Almost seems like the Dodgers are fine punting their game against Fried to get favorable matchups in the next 3


Two outcomes: Dodgers lose: It was kinda expected. Fried on the mound, away game two days after a grueling game 5, Braves fully rested. Dodgers just take the L and look for the split on Sunday with their 3 ace rotation lined up on full rest from there. Dodgers win: Now the Braves are down a game and staring down the barrel of Buehler, Scherzer, and Urias, two of those games being at Dodger Stadium. They'll have stolen a game and be in a great spot to go up big in the series before heading back home to LA. You also have to consider that the Dodgers bullpen is the best in baseball. Their bullpen games =/= other teams bullpen games. The Dodgers spent almost half the regular season throwing 2 bullpen days every 5 games. For a while, the only starters they had were Scherzer, Buehler, and Urias. And for about 6 weeks, the only starters they had were Buehler and Urias. Bauer, Kershaw, and May all went away at one point before Scherzer arrived, and we literally had 3 bullpen days per rotation for the better part of June and July. For most teams, that would be a death sentence. For the Dodgers, they still won 106 games. Safe to say that the Dodgers are *very* comfortable handing the ball over to their pen for a game or two by now.


Well that and if the Dodgers do snag this game, it’s pretty rough for The Braves knowing they have to deal with Scherzer, Buehler, Urias the next 3.


I mean the Braves on paper are the far worse team, this is to be expected. Maybe the Braves will win this series but I also won’t be shocked if the Dodgers sweep


Idk, Braves are really underrated IMO, they just had a lot go wrong in the regular season. I predicted the Dodgers in 6, but anything could happen.


Anything can definitely happen but the NL East had no strong contenders and I was shocked every time we played it. The Braves beat the Brewers which surprised me but I’m not convinced. The Dodgers and Giants are the best teams this year IMO


Brewers offense was just awful lol, completely agree that the two "best teams" have already played each other, but anything could happen in 7.


Braves have more talent sitting out then the giants have on their roster


The Braves are not “far worse”. They were only a few games worse than LA over the last like 3 months.


I’m leaning towards the Braves taking this game 1 just cause Fried is on the mound. The dodgers would be thrilled with him going 6 IP at best.


Tony Gonsolin just chillin


Tony Gone-Sailin’


He’ll probably throw 3/4 innings in the middle of this game like Urias did the other day


Is Tony Gonsolin dead or something


He'll be the bulk guy. They're trying to give him a softer entry into the game.


He was shakey in last year's postseason so good move.


He's up there in cat heaven.


Always has been. Maybe the real Tony Gonsolin was actually the friends we made along the way.


He's with Eloy and Boggs. God rest their souls.


Do you remember Gonsolin last year in the playoffs? He's actually worse this year.


Yes, yes I do. I also remember he didn’t pitch for two weeks prior to his first playoff appearance too which was probably the reason for his poor performance last year in the playoffs since he had a good 2020. This year, he’s obviously been struggling due to injuries but he still managed to put up a 3.25 ERA for the season. He can eat up some innings.




If by “peripherals” you mean he walks too many people, yes. Generally, all his statcast metrics are pretty solid. His stuff is good, is control is not.


Are you talking about his savant metrics such as xWOBA barrel % hard hit% etc? Cause those are honestly pretty good


This time, the Dodgers' decision to play baseball is out of necessity. Smart decision.


appreciate him breaking this down for me.


Why even mention Max? Was anyone actually considering him available or what is he even implying?


He needs to start game 4 instead of game 3


Smart decision? It was the only decision. The Giants wore them out so much they got nothing for game one.


I guess it’s the wrong decision then


WTF, Bob.


Bob 🤦 If it's out of necessity, it's not really the smart decision It's the necessary one


Nightengale may be a dunce but this is just pedantic man


Once you become a target of people dunking on you they will dunk on you for everything


I don't know if I would call it dunking. Dunks are supposed to be impressive.


THANK YOU It's like this on every Bob/Heyman post now. Plus if people hate them so much why do people keep posting their tweets???


You know why they keep posting them.....gotta farm that sweet, sweet karma.


It's more annoying seeing comments giving him shit than reading anything Nightengale has ever said.


The necessary decision is also the smart decision




Because it would be dumb to not do the necessary thing. It’s smart to do the thing that you should do


Just to continue the pedantry.. Necessary doesn’t mean “should”. If it’s the necessary thing to do, you *have* to do it. Smarts have nothing to do with it.


Seems like a low bar Yes, dumb not to do what's necessary but only average to do the necessary thing.


I think you think there is no other option, many managers would start the available starting pitcher here, which is Gonsolin.


Fair point


Oh no


There’s a notable falloff in quality between Fried and the other Atlanta starters, and if the dodgers split 2 in Atl, they bring home field back with them. It’s never ideal to put yourself in position to concede a game, but in this case I think playing for the split and bringing the series back to LA with Buehler, Urias, and Mad Max on regular rest works to their advantage.


Maybe vs us, I haven’t checked the splits. But Fried/Anderson/Morton is pretty damn good even though we’ve generally had success against them this season.


And with the way the schedule is, assuming 7 games, they'll all pitch twice with only game 4 being Ynoa/BP.


Morton has probably been our best pitcher this year and Anderson has like a 1 era in the post season.


You would think after last year that a Dodgers fan would remember how good Anderson is


Luckily Scherzer was saved from enduring a lengthy battle with Wilmer Flores thanks to a totally legitimate and non-controversial check swing call that really cut down on the number of pitches Max had to throw.


> Luckily Scherzer was saved from enduring a lengthy battle with Wilmer Flores Wilmer Flores has never been more overrated in his life than he has in the last 48 hours lol


Everyone knew that was the last at bat. You just can't end it like how it ended.


true but the call wasn't as egregious as it looked from the camera Angles


Ok, sure...


https://www.instagram.com/p/CVDzPWdPRyp/ This is much closer to a borderline call than it being a definite check swing, Wilmer made it look not close because of how insanely fast he pulled the bat back but here it looks its really close to him offering.


Fair enough but you have to know the moment. Game 5 of the NLDS, last out, the GIANTS AND DODGERS playing. Can't end the game on an iffy check swing call.


True, I would have much preferred Max strike him out the very next pitch lol


lol sorry I was joking, thought that was obvious and worst case Scherzer would’ve had to throw like 6 more pitches, assuming he throws a few waste pitches and Flores fouls off a few, but even that is somewhat unlikely considering he was starting at 0-2. again though, that was the joke


Gotta make the joke a little more obvious since some people are genuinely convinced that Wilmer in an 1-2 hole against Max Scherzer was about to save the Giants season lol


was it craig counsel who won that world series or maybe I just remember him jumping around?


he got a lot of/more run last year when he had a really good year for him




Y’all are gonna beat this to death. Move on.


Who, among us super-smart baseball aficionados, is surprised by this decision?


Yep mistake!