Former Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman says '90%' of people he meets want him back in booth

Former Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman says '90%' of people he meets want him back in booth


Not a baseball figure unless he actually gets hired


There may be some self selection bias in this group




Incidentally that collage also fits for people who refuse to get vaccinated and then die from COVID.




Maybe another way to think of it is that 10% of the people he talks to express to him that they don't want him in the booth ever again. That's a lot of people actually saying that out loud to him lmao


I want to know where he meets people. You know, so i can NOT!


pretty sure the population being sampled is attendees of the annual Brennaman family barbecue


Who cares about that little mistake he made anymore. He knows he considers himself as a man of faith as there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that'll be a home run, and that will make it a 4-0 ballgame.


And he has yet to ever put on a headset again




No you’re correct


>he even continued to claim he’d never used it before that day watching people wheel this bullshit excuse out when they need to play damage control will never get old. like dude, thom, people don’t use slurs like that on accident. they just don’t.


Lmao totally, like you just know that “F** Capital of the World” is a phrase he’s probably used a zillion times when chumming around with his cronies


yep. words like that are only used by people with a very specific disposition.


Breaking: thom brennan only meets 80 year old fox news viewers at CVS


So you’ve met my uncle Dean…


Do people otherwise introduce themselves and tell him he sucks???


Just the 10% bro


That's the Joe Buck Experience


hey go easy on him, he's a man of faith and he apologized to his bosses at FOX (the real victims of his slur)


"Hey Mr. Brennaman. Nice to meet you. I think you suck and don't want you anywhere near the broadcasting booth again. Welp, have a good one."


TIL I’m in the 10%


holy fuck its the real Bobby Dalbec


>redditor for 2 days 🤔


I think he just accidentally discovered why he said what he said


It’s almost as if the people who don’t want him back are also uninterested in talking to him!


This right here. Like, uh, sampling error maybe.


Probably thinks people quoting the Castellanos meme to him is a compliment. "Wow, they know my work!"


As there's..


…a drive into deep left field..


“If I’m in the grocery or getting a cup of coffee at the local convenient shop, 99% of those I bump into, I’ll hear, ‘We wish you were back, we miss you!,’ said Brennaman. “Let’s say it’s even 90%. Are execs going to make a decision to appease the 10%?  Wouldn’t you listen to the massive 90%?” I like how he checks himself twice. First, by limiting himself to 99% instead of 100%. Then, he realizes that's still a bit high and goes for the much more reasonable 90%.


i love it when people try to correct their lies when they realize they’re overdoing it


Now I'm imagining Thom correcting himself after using that slur. "It's the British cigarette capital of the world"


you had him putting on a shitty british accent when he said that, didnt you?


"You go there, and everywhere you look, bundles of sticks. Just out there. For anyone to take."


Sticks and cigarettes are everywhere!




It's hilarious. It's obvious people that are going to approach him at a grocery store will say nice things to him but the 10% that do it and apparently are like, "Fuck you, THom" is so funny to me.


90% of people want him to put the headset on again.


Shame on this writer for not making that the headline


Writers don't do the headlines. Copy editors do.


I wouldn’t care if he got back in the booth just like I don’t care if he never does. I’m all for forgiveness and learning, but I really don’t care about the reds broadcast team.


Are they the members of the man of faith's church?


100% of us want a deep drive to left


I’m sorry but there’s just no way that’s true. I’m all for forgiveness and second chances, and I certainly don’t want this man to suffer any more than he deserves, but I just have a hard time believing he was ever even popular enough in the first place as there’s a drive to deep left field by Castellanos, it will be a home run. And that will make it a 4-0 ballgame.


9/10 people know they want me to be put on this headset again


Sure Jan.


People who are still fans of Thom Brennaman don't think "F*g capital of the world" is offensive in the first place.


That’s what I’d be saying too. It doesn’t make it true though.


Bro the Roberto Clemente League doesn’t want you back


9 out of 10 people agree he's a man of faith


He really misses his headset.


Your church doesn't count.


Well clearly he hasn’t met most of the reds fans


The other ten percent know better than to trust a Tom that sticks a random h in there for some god forsaken reason


I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t know how to spell their own name




As there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos, it will be a home run.


He should 100% be brought back, he’s a great broadcaster who just made 1 tiny mistake. He didn’t know what he was saying would be on the air. Cancel culture is going way too far as there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that'll be a home run, and that will make it a 4-0 ballgame.


I was about to disagree with you but you make a solid point.


And the other 10 percent probably controls whether he goes back in the booth.


>“I’ve become a board member for a children’s home here in the Cincinnati area that’s utilized primarily for kids thrown out of their homes because they’re gay,” said Brennaman. “I’ve come to understand their predicaments. Let me make it clear. I’m not doing this to check off any boxes. For over a year, my interaction with the LGBTQ community has made me a better and more understanding person. If there’s a way to right my wrong, I’m doing it and will continue to.” That's an amazing cause, but the fact that he specifically says he's not doing it to try and get his job back kinda makes me think that he's doing it specifically to try and get his job back. And it really doesn't help his case that he very clearly *does* want his job back.


Castellanos has never been happier


As much as I would like to shit on him, believe me I do, I did hear him on a podcast and liked what I heard from him. Making amends in the Cincinnati area and joining groups that help serve the LGBT community. I'm a moron and do not know how to link it but podcast is called The Josh Potter show. He was a part of the You're Mom's House world up until a couple months ago and now he has his own show. I still say "Fuck Thom Brennaman" but I do think he is on the right path. Alright. Bring on the down votes.


What was it that got him booted? Completely forgot.