It always seems like the Dodgers have like 7 or 8 SP's to start the year and then the post-season happens and like 2 are healthy.


NL West gonna NL West


Start of season rotation Buehler Bauer Kershaw Urias May Gonsolin Price and Jimmy Nelson starters converted to pen guys Bauer has basically been replaced by Scherzer (who may or may not have dead arm) Kershaw is out May is out Gonsolin had shoulder injuries and never really had a chance to get it going this year Nelson is out Price dealt with injuries and the team lost trust in him down the stretch So yeah, you’re left with Urias and Buehler as guys from that stacked rotation who are still totally healthy


Man, Danny Duffy and Cole Hamels certainly add to this depressing list.


Poor Nelson is always out. Sucks cause he's real talented


Well generally we lose starters throughout the year but we usually have a few starters in the pen like Urias and Maeda. This year is really the 1st where I felt like we are fucked in the pitching department


Fighting to get 1st place in September only to get the wild card anyway really bit us in the ass


If we had lost NL West a week before the end of the season, we may be sitting differently. Muncy, at the very least would be available.


Usually it's been because we stock up on old or injury prone arms and just see who can survive the season and plug our youth in when they get hurt this time it's just mostly been bad luck and signing Bauer.


Yea Atlanta went into the postseason last year with 1 starter and then had Anderson who had made 9 starts in his career as our only other starter. Yet the narrative is they chocked instead of just running out of arms.....could be bothi suppose.


3-1 is still choking regardless of rotation.


The old switcheroo. Classic.


Scherzer vs Morton Game7. Must watch TV.


Is it back spasms again?


Arm dead


Not by design


Honestly with injuries like this even if we manage to win these two games it’s hard to see how we don’t get completely killed by the Astros.


Astros don't have McCullers so their pitching is in a similar spot as ours. But their offense is way more consistent.


Yeah it's more consistent but you certainly have the bats to potentially take 4 of 7


He could be back by then


Seems pretty unlikely at this point, sadly


Pretty sure I read somewhere that his postseason was done. Edit: I know it’s Boob, but - https://twitter.com/bnightengale/status/1451249630298050583?s=21


That lineup would be tough even at full strength


I'm all too familiar with that feeling. Just take some comfort knowing if you make it past today and tomorrow chances of a rain delay are very slim.


Oh I think we are 100% going to get destroyed in the WS lol but I'll be damned if I didn't want another league championship.


Winning is better than losing yes




You really think so?


Personally, I don't know if both our teams were 100% healthy then I would call it a toss up. I'm scared that your offense might outpace ours but both have the ability to explode at any time. You guys not having McCullers is a big blow. If Fried was pitching a little better then I'd be a lot more confident but i personally can't say the Braves are better. I say we have a fighting chance if we beat the Dodgers.




No more Dodgers flair even though it’s an elimination game?


Better = Plays fair


The Astros also have injuries to their pitching. So I wouldn’t assume they roll whoever makes it from the NL.


It will a battle of attrition


The General Sherman Special


Honestly, the Astros biggest weakness apart from pitching is Yordan having to sit or play defense away from Minute Maid. The Braves can DH the extra OF they have. The Dodgers, well they'll have home field so there'll either be more Yordan in the outfield or more Yordan on the bench.


The Dodgers could always cheat. Tit for tat




100% I think it’s funny I’m getting downvoted so much. I thought it was clearly sarcasm, but mostly out of bitterness because the Astros got away with it Maybe it’s shameless Houston fans. If my preferred team did that I would be completely embarrassed


It was shown the Astros didn’t use the system in the playoffs. Did any of y’all even read the report or any of the coverage aside from Jomboy tweets?




So you can ignore evidence you don’t like. Maybe the Dodgers should try out some trash cans so they don’t get sent home tonight.




Didn’t the same thing happened with Max in the WS. Couldn’t pitch game 6 and came out game 7 and pitched a hell of a game


This feels like the same process of the 2019 World Series where Scherzer was supposed to start, but then had a neck issue so bad he couldn’t get out of bed, and then started game 7.


Braves hitters have to be patient and work counts tonight. Have to get his pitch count up early and not let him get settled in


Dodgers hitters have to be patient and work counts tonight. Have to get his pitch count up and early and not let him get settled in.


Hey wait a minute...


Clearly you haven't watched Anderaon this year. He has an ERA of 6.00 in the first inning and an ERA of 2.31 in innings 2-6. Gotta get to Anderson early, cause he gets better once he gets out of the first.


Fangraphs ran a piece about it. There’s no reason whatsoever to think Ian’s first inning struggles are anything but random variation. He might struggle in the first, but it’s basically just as likely as any inning that has good hitters up


I was just kind of making fun of this guys comment (as a joke) because that is a good plan of attack for any team against any pitcher


The ____ just want it more. The ____ are due. The _____ were more prepared. (from previous post) The ____ lost because of the emotional toll of their last series. The ____ manager made all the wrong moves tonight, he needs to go. The _____ manager was a genius when he switched in _____ for ______, leading to _____. The ____ didn't win because of injuries and lack of rest, unlike every other team.


Gotta get those hits and walks so you don’t get outs. I’m curious how deep Buehler goes. If he says he’s good, I believe it. Dude bas been so damn good all year. But with how hard these Dodgers have worked this fall, I could see this game ending as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run, and so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame.


Awww shit


What the hell is Roberts even thinking? No David Price for Game 7? Edit: 100% /s for those of you wondering


This is an elimination game, with our backs pinned against the wall, and we are not firing on all cylinders. You have to come out swinging tonight and hope for tomorrow. If your Ace (Buehler) says he can go, you go. Worst case if we make it tomorrow, our bullpen should be fresh with a few days rest. Lets get it


How deep do you see Walker pitching tonight? I'm guessing he said he can get through the lineup once for sure and if he gives 3 or so innings plus a shot at Max starting tomorrow, you take that.


It all depends how efficient his innings are. My guess is he will be good for 60-70 pitches, so they should get 3 innings at least. If he has some efficient innings it could be 5-6. I’m not holding my breath against this Braves lineup, but I’m also not betting against Buehler. This will be fun to watch, and nerve wracking.


Must see tv, that's for damn sure. Good luck tonight!


4 maaaybe 5 innings which relieves the stress on the pen. Then you hope the rest of the pen can go tomorrow. If I am Dave, I'm honestly not even assuming Scherzer is an option until he tells me he is


If Walker gives you 5 innings tonight tied or in the lead, it's the kind of impact Framber had on our series. Could significantly change the tide. Hope Max can pitch if it gets to 7 because I just hate injuries and want to see great players play in big spots.


To be quite honest, our offense is going to decide this series at this point. And my faith in them right now is spotty lol


You know Belli comes through in big spots and I'm not sure you can get Taylor out. Idk man, the doomers are out for the Dodgers, but I don't see this as an easy series to clinch for Atlanta even with the brutal injuries. Best of luck tonight!


I do believe game 6 is winnable for us. It is game 7 I am worried about. But we have to get game 6 out of the way 1st lol


They scratched Scherzer yesterday, a whole day before his start. So they must have some metric that helps them project a day out. I’m cautiously optimistic that something this morning made them think Scherzer can pitch tomorrow, and that weighed into the decision.


Im am assuming that Scherzer has told them that he is feeling good this morning. Thats really the only way the FO/Dave would put him in


The old metric that I don’t feel well and can’t go. Good metric.


At max's age I think that metric is very important lmao


uh i hate to say it, but Im calling a first inning solo shot, maybe two, by the braves today. Whatsmore, I have never seen the Dodgers win after stomping on a team the day before - its like some kind of cosmic arrangement or something. I do not have high hopes for the boys in blue. I think they are about wore down for the year.


Yup, hit the nail on the head. Give us what you can and then pass the torch, that mentality is when the Dodgers are at their best


What I wrote in another thread on this same topic The Dodgers need to win two games One will be a Buehler start - either on short or regular rest, regular rest, one would think, would be the higher chance of winning. The other will either be a bullpen game or a Scherzer start. To start Buehler on short rest (and decrease their chance of winning) they must feel the chance of Scherzer starting outweighs the decrease in winning probability from Buehler starting on short rest


Health is becoming a major issue for LA


Has been most of the year, and losing players in the playoffs is especially challenging




Yeah this is what I came here to say. As soon as they said Buehler was starting Game 6, I knew they had to have a good chance of Scherzer Game 7. Otherwise Buehler Game 6 makes no sense.


Must win game today, so you must throw your best arm today. You’d never hear the end of it if they lost and Buehler was on the bench. Let’s Go Dodgers!


Must win game tomorrow, so you must throw your best arm tomorrow. And the best arm is Buehler on full rest, not Buehler on short rest But, as I said, both games are must win, so they need to maximize the chances of winning 2 games. Which might mean a decreased chance of winning today's game. Which is what they are doing. Also, there's a very good reason unknowledgable fans don't run the team.


I agree. The Dodgers are run by smart people who are definitely looking at this as a “must win 2” situation. There’s something about this setup they must like - maybe Scherzer is a possibility tomorrow, or Urias, or they are more comfortable pushing the bullpen tomorrow without an elimination game the next day




They can’t win tomorrow if they don’t get to tomorrow. It doesn’t matter how hard it is for them to win tomorrow they need to do everything to win tonight


They need to win two games Giving themselves a 50% chance to win tonight and a 30% chance to win tomorrow isn't as good as giving themselves a 30% chance to win tonight and a 60% chance to win tomorrow.


There’s a very good reason unknowledgeable fans don’t run the team. Yo can’t burn through the entire bullpen today, especially after losing 2 more arms, with another game tomorrow. It’s about inning management and Walker is your best bet to eat some up and keep us in the ballgame today. As long as the bats show up, this is their best bet.


You make no sense The team has to win two games and cover 18 innings A well rested Buehler would be expected to cover more of those innings than a less rested Buehler. The team needs to maximize the chances of winning both games based on the information they have right now That might mean a decreased chance of winning the first game


Makes no sense to you, but it does to the ball club. You throw all the guys out there tonight to get 27 outs and then Buehler doesn’t have it and goes 2 tomorrow, what then? This is why you have to play the last 2 games backwards. Find out what Buehler has in the tank and go from there. Makes it easier to manage the workload of the bullpen arms. Again, imagine we lost tonight w/ Buehler on the bench….. so the best arm in the dugout goes tonight! Must WIN tonight or there is NO tomorrow. Go Dodgers!


How do you know what the ballclub thinks? All we know is that they think starting Buehler tonight instead of tomorrow gives them a better chance of winning both games. Also, if we aren't idiots, we can surmise that the team is able to figure out that starting Buehler on short rest decreases their chance of winning any individual game compared to starting him on regular rest. Thus, they must feel that the chance of Scherzer starting game 7 outweighs the decrease in Buehlers effectiveness from starting on short rest Or, they are as dumb as a bunch of random redditors I know which seems more likely.


Same reason they threw Urias on short rest over the bullpen game. Bullpen games are less consistent plus you’ll need those arms the following day anyways. Go with the best option of eating up innings and staying in the ball game tonight, then tomorrow you can run the bullpen wild and push the guys for extra outs. It’s simply easier to manage the arms this way, while still setting up the opportunity to win both.


That 30% is based on your opinion of Buehler starting tonight though.


The 30% is just a number to illustrate the point Make the numbers whatever you want The point is, doing something that gives them less chance to win tonight, might give them a better chance to win the series.


No that's exactly the point Some people out there (which includes the Dodger FO and Doc) think that starting Buehler will yield a higher win percentage for both games. Your math only takes you as far as your opinion.


>Some people out there (which includes the Dodger FO and Doc) think that starting Buehler will yield a higher win percentage for both games. You don't know that


And neither do you


All that matters is winning the next two games. 100% chance of winning today and 50% chance of winning tomorrow is worse than 80% today and 80% tomorrow


The percentages that we’re dealing with aren’t that drastic though. It’s like 65/55 and 60/50 It’s nowhere as clear cut a decision as the rest of this threat is assuming


Sure but it’s just to illustrate the point that you have to win two games. For example if you get out to a 10 run lead you can probably bring in some lower leverage relievers. Is that the best thing to do to win that game specifically? No, but you need to consider tomorrow as well.


They think buehler can give them 4 bullpen takes care of the rest. Then game 7 is al hands on deck


Again how do you know what they think?


thats what they did in the NLDS


That ain’t gonna happen.


iF iT oCcUrS How about *if necessary*?


LA brings out Buehler, ATL brings out the bats. LETS GO BRAVES!!!!! WHOO!!!!


It’ll be David price won’t it.