[BNS] Blue Jays DFA Anthony Bass

This post has been locked because the bigoted trolls are showing up and much of this discussion about his homophobic views has already been had. You can see previous discussions by searching for Dodgers, Pride, Bass.


This post has been locked because the bigoted trolls are showing up and much of this discussion about his homophobic views has already been had. You can see previous discussions by searching for Dodgers, Pride, Bass.


This is actually a response to the airplane/popcorn thing, it’s just a very slow process. There should be another DFA coming in a couple months.


Jays FO running on Internet Explorer


Was he the guy that complained about the airline staff making his wife pick up after their kids?




Something that was lost in all this was he also shared some stuff about Canada being a communist country back in 2022, I don't think that ever caught traction


yep. And then followed that dumbass move by sharing some anti-LGBTQ posts


Canada is not sending their best /s size: XXL


We are the current face of climate catastrophe and we got this dude. Maybe even take off the /s.


Holy crap, that's the same guy? What a piece of trash.


[too good a joke not to share](https://twitter.com/foolishbb/status/1667219545348554776?s=46&t=sgYQ3GXEf1Hat5314RcCNQ)


[Richard Staff in the replies lmfao](https://twitter.com/RichardStaff/status/1667223207131095047)


Bailey is a legend for that one. He already was but he still is


Bailey is valid


is he still going to catch the first pitch at pride night?


That was genuinely such a terrible idea.


Its like they thought about it for 10 seconds and were like "yeah this will work"


They were going for the Eminem performing with Elton John vibe, except Eminem isn’t or was never actually a homophobe


Isn't Elton john, Eminem's AA sponsor or something like that?


Eminem gave Elton diamond studded cock rings for his wedding; least he could do was be his sponsor…


They are still very close is my understanding


Uh thats bc Eminem likes men. Didn't you hear? Hector and his rectum are real.


Rectum? Durn near killed him.


Eminem is a waaaaaay better human being than Anthony Bass.






The Jays sub was generally in agreement that upper management really dropped the ball in that decision. Can't imagine what was going through their heads when they thought Bass, of all people, should take such a central part in the team's Pride festivities. They probably figured that his personal redemption tour was worth pissing off all the LGBT Jays fans...


The offer to catch was before the doubling down yesterday. And while I wouldnt have been upset on cutting sooner, I can at least understand why upper levels may try one shot to show some sort of remorse. Unfortunately he just couldn't help himself in understanding the whole situation.


Yah I think if Bass had shut his mouth for 5 god damn seconds and just caught the pitch it could have been seen as at least a sign of “trying to better educate himself”. Obviously it wasn’t going to fix him, or make him a better person but it was a small gesture that could have at least helped us move on from this hateful POS. But then he had to go and double down and be the twat he has been the last couple of months. Glad it’s done with, I imagine he will be very open about his feelings further but at least it won’t be tied to the Jays anymore.


This was basically the only way they could have saved face after deciding that. If this whole thing had been handled differently from the start they potentially could have bought themselves more time but if they went through with him catching this pitch at pride a lot of the hate directed toward him would have been transferred to the front office; More so than it already had


Yeah. Even though he's a shitty pitcher, the team still wanted to make him look good in the eyes of the fans due to his social media fuckups this season. Honestly, they probably would have still gone through with the ceremonial pitch tonight if he didn't say in his media presser yesterday that [he still stands by his shitty personal beliefs](https://www.thescore.com/news/2652860). The backlash to the announcement that he was going to take part in the team's Pride festivities was bad enough, but that presser was probably the nail in the coffin.


Embarrassingly bad.


The person throwing the ball offered the idea as an Olive branch, so I can appreciate it.


It would be pretty funny if he refused to catch the first pitch and it led to him getting DFA because of it


He's the one who offered I think. Not that the team ever should have thought that was a good idea.


Terrible idea because you can think of it from the angle of the LGBT/allies who’d find it insulting, AND from the angle of anyone who didn’t know Bass volunteered and would see it as the Jays trying to put Bass out to pasture


“I won’t do it” “Fine, you’ve been DFA’d”




LMAO I thought he was supposed to do that last night or something. Would be hilarious if that was the last thing he did in a Blue Jays uniform...


It was today, This weekend series is the Jays Pride celebration series, and he was going to catch the ceremonial pitch tonight. Probably not any more.


Could you imagine if he still came out to do it? The boos would be deafening, lol.


A massive DFA rolling across the screen


And the crowd cheers!


The blue Jays have the possibility to do the funniest thing imaginable! But actually no Bass is gonna be to busy playing the victim card about all this


He’s insufferable enough, now we’re gonna hear even more about it from his insufferable family network.


Find him on fox saying "I was let go for speaking my truth"


Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin for DFA’d bozo


Hide the Poporn!


Wild that this man managed to embroil himself in *two* separate controversies within a 3 month span


Completely self-wrought too. No one asked him about his personal beliefs or day-to-day family nonsense. This guy's career is in legit jeopardy because not-being-an-asshole-on-the-internet was too much to ask of him. Crazy.


Was it even that long? I was thinking 6 weeks?


Atkins defended him and dumbass came out and doubled down whilst also making his GM look like a chump. Bro isn’t remotely good enough to be kept around after that. Not that it should matter how good he is, but we all know it does.


His pitching performance is enough of a reason for a DFA, but he'll say he was "canceled". Bottomline is that he wasn't pitching well enough for the Jays to put up with the constant distractions.


It's gonna be wild seeing him labeled as a star pitcher when he inevitably makes TV appearances talking about how he got cancelled because of the woke mob.


I’m going to get a text from my grandparents about him and I’ll have to explain how all his stats are ass and he deserved it anyways


eh, even if he was good I think most jays fans wouldnt want a hateful POS on the team. canada isnt the states. LGBT+ rights/basic rights arent controversial here, much to the dismay of the 30-35% of canada thats right wing.










Like the people who claim Enes Kanter Freedom is a censored superstar despite the fact that he can't defend a pick and roll to save his life


> [removed] Man look at all the responses to this comment that got DFA'd.


another HOF career cut short by the woke mob smh


He's probably been invited for an appearance on FOX already.


He's probably on track to become the Daily Wire's new sports commentator lol


How long before people compare him to Kaepernick?


Someone already did in this thread


My eye roll muscles are broken


Somewhere between Anthony Bass and Deshaun Watson is a line where a team will put up with the PR blowback because the player is that talented. It's like the Barney Stinson [hot/crazy matrix](https://preview.redd.it/0w24g6hvzmw31.jpg?auto=webp&s=a239d700b11123eba101e43764b4df4f78c62d81)


I’ll name it the Talent/Baggage matrix. You’re willing to put up with a certain baggage level if they’re talented enough.


That's called the Roberto Osuna line.


I respect the matrix but in a conversation about a guy getting DFAed for his adversarial stance towards gays et al., the lower right corner of that image is definitely in poor taste. I know it's the classic matrix but a quick MS Paint and it won't be offensive anymore!


Finally. Now I never want to think of him again.


Can't believe woke MLB cancelled Anthony Bass. Edit: Forgot that some people actually talk like this, and I have to mention this is sarcasm.


Can’t believe the woke MLB made him have a 4.95 ERA, wouldn’t have happened if that flight attendant just cleaned up that mess his children made smh


All I know is that his ERA would never have been that high if they kept prayer in schools.


People always focus on ERA but it’s an outdated stat. The relevant stat for guys like Bass and Qorbin is WAR (Whites Above Replacement)


I've evidently missed something. What's Qorbin?


Patrick Qorbin. He is a nutcase and not a very good pitcher.


Ah. I knew he sucked as a pitcher. Didn't realize he sucked as a person. Thanks.


> Forgot that some people actually talk like this Up yours, woke moralists!


We’ll see who cancels *who*


Kermit, take your meds and eat your veggies


i always forget which way his name is pronounced [fish or sound] and i'm excited to not care


Emphasis on the ass part




Today’s first pitch might be the last he ever gets in the league.


He wasn’t even going to pitch, he was going to catch the first pitch lmao


The pitching/catching euphemism is particularly hilarious in the context of the entire situation


Like hell he’s actually gonna follow through with that after rightfully getting canned


Because he sucks or because you think a team won't happily overlook the transphobia?


The latter because of the former




He sucks but he's not bad enough to be out of the league. If he wasn't who he was he would get picked up but there are other pitchers of his caliber available who arnt a PR nightmare.


At least in the minors he'll be taking the bus and won't have to worry about flight attendants.


He’s up there with Wade Boggs now.


Wade Boggs is very much alive




May he rest in peace.


Quite the DumBASS


Anthony Bass will respond by making an anti-DFA post calling it “evil” and “demonic”


he legit may think its an lgbt+/left wing conspiracy that's now costing him his job lol ah well. hope the door hits him a few times on the way out!


That or he’ll just blame cancel culture it’s much easier to blame it on that than [accepting that you’re just an asshole who’s not talented enough to make up for it.](https://twitter.com/naenaetakes/status/1667219615942942721?s=46&t=ofjsdFiWoOagHKxWF_7PAw)


He'll probably take this opportunity to become a right wing podcast grifter. It's not like his MLB career is going anywhere positive. He's probably on the phone with Ben Shapiro's people right now.


Fun fact - Anthony Bass is incredibly close friends with Tomi Lauren. Man's gonna be on fox news primetime in no time raging about Canadian woke mobs and cancel culture


Unsurprising. He'd been floundering all year. Toronto knows there are other fish in the sea. Maybe some team will attempt a catch and release with Bass, but I doubt anyone wants to be on the hook for his distractions. Truly someone who couldn't grasp the concept of don't rock the boat.


fish pun.


Get ready to learn Japanese buddy


I give it a week until he's pitching in Tampa Bay. He'd fit right in with their bullpen.


Jason Adam shaking with excitement


Can't wait for him to blame everyone but himself.


Omg can’t believe United Airlines would do this


Can't believe the Blue Jays made me clean out my own locker.


Hopefully he clears his own locker out and doesn't demand that some random staff member do it.


I've never wished a man's career to end, but I have read some DFA announcements with great pleasure.


This, Dermody, Trevor Bauer, Zach Plesac...


Took them long enough - if you’re gonna be a shitty fucking human at least have a good ERA


Now he’s gonna say how he was DFA’d because of his personal views and how he’s a victim of woke culture and his supporters are gonna eat it up.


THIS. The Blue Jays mishandled this shit so badly they made a martyr out of him. When really what he probably got DFA'd is for being a shit pitcher AND for making the boss look bad after he went out and tried to fix things. So fucking stupid.


I don't know if the Jays mishandled too much more than the agreement to let him catch the first pitch at Pride night. Usually, smart players who know they are fighting a losing battle just send out their PR apology, repeat the apology, talk about it as little as possible, and move on. It was on Bass for doubling-down, he kind of does have to talk to reporters. The Jays can't really foresee that this guy is the one that decides to veer off the talking point script.


“I’m here so I won’t be fined”


Wonder if a “we got cancelled” touring baseball team would mainly exist to complain about all the ballparks that won’t let them play games there


Don't give Huff any ideas


Imagine being an Anthony Bass fan. Yikes.


I can’t imagine ever being that invested in a middle reliever with crap stats that’s not even fun


Or, if you’re going to be a piece of shit, wait until you’re out of the league to start going public with it, like Curt Schilling.


Or even smarter Steve Carlton, who, unlike Schilling, waited until he made the Hall before revealing he was nuts


lol. lmao even


DFA stands for Dicks Fill Asses


Banthony Ass


Blue Jays caved to the woke mob, SAD! /s


You joke but the team really tried their hardest to get the fans to be okay with Bass, they were gonna have him catch the first pitch for pride night


It’s crazy too because he’s not even a good player




If you’ve got another Guerriel laying around, you can have all of ours lol


Yeah, it's wild how hard they tried for a deeply mediocre pitcher. He must be a great interview or something for them to think he was worth any of this work.


Apparently Bass catching the first pitch was the suggestion of the Toronto Pride executive director. Not a great idea in the circumstances, but I understand the team looking to defer to a Pride community leader.


corporate pride leaders are absolute bozos and not at all representative of the community. their main function is to help orgs like the blue jays with PR


The woke media wants you to think that bad performance is cause for DFA!


I'd be fine booting him off the team even if he was playing well. It's hard to have pride in a baseball team and be a supportive fan when your roster is full of ass holes. ​ Roberto Osuna was a DAMN fine closer, and when he beat up his girlfriend I was 100% behind him never playing for the Jays again. Good bye. Would I have preferred they manage to trade Bass to some team that likes bigots like him? Sure, get some value back. But he wasn't good enough for that to happen, so DFA it is. ​ America(and Canada) love to apologize for bigots and ass holes when they're good at their job, but if you suck, why does anyone need to put up with your headache and constant distraction?


> Would I have preferred they manage to trade Bass to some team that likes bigots like him? Cleveland Browns: we can fix him


>However, Bass later said he didn't believe the post, which described the sale of LGBTQIA+ merchandise as "evil" and "demonic," should be considered hateful."I do not," Bass said. "That's why I posted it originally. When I look back at it, I can see how people would view it that way and that's why I was apologetic." Bass said he chose to delete the post because "it was the right thing to do," and because he didn't want it to be a distraction to the team. "But I stand by my personal beliefs," Bass said, "and everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs, right? Also, I mean no harm towards any groups of people." My eyes rolled so much reading this that Cinnabon offered me a job. [Source](https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/37823206/jays-anthony-bass-says-anti-lgbtq+-post-shared-hateful)


Now go home and clean up your fucking popcorn


Like to see this and Dermody yesterday.


A good week to DFA homophobic pitchers who are also bad at pitching


Bad Fish man gone.


Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈


He sucks. Lol. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/anthony-bass-542914?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb all of his peripheral metrics (besides whiffs, which aren’t even being turned into strikeouts) are awful and he’s 35 years old. He’s obviously not getting any better. Homophobia probably played a role but don’t let anyone tell you he had any real promise or value to his team and he was silenced anyway. He was silenced because his beliefs and his pitching were both trash and not something a good baseball team should bother with.


He was a legit leverage reliever last year, which is likely the only reason they even held on to him this long. This FO is fairly sensitive to social sentiments so it likely did factor but you're not wrong, at it's core, it's a business decision.


Aside from the off the field stuff this year, he was decent in his first stint with us a couple years ago so I didn’t mind us picking him up at the start of this year. Age seems to have caught up with him though. He was more or less relegated to mop up duty the last month or so. I’d rather give that job to one of our younger pitchers to get them some big league experience.


Fish man bad.


Not a good week for homophobe pitchers in the AL East


Maybe he can clean up after his children now?


Anthony Bass - Statcast xBA •--🔵--•-----• ERA+ •---🔵-•-----• LGQBT+ •-----•---🔴-•


Bass has truly elite H8/9 numbers I really think this moves gonna come back to bite my jays 😔




Now he’ll have time to pick up after his kids




Decisions of this Canadian baseball team are everything that’s wrong with America. /s


a lot of people are gonna be unreasonably upset for something that in no way affects their lives


A ton of people who haven’t watched an MLB game in years because “there’s too many damn Mexicans on the field” are about to have strong opinions on a team parting ways with a below average 35-year-old who was pitching terribly and had become a distraction to the rest of the team.


Oh, you’ve talked to my father?


Who then also, a week after the incident and the entire FO/manager going out of their way to do damage control and sweep it under the rug while also saying the team was providing resources to help educate him, went on record yesterday saying "I shared the video because that's my true beliefs."


God I wish there was video of Atkins watching Bass' media scrum




Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. It baffles me that people still don’t grasp that concept. I didn’t see the video, but I have seen a lot of people trying to defend him. Folks, if you express hateful or bigoted views (especially at your workplace), you’ll be reprimanded for it. Not hard to understand.


Some idiots in the replies on Toronto sports Twitter are telling the media here, to "stop persecuting him for his opinions." and "stop treating him like he murdered someone." and "pride month existing shows there is no longer any oppression."


This honestly makes me so happy as a Jays fan. No place for this loser in this lineup


Good riddance basshole


Droppa da Bass man.


Fish Man Bad?


Bad fish man gone, but good fish man is here to stay


I’m OOL, what did bass do besides pitch bad?


Heard cineplex is hiring. Could work through his anger problems about popcorn.


Let me get this straight… he posts a controversial video, gets in front of a camera to walk back posting said video that he *obviously* believes to be true, is forced to publicly support something he’s against by catching the first pitch, and then gets cut anyway. What a pathetic coward. If you’re going to say something, at least have the guts to stand by it instead of going out like a gutless puke. If you’re going to go out, at least go out standing for what you believe in.


As someone in our sub pointed out, one of his fellow right wingers is [already dragging him](https://imgur.com/a/BIZ8AJA)


It's wild that these people can't see that they're crazy


Hes now a member of the LGBTQ... Let Go By Toronto Qlub


Shit man who catches first pitch now


Stupid Sexy Kiermaier


The whole stadium turning LGBTQ as soon as they see KK, that's for sure.


The whole stadium? Do women not attend baseball games where you're from? ;)


He spreads the love. People are gonna be kissing each other because of KK's beauty. ❤️


Rest in piss bozo


youd think a guy pitching as bad as he is would know he should keep his fucking mouth shut. what an absolute moron


Oh no….. Anyways!


Thank fuck. The last thing we needed was for that clown to take any of the spotlight away from leZlie Lee Kam and the pride community. Now we can expect the appropriate applause during the first pitch, rather than the boos that we were going to hear with Bass on the field.








I wonder what team will pick *this* trash up