Trea Turner, who's first start for LA was August 7, has the same number of hits as a Dodger as Cody Bellinger in 2021

Trea Turner, who's first start for LA was August 7, has the same number of hits as a Dodger as Cody Bellinger in 2021


Four years ago, who knew it would be possible neither Seager nor Belli would be part of the Dodgers' long term plans, and not for being traded.


Wait what happened to Seager?


As much as I’d love him to re-sign, I think Friedman is going to choose Trea over Seager.


the trea turner move was great especially because he's under control for 2022 and gives the dodgers some security in case seager leaves in the offseason. if seager does leave, turner can go back to playing SS and hopefully lux can play 2B full time next year.


That seems to be the plan. I don't think they can handle another season of Seager at SS. He's just not what he was at the position, time for him to move to 3B.


I’ll always love Seager, and plan on actively following his career, but I think Turner is hands down the smarter move.


Yep. I’d like to see the Yankees sign him so I can follow him closely.


wtf ew no


I'm guessing you're in NY by your username so I will resist the downvote. I want him to go to Seattle, but I think that will just end up being a bad contact for a team like them :/


They’re a Yankees fan who adopted the Dodgers as their NL team But wearing a Dodgers flair instead of Yankees is weird


The only possible defense for this I can imagine is living in Brooklyn


God you guys are circlejerking virgins let the man root for the teams he wants to root for.


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I switch flair depending on which team I’m talking about.


That makes it weird if someone comes across your comments after you’ve changed it


Yeah. I wish dual flairs were a thing for people who have an AL and NL team.


Thanks. I am indeed from NYC, but actually, my username is just referencing the fact that I love animals lol.




Whoa, bud. We were being friendly and then you go and drop *this* shit on me?


A Dodgers AND a Yankees fan? Talk about bandwagoning


He was also an astros fan in 2017


They’re also a Patriots/Bucs/Lakers/Nets/Lightning fan, probably


Mr Worldwide


Rangers/Knicks/Jets, but those are very casual. I’m more of a baseball fan.


Bruh how did you end up with Yankees/Dodgers


I posted this a couple of months ago, I’ll just repost what I posted then. It’s a long story, but pretty funny, to me anyway. If you don’t mind reading, here we go: In 2013-14, I was just getting back into baseball after not being as invested during my younger childhood. I had been playing The Show, and was getting tired of playing the Red Sox over and over, so I wanted a new opponent. At the same time, Masahiro Tanaka was about to be posted, and I was very excited for the Yankees to potentially sign him. I read that the Yanks’ main opponent to sign him were the Dodgers, and their GM Ned Colletti made statements about their confidence of signing him. That was all I needed to hear: I had found a new team to hate. Now when I played The Show, I would face the Dodgers. I despised their players, hated the team. Until I realized that over time, I didn’t. I got to know the players, all because I played them so much. All of a sudden, I started to actually like them. I then went to the Dodgers subreddit for learn more about the team, and that was that. With help from the amazingly friendly and welcoming sub, I had a new team to follow. Kershaw and Greinke were an awesome pitching duo, and little did I know at the time, but it was a perfect time to become a fan: it was 2015. With a new front office led by Andrew Friedman, and some new players after trading away Matt Kemp and others, a new era for the Dodgers had begun. In the coming years, I got MLB.tv and watched Pederson, Seager, Bellinger, Buehler, and others all come up. It was a blast, and at the same time, the Yankees had a new era as well: the baby bombers. A combination of reddit and my teams going in new directions reignited my love for the sport, and now it’s one of my deep passions. I give a lot of credit to the Dodgers sub got me becoming a fan, because in other circumstances, my “NL team” might have been the Mets. My first ever Reddit post IIRC was on the Mets subreddit, talking about how NY teams should stick together, and I’d root for both, Mets once Yankees were out. Maybe teenage me went about it the wrong way, but now at 26, I still feel like Mets fans are generally overtly hostile to Yankees fans. Needless to say, they were not at all welcoming to me. So Dodgers it was. To this day, I have dual flair on that sub, and it remains my favorite baseball sub, although the Yankees sub has the best memes. At the time, I was a pretty casual fan, didn’t know much outside of the Yankees. Now, I consider myself a hardcore baseball fan, very into sabermetrics and I’d say I know most players on each team, as well as the top prospects. Ironically, my cousin got into the Dodgers around the same time I did, him because of his love of the city of Los Angeles. And funnily enough, my grandfather used to be a Dodgers fan before they moved, then switched to Yankees when they left. So my love of the Dodgers led to me discussing the Brooklyn boys in blue of the 1950s with him, and my grandmother, as she went to high school with Sandy Koufax. In the end, I’d say I didn’t choose the Dodgers. As cliché as it sounds, I just fell in love with them naturally. And I’m super glad I did. EDIT: formatting


I've actually been a Bucs fan since I was 6 years old lol. Lakers, Dodgers, and Bucs. Being called a bandwagon for the Bucs is pretty surreal with how many garbage teams I've witnessed for years and years out.


I’m not a bandwagoner, been a true fan of the team for over seven years.


So you started supporting them once they started winning the NL west every year after being very meh for 20 years? That’s exactly what bandwagoning is lol I mean you do you, it’s just weird


It was very natural, so much so that in the Dodgers sub, I have dual flair. I was unaware that they were good before then, and if I’m being honest, they’ve been on another level since *after* I became a fan. I’ve posted how and why I’ve become a fan on this sub before. To my knowledge, bandwagoning is when you jump on a team and become a fan just because they’re good, which I didn’t do.


Change your team monicker, you’ve lost your privileges


Not over the Dodgers obviously, I’m just saying if Friedman decided not to re-sign him.


Yeah this ain't it fam


And here I was excited because Trea and Seager's wives are besties on social media.


yep trea is the right move. love him.


I honestly hope that’s not the case. I think Seager is the best *overall* hitter on our team. You can’t have everything, but I was really hoping he’d be a Dodger for a long time


100% agreed. I’d love for us to sign him, and the Yanks sign Story instead.


Hasn’t Trea openly said that he doesn’t want to be on the West Coast long term? Obviously a big payday would be very persuasive, but when a player says that publicly I have to imagine he feels strongly about which coast he’s on.


He's a Boras client and will probably go somewhere else for a longer deal. Given his injury history it seems unlikely that we'll offer him a megadeal


As much as I’d love him to re-sign, I think Friedman is going to choose Trea over Seager.


He'll be a FA and we have a shiny Trea Turner now.


I actually think they re-sign Seager. He's proven to be an irreplaceable part of the Dodgers run. Bellinger played his way out of worrying about his long term contract status.


With Bellinger likely not getting any mega-deal, I think it's possible both Seager and Turner get re-signed for the right price. Pre-deadline, the thought of resigning both Belli and Seager wasn't out of the question, so I don't see why swapping Turner with Belli isn't possible. Especially if (hopefully), we're freed of the Bauer cap hit.


Irreplaceable? He's the poster boy for replaceable. Injury prone, bad defense, bad speed, Boras agent, gonna cost a premium to keep. 0% chance a guy like Friedman re-signs Seager when you have Turner who's literally better than Seager in every facet of the game. I love Seager as much as the next Dodger fan, but it's not happening.


This is a very bad take from a supposed Dodger fan. You clearly haven't read Friedman's comments on Seager. Turner is a better defender and has electric speed but he's not a better hitter than him.


If anything turner is marginally better at the plate than seager, but honestly they’re very similar.


Agreed. I think Seager is the best *overall* hitter on our team. It’s very close between him and Trae, but Trae picks up plenty of hits with his speed alone


Hitting is the only aspect of the game where they are comparable. And whats Friedman supposed to say? Seager is too expensive and we won't be signing him? Obviously, Friedman is going to sing praises about his players. You can be a fan and still be objective about the game. I loved Puig, but am I a "supposed" fan if I point out his flaws? Ridiculous how many Dodger fans are completely blinded by their own homerism.


Are we talking about Corey Seager here or Matt Beaty? It's not blinded by homerism to say the guy who was a MLB ready at 21, MVP candidate as a rookie, perennially puts up major offensive numbers and singlehandedly won us the 2020 NLCS is a major player on the team. You saying he is the poster boy of replaceable is laughable. They aren't dishing out 300 million for Correa so if you lose him, that's a major hole in the lineup. Seager could be a future 3B since JT is no spring chicken so him vs Trea isn't an issue. Puig, on the other hand was the definition of replaceable.


I'm not going to go in circles. My point is there is 0% chance we sign in again. Hes going to command a 200m+ contract because he's good. Friedman is not going to pay 200m+ for Seager. Trea is in arbitration. It's a no brainer. There's only 1 player Friedman has ever signed to a megablockbuster deal and that was Mookie Betts. And all he had to do to get that deal from Friedman was be the 2nd best player in baseball for the past half decade.


Mid 200 million Rendon range for Seager is really not a bad deal. He's going to be 28 next season ffs. Dodgers with Friedman have never let a player of his caliber walk. You're basis of how Friedman operates is wrong.


Are you watching the same team? Turner is our best hitter right now and in contention for a silver slugger, lol.


*Whispers* Trea Turner and Corey Seager can co-exist


That’s not what was in discussion. Turner is hitting best on our team right now.


doesn't sound like you love him


Loving someone doesn't mean overlooking their faults... fuck that got way deeper than I meant it to sound.


you don't immediately list all of someone's faults if you love them either. Like that post reads a lot more like someone finding things wrong with Seager and have mentally already considered him a free agent.


I think in context it makes perfect sense. The context of the thread is that he's irreplaceable. Even if you love a player you can agree with someone they're replaceable. My brother is a massive Cubs fan and adores Baez with pictures of him in his house and office but if this was the same thread with the same context but about Baez my brother would have certainly given several reasons to get rid of him. My brother is still rooting for Baez and hopes he does incredible on the Mets, but doesn't fault the Cubs one bit for shipping him.


Idk how these people forget how hot and cold Belli and Seager are (outside the World Series last year) in the playoffs as well.


Seager’s a .249 / .332 / .481 batter in the playoffs across 49 games. That’s really solid considering postseason baseball is played against the toughest opponents. I highly, highly doubt individual series performance affects long-term personnel decisions.


I mean you wanna pay him 200M? 250 for that batting line? He doesn’t do a whole lot else


Below the Mendoza line with a 72 OPS+ in the last 2 seasons (145g) is not where you like to see your 26 year old former MVP.


If all it takes to be a big leaguer is stay about the Mendoza line with a 72 ops+... I am no closer to being a big leaguer, but I can now confidently tell people that the Mendoza line is a 72 ops+.


It isn’t, though? The Mendoza Line is based on Batting Average, not OBP or SLG (the two components of OPS)


Mendoza’s career AVG is .215, but his OPS+ is 41. His 2 .198 AVG seasons saw him post 23 and 25 OPS+. Apparently the term was coined in 1979, which was when his .198 AVG was good for a 25 OPS+. So I guess the Mendoza Line (Plus) is probably a 25-30 OPS+?


But batting average has literally no correlation with OPS or by extension OPS+. Someone could have a .150 BA but if they have a .300 OBP and a .400 SLG they’ll have a near-league average OPS of .700 and likely have an OPS+ in the 90s


I am aware. I was making a half-assed attempt as drawing a Mendoza line using his OPS instead of his AVG, since it’s not like he was some Gallo type hitter who had a low AVG but walked a lot and had power.




People forget that he started regressing quite a bit in the second half of 2019 also. He wasn’t terrible, but definitely not anywhere near as good as he was in the first half


Even Pujols has 46 hits since joining the Dodgers. His old ass is about to pass up Bellinger too


It's only a 200 game slump. Everyone says he is a good dude though, so I do feel bad.


Bellinger seems like he’d be an awesome guy to be friends with. I hope things work out with him, just not on the Dodgers


Weed is legal in California now. No need to be "friends" with him.


It’s quite expensive and he has a bunch of money.


I wonder if players see stats like this. It would make me feel terrible if I came across something like that. I guess they've got sport psychologists and what not so hopefully he's using them.


It's even worse when you see that bellinger is making every effort to improve and adjust his swing. It's just not working out.


He adjusted too much and that’s why he’s been playing like absolute dogshit But hey maybe it’s a plot to drive his contract value down right?


Bellinger out here pretending to be a padre


From what I understand he will be in the coming months.


Just like max scherzer? I absolutely love San Diego though they’ve been insanely fun this year


Well I mean Scherzer is a 3x Padre, so sorta the same? https://people.com/parents/cody-bellinger-chase-carter-pregnant-expecting-first-baby-together/ I am hopeful this and the injury recovery explains the past year.


100% he was way too good to be a fluke, couple months off and he will be amazing again plus have dad power


they were fun until they started rolling over for the dodgers but splitting series with the giants my threshold is lower now


At what point is it not the Padres' fault that we can beat them consistently and you can't (fully prepared to eat these words over the next couple weeks)?


obviously it’s entirely our fault I thought it was pretty clear that I was joking around but I guess not ☹️ anyway you lose 100% of the games you don’t win


Mhm. Belli is the type of athlete who always has real pathos for me - these hotshot young guys who've never been anything but the best (or close to it) their whole lives, who suddenly hit a wall and don't seem to know what to do about it.


not sure why this is downvoted, pretty common concern in baseball scouting is what happens the first time you meaningfully fail on the field


I mean it is baseball so its possible lol. He could just be on the unluckiest run ever, one in a billion.


Him and Matt carpenter lmao


Shoulder surgery in the offseason, broken leg in April, strained hamstring over the summer, fractured rib in September. Is anyone surprised Bellinger has struggled? His body’s been through hell this season.


His swing change and surgery messed him up badly. He needs to use the off-season to completely revamp his mechanics


Miss u Trea


Take him back, plz. Max too.


No, they’re fine where they are. I’m serious. Please keep them over there. I insist


oh i have another fun ^not ^for ^dodgers ^fans fact about cody bellinger as we know, cody bellinger has 48 hits, which includes 9 doubles, 2 triples, and 9 home runs [what is interesting is that cedric mullins, in just the first inning of games, has 48 hits with 8 doubles, 2 triples, and 8 home runs](https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/split.fcgi?id=mullice01&year=2021&t=b#all_innng)


In my fantasy league I drafted Bellinger 1st round (10th overall). When he got hurt in the first week of the season I picked up Cedric from free agency. I only have one on my roster still, guess who.


I drafted Acuña, Bellinger then Lindor in one league lol Thankfully I also drafted Olson and Burnes + picked up Adolis + Mullins so I managed to make the playoffs


Stoned to the bone, didn’t realize his fucking Ribs were broken…


Man, what the hell happened to him? (Serious question)


Injuries at the wrong times (he missed Spring Training this year, and got hurt for a big stretch of the regular season), and he's swinging too hard which is making it harder for his eyes to follow the ball. He's started tinkering with his stance again and its worked out better recently, but he's still got a long way to go. Fortunately his center field defense remains excellent so he can justify his spot on the line up enough to give him more regular season games to get his groove back. But IDK where he stands in the postseason.


I really don’t know why he is still playing if he is so hurt. His defense isn’t that good that it can’t be replaced with someone healthy while he heals up. Seems silly to just set his career stats back like that and ruin his confidence. He might get the yips after this season


I don't think he's playing through injury as much as the injuries may be affecting him over the long term. The yips are a loss of muscle memory, I think this is more the culmination of a string of injuries affecting him mentally, causing him to make (perhaps unbeknownst to him) slight changes in his approach. The fact that it's a contract year may explain why he keeps trying to swing to be the hero instead of trying to get on base. Add in an expecting GF and you have a thousand paper cuts to deal with.


He’s under two more years of arbitration and the dodgers aren’t gonna low ball him with anything under 16 mill. But yeah I agree with everything ur saying


He’s had the yips since last July tbf


A lot of it is just long term effects from the surgery and the injuries he has had this season. From what I read his shoulder surgery takes a full year to get back to form, so hopefully this season is an aberration. Honestly, for the team this is a good thing if he bounces back... His arbitration number goes down, and then he gets a decent off season workout.


To the best of my knowledge he's not currently hurt, he was hurt during a large stretch of the regular season and missed a ton of games. If he's currently hurt he should absolutely not be playing right now.


Bellinger suffered a rib fracture from when he collided with Lux during the Diamondbacks series.


oh shit *what*? Why tf is he still playing?


He isn't, he hasn't started in a couple of games lol


oh, my bad XD


Idk about previous seasons but this year he is one of the worst fastball hitters in the league. According to fangraphs, only Kevin Newman has been worse at hitting fastballs. Extremely not what you want Maybe it’s mechanical, no clue


Missed Spring Training, got spiked in the leg earlier this year and it turned out to be a hairline fracture, and is apparently now trying to play through bruised ribs. Not saying there isn't something messing with him mentally, but he's been fighting an uphill battle all season. I'm not worried about him once he just heals up.


Tough year for bellinger. The pirates look forward to having him next year though


Hopefully, Belli and Yeli will hit well enough next year to make all the other boys jelly. Yeli’s turned things around. I hope the same for Bellinger. Some dudes just don’t consistently figure it out in the bigs until their late 20s.


I hope rides the bench once AJ is back.


A trade with both Trea and Mad Max. Where will this rank on the list of all time best post all star game trades?


I want bellinger out.. get something for him. how does someone hit .150 and play every fucking day. I still hate Dave Roberts. Belli is a joke now.


I am going to be optimistic about him. A full off-season to get healthy followed by a full spring training should help get back to 100% IF he is still shitting the bed by Memorial Day of 2022 then I am jumping ship. He had shoulder surgery basically 10 months ago and missed spring training, then instantly broke his leg. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but my patience is definately running out.


yeah but like are you OK with an automatic out in your lineup going into october?


Yeah that’s really poor management on their part letting bellinger play this year if he’s still unhealthy put him on the DL it makes no sense lol


yea. i don't know what the hell they're doing. belli is an automatic out now, it's so idiotic.




Bellinger has an astonishing SLG of .291 so far this year


I hope he has a Chris Davis like downfall and is out of baseball in the best couple years. Fuck the dodgers


Well that's not very nice (also unlike Chris Davis we didn't sign him long term so it doesn't really hurt the Dodgers for him to fall off)


That’s just shitty to say, get a grip on your fandom P.S. I’m now hoping for the Dodgers to pass your squad and put them in the one gamer


Cody got too high this season maybe.


I can’t help but thinking that a good amount of dodger fans felt Seager was the best SS in baseball. Singing a different tune now lol