Tatis Jr. on who are the best 5 players in baseball at the moment (according to him)

Tatis Jr. on who are the best 5 players in baseball at the moment (according to him)

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He knew he was in trouble when he had listed 4 and still had Soto and Trout left haha


He played himself the moment he included Bellinger lol


I literally would of gone on a murderous rampage if he included Bellinger and not Trout.


If you swing the bat like Bellinger you’re not going to hit much.


:( reported but true


8th pitch was the magic one tho


Would have*


I was waiting for it to end to understand who I was going to be mad about. Take out beli and his list is truly spot on


What do they guys playing the game know anyway


Well based on what some of the stuff ex-players say on tv/podcasts not much.


See: Joe Morgan the broadcaster not understanding why Joe Morgan the player was good


I've seen enough retired players do broadcasts to know that players don't actually know shit by default.


Can't be criticized then huh?


A truly spot on list has deGrom at #2 right behind Ohtani at #1


for those who dont wanna listen the top 5 is these 6 lol Acuña Ohtani Vlad Belli soto trout


For those who didn’t want to listen Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan


Because i spit hot fire


As soon as I clicked play I was kinda hoping for this


How can you put Bellinger on this list with a straight face?


I feel like this *interview is old. I remember seeing a different clip of this interview months ago.


I mean. He’s better than this season. Will he be 2019 Belli again? Not sure. But he’s played through a ton of injuries this season and missed a lot of time. I think he’ll be back to being a pain in our ass next season.


Sure and I agree with all of that. But one of the top 5 currently playing baseball? That's a hard sell. He's had 3, maybe 4, good to great seasons and 1 of the worst non-pitcher batting seasons ever.


Vlad has only played 3 seasons total at the mlb level and this is the only season he’s been a genuine star in. You can’t knock Bellingers bad year this year and ah he’s only had 3 to 4 great years and not note that another guy on the list has only been there 3 years and 2/3 he was an average to below average guy.


I do agree with that.


Yeah, maybe listening to the video is a good idea for some people. They literally all three say why he’s on the list.


Do you think they would actually ridicule someone sitting in front of them? Because I don't.


Just because they say it doesn't make it true homie.


If one of the best hitters of all time and one of the best players alive today both agree on something baseball related, its a good bet to trust them on it and not some random Joe on Reddit.


Maybe Harper over belli but that’s a good list


I would take Mookie Betts over Harper, he's been way more consistent.


Yeah mookie has to be the clear pick over bellinger


Sure, Tatis has probably smoked some weed with Belli


I know I’m enormously biased, but from 2017-2021 JRam has been the 2nd best position player in the AL. He’s about to make it 4 Top 5 MVP finishes in 5 years. Only Trout has equalled that. He had half a season of bad play in 2019, but other than that he’s been the best 3rd Baseman in all of Baseball for 5 years now and never gets mentioned among the top players in Baseball. He’s a top hitter at a premium defensive position. The fact he doesn’t have a big media presence, play in a big market, or have “the look” are the only reasons I can think of that he isn’t in this conversation.


JRam definitely deserves to be in the conversation. I feel like he gets an unfair rap because he has an unflattering body type for a top level athlete. He's one of the most well-rounded players in baseball since he's a good fielder and can run, but I rarely see people give him credit for that.


He’s genuinely a 5-tool player. What you said about his body is totally correct - he’s the least likely slugger I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t look like he should have power, but he does. He doesn’t look like he should have speed, but he does. Go take a look at his Baseball Savant page - he’s 63rd Percentile or higher in every single category this season. I don’t know that I would put him in my Top 5 either to be frank, but I scrolled through every comment on this thread and didn’t see him mentioned once. That’s a travesty because he’s easily in the Top 10. Personally, I’m going Trout, Soto, Betts, Acuna and Vlad Jr. Jose and Ohtani are probably next (just want to see him do it for a couple years before anointing him) and then Tatis, Judge and Harper to round out the top 10.


I underrate JRam every year. And every year I look at his numbers and I’m like dammm. He did slump hard that one year but it looks like that was just a weird thing


He’s sneaks up on you. I almost (*almost*) feel bad for Rafael Devers, who was having the best year for any AL 3B from May to August, but Jose just kept doing his thing and being consistent and then had a huge late August to September. He’s unreal.


He's in my top 10


Who is JRam?


Jose Ramirez


That’s fair plus he’s a better defender. Peak Harper > peak Mookie though.


Peak Harper is a better hitter, peak Mookie is the better overall player


Harper in his absolute peak in 2015 was a better hitter than Mookie in his absolute peak in 2018 but the defense and baserunning of Mookie made him a more valuable player, the difference in WAR is a bit noticeable if you compare those 2 seasons. Either way it's very close. I choose Mookie over Harper because he's had more MVP seasons than Harper


I mean they each have one MVP, no? If anything Harper has more because he’s arguably the front runner to win this year.


Mookie has been having MVP seasons on more occasions than Harper.


Exactly, Mookie is blocked by Trout for many years. Harper wasn’t in the conversations for most other years


2016 Mookie had an MVP year but yeah Trout was in his way.


Mookies best year was when Boston cheated 👀👀 Edit: downvote me all you want, I’m right


I won’t bc say he’s never had a year like bc Betts 2018, but he certainly didn’t have a better year as complete player. No player has been the best offensive player AND best defensive player at his position like Betts did in 2018, since Junior.




2015 Harper is the best offensive season post-bonds era. I guess it depends on how much you value defense


yes bc the guy who had a 1.100 OPS for like 3 straight months is inconsistent


I love me some Acuña Matata!


Talent recognizes talent! I wanted to watch him play alongside Tatis in the AS game


Solid list, although I'd probably add Harper on there if we're going off past achievements with Bellinger.


I mean if we're going off past achievements, Pujols and Miggy have to be there too and they are better than Bellinger this year


I’m very confused on the Bellinger pick while he’s been one of the worst hitters in baseball this year, is he referencing last year?


He asks in the video is it only people right now or people who have been doing it for years. They said whatever he wants, so he included Bellinger.


Alright, I was just under the assumption it was this year.


\*Ohtani not Otani The baseball gods are displeased.


It's an alternate transliteration, both are correct.


Well shit, now the baseball gods are coming for my dumb ass instead.


The gods spare the penitent.


Except sometimes they also just dunk on people for no apparent reason


Like Trout. They blessed him too much and now he is paying the price :(


Pretty hot take here


Next year Luis Robert will play a full year and unanimously be on this list.


Lord I want Acuña and Trout back so bad. I can't believe how much quality baseball we didnt get this season.


Would be awesome to see Trout and Ohtani battle for the MVP. I'm not sure Ohtani would of even been able keep up with Trout this year. That's just how good he is.


I think Ohtani would still beat Mike Trout, the argument of Ohtani being a 2 way player makes him the favorite pretty much over any player. For Trout to win the MVP over what Ohtani did this season, Trout would need to put up such a good offensive season that it would have to completely overshadow Ohtani's achievements, he would need to win the triple crown in both leagues and beat him offensively by a looot. It's the same thing with Vlad, even if he won the triple crown he wouldn't win the MVP. For Vlad to win the MVP over Ohtani he would need to win the triple crown in both leagues and maybe hit 60+ homers and who knows if that's not enough. That's why not even Trout would have won this year.


Possibly. But in terms of WAR, Ohtani is sitting at 8.9 rWAR right now, and that's like an average season for Trout. He probably would of put up a 1.100 OPS this year, and that could of been enough to beat Ohtani.


Tbf to both of them, I imagine their numbers would have been even better if they were both healthy all season long. Trout would give Ohtani the protection he desperately needed in this offense


I don't think the WAR or the OPS matter that much in this conversation, it's about that argument of "he's doing something that hasn't been done in decades"


Yeah I can't argue that. But if anyone could beat Ohtani this year, it would be Trout.


Trout could but like I said, he would need to put up one of those monster seasons of his, something like 10+ WAR and at least 50 home runs and even then I'm 100% sure Ohtani would still have a lot of people giving him votes because of that argument


Well that would be some people’s argument, but others would argue it’s called “most valuable player” so where the value is coming from is irrelevant whether it’s all hitting or pitching.


1. It’s “would have” 2. WAR is powerfully overrated


Would’ve not would of




True but look at how much quality we did get. The list literally goes on and on


Bellinger has embarrassing pics of Tatis confirmed


No picture of Tatís is embarrassing.


It’s a picture of him wearing a Dodgers jersey


Oof. You got me there.




[Found it](https://nypost.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/10/Cody-Bellinger-robs-Fernando-Tatis-MLB-playoffs-2020.jpg)


that still hurts


I absolutely love those palm tree socks


All I have to say to that is Tatis and Bellinger must be real tight off the field.


Part of it is probably also mutual respect between heated rivals. Sort of like Bird and Magic hating each other but still respecting each other’s game.


Lol. “Last spot? I have to go 2 spots” respect


Bellinger is not a top 5 player. You cannot convince me otherwise


Agreed. Can he be dangerous? Absolutely. But he's so inconsistent.


I mean he's been pretty consistent this year.


You’re not wrong


Take my upvote


One thing that Big Papi brought up is the fact that he’s so athletic and can play any position. I feel like he’s going to be a little like Harper he had some down years after his MVP year so people are kinda underrating him. He is having a bad year no doubt but he’ll be back


Yeah but Harper was never down THIS bad. Belly is literally the worst hitter in baseball rn.


Belli has also dealt with multiple injuries all season


So has Harper in the past and took a fastball to the face this year


Harpers down year was a .768 OPS, as opposed to Belli’s dumpster fire OPS this year. Not sure if they’re comparable.


Harper had 395 plate appearances and no nagging injuries that year. Bellinger has 340 plate appearances so far coming off a big shoulder surgery where he had no offseason training and then missed half a season due to a fractured foot


Seriously. Not sure you could even put him in the top 50 right now.


Depends on how much you're weighing past performance into "right now". If you literally mean right now as in who would you want taking a clutch at bat for your team today, then it's even worse than you might think. Among the 254 players with 300+ at bats this season Bellinger has the 3rd lowest wRC+ (ahead of only Austin Hedges and Jackie Bradley Jr) and the 2nd least fWAR (ahead of only Gregory Polanco). So if we really mean *right now* then Bellinger might not even be a top 250 hitter.


It doesn’t really change anything, it’s just amusing to juxtapose this conversation after one of the most clutch at bats of his career last night The deal with Cody will always be that he’s a feel hitter. Those guys are going to be wayyyyyy scarier to deal with from day to day. Combine a hell of injuries he’s never had to deal with before (and the personal life stuff if you’re that kind of fan) and it isn’t totally outlandish. He put up a 9 WAR season 2 years ago, he didn’t just forget how to play baseball Wouldn’t put him on a top 5 list personally though for the record


Didnt he have a pretty bad surgery? I feel like everyone expects athletes to recover 100% from any injury nowadays but he might just be permanently hampered at this point. If he cant generate the insane torque that he used to because of loss of mobility theres not really anything he can do other than try to change his swing.


Well he had a shoulder injury that he went through surgery on then he broke his leg right after


He isn't, he has been bad since the second half of 2019


In the second half of 2019 Belli had a .917 OPS. Definitely wouldn’t call that bad. 2020 wasn’t great but I wouldn’t call a .789 OPS over 52 games bad either. This year is bad but it’s pretty obvious that he just isn’t completely healthy and won’t be until he gets a full offseason. Still probably wouldn’t put him in the top 5 over Mookie though


The fact that his March/April is literally the greatest March/April anyone has ever had makes people think the second half of that year wasn’t good


You're right. I think he can eventually go back to what he was in 2019, the ceiling is there. In baseball the smallest things can make you a bad player, see how Vlad was playing in 2020, he elevated his launch angle and lost a couple of pounds and now he plays like an MVP.


He's been banged up for almost two seasons now.


Dude buzzed off the hair and finally started tweaking his stance, so hopefully he'll start turning things around. My obvious bias aside, I reckon baseball is better when he's doing well - dude is fun as hell to watch.


Lol, bellinger?! Haha. Even 38 yr old Votto is 10 times better than Bellinger.




Good thing they didn’t ask you.


I knew you were a Dodgers fan before I even saw the flair. Best of luck in October


His MVP year was an outlier, and so is the slump he’s in now. I think the “real” Bellinger is an everyday starter that a manager can plug n play but not an mvp candidate and not a .300 hitter. When he leaves LA someone is going to pay him a lot of money to hit 20 HDs every year, lead their team in Ks, and be a perennial gold glove defender.


You're gonna take Bellinger over Mookie? Well okay then.


I chalk that up to Tatis having played against Bellinger a lot early in his career. He probably admires him. Otherwise I can’t really see a reason to include him in this list no offense to Belli


That's exactly what I thought, he was called up in 2019 and the first thing he sees is a rival player having a career season


Might have something to do with Tatis’ eminent surgery that Cody got last offseason. Whether intentional or not, he might be thinking “hey one bad year from this shitty shoulder surgery shouldn’t detract from your body of work, so if I come back struggling after the same surgery, I can still consider myself a top player as well.” Now I don’t really agree with that. But maybe there’s some of those feelings there




Belli wouldn't be in my top-20, but I can see how he gets on Tatis's list based on them playing each other a lot. Can't forget Bellinger robbing a series changing HR from Tatis in the NLDS last year, and Bellinger made it look routine. Watching the Dodgers day in and day out, I can say Bellinger is one of the few players who has freakish athleticism on par with Tatis. No player on the Dodgers, not even Betts, has the upside of Bellinger. Honestly though, without Bellinger on Tatis's list, everything else is vanilla/chalk. We'd have nothing to talk about.


What everyone’s forgetting is that Bellinger got a haircut so he’s gonna be back to his peak soon


Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan 🖐


Because i spit hot fiya!


There it is. Upvote for you my good man.


I'm shutin down Petco park.


No DeGrom?


He Must’ve forgotten about the game when Degrom smoked him in June lol


I think he forgot that pitchers exist, period.


Jose Ramirez is ranked top 5 fWAR over the last 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 (just 2021) years. By far most underrated player in baseball. By far


Lmao even judge is above bellinger.


Belli? Huh? Over Betts?!


For all the people questioning the bellinger inclusion I'm fairly certain this interview happened months ago so before bellinger went completely off the deep end. He had a mid 2020 but to that point it wouldn't have been as bad of a choice as it is now


It can’t be that long ago, Tatis mentioned Acuna being injured.


Not mad at this. That's a tremendous group.




When he paused and asked if it just had to be based off of this year I was fully expecting him to say Trout… not bellinger


Harper, bulletin board stuff for the big Padres-Phillies post season matchup.


This comment made me sadder than I already am


I would take 10 games of Degrom over 162 of Bellinger at this point.


Oh so you mean this year


Luis Robert says hold my beer.


His English is kinda satisfying to listen to ngl.


He’s so well spoken too. Market this guy more MLB!


I feel like he's the number one guy they market lol


Yeah him and Shohei were on like every MLB marketing effort from April until the ASB.


He's being sarcastic with his comment


Market MORE


Yeah. They should totally put him on the cover a video game too!


Huh, some parts he sounds like he has zero accent, and others it was very present. I had to watch and make sure he was talking lol


Is this from a baseball podcast? Anyone know the name of this show? I love the idea of a David Ortiz talkin baseball cast


Literally forgot the MVP LMFAO


I got anxiety thinking he was leaving off Trout.


I agree with this


Very interesting that he mentioned Bellinger. He still remembers 2019 Bellinger when he was in his rookie year.


He said it wasn’t just guys who were good this year he thinks Bellinger has as high a ceiling as the other guys


> he thinks Bellinger has as high a ceiling as the other guys Because he does, will he be able to consistently play to the level of his 2019 campaign? Only time will tell.


Belli is better than he is this year, we can all agree on that. He’ll get back to who he is at some point


I think it's still unclear what exactly is the real Bellinger. I don't think he'll ever put up a season as good as 2019 was again, but I also think he's better than he has been the last two years


The weird thing is how young he still is. A lot of players haven't even established themselves as big leaguers at age 25, whereas he has already gone through major ups and downs of his career. Technically speaking dude is just entering his physical prime. Will be really interesting to see what he does next season, assuming he can stay healthy. Personally I have no idea what kind of numbers to expect


No we cant


You think he's a .161 hitter?




Bellinger should not be on this list. My list would be Trout, Ohtani, Betts, Soto, and Tatis in that order. I would put deGrom at 3 and bump Betts, Soto, and Tatis down a spot if we're including pitchers.


How do you leave Acuña off this list with a straight face. He’s been better than Mookie for almost two years now Since August 1st 2019 Mookie has a 140 wRC+ and 8.7 fWAR in 976 PAs Ronald has a 149 wRC+ and 8.3 fWAR in 777 PAs


Bellinger (who’s hitting .161 right now and has only hit over .300 once in his career) over Trout? C’mon bro. Let’s be real. Injured or not, .161 after 90 plus games played is embarrassing and immediately removes you from the top 5.


Where’s Albert Pooholes?


Tatis: Bellinger Ortiz: 🤔🤨


Top 5 fwar among batters from 2019-2021 1 - Marcus Semien 2 - Soto 3 - Bogaerts 4 - Jose Ramirez 5 - Betts


Come on Nando. Putting Bellinger on this list is even dumber than not getting shoulder surgery in the offseason. He even mentions him before trout or Soto


Bellinger was a beast up until this year. Lets not discount people’s resumes


He was kinda trash in the shortened season also.


Wasn't a beast last year.


lol wait till you see the dodgers in final form in the playoffs. I don’t give a shit what they did in the regular season. y’all better watch tf out.


Even Bellinger at his best point is not a top 5 player. I'd still take Ohtani, Trout, Betts, Soto, Acuña, etc over that


degrom is in my top 5 forsure.


The amount of people discounting the Dodgers is incredible, feels good to go into the WC and perhaps the NLDS as the underdog.


He batted .239 last year with an OPS of .789. This year he has a -1.7 WAR and is batting .161. I’m not saying he’s washed up but for the past two seasons he has been average at best, and he’s only been in the league what, 5 years? Edit: he actually was very average second half of 2019 as well which was his MVP season


I would take half of the White Sox lineup over Cody Bellinger


When you’re on Papis show let him know that.


Does this not include pitchers?


It includes whoever he wants. It’s his opinion.


Bellinger? What!?!


I get that Ohtani provides value on both sides of the ball but if I am choosing 5 players at the top of their game as a hitter only or as a pitcher only, then Ohtani isn’t only my list. Were they only talking about position players? That’s the only justification for not naming DeGrom.


If I were to make a list this is how it would go: 1. Mike Trout 2. Jacob deGrom 3. Mookie Betts (If next season one of the young studs has a better season than him I would definitely replace him and get him out of the top 5, he'd be in my top 10) 4. Juan Soto 5. Ronald Acuna That's my top 5. Tatis could be there but he needs to fix his defense and show he can play without getting injured. Vlad needs to prove he can still play like that the next season. Ohtani needs to show he kind of player he is the next season too. Harper belongs in my top 10




Papi's reaction was this exactly.


ESPN breaking news: Tatis Jr can't count to five.


It's hilarious seeing you all sleep on Judge for so many years. He proved he was better than Bellinger or Harper. He's also been more consistent than Mookie. 2nd in OPS since 2017 and one of the best defensive outfielders.


Can I tell you this really random story? I was playing this video game MLB the Show and there’s this mode where you play a single player over their career and I was a shortstop. I got traded to the Yankees as a right fielder and the stupid computer ai chose to play me over Aaron Judge and wouldn’t move him to any other position, so that year he had about 16 at bats. I made it my mission in life to become the New York Yankees shortstop so Aaron Judge could be freed from the bench, so in the game I kept telling my agent to demand the manager move me to shortstop. It took two years and it finally happened. It was the smallest most petty triumph of my life to get to play with Aaron Judge in the lineup, finally!


Not all heroes wear drapes


He better be in that damn lineup.


I respect that list so much




You could. This is his opinion though.