[Highlight] Slow motion replay shows Wilmer Flores checked his swing

[Highlight] Slow motion replay shows Wilmer Flores checked his swing


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Not even close


*”Jim Joyce, no”*


At least Joyce admitted he fucked up and apologized. I doubt we’ll see something like that after this absolute disgrace.


He fucked up a perfect game call, too. I wonder what the criteria for being an ump in the playoffs is. I would expect long-term quality.


You would expect that, but somehow Angel Hernandez continues to be allowed in.


The funniest shit was when Angel sued for racial discrimination when he wasn’t chosen to call the World Series and mlb officials had to go on record saying “no, you actually just suck that bad”.


It had to be hard for Angel to prove discrimination when MLB is clearly willing to allow the blind to work.


At least now I can blame this and go on believing we would have won. Great series. Great season. Can’t win em all.


Then he said logan webb fucked them in the ass


Even as a dodger fan I agree Edit: Like i want the Dodgers to go up, but not like this.....


It’s a shame to end a great series on that. Means that’s what people will talk about instead of the incredible baseball played in the last 5 games


That’s even what the announcers said


Bellinger finally broke out of his slump, has a great series and gave the Dodgers the winning run...that should be the story. Instead we get the fucking umpshow again.


Sucks. Dodgers brought it tonight and Cody had a moment. Mookie was a nightmare to deal with. Why end on this of all calls? It’s an insult to an amazing season and series.


That was some MVP Mookie tonight.


Even seeing it live, before the replay I didn't think he went. What an atrocious call. The sad thing is that not only does this end the Giants' season, it takes away the Dodgers' celebration and turns the whole thing into controversy. Absolute dogshit all around.


> Even seeing it live, before the replay I didn't think he went. I felt the same, but there have been times when I think live "there's no way he went," and then the reply vindicates the ump and shows I was wrong. This was, uh, not one of those times.


I don’t see how any Dodger fan can say otherwise. What a horrible call


100%. I want no asterisks!


Same. I'm glad we won but that was absolutely not a swing. Sucks it ended on such a terrible call.


Ump wanted to be the star of the show


Story of the series


Story if the playoffs tbh


I mean it should just be reviewable. It’s not that easy to make in real time.


“Can’t be reviewed” in any sport, in any situation with our technology, is absolutely silly. If you can double the length of a sports broadcast for ads, you can review any damn play.


This. If their priority was getting the calls right, they absolutely could and do it quickly.


Yeah, we're sitting here able to review it and make the right call, sitting on our asses watching on TV. And the umps aren't allowed to? Just nonsense.


Play some ads during the review.


So just the NFL, then.


>“Can’t be reviewed” in any sport, in any situation with our technology, is absolutely silly. This is really the issue. There should *always* be the option to get the call right. It's pretty insane though, a lot of people within sports of all kinds fight against replay being that specific.


It’s not reviewable because the rule is worded in a way that the ump has to think you made an attempt at a swing. The is no definition of attempt. So it’s all bullshit opinion


I just read [this article](https://www.referee.com/reality-of-calling-a-checked-swing/) talking about that exact thing. The money passage: “The NCAA rulebook indicates that a checked swing shall be called a strike “if the barrel head of the bat crosses the front edge of home plate or the batter’s front hip.” That is pretty simple and straightforward language, however, not particularly easy to distinguish. The NFHS and pro rules don’t define a criterion for determining a checked swing. Umpires working under those sets of rules must simply determine if the batter committed to the swing or not. A strike by definition is “a pitch that is struck at by the batter and is missed.” It’s up to the umpire’s judgment as to whether the batter “struck at” the pitch. Breaking the wrists or the bat moving beyond the front of the plate or the batter’s body are considerations that the umpire may use to make the judgment. They are simply considerations, not definitions.”


Yeah, the rule as a whole needs to be rewritten if you're gonna make it reviewable, because right now there technically *can't* be an incorrect check swing call because the rule says that whatever the umpire says is what matters, basically.




Well that’s about as bad as it gets.


People like to act like "well, dodgers probably would have won". After watching David freese tie up the WS with two strikes and 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th... Anything is possible.


Rajai Davis homering off Aroldis Chapman comes to mind.


Anything can happen in one pitch, especially in a 1 score game. That's what makes baseball amazing


And a runner on base


Game on the bat.


As a Rangers fan… still too soon.


To have the balls to end a team's season on a check swing, you better be fucking sure he went. Not even close.


Rewatching this makes me want to gouge out my eyes but I just can't stop marveling at how terrible it is


Meanwhile, I'm drinking myself to death


Ill have 6 tonight for you bud. GGs in that series either way.


I'm sorry man. I'd be so fucking mad at the umps after this game if I was a Giants fan.


And not just to end a team's season. To end a 5-game series between the two best teams in baseball in a one-run game; almost as big of a moment as you can have in the sport. Honestly a shame, hate to win that way.


Better than losing that way 🤷‍♂️




Da stones on dis fuggin' guy


Even if you're some high percentage sure he went, you don't call it unless you're 100% and change.


This requires like "I'm 100% sure that the baby I gave birth to is genetically mine" level of sure


Boo Gabe Morales. Boooooooo!


he’s gained a full fanbase that will despise his name for eternity lol


As Joe West retires, we now usher in the Gabe Morales era


He just Holbrook'd himself




Gabe Morales ends Gabe Kapler's season.


There can be only one Gabe.


And that is me.


If he umpires another game this postseason we riot.


Guy deserves to be canned. This is insane. You cannot fuck that up. I know he's protected by an uber powerful union and there have been far greater sins committed by umpires who he still calls colleagues, but *come on*. MLB has a serious problem. People love to talk about the mound distance, strikeouts, pace of play... can we talk about the gigantic elephant in the room that shows its ugly head in the biggest spots each year instead? Like damn. They need to fix this shit now.


Angel Hernandez has drawn the ire of every fanbase since the mid-90s. C.B. Bucknor, same. Ron Kulpa once went on an on-field power trip, saying [I can do anything I want.](https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/astros-a-j-hinch-says-home-plate-umpire-told-him-i-can-do-anything-i-want-before-ejection/) All of them are still active umpires. And now, Morales. If MLB doesn't fix this problem here, then they never will.


Fantastic point. How is like a shot clock on pitchers even in the conversation when shit like this still happens.


Imagine taking an all time game and shitting all over it with controversy


That's classic baseball.


That's baseball, Suzyn


It took one tenth of a second to ruin it


The game was scuffed from the start with how wildly inconsistent the zone was




Manfred’s MLB




It is what it is. GG to the Dodgers, but holy hell is that check swing going to be a talking point for years


Look, I was fully expecting the L at this point. Flores is 0-17 against Scherzer and I think Lamonte should have been after Slater. But to end one of the best games I’ve ever seen on this call is gutting.


Yeah it was clear we probably weren't walking away with the W but to end a legendary series in such a bad call fucking sucks. Let's hope this leads to Robo Umping already


Dodger fan. It was a bullshit call still. Don’t want to win that way. Epic series, shitty ending.


Gg my man.


Honestly as a baseball fan this is a sucky way to end the series


Such a great series too. Lived up to the hype. Until the last pitch at least. I mean, bad calls happen but when it's at such a critical moment? Fucking sucks.


Yeah for real. This call in the second inning? Like it's a bad call, but we can move on. This call to end game 5? Inexcusable


I wish the last play of the game wasn't a blown call. That was one of the worst calls I've ever seen


This is one of those calls that makes *everybody* feel like shit. Giants fans feel like they were robbed, Dodgers fans feel like they would have won that anyway and now their win is cheapened by controversy, and neutral fans hate seeing an all-time NLDS Game 5 end on a blown call. It's like the Galarraga perfect game call. Nobody's happy about it.


I mean, yes. I'd feel better if he struck out.


He *did* strike out. /S For real though, fuck this call. Give me a weak groundout or another called third strike that's in the zone. Give me anything besides a horrible call that just ended the game all awkward as hell


This is the most conflicted I've ever felt in my entire life




doesn't feel good as good as it should for sure.


Can’t imagine my team’s season ending on a missed call. Holy shit that sucks so much.


Much less watching your 107 win team get eliminated in a game 5 in the first round, at home, against your bitter rivals. I'd be gutted


First time we've ever faced each other in the postseason too, if all the rest wasn't enough.


Michael Scott: “I am dead inside.”


Why they’ve never defined a checked swing in the rule book is beyond me. The umpires are just gonna go ItS oPeN tO iNtErPrEtAtIoN


"I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of (motions) I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description [("check swing")], and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the (batters effort) involved in this case is not that." -Justice Potter Stewart, 1964, Flores v. Morales


That's so bad lol


Can always rely on Ron Darling to call out some horseshit, even on a national broadcast.


"That's bad"


He knew it immediately too. Audibly groaned when the call was made


I mean he was audibly groaning after like every single pitch


Ron is a man of many groans. Usually he groans in satisfaction but that last one was an "oh no" groan.


Home plate ump shouldn't have even gone to the first base umpire honestly.


I feel like *a lot* of us audibly groaned when they showed the 1st base ump with his fist closed


He literally said, “No.” I think he flashed back to 1988.


I mean this is just absurd that a game of this caliber is decided like that.


I mean odds are the Dodgers would've still won, but to play 168 games only to have the season end on that is so shitty.


> I mean odds are the Dodgers would've still won This is the worst part. It was Max fucking Scherzer on the mound and he had Wilmer Flores in a hole 0-2. Chances are astronomical that Scherzer would have just gotten out of it himself. But at the end of the day it's baseball and nothing is guaranteed. This shit call puts a putrid end to an all-time series for an all-time rivalry. I'm still sick as a Jays fan that they fell one win short of the playoffs. I can't imagine how bitter of a taste Giants fans will be dealing with until Opening Day 2022.


It's a horseshit bad call, and it's heartbreaking. But...the Giants only scored one run. They went 0-for-whatever with RISP. They watched strike 3s. Yeah we got fucked by the umps but at the end of the day we just gotta overcome stuff like that, and we didn't. If they'd just scored 2-3 runs this wouldn't even have been an issue. The bats went cold in the postseason, and that's ultimately why we lost. :/


What a joke




Why get 100% of the calls correct when we can have a group of old guys with slowly deteriorating eyesight, egos and places to be after the game make the calls?


> group of old guys with slowly deteriorating eyesight, egos and places to be after the game make the calls? I know what you are getting at, but this makes it even worse because Gabe Morales is literally only 37.


How can you make that call


When your feet hurt and you wanna go to bed


It was a fast game too.


Super fast game. Earliest I’ve been home after a Giants game all year. The MLB needs to do something about these hacks.


I don’t get it. In that situation, you know it would be hyper analyzed, so you better be pretty certain. But if he was pretty certain that was a swing, he should be fired


Horrifyingly bad call, I’m sorry Giants fans


Absolutely wouldve rather continued the game rather than have this clouding our victory now. Bullshit.


I think that’s the worst part. Since it ended an amazing series of the two best teams in baseball this year, throwing a wrench in the discussion of how great it was. Disappointing way to end some great baseball to watch


My Dodgers friends are texting me "That was a horse shit call". Bad strike zone aside, the Dodgers were basically one strike (lets be real - likely one pitch) away from the win and now instead we have to talk about check swings and umps again. Ugh. What a terrible way for what has felt like an all time great series to end


Yeah... I don't think we would have come back, but you'd just rather have that satisfying finish, rather than "what if x, what if y??". Oh well. Congrats, Dodger bros


If that's a swing then Wade's deep foul was a walk off homer


Moving the foul posts


I support this. No foul balls. Ball goes into the 3rd deck behind home plate? Catcher has to run up there and grab the ball.


I support this stadium form of Cricket.


But you have to take a running start before you pitch, and the ball has to bounce, and you can play one game over multiple days and still tie.


I second this motion.


I like this line of thinking, can we go ahead and rule that?


The best Dodgers team in history facing the best Giants team in history. Elimination game. Bottom of the ninth in a sold-out stadium in San Francisco. The home team trails by one run. The away team sends in their ace for his first career save attempt. This ace is Max Scherzer, one of the best pitchers of his generation, one of only six pitchers to win a cy young in both leagues, and the biggest prize from this year’s trade deadline. Two outs. The go-ahead run is at the plate. Like this is the shit we dream about. This has been one of the best postseason series in the past decade. And it gets decided by an incorrect check swing strikeout call from the first base umpire


Ruined a classic. Fuck Gabe Morales!


Refs in NBA, Umps in baseball want the spotlight. This is why there should be challenges abs reviews


I use to be against the idea of robo umps, now I'm not as against it.


holy shit this will be talked about for years


Best series we've had in years ends on that bullshit


Thats what makes me so mad. This game 5 has been one of the hardest fought elimination games I’ve seen in my life and it ends like that with Flores at the plate.


I should be ecstatic but I'm muted. Kinda like winning the world series and then having a covid positive player come back out and make things weird.


it was one of the most compelling series and games of baseball in like a decade, and suddenly it feels like shit because an ump decided to call some BS on the final out of the game


This is the cherry on top for the series, but this whole series was umped pretty damn poorly. Just a very awful showing for the mlb


That’s what happens when umps are picked on seniority and not regular season performance.


kinda like winning your first ever ws after 15 years of being a fan then finding our your own team cheated :/


Oh geez. You win.


i’m pulling for a stros dodgers rematch the salt would be immeasurable


Yeah had the same sorta deja vu feeling from after winning the world series last year. Like it's fucking awesome, but all the air just gets taken out of it so feels weird


And Manfred will do absolutely nothing about it


An epic and exciting game...and it ends like that


If Wilmer strikes out clean, I understand completely. But every fan in the stands saw the check swing but the 1st base ump. He basically took the bat out of his hands. Awful call.


Even if it was close I'd be cool with it, check swings are vague sometimes, but this was not one of those times. No parallel bat-plate, no wrist break, no full body rotation, literally nothing that I've ever seen used as justification for calling it a swing.


I’m honestly more upset by the Kris Bryant walk turned K. It effectively took a run off the board


Umps are trying their hardest to make themselves obsolete this year


You can't end one of the best baseball games of all time like that. Fuck the umps


Seriously, that was a pitching duel that would go down as a classic. This blows


It's not like there is any way to review this.


Unfortunately MLB just does not have the technology for such a thing yet. Maybe by 2050.


By 2100, I'm hoping they'll create some type of device which can detect when a runner touches first base or senses it... maybe call it a sensor?


Sens...or? Or what? You see, this is the problem. You tech guys come in with your fancy-pants gizmos and just wanna pass the old timers like a fart in the wind. In my day, we didn't need sens or whatever else you want to use to ruin MY pastime. Not everything can be solved by robots, boy!


I can see a rule change for next season happening after this gets talked about.


I doubt it. This isn't the first time we've had controversy over a check swing and it won't be the last. As far as I know, MLB rules don't define a swing that precisely. It's called at the umpires discretion. I'm curious to see other check swing calls he's made in the past. Is that what he consistently considers a swing? It doesn't change anything, I'm just curious. But it was a terrible call.


Yeah this is going to be like the Saints/Rams no PI call


But then the refs torpedoed it by never overturning shit lol


Maybe one day technology will advance enough to prevent such travesty


That ump better get the fuck out of SF as quickly as possible


He was already walking before he even made the call. He booked it out of there


I hope inconvenient things happen to him. Leaky roof on his house, backed up/over flowing toilet, car trouble, hemroids, always getting cold/soggy food delivery, bird shit on his head, ect….


Same. I want him to step in something wet while he's in his socks!!


The announcers sound so disappointed lol


Ump wanted to go home lmao what a shit call Side note: how tf can you not review that??


Im going to guess because there is no actual definition for a checked swing. I think it would be pretty hard to review something until the rulebook formally defined what constitutes a checked swing.


No replays on judgment calls, and a check swing is always a judgment call. There’s no official definition of what constitutes a checked swing. Most people say it’s when the barrel crosses the front of the plate, but that’s not actually in the rulebook.


Wilmer may have struck out in the at bat, but you can't take it out of his fucking hands. Garbage call.


What a horrible way to end this series.


Hey, I've got an idea! Let's play 8.2 innings of nail-biting, stomach acid inducing winner-take-all baseball between two teams - no, two amazing rivals! - that have won 109 games each this year and end it on the worst fucking call in history!


> end it on the worst fucking call in history! Galarraga would disagree with you there


How do you pull the trigger when it's not even close? That's police brutality right there


And to end the game? You have to be 100% certain to make that call.


idk if the Ump scorecard will confirm it or not but I feel like the Giants got absolutely fucked all game long by the umps


Only watched from the 7th on, but at least in those innings can confirm dodgers were getting the outside ball called a strike about every time and giants got it only once I think


KB struck out on what should've been a 5-1 count


No they definitely got fucked by the umps. Seemed all the bad calls broke for the dodgers. That ump scorecard is not gonna be pretty.


I felt the same way. It wasn't even the case of an ump fucking with both sides- they were just absolutely merciless to the Giants tonight


Listen i doubt he would have done anything but man it sucks he didn’t get to do it for real




What a bullshit call


Absolutely horrible game for the umpires. Eddings was atrocious and obviously the ending.


That’s the sort of thing that SHOULD get am umpire fired. You can’t make that call without being 100% sure. Just terrible.


Bad call -_-


Clown show league. Fuck the umps, fuck Manfred, and fuck the MLB as a whole too. Tired of this shit


I'm a Socialist. I support unions. **But we must nuke the Umpires Union from orbit.**


The 1st base umpire sure was feeling himself after making that call too


Immediately went in for the nipple rubs


He said “Watch this shit guys, I’m about to become a Dodgers hero”


"I'll never have to pay for a pickled egg at Philippe's again."


Little does he know we all hate him for that call too


The umpires have been absolutely brutal this season.


It's almost like they are trying to lose their jobs to robots.


You just cant fucking end a game like this. I feel robbed as an unbiased viewer. Just horrible.


MLB terrible ump postseason assignments lead to this, and the terrible zones all series. Hopefully they learn.


I wanna throw up.


Fuck Eddings.


Fuck Morales on that one


Fuck them both