[Vanessa Richardson] Dusty Baker on pitchers using foreign substances

[Vanessa Richardson] Dusty Baker on pitchers using foreign substances


TLR: “You’re not supposed to drink and drive either, but you do.”


The unwritten rule


And then the highway patrol sets up a speed trap on the turnpike if a section has too many accidents.


Lmao so in this analogy, sunscreen & rosin = going 75 on a 65? Spider tack - going faster than Chapman's fastball while trying to drift on corners?


Also in the analogy is MLB = cop sitting on the side of the road using his radar gun to see if he can get a high score


Kevin Pillar is watching the race near a corner


Then suddenly the high score is *wayyyyyy* too high so he starts pulling everyone over to keep his job?


Yeah public criticism = his sergeant who finally caught on and chewed him out so he starts doing his job and pulling people over.


Good analogy


Yeah, but sunscreen and rosin seems even less egregious than spider tack. So going 75 on a 65 with nobody else on the road?


Going 70 on a 65 ain't getting you pulled over, going 85 will. So yeah your comp is pretty accurate.


TLR agrees


Thanks for the insight, Dusty!


Driving doesn’t make me millions of dollars I wish it did though :(


TIL, most on this subreddit have never went over the speed limit before. It’s illegal and they should know better.


Sad thing is how many entitled lawbreakers portray themselves as being for "law and order."


I've gone 70 in a 65 zone and nobody has pulled me over for doing it.


lol, If I'm going the speed limit its cause there's a cop behind me or the person in front of me is preventing me from going faster. Isn't baseball the sport that gave us "If you're not cheating, you're not trying"?


or I'm carrying weed in an illegal state lmao Break 1 law at a time!


They won't look in your car if you don't give them reason to pull you over.


Found the upper middle class redditor


Bro, I'm lower class, never had my car searched in my lifetime.


and if a cop catches you, you get busted. what a terrible comparison to try and make your point.


Idk it kinda sorta makes sense in a dumb way, not in the way that Dusty meant but still Cops won't pull you over for going 70-75 on a 65 with the flow of traffic unless they really really really are low on quotas. aka the sunscreen & rosin equivalent. But once you have people going 95 mph+ on the freeway, aka spider tack, yea they're going to enforce the speed limits.


I think you just made the comp better. It’s like players have literally been speeding on a copless road. Like I Am Legend style, def would still follow the speed limit right?




There's a difference between keeping with the flow of traffic while going 5-10 MPH over the speed limit, which cops yawn at, and driving 105 down the freeway like you're playing an Ubisoft game. There's speeding, and then there's **speeding**.


But they're ***breaking the rules***! The pitchers are ***cheating***! We can't afford to have nuanced, complicated views on this subject that deals with fair play and a complete historical lack of enforcement that the MLB's decided to do as massive 180 on, not while there's ***evil, dastardly cheating*** going on!


Gotta love ppl on reddit acting like they know more about the game of baseball than those who play it for a living.


Speed limits are enforced differently depending on the state. Here in CA there's virtually no enforcement unless you're going 15 over. In Texas you'll get stopped for being 2 over... Edit: Do you trashtros fans really think your city encompasses the entirety of the state of Texas? Holy fuck man. I've driven in Dallas/Ft. Worth and the police is absolutely not as lenient over small things like turn signals or coming to a complete stop on stop signs, and I *have* gotten stopped on the rural highways outside the city, with virtually no traffic.


This has not been my personal experience.


Where in TX does that happen?


"Tell me you've never driven in Houston without telling me you've never driven in Houston."


Huh I would've thought they'd be more lenient w/ that in TX


He's talking out his ass.


Anybody who drives under the speed limit on the freeway when it's wide open needs to get their licenses taken away. Fucking cannot stand it. Nobody's saying you should go 90 on a 65, but god damn it at least hit 70-75 My friends and I were late to a friend's wedding bc the fucking lyft driver would go at 35 on a 40-45 zone all the way I was fucking livid


I’ve done 80 in a 65 but then I totaled my car like 3 days afterwards


Going 80 is pretty normal tbh when there's no traffic Shit I've been passed by a fucking prius before on the left lane while I was hitting like 90 Srsly if there's no traffic people ideally should be going 75-85