DAY 18 (591) ON THE ROAD TO PREMIER12 AND PARIS 2024 - The European Leagues Begin This month fans marks the time of year the European baseball season has started, with France and Spain being the first to begin followed by Germany and Czechia. The sport there has benefited from the recently concluded World Baseball Classic and is indeed growing in leaps and bounds in this part of the world, and a few names are giving international fans attention for what they have been doing in helping the sport grow. Expect that given who three of the national leagues represented in the WBC, these leagues will not just recieve the support of fans from overseas and at home but will be a force to be recognized in the sport in this part of the world. For Glory John


I know I shouldn't be asking medical questions on a baseball subreddit, but I've been wondering about this for a while and thought someone may know the answer: With ACL tears like Hoskins or Lux this spring training, is it just a freak accident that could potentially have been avoided the rest of their career as long as they didn't take that one awkward step, or is it essentially a ticking time-bomb for some guys where we/they aren't aware but it's really just a matter of time? Because when Royce Lewis tore his ACL last year it was on a tough play but it wasn't ugly by any means [(clip)](https://youtu.be/7x50c7Dl0U8), but he was also recovering from a previous ACL tear so I imagine his was weaker than most and more susceptible to re-tearing. I guess what I'm really trying to ask is are ACL tears fully random, or are some guys naturally more likely to get them than others?


I'm not a doctor. Having watched a lot of sports through the years and seen a lot of torn ACLs, and other ligaments, it's tough to say for certain. Sometimes ligaments are weak from other activities and just pop seemingly for no reason. Other times a person will have an awkward step or cut that seems like it should tear it but doesn't. I have never had a full tear of my ACL. I have had a number of partial tears. The last one being from slipping a few inches on ice then my foot catching on dry ground. The orthopedic doctor I saw told me then that 1) I had significant scar tissue buildup from a lot of partial tears that made the ligament less flexible/stretchy which made it more prone to tear, 2) that everyone's ligaments are different and some people are just more at risk of tears than others.


Anyone up to play fantasy baseball this season?


As a Jays fan, I'm finding things interesting right now. We have a spot open as our 13th fielder, but due to the flexibility of Merrifield, Espinal and Biggio, it is essentially a spot where we can sit someone most of the time. Ideal for a prospect/young player with potential that's out of options. As it stands, it looks like Otto Lopez or Nathan Lukes could win that spot, both of them have options. But I can't help but wonder if we take a flyer on one of these guys w/ potential who won't make their team and have no options. Have Mattingly and our hitting coach work with the player and maybe find that untapped potential.