[Ryan M. Spaeder] Thread unloading on other teams' sign stealing methods before Houston

[Ryan M. Spaeder] Thread unloading on other teams' sign stealing methods before Houston


[[Spaeder] I deeply regret everything that I said — it has turned my life upside down. It was a mistake, and I should not have reported on unfounded allegations. I sincerely apologize to all of those impacted — it should not have happened, and it will not happen again. Stick to stats.](https://twitter.com/theaceofspaeder/status/1405581713548451846?s=21) Post locked.


No specifics about Utley? Or am I missing something?


Utley was Beltre’s friend in center field!


The plot thickens I was the shirt he was waving.


I heard there was a man cultivating mass in center field who was sending some very suspicious signals to Utley. There is video of them sending private letters back and forth that may be worth looking into.


Were they ...... *^was ^he ^sending ^love ^letters ^to ^Chase ^Utley?* Bonus points for stickers


"Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither."


“I think you’ll be really impressed by my speed”


Top 5 all time line right there


I mean, through God, all thing’s are possible so I wouldn’t discount anything here.


Yeah, I think he was with some dingus in a full body green morph suit using weird dance moves. Now that I think about, that "green man" if you want to call him that was the one relaying the signals.


Hmm, I don’t think the dancing had anything to do with sign stealing. I’m pretty sure it was because some warthog looking man put a shitload of acid in green man’s beer


I heard that Utley tested positive for Fight Milk, but the league turned a blind eye to it.


they were just giving the catchers signs an ocular patdown


Yeah, I don’t understand that. The top reply to that tweet is from an account called @angry_mets_fan and it reads “Look I hate Chase Utley just as much as the next guy but not providing specifics or evidence isnt cool especially when you name a name. If you really have something on him or any other team/player, vague quotes do nothing but give the wrong people the wrong idea.” When a Mets fan is defending Utley, you know your claim against him wasn’t strong at all


Couldn't agree more. Im writing off anything this guy says until he backs up these "hot takes". I hated Canseco, but, at least he had the balls to lay it all out in a book (even if it was just for the $) Edit: grammar


Utley would get signs on which pitches would be inside, allowing him to stand closer to the plate and rack up HBPs at an absurd rate /s


Ha see the mariners aren't bad they just play cheaters.


I’d say the past decade of abject face-planting I s pretty clear evidence that we weren’t cheating.


this is why i'm confident the Sox werent either....worst record over the last decade. Unless cheating was just another thing they sucked at...


FWIW, If any of this includes the Pirates, just know it didn't work.


I guess that makes us the most honest team in baseball and we have the most honest record to show for it?


I believe we might contend for that title.


Mariners - pirates world series? I'm down.


> This one hurts to say... my favorite player ever... "Chase Utley was the biggest cheater of all-time." i guess by this he means constantly leaning into pitches to get on base easily?


Utley consistently leaned into pitches and was fantastic at stealing and relaying signs when he was on second. This is all common knowledge I’m assuming he meant to imply something much juicier. But he literally gave nothing lol


If everyone could forget about Beltran playing for the Cardinals, I would greatly appreciate it.


At least we don't have to remember him playing for the Giants because I can say with full confidence that never happened.


I'm sorry, I'm having trouble finding the credibility in all of this. For example, it's stated that "Chase Utley was the biggest cheater of all-time" when that would actually be my ex.


We must have the same ex! Ex-skimo bros 4 life.


All of this is true except for the stuff that incriminates my team. You bunch of dirty cheaters.


The fact that my team hasn't been mentioned means that they definitely weren't cheating at all and are totally innocent and nothing bad will ever come out about them for the rest of time, surely.


There’s definitely a dead body somewhere in that ivy.


Not a dead person! That's just [where we store The Hawk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvpkFulNcJk) when he needs a bit of hibernation.


Just one?


Yeah, but if it comes out that my team has been cheating and THIS is the result? No, that's pretty par for the course here in Pirates land.


Seriously. I'm seeing all this sign stealing shit from teams that have won the World Series in the past 5 years and I'm relieved to still see the Cubs not being named, hell even the Indians not being named is a relief too EDIT: I saw the edits to the post


It’s honestly nice to see ours was a legit series ain’t it


And it's also one of the best series in recent memory. Funny, isn't it?


Hell, even if they cheated their asses off it had been 108 years, I'd give them a pass.


What if they haven’t won a playoff series since 1990? Asking for a friend


Actually makes me pissed we aren't listed because fuck are they even trying!?


They traded Raisel Iglesias and cash to the Angels for Noe Ramirez who they released 4 months later. Short answer is no.


I feel like that sums up Cincinnati sports in general.


I just hope the Angels aren't cheating because we still suck


We definitely know the Mariners don’t cheat Well if they do I think we can let it slide


You joke but that’s how it really is. As long as you don’t win or break a record, nobody cares.


Well you did have a clubhouse guy providing sticky stuff for the league. They should try not helping their opponents cheat.


the rockies cheating and still sucking tracks tbh


If we cheated, why the hell did we stop lmao?


You didn't. Everyone else started and did it better.


[So the 2015 Royals were cheating, the Yankees were cheating **and** Chase Utley is the biggest cheater of all time?!](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ee/70/c9/ee70c96d819e1d3131058aff18d61a2c.jpg)


"In 2010, the Royals' analytics department realized that there was a high degree of likelihood that the Mets' championship window would begin to open at roughly the same time as Kansas City's. In response, the team began numerous trade discussions with New York, none of which were meant to lead to a player exchange, but rather, to seed the idea that manager Jerry Manuel needed to be replaced, and the best candidate would be former Astros and Angels manager Terry Collins, then coaching for Japan's Orix Buffaloes. The Royals had previously identified Collins as a trusting manager, and one who was likely to allow pitchers a longer leash, especially in high-stakes playoff scenarios."


The only thing unbelievable in this story is that the Royals had to seed the idea to replace Jerry Manuel.


Dayton Moore is a time traveler.


By god... it was rigged from the start /s


Big day for you guys, mazel tov.


The Beltre thing is ridiculous lmao


This hurts. Where was wifebeater guy during our back to back World Series losses?


In left field https://nypost.com/2020/04/09/former-mvp-josh-hamilton-indicted-accused-of-beating-daughter


Oh dear jesus


Fuck Josh Hamilton.


This guy is straight up bitch.


Ouch ow owie


I have no knowledge of whether Beltre did or did not do it, but [that's a method of sign stealing](https://thebaseballcodes.com/2010/08/18/stolen-signs-and-the-shot-heard-round-the-world/) that's [been used forever](https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2020/01/20/long-before-astros-1960s-white-sox-did-real-time-sign-stealing/?sh=5f3c1f2f73b1).


You would think that method is so well-known that teams would be on the lookout for it and anyone doing it wouldn't be able to do it for long.


I mean, there's crowds of literally thousands of people in outfields with hundreds of feet of stands. Especially if they're selective when they do it it would be extremely difficult to pick out exactly who is signaling and when.


Gets a little easier for at home Ranger stands. The ball park had no dead center seating. Just off center on both right and left. https://images.app.goo.gl/Xdm1rGDJgk5bSyoQA


Specifically for Beltre, if he was the only one on the team using the guy in the stands, then the fact that it would only happen 3-5 times a game makes is especially hard for opposing teams to figure it out unless they knew to be looking only during Beltre's at bats.


It's kinda so ridiculous it might be real. Just have a guy in "dead center" (I guess..above the batters eye?) wave a wifebeater around? And nobody noticed? And he had binoculars? Why would somebody make up a story so stupid, unless it's true?


*looks in binoculars* *waves towel* “yeaha wooo yea go rangers woooo”


“Why are you using binoculars?” “I just want to make sure it’s really the rangers out there”


when i was a kid sitting in the nosebleeds at rfk stadium i definitely brought binoculars a few times lol


Yeah it's not really commonplace in the newer ballparks, but I remember people having binoculars all the time as a kid at riverfront.


“Why are you using binoculars?” “Because I am 460 feet away from the man trying to hit a 3 inch ball.”


"And when I'm not getting a closer look at the action, I like to wave my beater and support the boys"


But only for Beltre at bats, and only before he cockslaps a double.


Could have just as easily waved it around during other batters to be less conspicuous.


Wasn't "the man in white" in Toronto a pretty similar story?


Yes, but only Yankee games for some reason.


I remember it coming up after a White Sox game. It was particularly spicey because Rios had just been claimed by them over waivers, so lots of people thought he might've snitched.


Chris Sale's psycho ass thought we had one at Comerica which led to Ian Kinsler creating one of my [favorite baseball gifs ever](https://gfycat.com/plumpnippycuttlefish)


Is he truly insane for thinking that at this point?


I think hes insane more for the jersey cutting stuff than this


Except dead center in Texas was a grass lawn with no fans


some might say a .... grassy knoll?


Beltre had someone in a ghillie suit in dead center smh


"We've noticed Beltre's numbers in home day games from June-August are pretty bad. Is there a reason?" "Yeah, his ghillie suit guy keeps passing out in the heat and cant give him signals"




Forget the guy in the outfield who let a heat sensing cyborg into the MLB who could see ghillie suit man?


A ghillie suit and waving a white wife beater? Ballsy


The wifebeater was actually waved from back and to the left


Back... and to the left...


What are the fan rules for binoculars? I imagine someone taking off a shirt to wave it in a hot Texas ballpark would alert nobody. Except a guy that was looking for it.


I'm sure they're fine, I brought my camera with a telephoto lens and no one cares. You would need an incredibly bit of glass and a super steady resting place to see the catchers fingers with any amount of clarity tho. The cameras that zoom in on that stuff for broadcast are huge and have expensive, precise mounts.


Those cameras don't even work at Wrigley. I've seen numerous games where when it's loud, the center field camera is shaking like an earth quake lol.


I'm kinda surprised nobody here remembers all the "Man In White" accusations against Jose Bautista. Multiple pitchers and players had accused him of having a guy sitting in the outfield bleachers with binoculars, who would put his hands behind his head, lean back and relax any time the pitch was an off speed pitch. https://www.espn.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/6837424/baseball-toronto-blue-jays-suspicion-again-stealing-signs-rogers-centre 4 different people said it in one day! >A few of the players in the bullpen turned their backs to the field to fixate on the man in white, while others watched the stadium's radar gun. As soon as each pitch was thrown, those watching the man would call out what they thought he was signaling, and those focused on the radar gun would confirm his signal. Sure enough, the man in white was raising his arms above his head before every off-speed pitch and doing nothing when the pitch being called was a fastball.


Probably would have said that about the trash can banging before the videos came out though


I mean it’s ridiculous in the sense that it’s funny and insane, I totally believe it


The Angels training staff was told to steal signs, so they took a Union 76 ad from Dodger Stadium


Are we really sure the Pirates did any of this? I mean, look at them.


I’m not saying this is legit…I’m not saying this is false. But I am saying that people who were confused why the Astros were not fairly punished is because MLB did not want to investigate this throughout the league.


Hi, as a former newspaper reporter and editor, I just want to say at best he let the cat out of his bag and all this will be dismissed as Twitter gossip and at worst he is setting himself for libel (I don't think any of his tweets are libelous but if the accused party feels aggrieved enough and they have millions of dollars...anything is possible, maybe) All his allegations are huge bombshells to the sport of baseball, which he covers as a living as a reporter and writer. That probably means he has an editor. Generally if you got something like this, the editor will guide and push the reporter to the finish line (like a coach would a player in a way) Here is what I think is a possibility: Spaeder did hear these from a player or two or three. They are actual sources, people within the game who wanted to share this with a reporter. But considering the scale of the bombshell and the stakes (the entire integrity of MLB) on it, the editor may have told him "hey this is a fucking great start, but we need to find more sources." Generally, for normal ho-hum stories, I followed the rule of 3: 3 sources who can comment on the topic. But for large investigational stories, that often turned to 5 or 7 or 9 sources. (Personal record for one story: 15 sources!) One way to cut down the # of sourcing needed is getting people ON the record with their names; The Athletic's initial Astros cheating story had 4 sources (which is small but all were with 17 Astros) but one of them was on the record: pitcher Mike Fiers who played for the Astros. Fiers practically carried that story's integrity on his back. Instead of building out more sources or getting on the record sources, Spaeder -- out of bottled-up frustration or ego or both or whatever -- decided to spill all the uncooked beans on Twitter. No sourcing except trusting his claim more than one player confirmed all of it. And Twitter, because of character limits, makes the presentation of his sourcing near impossible to make compellingly. If I'm his editor who has knowledge about this, I'm screaming in a pillow right now because it's so so so much harder to piece together a story after the crux has been released than holding everything back and then letting them loose when it is fully baked. There is a reason why Rosenthal writes articles despite him being a Woj equivalent. Some truths look more official in an article, fleshed out, with sourcing. That separates the real deals from the chums. I want to believe the allegations but I'm sorry it's too sloppy and turned what could be a 1919 White Sox-level possibility into Twitter gossip. I'm really bummed out right now.


>(Personal record for one story: 15 sources!) Okay, I know this has nothing to do with baseball, but that sounds like an awesome (or very, very tragic) story.


As with most stories these days involving that much sourcing, it was about sexual abuse


calling chase utley the biggest cheater of all time without giving any proof feels pretty libel-y


i'm not sure he has an editor. his writing is almost exclusively published on his own website that's named after him, and as far as i can tell, he's the only contributor. and everything on his site seems to be just opinion pieces framed with stats. as is his work that's been hosted on other sites. unless you call looking at Tim Raines' baseball reference page and saying what numbers are on it "reporting". and he hasn't even done that since January 2018. i don't think this guy counts as a reporter. i'm no reporter either, but it seems like he's just some rich guy (see the "retired" senior hedge fund manager bit in his bio) who follows baseball as a hobby since he doesn't need a real job. very little about what i've learned about him suggests he's at all credible, so unless he takes the very unlikely route that would kill any chance of a repoting career and names his sources, and those sources back him up, i don't think there's anything here. then, getting into the content of what he's saying, less than half these tweets have anything resembling bombshells. the one about the Royals video room is a nothing-statement, and means less when you realize they took the WS to 7 games the year before. 2 of them are just home/road splits which suggests he doesn't actually understand baseball stats, because those are far from noteworthy. the Beltre claim doesn't need a source, someone could probably find footage of that if it were true. Erik Kratz' statement on the Rockies cheating predates this tweet storm by almost a month and has nothing to do with Spaeder, and the claim that Beltran brought the cheating system to the Astros also predates this tweet by well over a year. so, at best he has stories about a rogue Dodgers employee, some Yankees cameras, and the Diamondbacks humidor scheme which he can't even provide a fucking time frame for. those could have been big stories if they were put out there in a credible way with sources, but as you pointed out he's fucked that up. this guy just doesn't even seem to be a reporter, so it's no wonder he fucked it up. but that calls into question if he even has sources. why would some dude who writes exclusively about stats have insider sources? the only story i see here is one of a dude trying to get his name out there, maybe get invited on a couple podcasts, so he can promote his own podcasts and website. and unlike his claims, the sources for what i've stated here are on his website.




“Chase Utley cheated bro” Source: me, I just said it can you read?




The Beltre/Judge splits are funny because it’s ignoring that they played at the stadiums with the 3rd and 9th highest park factors that year according to Statcast


dude dude you're not gonna believe this dude every one of the rockies players? huge home/road splits. I know, it's insane dude


Holy shit this conspiracy goes back 25 YEARS!


I will acknowledge that my team is listed in these rumors, but honestly this just feels like he's throwing at a wall and seeing if something sticks.


We're getting close to every team in the 2017 playoffs was cheating at home. This is beautiful.


We never played at home in the playoffs that year so I guess we’re clean




Let's goooooo


If we cheated at home in those playoffs, we did a fucking awful job then. We did an okay job next year with Fitbit's though.




Taps forehead. Can't be accused of cheating in the playoffs if you don't make the playoffs.


Imagine cheating in the 2017 playoffs and losing. Couldn't be my team lol


Our cheater was just trying to get to 3000 hits before he retired, lol.


Understandable. Have a nice day.


Don’t tell me what to do


lmfao if it came out that so many more teams were cheating i would have so much more respect for the astros. absolute alpha move to just be the best cheater LOL


Imagine making the playoffs in the last ten years. Definitely not my team.


So a guy stood in center field in Texas (which was all grass) and waved a wife beater for 81 games, and not a single camera noticed? Aight


A guy on the British who wants to be a millionaire had a buddy coughing for him in a small quiet room and nobody noticed this, until afterwards obviously.


your lack of capitalization made me not realize you were talking about the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and I was like, what sport was it in a small quiet room, darts?! lol


I recently heard a podcast about this one. They did notice the cough, but let the game finish anyway. He never got his money.


My favorite part about the whole thing was how at the final question, and i dont remember the wrong answers, but he was basically like "It could be C or D... ... ..it might be B... but its definitely not A. *cough* Yes it is definitely A".


The funniest thing is honestly, if they had just stopped at an earlier point (after winning £64k or even £125k), they would've gotten away with it. They just got so damn greedy and made it even easier to build a case against them lol.


Am I crazy or are those Aaron judge home and road splits uh nothing?


I have it on good authority that Ted Williams was using an advanced setup of cameras and computers to cheat in 1951. Home - .403/.518/.709 Away - .232/.411/.399


Guy in center field with a wifebeater is a timeless classic.


Yeah the splits are a joke. They don't prove anything that couldnt otherwise be caused by several other factors.


it’s a normal home road splits, almost every single mlb player is better at home than on the road. did all these teams cheat? maybe. is this guy just using a crap ton of buzz words and has no proof? yep


Source: Trust me


The Beltre one straight up doesn't even make sense. Where in [dead center](https://i.imgur.com/CK4B89T.jpeg) would this friend stand? The rest of it is mostly believable, but unsubstantiated. I'll wait until a bigger reporter/mlb investigation is launched before fully believing anything.


Lol, imagine a dude with a a camera and a foldy lawn chair sitting right there on the grass.


Now I’m just imagining Hungry Hungry Homer…


"He's gonna sit there with his binoculars until the Rangers win the pennant!"


just what the dallas area needs, another grassy knoll conspiracy


Frame 193: The catcher flashes the signal as the man with binoculars is watching. Frame 221: The shirt is waved, back and to the left.


"Back and" *Pause for dramatic effect* ["to the left."](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_hiqaRwfls)


There was a second stealer


Look closely and you'll see the friend in a lawn green ghillie suit. The white beater comes out during offspeed and is super easy to spot from the batter's box. /s


[Oh shit, this guy?](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EeYDc6bWoAA0X_H.jpg:large)


I’m just picturing a dude standing in the dead center of that grass beyond the fence lol.


People can literally find video evidence of all this shit if it exists, and they haven't. Show us Beltre's friend. Show us how the Yankees relayed signs within 2 seconds of seeing the pitcher's grip. Show us what the Royals did.


The idea that someone would read the grip of the pitcher's hand in the fraction of a second during release and somehow convey that meaningfully to the hitter instead of just looking at the catcher throw down a sign is insane to me.


Part of me wants to say they're somehow riffing off the time Girardi called the replay booth to confirm whether pitches were balls or strikes, but just failed to connect it.


> analytics and video department close by their dugout, doing so in 2015, their World Series Championship year. **How they used it, I do not know.** This.... doesn't really seem like much of an accusation. Not to mention some of the rest which seem like, quite literally, hearsay.


"Chase Utley was the biggest cheater of all-time" *presents no anecdotal or other evidence to back up the statement*


Could be talking about clubhouse poker games for all we know.


Chase Utley screenwatches when he plays Goldeneye.


We don't even know who/how many people said it lol, just a statement in quotation marks. Just amazing reporting being done here


He was known for grabbing signs while on second and signaling the batter….which I thought everyone does. So I doubt it’s that. ….the infamous hard slide isn’t cheating, just very dirty. That ruined Chase for me a bit. I’ve never heard anything else.


also grabbing signs on second, with only your eyes, is perfectly legal, so that's not even cheating


Such a bold claim. So He would have to either have been A. roided out of his fucking mind B. Knowing what pitch was coming at home *and* away C. throwing dozens of games for money those three are the only ways he could be the "biggest" cheater of all time.


Yeah, a lot of the "they were setting up camera's" stuff is totally legit in the form of scouting. It's when you start relaying that information in real-time to the batter that you start crossing lines. Even when the Astro's stuff first came out, it was widely known that batters/coaches would review tape from an at-bat to scout for the next time they're up.


You can still do that now, they added it back this season and JD Martinez has said being able to review before his next at bat is a big help in the box


I swear I was listening to a broadcast this year that was talking about how batters couldn't do it during games anymore and explaining why it affected a particular batter more than others because he really studied pitch sequences in game, but they definitely could've just been misinformed.


But what if they were videotaping the broadcast without the consent of Major League Baseball???


"The Royals had an analytics and video department, and **get this**, they were actually *near* the rest of the team!" Edit: Hijacking my own comment to say that Edit 3 is hilarious. Opening doors is considered cheating now. Lmao


His followup tweet for that was even better, "a player texted me saying that every team had a video room by 2016". Like that's not a secret bud.


I imagine every team had a video room by 1965 lol.


I wonder where they should’ve put it. Arrowhead?


How to create a more credible accusation. Step 1: use something that was already reported 5 years ago Example: [“Days later, as the series resumed in Toronto, I ran my theory past two Royals sources. Both confirmed it: Price tipped his changeup—maybe not 100% of the time, but enough for Kansas City to buy in”](https://www.si.com/mlb/2015/10/24/royals-blue-jays-alcs-clinch-pennant) Step 2: Make a wilder accusation. Example: “They stole signs to hit his changeup” Step 3: Profit


[He did the same thing with the Yankees:](https://nypost.com/2018/10/17/paranoid-astros-falsely-accused-yankees-of-using-camera-to-cheat/) > During the season, the Yankees wanted to buy a camera that took thousands of frames per second. They wanted to use it to minutely capture hand grips as a teaching tool to show their pitchers ideal hand positioning to upgrade spin rate, movement, velocity, etc. > They asked MLB for its blessing before purchasing the camera and MLB gave approval, but cautioned that such cameras might be banned next year as part of a large review by the commissioner. So rather than mount the camera — as most other teams that have one do — the Yankees would have an employee shoot from the center-field black camera well area. It was a wide-open, non-obscured area — hence, not covert.


Source: dude just trust me. Yeah I'm not getting any of this.


Is there any evidence of these accusations? I mean if its true then obviously punish these teams but we still need proof


The Utley one is my favorite. Just says he's the biggest cheater with zero evidence, context, or even any specificity at all. Can I say Chase didn't cheat? No. Is it silly to make these claims with nothing to support them? Yes.


Especially since he lists stats for other players in their home and away splits and then just nothing for Utley


But don't you see? It hurt him to say.


The man stubbed his toe while typing that, so it must be true.


Yeah that just sounds like some sour damn grapes.


"He's the biggest cheater ever" What did he do? "...some things"


No. If he had it he'd show it or it would be published in a reputable outlet, not a thread on twitter that calls Chase Utley the greatest cheater and then doesn't follow up lol.


Chase Utley was the biggest cheater of all time!!! *doesn’t share one detail of said cheating*


Source: just trust me


His uncle works for the MLB


Right, I was all excited for the juicy details of the biggest cheater of all time and then absolutely nothing... Maybe he planted a mirror behind second base when he was in the field so he could see the pitcher's grip from home plate...


I feel like this is a total word vomit by this guy; not that I don’t think that there hasn’t been any cheating but. Also MLB fucking sucks, the CBA is going to totally bite manfred right in the ass


I really feel like MLB, more than any other major sports league, has spent the last 20 years actively sabotaging itself and damaging both its reputation and the on-field product It's gonna get ugly in the next labor negotiation for sure


Please dont let the 2015 Royals thing be true. I do not want to feel the pain Dodgers/Yankees fans have felt about the Astros


As a jays fan, I agree with you.


Probably had that Amish fucker helping steal signs


Fuck that guy


yeah dirty Royals cheaters (plz don't look up Chris Colabello's career numbers and PED accusation history thnx)


based on the tweet, it seems like they installed a room so that players could watch their at bats and improve, which has become the standard. they were just ahead of their time - no idea why this reporter would try to insinuate something with such little evidence when the reasonable explanation is right in front of us


I think the most noteworthy piece here is that Beltran is behind what was going on in Houston and that he was bringing it from other teams. Some of that was already suspected IIRC, and it’s definitely believable.


Not taking this as fact but I kinda want it to be true - watching the massive amount of glass houses just in this subreddit get crushed by an avalanche of sign stealing boulders would be somewhat entertaining.


Texas? So we have been cheating this whole time and still suck? Im sad.


I can't believe two players played better at home than on the road in 2017


I assumed a lot of the Yankees home/road splits are a product of the home field advantage the short porch gives. For example, LeMahieu had a 1.265 OPS Home vs. .759 OPS Away last year and .977 Home vs. .818 Away in 2019. This year, LeMahieu has a total of 0 doubles and 2 HRs in Yankee Stadium. His 2021 Away OPS of .749 is close to his 2019 performance. Just like Judge, I just assumed it was his usage of the short porch that created the discrepancy in the splits. With the juiced ball, doubles or fly outs in other stadiums became HRs at home.


Babe Ruth 1920 .985 SLG at home, .736 SLG on the road fucker used time travel and cameras


All jokes aside, a .850 ish slugging is INSANE


and how many of Judge's road fly-outs to right would have been HR at short fence Yankee Stadium?