With his 46th HR Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is Now Tied with Joe DiMaggio For Most HRs At Age 22 Or Younger

With his 46th HR Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is Now Tied with Joe DiMaggio For Most HRs At Age 22 Or Younger


I assume the title should say SECOND most


Poor Eddie, never any spotlight.


So true. Having a slugger like him behind Aaron through the 50’s and 60’s kept teams honest. Also, people forget, not only did he win the WS with the Braves in ‘57, he was also on the ‘68 Tigers team that won it all.


How old are you


I’ve got Frank Sinatra as my avatar, and the number 88 in my name. And also the stool part. So that should help.


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(eye roll) Old enough to be most of your fathers, atleast. Not that it should matter.


Well I will extend a thank you for the history lesson though 👍


Just look at all the punctuation he uses. Dat dood ol skool af


Or “in the AL”


Or among people whose last name ends in O.


I feel like this is something we all saw coming and are so stoked that it's actually coming. Wish the dude a long, prosperous and entertaining career.


First time I saw Vlad was in his rookie year, basically like a week after his call up. My friend and I got to the stadium a bit late and Vlad had already hit a home run. My friend was bummed because we missed it, but a few innings later he hit *another* one. The dude was 20 and was easily the best power hitter in the park that day. I'm not surprised one bit that he's turning out to be this special of a player.


It was bad enough when I realized I was older than players. Now it’s trending towards 2x but I love it.


Shit, I'm still not used to the fact that I'm older than some managers. Rocco Baldelli is a baby.


There's always that first athlete that's a bit younger than you that makes you think "fuck, I guess it's not happening for me". For me it was Sydney Crosby. I'm like 6 months older than him. It extra hurts when those guys are considered vets, then it hurts even more when they're considered geriatric for their sport. It's funny, because I'm 35, but if I'm ever looking at free agents my team should sign, I look at 30-year-olds and think "ehh, they're kinda old". That's dudes 5 YEARS younger than me.


Andy Roddick is two weeks younger than I am and retired 9 years ago. I guess I’m not making the ATP.


Jarred Kelenic is like two months younger than me, it still feels weird


For me the player was Juan Soto and for some reason it’s made me love him even more, that guy is younger than me and raking in the big leagues. And he’s an OBP machine which is my favorite kind of hitter


Dude I just keep raising the age for players I think are old now. I'm 33, so I only think players that are 39 and up are old.


I remember when I was in college saying to my dad, "It's so weird that some of these big league guys are my age" and he said, "Wait until people running for president are your age." Then last year Buttigieg ran and he's only a year older than me and it definitely felt weird.


Crazy to think we went through the steroid era, and the juiced ball era, and still 3 of these legends are from the 70s and earlier. Eddie has to be one of the more underrated legends in the games history


With 15 more games to play after tonight, 50 isn't out of the realm of possibility!


Keep going..




struggling to decide if the username checks out or not.


With 15 more games after tonight 60 isn't out of the realm of possibility.


70 isn’t out of the question yet, right? “Barry bonds starts sweating”


He only needs 4 more and there are 15 games left? He’s getting 50 no question


What about Eddie Mathews?


Never heard of him.


Eddie's steam coming out his ears


Waiting for vlad in an arbys parking lot


Interesting to note that in the case of everyone on that list, this ended up being their career high for HR. Obviously all 3 had great careers and ended up being hall of famers, but they never matched these very early HR seasons. Even in terms of OPS, Bench and Matthews never had a better season the rest of their careers and DiMaggio had only one that was better, his age 24 season. Here's hoping Vladdy doesn't peak at age 22 as well.


Bryce Harper is another guy that will likely never top their age 22 season


Does anyone know if those other three guys went on to have good careers?


Johnny bench is a hall of gamer. That HR total is the most ever by a catcher in a season. However Salvy is about to break it this year.


Idk why you only mentioned Bench lol all 3 of them are hall of famers


True. For some reason I was thinking he said he didn’t know only him


Can’t tell if your serious or not but yes they all did, I feel like joe and Jonny are two household names of baseball even to this day. And Eddie he might have actually had the best career of the three.


If you'd like I can add an /s


Your all good I guessed as much, but if you were serious it’s always a good opportunity to teach a new fan who wants to learn more about the game!


Yeah, honestly, thank you for being willing to discuss baseball and not just insulting someone who may not know about the history of baseball. I appreciate it.


Of course he wasn't serious lmao


Tbf DiMaggio has much more name recognition to non baseball folks.


He is a war hero after all


I don’t wanna overhype him, but uh that’s some damn good company.


That’s crazy atta boy Vladdy Jr


lol holy shit


What about Williams? He hit 54 through his age 20 and 21 seasons. Not to mention 37 in his age 22 season.


think this list is single season


Totally makes sense. If I could read I probably could have figured that out myself >.<


Interestingly Williams is 10th all time in HR's before 23 years old. Soto already has him beat, Acuna and Tatis would have almost certainly beat him if 2020 was a full season and Vlad would have been close. What a crazy era for baseball we're in now


Those guys are all pretty good.


That's some damn good company to be in


Eddie Matthews looks like such a smug fuck.


I'm sure he'll surpass jolting joe


Would he have more if pitchers weren't using the sticky during the first half of the season?


The scary or good thing depends on who you cheer for. This isn’t some normal player having a big year. We all know the scouting report on vladdy if he can stay motivated and in shape the rest of his career we maybe looking at the best hitter to ever play the game


All 3 are hall of famers. Vlad could go in himself if he keeps it up


Eddie Matthews looks like the kind of asshole who would walk up to your girlfriend/wife while you guys are having a nice dinner together and tell her to ditch the loser, and get with the "winner".


Did a Braves fan steal your* girl?


That sentence doesn't even make sense.


143 wRC+ and 96.1 WAR - he wouldn’t be wrong unless you are Willie Mays.


I don't care about his stats....


He’s been dead for 20 years so you’ll probably be alright.


I'm not worried about anything. It was a joke.


Mine too. Shake hands and go our separate ways?