Bought a auto card for 65 bucks March 5th Pwe coming from a PO Box in Florida. Still ain’t here. Im in VA. Gotten cards from CA from PO Boxes since then. Scam?


Does anyone else find that Alex Manoah looks like such an asshole that you can’t enjoy Jays games while he’s on the mound?


I just look at those thicc ass legs man muah


Why the hell are SF and Oakland games blacked out in Guam, as if that will make them go to a home game


Because you can probably potentially buy a cable package that serves those games. And the company that does those broadcasts claimed that that territory as theirs. It's dumb, but that's how it is.


The FCC voted away the broadcast blackout rule in 2014 and I do not believe it ever applied to the MLB. Blackouts in the MLB are tied to local broadcast rights. The fact that its the A's and Giants, its probably some convoluted mess where some Bay area network owns the rights to broadcast in Guam.


No more extra inning gimmicks! No more artificial tiebreakers! They dumb down the game and the races!


My favorite aspect of the World Baseball Classic was how passionate the players and fans were. It was like the FIFA World Cup but every team was Japan or Saudi Arabia


100%. I realize the stakes for your average, regular season MLB game are tame by comparison, but WBC crowds made American fans seem so lame and sterile by comparison. I've wished for years hat MLB fans had more of a soccer mindset (like the LF and RF bleacher crews in Oakland).


I saw plenty of excited American fans in the bleachers but by a lot of the fans for the other teams came all the way to Miami to watch from Japan, Mexico, and others countries so they’re on a different level of excitement


Going to be assisting coaching kids this spring and need advice on pants that will not stain to hell. Last season I just wore whatever cotton sweat pants I had around the house and they were impossible to get clean. I'm assuming it has to be synthetic?


I've seen this take floating around on social media quite a bit over the past week or so, and considering how gung-ho this sub has become over this season's rule changes, I'm curious to know what some folks think: this year's WBC proves that instead of focusing on pace-of-play changes to increase interest in the sport and cultivate new fans, MLB should focus on promoting star players and storylines, and cultivating more exciting gameday atmospheres (akin to, say, international soccer or college football).


For a week and a half long tournament it's easy to pump up the enthusiasm. For a 6 month season you can't be like that every day.


Looking for 2 more people to join a free fantasy baseball league. Draft is Sunday https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/119750/invitation?key=8fc49148a8d14dab&ikey=06c75a174b181e31&soc_src=app-sh&soc_trk=lnk


What’s the best way to follow other leagues like NPB, KBO, ABL, CPBL, and whatever the hell Honkball is?


The Marlins bringing back the teal unis has me thinking about the real problem that's been facing MLB that we've all been ignoring. The lack in diversity of team colors. Seriously, I think roughly 11 out of 30 MLB teams use some combination of red, white, or blue. Patriotic? yes. But also tediously homogenous. If a team ever decides to rebrand or expansion actually happens, I want to see some creative color combinations. Like olive green and pink, or orange and purple, or orange and green. Honestly, just give me some more green teams, please.


Has anyone played The Show 2023? I sort of swore off baseball video games after the death of MVP baseball. But I realize that was a long time ago and this game was developed by Sony and not EA so there could be some actual effort making the game. My work gave me a copy so I’m thinking of checking it out


I bought the show 22 last year and enjoyed it for the most part. The mechanics were enjoyable and I could kick ass against the computer. Problem is once I started playing online I was getting destroyed constantly. Made it very frustrating for me and I felt like I wasn't getting better fast enough to be able to compete, so I ended up dropping off pretty quick after that. So your mileage may vary.


Oh man yeah I’m just planning on making my guy and getting drafted lol. Playing online is way ambitious for me. Maybe if I love the game I’ll give it a try tho


I am genuinely surprised by MLB's new ad campaign promoting the new rules. I was starting to believe that they didn't have a marketing department.


rolling out Sebastian Maniscalco to try to punch some jokes in there Edit: another ad just popped up, damn they got Bryan Cranston too


I've never heard of ads promoting rule changes.


The Vogelbach ad really feels like it's a reference to [Buster Posey: How It Ends](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18To8nBUygE) in the best way


DAY 17 (592) ON THE ROAD TO PREMIER12 AND PARIS 2024 - The First Commitments to the 2026 6th World Baseballl Classic In the days that followed the conclusion of the 5th World Baseball Classic, 6 of those who took part this year openly declared their commitments for the 6th edition come 2026 - Mike Trout, Tyler Glasnow and Kyle Tucker for the USA, Shohei Ohtani and Lars Nootbaar for Japan and Francisco Lindor for Puerto Rico. All of them were witnesses of how the Classic not just changed their lives but also contributed to the sport at home and abroad, won new fans to the sport, and also contributed to the sport's growing international prestige. These commitments, the earliest on the preparatory stage towards the 6th WBC, constitute the first players to declare their readiness for this storied event for its return in a few years for their countries, determined to carry on what they have started and to continue their remarkable success in future editions. This landmark news is just the start of a long journey for all of us fans on the journey to 2026. For Glory John


[Library of Congress](https://twitter.com/librarycongress/status/1639280118756524038?t=6qknIq7_ssev4jzKbU1kXw&s=19) shows off their baseball card collection. Somebody show them a better way to keep these cards!


Am I allowed to post a baseball job?


Sucks so bad about Hoskins. Very sorry to see that, PHI. Just awful.