Sean Nolin tries to hit Freddie Freeman and misses, hits him on the second try, and gets thrown out of the game.

Sean Nolin tries to hit Freddie Freeman and misses, hits him on the second try, and gets thrown out of the game.


He probably would have got to stay if he didn’t miss first.


100% you get one shot.


Or one opportunity


Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?


I just threw up all over my sweater


Mom's spaghetti?


nailed it guys, good job


I'm surprised he lasted after the first one. Especially with the situation being what it is, you'd think the umpire's asses would be in the jackpot.


Terry, Terry! TERRY!


I'm jus' tryin' to throw mah fuckin' fastbahll!"


Well it’s also pretty obvious because the catcher set up away too. I know pitchers miss there spots pretty regularly but not by that much typically


Now Freddie and Soto are chattin it up like “why tf are our pitchers so dumb”


Yeah I never played at a high enough level to get hit by a 90+mph fastball but 75 fucking hurts so I can only imagine. Whatever beef there is, is it worth risking your guy they’re gonna come back for? Also throwing at anyone for any reason is way too dumb for me.


In middle school my coach asked me to lay a bunt on the next AB and the kid was throwing 75. I ran and hid in the bathroom than came out foul tipped a bunt and struck out swinging. Literally had 0 interest in hitting the ball lmao


Intentionally hitting freddie freeman is like punching a baby. It's frowned upon


This is the worst analogy I've ever seen, one is a literal crime against nature and the other is just punching a baby.


comparing hitting freddie freeman to punching a baby is like me blaming owls for how much i suck at analogies


Had me in the first half not gonna lie


Haha that made me LOL


*step away so the lightning does not hit me*


Why isn’t anyone asking me how my hand feels after punching that rock hard jaw of that baby?


First thing Freddie does after the inning ends is put an arm around Soto. Then walks over to Davy Martinez and tell him it's all good. Never seen that before. What an absolute class act.


I'm glad for it, hopefully that's an end to this nonsense


If Will Smith wasn’t always sucking at his job, he probably wouldn’t have beef against most of the hitters in the league.


Lol this made me chuckle. I think throwing at guys for revenge OR retaliation is the dumbest shit in the world. Glad both hit players are fine and hopefully this is done with.


for real - Freddie is my favorite non-National baseball player.


I’d like him even more if he didn’t absolutely rake against us his entire career.


Honest question: How do you know that Freeman told Martínez it’s all good? Didn’t look like Freeman was going off the rails or anything, but I thought he might’ve been objecting to the first Nolin shot being so close to his head, or to taking two shots. Edit: I had misspelled “Nolin.”


He just calmly told him “next time I see you outside the park you’re fucking dead” then dapped him up and walked away.


"it's on sight, bet" :daps:


Frenchy said the same thing. Sure he's probably making amends and knows the unwritten rules, but he also might be sternly saying, "ok dude, around the head was uncalled for. Whether he meant to or not He's gotta be better that's dangerous."


I mean, he [gave him a fist bump at least](https://imgur.com/a/3nAjs3q) edit: screenshot


How do you know he's not trying to break his hand tho?


He for sure put a curse on him, now we wait...


That is how you handle these things. Throwing at people only extends the problem, it doesn't end it. You'd think it wouldn't take 120 years for these guys to figure it out.


That just makes it worse Asses in jackpots


That’s why Freddie is the best non nat in the game


Freeman is pure class


Don Mattingly is hard as a rock watching that


Someone needs to check on him in 4 hours.


That line is the single greatest marketing ploy of all time.


I never thought of that. They are subtely telling you that even though your dick ain't working right now this WILL make it work and it could certainly last longer than your old heart if you really want it to.


More just *holy shit 4 hour long hard-ons? Sign me the fuck up*


Rodney Dangerfield had a joke about how it says to call your doctor if you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours. "Call my doctor? I'm calling everyone I know!"


"I don't get no erect! Man, I tell ya..."


I just checked on him, he said he's still hard af


There's not much that gets it up for Don these days


Pretty much just this and blowing rats up with fireworks


Erectile Hitsfunction?


Jesus christ this killed me


ootl, can someone explain this joke to me lol


Marlins like hitting Braves.


oh i remember this but didnt make the connection lol thanks


Will Smith is a clown man someone pls take him and his 13 million owed next year I’m begging


I can't believe he went back for seconds lol. Glad no one got hurt in this whole dumb charade


Nats should have just emptied the dugout last night when Smith had his feelings hurt and hit Soto. Don't think anyone else should get hit because of Smith. Dumb shit all around.


Dumb shit all around for sure. I wish Smith was off our team.


I wish we didn't throw at Freddie but I think it was Davey trying to set a precedent. Don't agree with it but he wants to protect soto


And how does he protect Soto by starting a beef with Freddie? If you have a problem, you do what Freddie did tonight, you go and talk it over. Say what you need to say. Because you know what happens when you hit someone and they don't think it was justified? They do what the Nationals did tonight. Eye for an eye and all that. Its stupid.


How does anyone protect anyone by throwing fastballs at people? It's so dumb.


Soto should have taken the bat to the mound against Smith. Braves fans would not hold it against him.


There needs to be a new unwritten rule that if a batter gets hit on purpose by a 95 mph ball the batter gets one tomahawk throw of his bat at the pitching while he stands on the rubber with his eyes closed.


That would be **AWESOME**


That’s absolutely ridiculous. Amended rules: if a player gets hit and thinks it’s intentional, they may hand their bat to the ump and they are given one of those mini bats from the gift shop for their weapon of choice. They can then charge the mound. Third player in: 162 game suspension. Each following player is another 10 games. The pitcher or hitter that provoked this must take his place on first base. The opposing manager can then elect to select any player on their team to take third base. Tag team match. Players must stay outside of the square created by the base paths but may engage each other directly outside of the square. Fifth player in: 324 game suspension. Each following player is another 20 games. If and only if the 4 combatants agree, one player from each bullpen may take their place on the warning track with a steel chair. This is a sprint from the bullpens. You now have 6 allowed in the fight. 7th player and any following players that jump in, lifetime ban from baseball. If a team get a 3 count pin, 1 run is awarded. If they get a tap out, 2 runs.


At no point in your rambling did you say anything resembling a coherent thought. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul… I did chuckle at that tho


I agree but Soto is too good of a player/person to escalate against Will Smith of all people.


Ehhh… if Soto doesn’t want Freddie thrown at, they don’t throw at him.


I'm hearing rumors Soto also left a horse head in Freddie's bed


I really do hate all that dumb shit Soto does at the plate, but also Will Smith is a piece of shit for throwing at him.


smith deserves to be punched in the face


Will Smith is a fucking bum. I've seen Freddie miss too much time for this nonsense. Your ego doesn't mean shit, dude.


did he do it on purpose?


He's lost having benefit of the doubt, I'll say that much.


I honestly don’t know but maybe? The fact he would do that is appalling for both it being a cowardly action, and the fact that he’s been pitching so poorly that intentionally giving them a base runner is absurd


That’s why I don’t think it was intentional last night. He’s been too shitty to put someone on and potentially blow a save. If he blows one the old fashioned way, I think Snit stays with him. But if he goes out of his way in a save situation in a tight pennant race to hit someone and blows a save, that’s the kind of thing I would expect Snit to stop giving him the ninth inning over.


I didn’t see it but was going to ask. You don’t see many closers intentionally hitting people. If your closer is in the game should be close and winnable.


And he’s clearly struggled of late. The race is too tight for that stuff, and he knows better as a veteran.


I don’t think he intentional threw at him but he sure didn’t mind that it went inside more and got him. Kinda like the Marlins going after Acuna. Not all of them were intended but they didn’t mind that any of them happened.


Absolutely he did. Soto lives inside his head


With his walk issues, I really don’t think he has the control to do it on purpose but this is the same guy who still yells at batters for watch homers so I really don’t know.


Nolin gets tossed and Dave Martinez wanted an explanation. Like bro, did you not see what just happened?


I couldn't tell if he was yelling at the umpires or Nolan


He didn't even leave the dugout lol


He just had surgery lol but it was kinda funny


I guess with no Acuna to throw at Freddie is next in line. Nolin didn’t even show any emotion it’s like he was just following orders and took no satisfaction


I'm sure he was told to throw at him. Hopefully his fine will be covered by the people who issued the order.


Will Smith is a punk for throwing at Soto, I get why they want retaliation… but you only get one


Yeah really just bypass Soto and pitch to the US House reps who play for the Nats now


Anyone got the video of Smith hitting Soto? Smith is a grub


> video https://twitter.com/OnePursuitTakes/status/1435432226439802884?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1435432226439802884%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fdistrictondeck.com%2F2021%2F09%2F08%2Fwashington-nationals-the-juan-soto-will-smith-beef-continues%2F


I mean, if you try twice you dont give the umps much of a choice. If he hits him the first time bet he doesnt get tossed and we can move past this idiocy.


It's been some time that I have disliked an active Brave as much as I do Will Smith. Dude is such a crybaby. This is on him.


Listen we call Freddie Freeman the Nats Killer around here. I hate him but he is a stand up guy. Wish Will Smith could stand in the line up and get what he gave out instead of Freddie. Freddie is my favorite Brave I love to hate if that makes sense.


In my house it's fuck Will Smith


Freddie went to the nats dugout to talk to Dave Martinez after the inning. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that..


Thanks Will Smith.


Look, I know After Earth was a terrible movie but cut the guy some slack.


I’m still pissed at Will Smith for throwing at Soto. Not only should you not let your pride get in the way when you’re in a save situation, but you put your own players at risk when the Nationals retaliate. With that being said, why did the Nationals decide that Freddie would be their target? Idk why you go after one of the nicest, most respected players in the game.


The logic is probably if you bean soto, they bean your face of the franchise.


Then charge the mound last night. Beat Smith’s ass. Don’t throw at Freddie Freeman TWICE when he’s already had to miss time in his career from getting hit by pitches. GTFO


Freeman doesn't deserve any of that shit, you're right.


Yes - this is the take I agree with, been trying to put it in words. Will Smith is a bitch ass, but that's Will's problem not Freddie's.


Braves should have done the right thing and had Will Smith pinch hit.


God, that would’ve been brilliant. Text Davey before the game “if you save your retaliation until the second time through the lineup, we’ll pinch hit Smith”


Man, the old heads would be so mad...


Freeman obviously doesn't deserve to get hit, but the longstanding tradition has basically been "you hit our best player, we hit yours." If Acuna was playing, he might've taken the hit, but Freeman's clearly the best player in the lineup. Freeman understands the deal, you can tell from his reaction.


Soto is the best player they have so it's a you hit our best guy we hit yours type thing.


If Acuna was healthy would the nats have taken a vote to decide who to hit?


Nah, they probably would've hit Acuña.


Jose Urena signs one day contract with the Nationals


Not even mad at the Nats, screw Will Smith. Well kinda mad they went after Freddie. Who goes after Freddie


I imagine they would have tried to hit Acuña if he wasn’t injured since I think the reasoning would have been “you hit our young star, so we hit yours”. It’s still straight up stupid all around and Freddie of course continues to prove he’s one of the nicest dudes in the league after this


Shouldn't hit anyone on purpose. It's 2021 why are we still doing this shit


Fucking stupid. Plus if we need to hit someone on the Braves can't we travel back in time and hit Evan Gattis or Chris Johnson instead? Everyone likes Freddie.


“Now batting leadoff for the Atlanta Braves, relief pitcher will smith”


Lmao seriously tho I knew someone was gonna get hit today I said it in the pregame thread I just assumed Ozzie would have to wear it since he’s leadoff not Mr nice guy Freeman


What’s John Rocker up to these days?


Still a racist piece of shit


Legit the reason I was most upset after the Soto HBP, was I couldn’t think of a Braves player that I actually wanted to see get hit in retaliation. They used to be so much easier to hate.


I'm curious, why those guys in particular?


Just who I think of when I think of the Fun Police era.


How do you think of Gattis and not McCann? I can't think of a single Gattis incident.


Oh shit, my memory must be going, I totally meant McCann.


That I can get behind then.


Gattis was a 2017 Astro and Chris Johnson was a bit of a blowhard about guys (José Fernandez specifically iirc) pimping homers.


Freddie Freeman is a national treasure you piece of shit.






Freddie Freeman is a global treasure you ignorant sluts.




Freddie Freeman is literally the entirety of time and space


I am but the Empty Man vessel for the coming universe that is Elder God Freddie Freeman.


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Freeman Atlanta wgah'nagl fhtagn


Continental Breakfast*


Billy "Country Breakfast" Butler in shambles


Let’s normalize not hitting anyone intentionally, you’re grown men being coached by even older grown men, fucking grow up


Anyone has a video that shows the actual expulsion? Found it. Go to 1:40 — https://youtu.be/of5r20715Qc


why did I have to scroll so far to find this - have an upvote. OP's GIF was annoying


Great video. I much prefer this type of presentation over Jomboy's. ...until the channel owner started talking.


Jomboy's schtick was old two years ago.


Why would you ever hit Freddie? That's like hitting your own dad.




Agreed, Will Smith hitting Juan Soto was equally pathetic.


Will Smith is big cry baby. I wish he wasnt on the team. He's my third favorite Will Smith at best.


They keep mentioning history? What is this history between Soto and Smith?


Last year Smith told Soto to move when he was behind the plate during Smith's warmup trying to time him up. Soto then homered and stared him down, Smith got upset about it.


That sounds like a lot of softness for no good reason.


Soto went yard off him last season after Smith told him to get back in the on deck circle while Smith was throwing his warm up pitches. Just a bunch of dumb shit.


Last year Smith came in and was warming up and Soto was on deck and crept over behind the plate to get an eyeful of Smith’s stuff. Smith yelled at him to back off and they shouted at each other for a bit. Soto ended up homering and Smith yelled shit at him all around the bases. It’s really sad on Smith’s part, thinking he should start a beef with one of the best hitters in the game.


Soto was taking warmup swings in Smith's eyeline and he didn't like it. Yelled at him to move away. Soto immediately homered and watched it leave the yard. Been tense since then. Last night Smith missed his first pitch and Soto shuffled on him. Smith hit him.


I'd like to think that he went away and then tried to bust him in to get him off that pitch, but Smith is exactly the kind of idiot that can't ignore Soto's (also kind of stupid and childish) swagger at the plate.




> I think trying to hit a guy in the head That's a leap and a half.


do you think the juan soto hit yesterday was intentional. I tend to not think so because it was only a three run game. It's a decent lead, but with will smith, no lead is safe.


Yes, only because of the existing beef between the two.


yea, my initial response was that it wasn't intentional, but a 3 run lead might be the biggest will smith ever has while facing soto..


Nats pregame said it was the first time that Juan didn't represent either the tie or winning run since the home run last year.


I think it was probably less that he was trying to hit Soto, and more that he didn't care if he hit Soto. He was going to throw it in and if Soto happened to be there too bad.


No choice but to toss when you miss him the first time. But now we’re all even, let’s get back to a great ball game


I’m gonna need some context


Will Smith threw at Soto after a ball-one Soto shuffle last night, Nats missed their first shot at retaliation and he came back with a second to the hip


Should probably add that it started a while ago with Smith getting mad at Soto for trying to peek at his warmups while on deck and then Soto stared him down after he hit a bomb off of Smith. It’s a really dumb beef lol


Soto got hit last night by Will Smith who he has beef with so this is probably a reaction to thqt


Do what you have to do after your teammate gets hit but come on if you miss once that is on you as the pitcher and the situation needs to be over. You had your shot and you missed


I blame Will Smith


First off, why throw at Freddie and not Albies or Soler? Secondly, fuck Will Smith for intentionally hitting Soto last night. Third, I'm not a fan of pitchers intentionally hitting anyone and am even less of a fan of retaliation hits. So fuck that Nolin asshole too.


Hit the showers early you garbage can


Why retaliate on Freddie aka the nicest dude ever?


That first one would have hit him in the fucking neck or head if it didn't go behind him.


Freddie Freeman is one of the nicest baseball players out there…coming from a Yankee fan


For all the talk of playing hard, deliberately plunking a player is 10-ply soft.


This shit is so stupid


Stupid baseball culture shit. I get what happened last night was scummy, but answering scum with more scum isn’t the call.


Why do they do this throwing at each other shit? Literally, just fight each other like every other sport. Instead, we get this game of launching 100mph missiles at one another. And probably the same exact outcome for a potentially much more dangerous process.




Hitting batters is one of the lamest things in the world don't care who it is


I'm so sick of this pseudo macho bullshit. Smith last night hitting Soto because he got his feelings hurt over a year ago. Now this retaliation because Smith is a baby that instigated a situation that the unwritten rules demand be responded to in kind. Intentionally throwing at batters needs to be rooted out of the game. There needs to harsh penalties any time someone does it.


I don’t understand. Why


Will Smith, who is a little bitch baby about Juan Soto, hit him in the 9th last night. Nats retaliated.


Pretty sure he got his feelings hurt when Soto shuffled him on the first pitch.


Wow. That is truly some bitch shit


If I'm being honest, I didn't even know Sean Nolin was still in MLB Last time I remember hearing his name was in the Donaldson trade


Boy am I glad we traded prime Donaldson for him


Only Nolin could mess that up that bad…


What's the story behind that? Freeman seems like one of the nicest guys in baseball.


Is that blue jays legend Sean Nolin? Thanks for Donaldson lol


Sorry for being ignorant, but why?


In the 9th? Up by 1 and putting 2 runners on? Weird call


I'm so sick of baseball's "unwritten rules"; if they're not written, they're not rules! We shouldn't just accept that pitchers try to hurt batters.


Bitch move by Nolin, under NO circumstances should pitchers be beaming batters today when pitchers are throwing 90+ MPH, this is how people get legitimately hurt. Doesn't matter WHO started it, be an adult


idk why more of these pitchers don't tell the manager no. Or why they don't tell them they will and then just not follow through. Because getting thrown out here is on Nolin - it's not going to hurt the manager. I wouldn't be ok with my boss throwing me under the bus like that..


In Nolin's case, its a really bad idea to refuse to follow manager and/or veteran teammate orders when you only got called up a few weeks ago after not having been in the bigs since 2015.


Which is why they *all* should. I'm sorry, but asking a player to intentionally attack and possibly injure another player is wrong and puts that guy in a horrible situation.


I seriously doubt this was Nolin's decision. This is his first MLB start in 6 years. He was probably told to do this.


It's his 5th start, but yeah it probably came from the dugout


"I hate my star got hit so I'm going to hit your star to send a massage saying stop hitting stars"




This was obviously going to happen after last night


Fuck the nats and fuck Will Smith