Who is the most competitive player in the MLB today?

Who is the most competitive player in the MLB today?




When the Nats came to St. Louis in the NLCS the press asked Scherzer some softball questions about what it meant to be pitching such an important game in his hometown and he basically said “I don’t give a shit I’m here to win” then proceeded to destroy the Cardinals.


Pretty sure Scherzer cursed his college coach out for trying to take him out of game. Something along those lines lol


I remember a highlight of the nats manager coming out of the dugout to get him and he just screamed “no!!!” And got on the rubber


His first week with the Dodgers, Dave Roberts gave him a butt slap, and Max snapped and told him "Don't fucking touch me" because he doesn't like being talked to during his starts lmao.


Agreed, Scherzer takes no prisoners! Love the fire he pitches with on the mound.




This is the correct answer


Hands down. No question.


Off the top of my head Scherzer immediately comes to mind. Think Lance Lynn is also up there.


Scherzer will literally kill someone if you touch him while he’s in the zone Non pitcher? Donaldson is up there


Kershaw too. Apparently he’s the biggest clown on the team on non-pitching days but is disturbingly serious on days he pitches


I say non pitcher is Bryce Harper. The guy is the epitome of hustle. All out every play. Donaldson unfortunately can nowadays often come off as a hot head. To me thats not really competitiveness.


bryce harper tbh, no matter whether he’s scorching or cold you can’t tell me that guy doesn’t care


Scherzer and Arenado, oh and Votto who said he wanted to play like 300 games a year.




That’s my guy! He might be the GOAT competitor after his 2014 World Series performance.


Votto is up there.


Votto is the chaotic good to Scherzer's chaotic evil


Agreed, Votto doesn’t back down in any situation. Always has great AB’s, and have to imagine he inspires his teammates with the way he approaches the game.


Personally, I think Bryce Harper is the most competitive player in the league.


This is the correct answer from a position player standpoint. I live in the Philly burbs and have watched many many phils gms this season. Harper is the epitome of hustle and toughness. He goes at every at bat and every play in the field as if it was the most important of the season. I tend not to believe guys are worth $30 million plus a season, but this guy really earns every penny


Maybe position player, but the Scherzer/Kershaw/Madbum type of starters gotta be at the top.


For sure, I think the competitiveness trait is more visible in pitchers since all eyes are on them. They need to execute at a high level on every play.


First play I thought of


My case for Yadi = He plays with a lot of intensity throughout every frame he plays, at the plate or behind it. The sluggers mentioned in the thread are not able to prevent runs, prevent big games from those players, like Molina. He has helped shut down big sluggers for Cardinals pitchers almost as much as he has helped cut down on speedsters on the bases over the years. He's gone 101 for 361 in the playoffs, and at first glance his on base and power numbers don't look so great, but outside of the NLDS round, he has an OPS well over .800. He might be the slowest runner, but also one of the smartest base runners in the game. He is freakishly physically tough and plays as many games as he can, while pushing 40.


Yep, him and Nado are some of the most intense players in the game. Serious warriors on both sides of the ball


Yadi is a great example, and surprised no one else has mentioned him yet. He influences the game on many levels whenever he’s on the field.


Bryce Harper and Max Muncie both give me the Pete Rose vibe. Pete Rose took competiveness to a new singular level. He bowled over Ray Fossie in the All-Star game.


there's a fine line between competitive and being a dick, and I think Pete played jump rope with that line lol.


I agree.


deGrom has to be up there. You can see how much he bears down when he's at bat and has a chance to drive in a run in a low scoring game. He wants to win so badly.


All of them. You don’t get to that level by not being competitive.


The Mets would like to introduce themselves


Have you seen Colomé pitch?


I think a lot of people conflate aggression, yelling, chirping, acting like a maniac, etc with competitiveness when it's not really the same thing. I see Scherzer mentioned a lot in this thread, and I would agree that he is ultra-competitive, but that the way he expresses it is just one of the most visible ways that players manifest it. This line of thinking tends to overlook guys who are more subdued, but, I would think, not necessarily less competitive. Guys like Ohtani and Semien come to mind, but I'm sure there are a lot more examples in the league. Ohtani has a friendly demeanor even on the field, but his dedication to being elite at pitching and hitting would suggest he's very competitive. Semien often seems very even keeled on the field, but his reputation for hard work, and his career improvement at the plate and at short would suggest he's a very competitive person too.


Ohtani starts to show a lot of emotion and competitiveness as he gets deeper in games on the mound or if he gets out of a tough inning, especially with his fastball velo. If there are runners on or it’s late in the game, he’ll start pumping 98-100mph fastballs without a problem


Definitely. He gets pretty pumped after finishing a big inning. My larger point is just that he probably isn't less competitive than more visibly intense guys like Scherzer or Lynn


Good take! Being expressive and good doesn’t necessarily equate to competitiveness. Makes me think of Buster Posey as another overlooked candidate for most competitive player.


Liam Hendricks


Love watching him pitch. So much intensity every time he’s out there. Surprised there aren’t more closers being mentioned.


Harper, soon to be MVP


Chris sale cut up uniforms because he thought they messed with him while pitching..so..he's on the list.


Yadier Molina




Josh donaldson is a mad man


Kershaw and Scherzer are both known for being very competitive on start days.




Mad bum ☠️


Scherzer for sure


I think Degrom is competitive with himself


Nolan Arenado is a fiery fucker


Scherzer. Molina is a distant second.