97 games.


3rd highest wRC+ since 2020 (min 500 PA). Only behind Soto and Harper. Great company to be in


Ugh. Really missed the Captain in the playoffs. Stop reminding me. 😭


criminally underrated


The new coaching staff has helped him reach another level. He had a .765 SLG and 12 HRs versus *breaking balls* this year. I don't know how many people know this, but the Giants are basically using a guess pitch strategy for everyone in their lineup. Each player is given a certain pitch type and location to look for by the hitting coach, and if they don't get that pitch they simply don't swing. Along with that, they use [pitching machines](https://www.thescore.com/mlb/news/2200462) that mimic the exact spin, arm slot, and velocity to adjust their bat path specific to the opposing pitcher's arsenal before the game. This strategy is pretty much the only way you're going to hit [a pitch like this](https://twitter.com/Pitching_Bot/status/1451700771465142274?s=20). This was graded as the best pitch in 2021 hit for a homerun.


Right there with you, Belt Brother. Most underrated player in baseball.


didn’t win the silver slugger unanimously, dfa him immediately


Please do, so the phils can sign him.


all i want in baseball is to watch brandon crawford make some impossible stop look easy before blind throwing to brandon belt who gets the forceout with zero effort if we don’t re-sign him i’ll lose it


Better start constructing that cloning machine


too many brandons on the mind


Stupid sexy Brandons


He’s no Brett Pill.


Possibly controversial opinion but I hope that the players from the team I cheer for win the awards they're nominated for


I hope your wishes come true.


I only want Vlad and Marcus to win. Any more will further the despair the fact we missed the playoff with 3 silver sluggers.


It could be up to five if enough things go right lmfao


Please don’t do this to me. Not another record that will never be broken again


I hope that yours lose where they conflict with mine. Sorry, but that's the way I feel about it.




What have we ever done to you to deserve such treatment?


Fairly controversial actually. These aren't nominees.


Man, 3/4 of our infield has a good shot at winning the SS. Poor Dansby had a good year but he'll be the odd man out.


he was the best defender of the 4 tho, so he can hang his hat on that


Dansby has slowly turned into one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball. I wish he was more consistent at the plate but he ALWAYS makes incredible plays at short, and his hot streaks are incredibly fun to watch


He has definitely improved defensively, but calling him one of the best defensive shortstops is definitely jumping the gun. This year, defensive stats didn’t really agree on if he was good or just reliable. DRS says he was pretty bad, UZR says he was above average, and OOA says he was really good, but not quite a top defender.


Which is why nobody with any sense looks at defensive metrics. Way to big of gaps in the different ratings to believe any of them are accurate.


DRS says Austin Riley is great. OAA sat he’s the worst defender in the league.


So what are you proposing is more reliable? The eye test?


As someone for whom baseball is not my first sport, I always find it kinda funny when baseball fans get so upset over the eye test.


The issue with the eye test is that it is so subjective and deceiving. For example, Jeter made a bunch of highlight reel plays, but he is statistically the worst defender in baseball history, because he had no range so he was making diving plays on balls that good defenders would’ve fielded flatfooted.


“Worst defender in baseball history” is a bit of a stretch, no?


People exaggerate that. He’s been the worst defender by DRS. But DRS is a counting stat, so it’s bot superclear.


Of course but people love to be dramatic with their Jeter hate. He played shortstop forever so he built up a lot of negative value relative to his position but since the position is one of the toughest in baseball he’s still an overall average fielder better than most first basemen and corner outfielders.


I wouldn’t say they consider him the worst defender ever, just the worst to play for as long as he has. There’s still use for the eye test in evaluating defence, so long as you’re not exclusively watching highlights.


Dansby had a very average year if we're being honest


If darnaud was healthy this year everyone in infield area including catcher and pitcher could win a silver slugger except dansby


DJ…… LeMaheiu….. ??????


Over Lowe. I can’t even begin to understand


I don't think people fully appreciate that coaches and managers make for *terrible* award voters. Baseball writers do a much much better job at it, and most of them take it very seriously. It's clear that award voting is an afterthought for coaches and managers and they don't approach the task systematically at all.


Also the fact that some positions have four finalists and others have three and for some reason second base is one of the positions with four and the fourth guy in LeMahieu had a slugging percentage under .400????? I mean do the writers look at stat lines?


From what I read these are voted by coaches and managers so most likely their own ppl voted for them lol


They’re not really finalists. The voting is done and these are just the top 3 vote getters, I guess with some ties at third place.


I think writers would have done a better job, actually. Coaches and managers voted on this.


It does not really matter but DJ over Lowe might be one of the most inexcusable decisions I have ever seen on one of these voting activities recently


What are you talking about? DJ had an amazing year, 97 OPS+? That's almost 100! Which is a perfect score!


I was wondering if anyone was going to mention it was weird that Lowe isn't going to finish top 4 at 2B..


Neither of them are winning. No one remembers who came in 2nd for silver slugger.


But it's an indictment of the voters and their general judgment. It means that the voters selected DJLM more often than Lowe, which is inexcusable. So why should we trust their winners?


Well you probably shouldn’t trust them because silver slugger voters are coaches and managers who have shown that they still favor stuff like RBI and BA over OBP and SLG. But in this case it’s not as big of a deal because it’s probably just Semien getting 27 votes and then LeMahieu got a vote from some insane coach.


Lowe had the highest OPS+ and wRC+ among AL second basemen and somehow isn't even top 4 here...


Yeah I scrolled down to find this discussion. All year people were talking about how the Yankees got nothing out of him or at least not what the team needed.


Probably the last pitcher SS for a long time


Ohtani should win it for American League.


All (non-pitcher) finalists with at or below 100 wRC+: DJ Lemahieu 100 wRC+, .268/.349/.362 Kyle Seager 99 wRC+, .212/.285/.438 Gary Sanchez 99 wRC+, .204/.307/.423 Omar Narváez 99 wRC+, .266/.342/.402 And honorable mention to Adam Duvall’s 103 wRC+.


I can't decide whether LeMahieu or Gary is the more inexplicable nomination. Gary sucks when "MLB Leader at C by wRC+" Yasmani Grandal got snubbed, but seeing LeMahieu put in the same category as Semien and Altuve is the funniest thing I've seen all day.


Gary is fine as long as he's the "worst guy to be nominated" kind of spot DJ makes absolutely no fucking sense


I would say LeMahieu's is the most obscene because the only other second basemen who was hitting on Semien's level (Lowe) didn't even get nominated.


I'm certainly happy for Seager but anyone who voted for him for the SS was just looking at his homers and RBI's and pretending not to see that .285 OBP or .212 batting average.


Or only looking at his numbers with runners on base


all about them counting stats


Lemahieu with 10 HRs and and 57 RBI over Lowe with 39 HRs and 99 RBI makes these selections very confusing lol


Yeah thats fucking nuts lol


All of these MLB awards finalists are just the top 3 vote getters being announced early. It’s probably just something like Semien getting most of the votes and one nut job coach/manager voting for LeMahieu.


This list is...weird.




At least Gallo hit 38 HR and walked 111 times with a 122 OPS+. LeMahieu - though injured - was not even an average player this year. He belongs nowhere on this list with Semien, Polanco or Altuve.


Gallo mostly played outfield this year which is why it’s weird someone voted for him at DH.


Its a god damn shame that Bryan Reynold's incredible season will not be recognized with any year end awards, although an All-Star start was huge for him!


I’m seeing a lack of Yasmani Grandal


If Mike Zunino (134 wRC+ in 375 PA) is a finalist, how is Yasmani Grandal (159 wRC+ in 375 PA) not? Especially if you're picking Gary Sanchez (99 wRC+ in 440 PA) for some fucking reason lol


Sanchez is def one of the bigger head scratchers on that list


T-3rd in the AL in dingers maybe? I'm not saying it's a *good* reason, but it might be their actual reason


That’s almost certainly it, considering the names are 1-2-3 in order for catchers. Why they didn’t pick the guy with the exact same HR’s but better counting stats and averages across the board is probably Yankee bias.


It’s probably because he only played 90 games


Grandal had the same number of PAs as Mike Zunino, who was nominated.


How does Gallo qualify as a DH over JD Martinez?


To be fair, Ohtani was obviously going to win the award. He will probably also get a gold glove for DH as well


Not sure tbh, probably to compensate for the JD bullshit in 2018


Gallo had barely 15 games at DH.


Shohei really should win for pitcher so Yordan can have a chance. Lol


In all honesty Shohei is built for an NL team; so much of his value comes from having a pitcher who can hit. He’s *the* breakout player in baseball this year, but the ability to trade him to an NL team that can properly use his hitting while not wasting a DH spot creates tremendous trade value for an Angels organization that didn’t even make the playoffs, has a couple superstars they already paid big money for, and is about to have to pay up for the rest of the breakouts on their roster. On top of that, while Shohei had an incredible year, one season of baseball is not quite enough to gauge somebody in the unique position he’s in, and quite honestly if the Angels don’t capitalize on his current projected potential during this offseason then Perry Minasian will have some explaining to do in a couple years when the Angels still haven’t made any meaningful progress towards a pennant/WS.


I read your comment twice and I still don't understand your point. Do you think The Angels are wasting the DH spot because Ohtani is a pitcher? He's not built for the NL because he gets more ABs as a DH than he would as a pitcher in the NL. Ohtani isn't even the DH on the Angels because we lack a "real" DH. He's a good DH because he's a good fucking hitter.


Really crazy how Austin Riley came out of fucking nowhere this year. I can't remember, was he a highly touted prospect or anything when he was coming up?


Yeah, if I remember correctly he absolutely lit up AAA before being called up. Then he went insane for a few weeks in the bigs but then kinda fell off the earth. Now it looks like he's fully here


I remember him distinctly in fantasy lol. Dude was an afterthought this year as a post hype dude but has transformed into a rock solid (or better) player across the board. Tough series for him against LAD but I’m His #1 fan starting last Friday so we’ll see


His bat was the reason we came back and won games 1 and 2, so his bat wasn't exactly bad against LA. His hits just came at the right times.


True. I missed the first couple, totally forgot he hit that homer


Homer early in game one and then the game winning double in the 9th. Game 2 hit another double that tied the game. He did go kinda cold the other 4 games though. Luckily Rosario took over.


Still can’t get over the fact you guys picked up all those OF. I know it’s widely talked about but I haven’t focused much on the NL at all this postseason besides the NLW series. That’s probably the most impressive deadline dealing in a long long time


After the Acuña injury and Ozuna’s bullshit, the fact that Atlanta was able to field a World Series outfield is an incredible testimony to the fact that some General Managers don’t know what they’re doing; and baseball will always be a game of averages and sometimes-wild predictions until the playoffs, where mediocre players become postseason legends and the unlikeliest of players become the difference between having a ring and not (looking at you, Rosario).


Also hit a ground rule double to score Ozzie in the first inning of game 6




Yeah, that's basically it.


If you been watching the games it didnt come out of nowhere, kids a stud.


I don’t remember his prospect ranking but I do know he was absolutely ridiculous the first few weeks he was in the majors and then cooled off


I think he peeked at #34 before being called up


He was a top 50 prospect


He was 43rd in 2018 http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=prospects


So, no-brainers: Vlad, Ohtani, Judge, Riley, Tatis, Harper, Soto. Semien too. Salvy and Posey have to be pretty close to locks as well. Correa edges out Bogaerts by a smidge on OPS+ and wRC+, but could go either way. Ramirez beats out Devers by a similar margin. AL Outfield is Judge and then 2/3 of Tucker, Mullins and Hernandez. Tucker has the clear edge on slugging, OPS, OPS+, and wRC+. Mullins has the highest OBP (1 point higher than Tucker’s) and Hernandez leads in some of the more traditional stats: BA (.296 to Tucker’s .294), HR (32 to each of the others’ 30) and RBI (116 to Tucker’s 92). I think Tucker is pretty clearly the next guy there. And then I lean Mullins as the third spot. I feel like the four NL 1B candidates are all super tight. I guess I lean Votto? Honestly, it’s splitting hairs with this group. I would imagine Jonathan India wins 2B. Third OF spot is also close between Castellanos, Reynolds, Winker and O’Neill. I guess I lean O’Neill. And then probably Fried for pitcher. Oddly enough, deGrom finished with a better wRC+ than *11* of these finalists.


Yes lean Votto, mainly because he's never won a Silver Slugger and he should have


Plus he needs at least one award for the insane year he’s had.


Wait in what world is Salvy not a lock??? Most homeruns ever by a catcher and had by far the best catcher season this year.


Albies should definitely win for NL 2nd base. Bias aside. Edit: A word.


How you figure? His 107 wRC+ and OPS+ of 105 are pretty pedestrian. His BA and OBP are below average for NL second basemen.


Honestly for the SS he probably shouldn't even be a finalist. If you count trea as a 2b he should win by a mile. If you don't then it's probably India. Cronenworth, baez, frazier, and segura were all better by wrc+ than albies this year


Soto and Harper are locks though it feels like a toss up between O’niell, Reynolds and Castelanos


I think it goes to Reynolds, but him and Oneill are extremely close. Castellenos probably wins if he stayed healthy


Gary Sanchez? That a typo?


Thats what we call Yankee Bias


Even Yankee fans will tell you his inclusion is a croc of shit.


His inclusion is a crock of shit


Really wish we could've had an extra spoonful of this in the 2017 AL MVP voting


Joey Gallo had 9 hits as DH in the whole season lol.


What was the minimum number of ABs needed? Because Ynoa had 2 homers and 6 RBI


Yeah I thought Ynoa would be a stronger candidate than Fried. Hell Ynoa hit a GRAND SLAM


That pitcher one is heated. Would have liked to see someone other than Bumgarner. Webb and Ynoa both would have been better. deGrom actually has half of the at bats as the others but his rate stats are solid. Marquez is slightly above Fried but does the Coors Effect carry any weight, lol.


DeGrom has the exact same amount of hits (12) as Urias (Fried has 15). deGrom had 0.6 WAR batting to Fried’s 0.7 WAR according to baseball reference. His half season was literally as valuable as all the other pitcher’s full season.


Marquez actually has better numbers on the road than at Coors. I still think he has the edge over anyone.


Márquez: Home .229/.229/.371 OPS .600 Away .333/.333/.500 OPS .833 CoOoRs


Can we give Ohtani two, one for DH and one for P? It’d look cool to flank each side of the MVP.


You son of a bitch, I'm in.


I’m biased and I don’t know if center vs corner is factored in, but Bryan Reynolds should be the third OF after Soto and Harper since he’s the only CF nominated.


All three positions are treated equally, I'd too pick Harper, Soto and Reynolds. They're the only 3 that killed the baseball all year.


Gonna be a few Tigers up there next year (I hope)


I mean… Yuli right? The BA champ?


Patrick Wisdom? Lets gooooo


My boy Jared Walsh put up some respectable numbers similar to Gurriel but I guess he slumped too hard in the 2nd half and against lefties.


DJLM over Brandon Lowe? Gary Sanchez over Yasmani Grandal?


Uh, Justin Turner plays 3B…


Showtime Ohtani, please.


It's not worth bitching about finalists, the real winners will be the players who deserve it, noone cares who finished 3rd in Silver slugger voting


When you barely played but you we’re still better than almost everybody else, just degrom things


Gary over Grandal is why these awards are a scam. Don't care if Grandal only played 93 games, he still had the same amount of HR's as Gary in 22 less games, and far exceeded him in OBP, SLG, OPS/OPS+, wRC+.


Mike Zunino, legendary .200 hitter


if mullins doesnt get a silver slugger for OF its a joke


Just here saying TON is my bb.


Somehow votto has never won a SS, please give him one


7 positions and 5 Astros finalists? Makes you think...


Lemahieu over Lowe is HILARIOUSLY stupid.




Justin Turner at 2B? What??


2 Mariners finalists? Somebody pinch me


Gary Sanchez being a finalist for catcher made me remember how there aren't a lot of good hitting catchers.


I hope reynolds gets the silver slugger, its criminal how ignored his season was outside of pittsburgh


As much as I love Oly being top 3, I can’t imagine him winning over Vladdy. Vladdy had an absolutely awesome season.


As a yankee fan how the fuck is Gary on this list?


Jokes that DJ, Sanchez and Gallo are there.


Congrats to whichever NL guy wins the last ever pitcher SS award


One thing I don’t understand is why coaches and managers are the voters. It just opens the door for so much bias


Kyle Seager gets nominated, but not Donaldson, Moncada or Candelario? The AL Central was stacked at 3B this year


Probably because Kyle hit 35 home runs and 101 RBIs. Not saying he SHOULD be nominated, but that's why he is.


Go Wisdom!


My votes: C- Perez, Smith 1B- Vlad, Freeman 2B- Albies, Semien (lol at LeMahieu) 3B- Ramirez, Machado SS- Turner, Bichette DH- Ohatani P- Who cares but it’s probably Fried OF- Soto, Harper, Reynolds (close with Castellanos); Judge, Mullins, Tucker


Two things. 1 How is DeGrom n there but not Urias. 2 how is Justin Turner listed for 2nd base?


DeGrom had the same amount of hits as Urias. DeGrom had a double the batting WAR of Urias according to baseball reference