[Russell] The extraordinary exodus of Rays public relations staff continues today. If there’s a precedent for what is happening to the Rays I can’t imagine it happened on a winning club.

[Russell] The extraordinary exodus of Rays public relations staff continues today. If there’s a precedent for what is happening to the Rays I can’t imagine it happened on a winning club.


Went to the rays game last night. For the first few innings, the “big” board said “RaysUp”. No info, no lineup. The digital guy must have been tweeting at that time.


Can't remember the last time I was at a Reds game and the scoreboard *wasn't* fucked up for a significant portion of the game.


I know you’re not pleased with the score, but that’s not the guy’s fault.


Every damn time, I'm like, c'mon scoreboard guy, there's no way Suarez's slash line is that bad. Fix that shit!


Umpires hate him, learn how you can get the stats of an all-star with this one weird trick




Man that was so good haha


Odd. Must be a recent thing. Been to plenty of games and the board was fine. I move to Tampa a few years ago though so I have no idea now.


Hyperbole aside I'd say over the last 3-5 years and 100+ games there's been maybe a handful where at least one of the 4 boards (big LF, small RF, two narrow boards above the foul lines) didn't just stop updating for several innings at a go. I don't know if its the software, or something with the board hardware itself, or even if its something that just happens all the time to these big stadium scoreboards such that it isn't just GABP.


I worked in minor league baseball and I thought the scoreboard being messed up was expected. Honestly, at some point, it became part of the charm of visiting the stadium. Now, I can’t imagine a triple-million-digit sports franchise having a crappy scoreboard.


The radar gun was out too through 4 innings as well. As Tyler Glasnow pointed out recently the speakers sound like ass. Old Guy sitting next to me last night pointed out a couple things. 1. The roof is shaped like a speaker cone, the sound could be superior. 2. This is an area with hundreds of thousands of retirees with bad hearing, for them it is worse. No wonder they stay home. 3. The in game “talent” in the stands announcers are almost incomprehensible to even this middle aged dude. They have been trying men and women out for a couple years. I cannot imagine it pays well. I have always heard common folks working for the ball clubs are poorly compensated and work long hours. Here are the current Rays MLB job postings. https://www.teamworkonline.com/baseball-jobs/baseballjobs/tampa-bay-rays


Hmm…What’s the pay for a programmer??? I’m actually intrigued. Ha


Jobs in sports are usually below market rate as you're competing with people who value working for a sport team more than money. Some orgs (I know MLSE for a fact) have gotten wise to this and have realized that even by just offering market rate they can still get top tier talent.


I mean I’m not looking but if I can squeeze a cool job with better benefits and similar salary from a baseball team, why not try? Haha


I was there too. What was up with that? So weird.


Maybe he got stuck in the food line.


Terrible PR move.


But you're talkin' about 'em!


This is good for the Rays --Chris Cote


What happened?


We’ll never know because there is no one to relate it to the public.


"Dale, get out of the hot tub. We're stealing a news van!" "It's the perfect crime. How will they ever report it!"


“Look! That eagle is carrying that rabbit out of harms way!”


Then how did we find out about this 😳


"The Rays front office? I've heard stories...They say that the owner is brutal, and that he never leaves any survivors!" "No survivors, eh? Then where do the stories come from, I wonder?"


The skulls of the fallen PR workers mounted on pikes in the yard.


I think they’re mounted in the stands to juice attendance numbers


Some of those cardboard cutouts last year looked a bit *too* life-like...


man, talk about bad for PR.


William Wallace enters the chat.


They're mounted on the D-Ring. Hit one and it's a homer.


Took out 7 PR people with one blow


You're not gonna believe this. He killed 16 Czechoslovakians! Guy was an interior decorator!


His dugout looked like shit


They even threw a fastball at Tommy's face so his mother couldn't give him an open coffin at the funeral.




Heh heh did you hear what I sez to him, I sez, "Guy was an interior decorator" heh heh heh




His apartment looked like shit.


Hol' up, is this a dadgum *Brave Little Tailor reference??*


I have to put my Liberal Arts degree/Quiz Bowl past to *some* use while shitposting on the internet.


That's a reference i haven't heard in a long time


Any POTC reference is a good reference.


They've gone underground since they got Steve Irwin


"Who is Keyser Soze?!"




They're trading their entire PR staff to the Yankees and Dodgers for several promising PR interns and cash


Taking in a bunch of underrated UChicago and also top state school grads for overrated Harvard grads


>Taking in a bunch of underrated UChicago and also top state school grads UChicago is not underrated trust me. As someone who grew up working class in the city, those people are some of the most obnoxious fuckwads to walk the earth lol and i assure you all of the punks i had the misfortune of meeting during that time are probably working in govt., healthcare making six figures lol


They're in that Bobby Abreu/prime Zobrist/Jose Ramirez territory (obviously OVERLY generalizing here for the most part) of being overrated and underrated at the same time Also they definitely have a much bigger presence in the Midwest, but slightly less so in other areas of the country which is why I put them there But yeah lol that whole pride about the "rigor" of UChicago always kind of was funny like how they sell tshirts that say "UChicago where fun goes to die" and stuff lol


>But yeah lol that whole pride about the "rigor" of UChicago always kind of was funny like how they sell tshirts that say "UChicago where fun goes to die" and stuff lol it's a wretched combination of arrogance and an inferiority complex. Popularly they're seen as the kids who couldn't get into Harvard or Yale, which is b.s. because UChicago is just as selective. Unfortunately these idiots let it get to their head and develop a MASSIVE inferiority complex as a result even though they are almost all exclusively from ultra privleged upper to upper middle class backgrounds. you're not overgeneralizing. UChicago is definitely overrated and underrated lol. The worst part again like i said is that these shitheads almost always go on to impact public policy in government and healthcare and business and the law etc...not something I like to think about haha


Lmao spot on take


I probably have a bit of a different perspective (I went to a school pretty similar to Chicago and grew up fairly well off) but I definitely find the institution way more troubling than the students. Like between UCPD, the school's land speculation, the Obama library process, and the school's general relationship with the surrounding community (especially Woodlawn) the institution is pretty awful. Like there's definitely awful Chicago students out there, but I feel like some of the hostility to them in general is about institutional policy choices.


UChicago, underrated? the fuck?




This reminds me of when the Houston Texans fired their vice president of PR last year. That pissed off a lot of people both inside the organization and in the media.


Yea, but on the other hand, why pay a bunch of money to PR guys when everyone is just going to hate you anyway?


Because someone has to do the work?


Technically they don’t have to


Not if your team is the league's unabashed villain


The Houston Texans?


lol he said TEXANS? My bad... I saw baseball sub and Houston and went straight to the hate. It's early.


I think they're thinking Astros


I mean they still employ a serial sex offender (allegedly). They are practically the Steelers!


Unfortunately no way to cut him without an insane cap hit and nobody will trade for him. It's pretty absurd he hasn't been put on the nfl commissioner exempt list like Bauer is on the mlb exempt list


They also had a crazy preacher that knows nothing about football making a lot of decisions


I respect your flair but I *so* wish your comment was made by an Astros fan.


They failed to convince the public that giving 1st and 2nd round picks to the Dolphins for mediocre players you cut after 1 season was a good thing.


You mean all that money they save on players isn’t going to the PR team?


Well then who is it going to?!


Local children's charities in the Tampa Bay area obviously.


O good, for a minute I thought the greedy owners were getting the money.


A billionaire being greedy?! How could you land on such a conclusion?


those billionaires are job creators think about how many people they employ to maintain their yachts and jets


You’re not gonna like the answer


*Sharpens guillotine*


I, for one, missed lunch and am more than ready to eat the rich


Tell me Clarence!


The way the fans talk about it you would think they're getting it


can't tell if you're being downvoted by tampa fans or the tampa front office...


This is what boggles my mind. Why should fans care about the team saving money on payroll? The teams are owned by BILLIONAIRES!!!!!!! The fans should want the team to spend on payroll for players. Not stupidly, but they're not exactly strapped for cash over here....


Yup, it's weird that fans worst nightmare seems to be overpaying someone, when really who cares? That's still much better than just not spending that money in the first place. The owners have done a hell of a job on fans, Moneyball in particular has been bloody fantastic in selling the "value" of not spending money


No, but you see, the team being good but super cutthroat and cheap and having no real history and trading away all the players the fans like is good, actually.


Their attendance has been really low...forever. I don't know if that's because they don't spend on PR, so it sucks. Or they found out that spending a bunch on PR =/= increased attendance. Sort of a chicken & egg thing.


Are you not confusing PR and marketing here? Sincere question: around here, PR handles issues that require a deft touch, not marketing the team to fans.


They're kinda interrelated.


I guess they fall under the same umbrella. PR would handle any type of scandal or big stories, maybe they know something and didnt want to be a part of it? Marketing team would be handling social media, ads, etc.


I mean. there are overlaps, but they are very different. there are as many overlaps between marketing and pr as either of them with the actual players


The trip to the trop sucks ass. The stadium isn’t as bad as they say. Good views. Catwalk hits are funky but give some fun to the game. PR is garbage. Blue Jackets are where you look for fan engagement. They are great.


it kinda feels like watching a ballgame in a warehouse...


Yeah… I was thinking they could cover all of the concrete with LED boards and make it have an underwater effect and stuff. Really cool concept I think.


Good idea but if it costs more than a few bucks Stu the owner isn't interested.


The inside of the trop is like the outside of Fenway just different time periods of construction


Which is hilarious to me! My family and I have been season tickets holders to the Blue Jackets since day 1. From 2000-2013 the Blue Jackets were probably bottom 3 in all of profession sports in terms of fan engagement and events. Until that 2014 run, I was probably the only Blue Jackets fan in my high school. Obviously now it’s so much better, but wow did the CBJ take such bad care of everyone the first 10-12 years.


The trip isn't enough of a reason to not go. They haven't done well even in playoffs or when the first place team in the entire league


Won't someone think of those poor billionaire owners?


You think they have money to save?


On a somewhat-related note, I interviewed for a position with the Rays once, and the salary range I was given was literally half of what I was offered by multiple employers in a different industry for almost the exact same work. Their frugality isn’t limited to players. No surprise they can’t retain people.




This is why I abandoned my dream of being Orioles gm and instead am trying to get into financing the team somehow.


Lad, I'm sure you're more qualified to be the Orioles GM than anyone in their entire organization.


>not directly related to construction of the team


What's strange is that many big prestige companies pay above market because they want to attract the best people, even for people in support roles not directly involved with developing or producing products.


It's not prestige in the business world but social prestige, people think it's cool if you work for a sports team, career wise, there's little to no prestige to be obtained outside some name recognition. For the most part they operate like small businesses.


Some of the job listings from teams that get reposted to Fangraphs are for my industry, and it's like they took the expected salary range and just lopped off the last digit. Legit a 90% pay haircut on one of the listings I saw


It's 100% true. I worked for an NBA team for three years and quite literally got paid just above minimum wage. It's such a competitive and sought after job that they can pay whatever they want because there are hundreds of people waiting behind you to take that same offer.




I left the industry when "the dream" just felt like a shitty job with awful pay, hours and benefits, and crappy management--and it killed watching baseball for fun for me. Out of everyone I know that worked in baseball, the only ones that have stuck with it are the guys that came from money and never had to worry about anything. The culture issues in front offices are not surprising at all when you consider that.


I second this and it is true for almost any job in sports. That’s why you see the same type of people and same type of culture in the sports industry.


My story is similar to you. It was my life in college and probably could’ve become a lifer without issue. But your life is non-existent when the team is in town and you’re paid peanuts because they know you love the team. Unfortunately, I don’t go to games anymore and I barely watch it on tv. I used to go to 20/30 games a year.


Homestands are a rush but also really suck after a while. I worked at the stadium for two years and I would just sleep on my off days. Barely even got to pay attention to the games when I was working them. Eventually I ended up in the studio at MLB Network, which was fun but exhausting--and it was part of my job to pay attention to every game at once, so I got a little burnt out. My last job in the industry was in scouting. It was awesome, I achieved a dream. But I was done at that point. I knew so many guys that kept scouting, and they're hired as "interns" every year to keep their salaries way below minimum wage. Only the really privileged were able to keep up with that.


Yep, being at the stadium for 12+ hours a day. From February to October, I was at the stadium or sleeping…or that’s what it felt like. It takes over your life. I realized it was time for something else when I was praying for road trips but then not even doing anything except counting the days til the team came back. Everyone I talk to thinks it is super interesting and loves to ask about it. And, now, it’s like “it was cool for like half a season then it became a process of slowly killing something you loved”.


Hahaha. It is really cool to have done it. I still have stories that people love to ask about. But it sounds like you're like me: it's a great old memory. But I'm much happier doing something else now.




You just summed up how I made $2500 a year as a college pitching coach.


Sports teams always pay low. That said I think the Rays are still on the bottom end of that already low range. Just disappointing.


>Sports teams always pay low. Same reason cops/firemen/nurses get paid like shit in Hawaii—or anywhere else EVERYONE wants to be… They know the excitement of working for a pro-sports team is a draw, and they’ll get people to work for pennies.


Is that true? I was talking to friend who is a pediatric resident (physician) and is actively looking into working in Hawaii after he completes his residency. He says the pay is nuts because they practically have to beg doctors to move there.


https://www.incrediblehealth.com/blog/the-highest-paying-states-for-nurses/ Hawaii is the second highest paying state for nurses. https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewdepietro/2020/04/23/police-officer-salary-state/?sh=23afb7782010 Hawaii is 5th for cops. https://www.usawage.com/high-pay/states-firefighters.php Hawaii is 6th for firemen.


Almost like the guy is talking out of his ass


Where I live (upper Midwest) a cop starting at the bottom makes $85k after five years of service, and that's before OT and off duty work. There's lots of reasons why being a cop sucks, but in many places the pay ain't it.


I suppose it’s all relative. Certainly, I’m a bit bias as to what constitutes a good salary, living near the Bay Area (California)… Starting wage—right out of the academy—for some Bay Area fire departments is upwards of $130K-$140K. After 5-years?! I don’t even know… 20-25% more, I’d say… Take a peek at: [Transparent California](https://transparentcalifornia.com) sometime if you want to blow your mind. Nurses can make quite a bit more (for Kaiser anyway). No idea what the cops make, but it’s usually fairly on par with the FD


Yeah in policing it depends heavily on the location. In Minnesota, $60K is a pretty standard starting wage in a normal agency. In Tennessee, an equally sized agency starts at $40K.


Nurses definitely don’t get paid low in Hawaii.


if data analytics is any indication, jobs in sports always pay way less, I am guessing it is a similar reason as why children's hospitals always seem to pay garbage. They assume you have other reasons for wanting the job.


That's not just the Rays. That's all of baseball and maybe all of sports.


This isn’t just a Rays thing. To work in sports you take a pay cut for the novelty of working in sports.


The whole industry does that. That take advantage of it being working in "baseball". I pursued an opportunity to work in a front office about 10 years ago... My internship with my degree payed more.


I work for a large pro sports/media organization. Their attitude is “if you don’t like it, there’s 100 people waiting to do your job”. We have 5-10 people leaving a week now that we’re gearing up for our seasons.


I too interviewed for a Rays job once (about 4 years ago). It was very obvious that the working environment for this department was a heavy bro-frat culture. Removed myself from the running within minutes of finishing the interview.


My friend just left the Rays for a division rival and is getting double the pay for a similar job. I worked for the Rays for probably like 8 years ago and the pay was fucking terrible.


Great article in comments. Basically digital teams are taking over, and the old traditional marketing teams are moving out. Also probably one person now does digital. [Revamping Marketing Teams in Sports](https://www.sportico.com/business/sales/2020/pro-sports-teams-employee-turnover-layoffs-1234608937/)


One person now does digital for an entire franchise? No chance. They probably work with agency partners for most of their ad buys, but there is no way a billion dollar organization has one person handle their digital marketing. Not only would it be way too much work, but there are so many different skillsets needed that it would be impossible for one person to know how to do everything.


There is the agency joke that whenever something goes viral, the reaction is good work intern...when really a team of people had been working on it


I think you're underestimating how cheap Stu Sternberg is.


I don't think there are any workers in the world as supremely talented as those in the marketing industry at convincing you of their value. I worked as a copywriter for a hot second and let me tell you, they come strapped. Those funny tweets? They've got a decade of market research, double blind, longitudinal studies, surveys, audience testimony and notes from your dead grandma explaining exactly how profitable they are to your company and how much it'll cost. You will pay them handsomely and thank them for saving you by the time the good ones finish up their pitch.


Is it all boohickey though? Horse feathers? Buncha bovine fecal matter? Ooooh... MAYBE. Kinda seems like it right? Wouldn't that be wild? You're dropping MILLIONS on this stuff. HUNDREDS of millions. Wanna test it out? see if it's all smoke and mirrors? Yeah I bet you dont you sassy little meatbag now look at this wholesome yet humourous social media campaign we've got for you it'll go VIRAL


and if it doesn't? well, that's just how these things work ... AND WE ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY IDIOT


that's NOT how things work out. if it doesnt work that's on you for not being bold enough to go with the vision we originally pitched you after a 7 hour cocaine binge in the office the night before our meeting


It quite literally would not be possible for one person to do. Someone has to create digital assets, someone has to put a plan in place for where and when things get posted, and there also needs to be someone else to check those assets to make sure that one person isn't in full control. Stu is cheap as hell, but you need a team or else your digital and PR will suffer, immensely.


Oh man as someone who has experience working in this field I'm saying you would be shocked at how much work large corporations put on their digital staff. I would not be surprised at all if the entire department was 1 or two people.


Speaking as someone working in digital for multiple sports franchises, it's entirely possible that only ONE person runs digital marketing for an entire franchise.


Are we just talking about SEO and display?


Depending on the size of the franchise (minor league, junior/college level), all execution of any digital marketing can be handled by one person. I've seen instances where SEO, display, acquisition, etc. even design/photography is handled by one very busy person.


I can potentially see that for a minor league team, but the scope of work for a major league team seems like it would be way too much for one person. Even if they exported most of the work to a partner that still seems like a lot for one person.


I think you’re underestimating the number of people lining up to do jobs like that for sports teams. People would do all that and more for peanuts if it means working for a major league team. Teams pay as little as they possibly can for stuff like digital marketing. And that often means having just a few staff (1-3) in that department.


Don't forget that a lot of companies violate labor laws and use unpaid/below-minimum-wage interns to a lot of the work, too. So you may only have one or two permanent individuals, but you have an extra couple permanent *positions*.




BAM doesn't exist anymore, it's all "MLB" after the Disney acquisition of Bamtech. Early this year the League Social Media team was laid off [1]. The league doesn't do much, if any, social marketing for the teams. Most of that was abdicated to the teams themselves. [1] https://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2021/2/13/22281022/mlb-lays-off-team-social-media-coordinators-ahead-of-spring-training


While I originally agreed with you, I looked it up for Cleveland and there really wasn't a discernable digital media team listed in their front office. Which is probably just another reason why baseball is losing popularity; NFL and NBA teams are going to have full digital media teams listed on their websites. Edit: Thinking about it further, that's probably why this shift in marketing teams is occurring. So your original point stands.


There is zero, ZERO chance one person runs digital. I work in digital marketing, off the top of my head there's probably - Social media manger - Copywriter - Paid Advertising - Digital art designer - Partnerships manager That's not including a VP of digital marketing, any interns, or any managers. Most of the roles I mentioned are better suited to having 2-3 people work them too. so at the very least, figure that there's 6 people in that department, and that'd be a barebones, every day is hell type environment


I'm in PR and there's no way they have one guy handling all that and managing press conferences, press releases, announcements, crisis control, and a ton of other stuff.


for clubs it’s usually two separate departments for marketing and communications; clubs usually have another department solely for corporate partnerships as well.


Exactly, its dumb that people think one guy is handling everything.


Itinerary 9:00AM Chug Coffee 9:05AM Tweet 9:08AM Facebook Post 9:10AM TikTok highlight clip 9:12AM Shitpost on Reddit 9:15AM Send out Press release on IR updates 9:20AM Send out damage control on losing streak 9:25AM Do some cocaine cuz it's gonna be a long day 9:27AM Set up promotional appearance for mascot 9:30AM Video meeting on why back page of the newspaper is shitting on the team (this could have been an email) 10:30AM Respond to ESPN tweets about bullshit 10:31AM GM calls, says star pitcher needs tommy john surgery 10:32AM Cardiac arrest from too much stress


But it's not *Le STEM, so it's only one intern because the job is easy!! /s Marketing/PR/Comms is super complex, it's frustrating to see people in my field constantly belittle it.


I work in comms for a small university, and if you look at job titles, it *looks* like we've got only one person doing digital, but that is cover for the fact that in an operation our size everyone is doing everything.


The guy that ran our social media for a long time also wrote for our team magazine, was a photographer, traveled with the team a ton, etc. He had one assistant. Unsurprisingly, he left for a different job about two months ago.


I worked for a medium sized theatre music venue and we had at least 4 people on our digital marketing team. And that's for a 2500 seat house.


Yep. I have friends that have worked for major sports teams doing marketing and it is like 5-6 minimum.


I died when I read that comment lol. I work in e-commerce and our marketing team in total is minimum 11. Actually even way bigger because technically our data & analytics team and design team fall under trade marketing.


Many Sportico subscribers on here?


https://outline.com/7bMuDw youre welcome, fam


For God's sake you're public relations, when I point at you, speak.


No the digital teams for pro sports teams are big. You are correct in saying that they are taking over, but you still need someone with an actual PR background to help you with the basics of press releases and whatnot.


> Also probably one person now does digital. lmao, delusional to even think this is possible.


Haven’t been following this. What gives?


Not the owners checkbook


Ah. Got it. Edit: Happening around the league because clubs didn’t make enough money last year?


Is there something going on internally/scandal type that they found out about or where brought up to speed on and didnt want to be a part of it?


Fuck you Stu.


Sure, for other reasons, but why should I care about this? I don't care what the Rays account posts on Twitter.


You realize that PR covers a million more things than Twitter right? Press releases, crisis management, press conferences, media (reporter/journalist) management, player interviews, media training for employees, and the list goes on. I'm a 10 year PR vet, and it's incredible how little people know about the job.


I always chuckle when people mention something about an intern running the social for big brands. Oh, honey.


To be fair, some big brands have a social media presence that very much makes it seem like it's an intern in control of it all.


I'd argue more often than not that they want to give the appearance of that rather than actually being run that way. That said, when I did manage social media accounts for some popular video games and needed to post something everyday to justify my job, I got a lot of freedom to work. Perhaps too much looking back on it. Even then though, I was on a team that worked with a client team which had to report to this whole chain of people.


I was mostly referring to those cases where the social media massively hurt the brand by just completely losing the plot (often by completely misreading the situation and making wildly inappropriate posts). But you're right, the 'amateurish feel' that a lot of social media presences have is very much by design.


That’s totally fair. The only info I had at the time was this tweet, so I thought it was Stu being a cheap ass again. Also I just generally feel bad when someone loses their job lol But as others have pointed out to me, this seems to be an industry wide thing. So just fuck Stu for the other reasons.


Yeah, but anything that might tie back to Stu deserves a Fuck Stu. Even the 10 tickets thing. Why didn't you try that earlier? Fuck you, Stu.


Its a bad sign of ownership not being committed to a teams growth. This team is so good right now that money should be being poured on PR to grow the fan base which would lead to more future revenue and solidify the Rays as an AL power house for the next 20 years. But your dumbass ownership is going to screw that all up. Penny wise, pound foolish.


Did they figure out they could pay desperate grads $20k and fired all their experienced & competent workers who make more?


I mean seeing as the Rays never have PR issues maybe they’ll be fine without a PR team. Or maybe they have a phenomenal PR team which is why they never have PR issues and they’re in trouble. Idk I know a lot of Ray’s fans and possibly employees have some issues with ownership. I don’t know the exact details but shit to do with the stadium and marketing and wanting to move the team


The Rays franchise doesn't deserve all this bullshit. Maybe back in the 90s-early 2000s they did but not now. as much as I want to see the Expos come back, i really don't want it to come at the expense of this team


Move the Rays to Montreal? An AL East rival for the Jays? That would make the Leafs-Habs take a back seat, considering the way those two franchises have gone.


It’s the easiest move to make and absolutely makes that the most clustered division in baseball in terms of geography… which means MLB isn’t going to do it


They’re awful to buy tickets from, we have had spring season tickets for years and want to buy good tickets for regular season. We get told that “we’re not going to sell you unless you can commit to going to 80% of the games”. I’ll take my money somewhere else, I work full time and cannot commit to being there everyday. It’s no wonder they have a hard time with attendance.


PR for the Rays has been dogshit forever. Anywhere in the are, you see Bucs and Lightning signs/advertising/etc. Never see any Rays stuff


Looks like [Jeff Sullivan is taking charge](https://twitter.com/based_ball/status/1438960824148639744?s=19)


The business staff on this team has failed. There is nobody going to the games. They are in first place by a bunch, great team, and nobody is coming. This is a failure of sales, marketing, and PR.


It's because the Trop is literally [located in the worst possible spot](https://i.imgur.com/qb94fR4.png) and has been known since 1984, 1.5 decades before the team even existed.


People in Florida can’t be bothered to drive further than 10 minutes.


People in Florida *shouldn’t* drive further than ten minutes.


right as i thought stu was ready to stop burning bridges


I love the weekly drama with the Rays owner and the team being cheap.


Who is this person and why should we listen to their tweets?


I can’t imagine how demotivating it would be to play for this team. Win over 90 games every season and half an empty stadium for the majority of the year.


Someone told them to start packing for Montreal, it’s gonna be a cold winter.


LOLMets…wait…this is a clusterfuck that *doesn’t* involve the Mets?