Dane Dunning is RIGHT THERE, cowards


Cal Raleigh's dumper is RIGHT THERE, cowards


Double catcher butt cover with Raleigh and Murphy. Would have been perfecy


MLB the cake 23




Donovan Mitchell talking Mets the whole time just for it not to be a Met lol


I threw my phone in disgust when I saw it wasn't Adam Ottavino


tomas nido snubbed smh my head


Should've been freshly retired Darren O'Day


Luis Guillorme for the cover of The Show 24 or we riot


The disrespect to Daniel Vogelbach


Too sexy. Couldn't ever play the game.


He's looking fit af in his new insta photo. Maybe he's holding out for Playgirl cause that boy is a centerfold if I've ever seen one


Jeff McNeil has been slighted


Now he’s going to hit .400


they are really banking on him being as good as he was in a very limited 2022 lol


What was that? I couldn't hear you over these Peyton Hillis highlights I'm watching.


https://www.nwahomepage.com/sports/pig-trail-nation/peyton-hillis-update-prayers-needed/ He was in the news lately. He still lives near the U of Ark and is often seen in the community. He's a good guy.


I think I read he's out of the hospital now. Dude's a hero.


That was a fan vote


I mean, I feel like this is also a nod to those of us who have been playing because Jazz's cards have been busted and play over their OVR.


What are you talking about? Honest question.


There's a mode in The Show where you grind (or pay) to get player cards and form a team for multiplayer out of those players. I'm guessing his are broken in some way and the on-field performance wayyyyyyyyyyyyy outstrips his ratings.


Are they? I mean does anyone buy the game because of the cover athlete


Fuck if this guy was on the table I wish we could have thrown together some sort of Kwan campaign


Two consecutive years with Asian players on the cover would make my Asian friends excited if they knew who Kwan was


Steven Kwan is far too adorable to go unnoticed by any amount of fans in this league. More proof that we have all been done a grave injustice by not campaigning for Kwan to get the exposure he needs with the cover of this year’s The Show. We have all failed, honestly.


He doesn’t celebrate too much, doesn’t wear bright colored accesories or chains, isn’t loud, and he isn’t a big bat either. I love Kwan, but unless you’re doing Ohtani shit you need to have a loud character in order to be the cover guy now.


Will this be the first cover player who isn’t at least a 80 overall rating lol


81 last year - put some respect on Jazz’s name [https://www.theshowratings.com/jazz-chisholm-jr](https://www.theshowratings.com/jazz-chisholm-jr)


That link is really outdated. Pretty sure he only started at 81. He officially ended on 85, diamond: https://mlb22.theshow.com/items/ea3238f1f63bdb706c5eb095ca2c258b I think he was 86 and potentially 87 at one point, IIRC


That is for diamond dynasty, which has inflated attributes compared to the regular roster ratings used for play now/franchise. And the overall calculation for 2B is generous compared to other positions too, be like 3-5 lower with SS as primary.


Keep my Jazz’s name OUT. YOUR FUCKING. MOUTH.


Remember when Puig was on the cover lol? And i think he was like an 84 rating


Noticed this year when they bring back the covers as cards you can get, his is never an option.


Cause he’s not in the MLB anymore they don’t have his rights


Yes, and due to his recent off-field issues I’m sure they’re not leaping at the opportunity to potentially acquire them. As The Show, especially DD, has grown to a much larger audience over the past 2-3 years, they’ve really cut down on the controversial guys. There’s a reason we don’t have Huff and Dykstra in the game anymore.


It’s relatively easy to get a high rating for second basemen on there, I’m sure they’ll make him get there


But now he's not even going to be playing 2nd in real life


Shit I forgot, either way they love the guy and will probably find a way to boost him


Javy and Harper both massively flopped the year after their cover


A "massive flop" for Harper is only a 126 OPS+


It must have been a bad start I remember he got downgraded a ton. Not meant to be a knock on Harper, I'm a stan


For his standards it wasn’t a great year, iirc he did start off relatively slow


And neither had all that good of a year the year before either. (By comparison to the rest of their careers)


I mean Javys 2019 was pretty good by his standards.


Wild choice. He barely has a season's worth of games under his belt and his only good year was 60 games long. I like Jazz, but Idk if I get this


Dude is fun and very personable but yeah I don’t really get this lol.


the primary thing they were looking for was "attitude" and "fun" over being any good


Yeah that's why they didn't choose the notably dour and misanthropic Julio Rodriguez


Dude is too busy yelling at me to not mow the lawn on Sunday...


That was the whole thing with 2021 too - breaking unwritten rules, letting the kids play, etc. Except it was Tatis. A player who's actually any fucking good lol


he broke written rules too


They could’ve done Tim Anderson I guess


I mean, theres no guarantee anyone will be good. How many times have we seen guys have a career making season, only for that season to be basically his career.


That's why they usually put players with a track record on the cover


> Dude is fun and very personable Sounds like you get it just fine lol But really this doesn't seem that weird to me. I think any opportunity the MLB can get to highlight a player that isn't a one-dimensional cardboard cutout of a human being personality-wise is a fine choice, especially when marketing a *video game*. Are there players that might better balance on-field stats and personality? Probably, sure.. but to make Jazz🎷 the face of a video game you're trying to sell totally makes sense in my mind


None of the other players they've used are "cardboard cutouts" this is just a strawman, because they haven't ever used Mike Trout on the cover


ok that’s pretty insane tho


Trout is the face of MLB 9 Innings, the iOS/Android game. I think there are rules that state he can't be cover athlete for both


The Grocery Outlet of baseball games.


Pretty sure it’s a licensing issue with him being the face of MLB 9 Innings game


The amount of people up in arms about this is insane. Like it's not an actual accolade. It doesn't go on a HOF resume. It's a game. Jazz is an exciting up and coming player. Isn't that enough merit for a video game? 90% of people are going to pop that disk in when they get the game and forget who the cover athlete is in 15 minutes anyways.


Jose Ramirez is fun and personable and is also an elite player.


Yeah, but he ugly.


I assume the ads will be based around how fun he is and how stuffy the game is, like when FTJ was the cover athlete.


Oh I'm sure it's a marketing ploy to get more young people interested in the game. I don't really care, I'd buy it if it was Bud Selig on the cover. I just expect it to generally be a more established elite player. Not a guy who had a solid 2-month stretch once.


You’re telling me you don’t find Bud Selig’s youthful energy invigorating?


No. I do expect to find the juice button available in my Rtts campaign, for when I want to revive the sport after a devastating strike.


regardless of who is on the cover of this game, any iteration of it never fails to remind me that sports games have definitely passed me by. i'm way too stupid and uncoordinated to play them anymore lol


Yeah, if they were mixing it up with different covers for young stars, I get it. But, Julio is right there! Judge had the AL HR record


This is going to be the Peyton Hillis of The Show lol


Yeah, this is a pretty odd choice. He’s been fine, he had 2.4 bWAR last year which is respectable, but still weird for a cover athlete? He played less than half the season last year lol It really makes no difference regarding the quality of the game or anything, so it’s fine, just a little weird.


He plays the game, visited their office, and has shared their posts. That's probably the biggest influence in their decision.


Large influence, you could see it in his face of the franchise card early in the year. It was one of the best cards going for a third of the season. MLB the Show **LOVES** them some Jazz Chisolm.


It’s amazing how you mentioned his war and the games played last season In the comment, but didn’t realize they may be correlated


Right? It's like, 2.4WAR in less than half the season is incredibly good, but it's being used as an argument against Jazz


The point people are saying is that it’s silly to list a WAR pace for only 60 games. Luis Guillorme was on pace for almost 5 WAR in his first 60 games and ended on pace for 2.6 WAR


I never knew I needed Luis Guillorme on the cover of The Show, but now it sounds like a good idea!


It still comes out to *maybe* 4.8 WAR, assuming he keeps up the pace. Even 4.8 WAR is pretty lackluster for a cover athlete. It’s like “hey, here’s a game with the 35th best player from last year! You should buy it!” I get that Jazz is a pretty exciting young player, but his resume to this point doesn’t say “face of baseball” type player. So why have him be the face of the quasi-official game?


> quasi-official game Not even quasi anymore. MLB discontinued RBI, so now the literal only MLB approved game is The Show.


Yet us PC people must continue to suffer.


Super Mega Baseball is the answer




> Exciting is the only criteria that really matters and Jazz is. Really? If you pulled 100 random casual baseball fans off the streets and said "who is an exciting baseball player" how many people do you think would say Jazz Chisholm? 1 if you wandered across a Marlin fan?




The real answer


cant cite war like that when he only had 60 games, it wouldve been even higher if he could've played more games


Yeah IDK what that guy is talking about. Jazz was ELECTRIC when he was healthy last year...and then he got super hurt. Honestly, I like it. Jazz is one of those fun young players to watch who doesn't play by the old unwritten rules. He's got swagger!


I think there’s a very high chance he would be a great choice for the cover next year or down the line somewhere, but doing it now seems to be jumping the gun a fair bit *Edited from shark to gun*


"Jumping the shark" is when something has outstayed its welcome, or gone too far in a stunt or gimmick or something. Based on your comment, I think you meant "putting the cart in front of the horse," where something is premature.


Lol thank you, my head said “jump the gun” and my fingers didn’t cooperate




Well yeah, cause shohei put up over 10 war that year combined lol


Hillis at least had a great year


At least that was a fan vote, this is legitimately might be the worst athlete to grace a video game cover


Brett Lawrie was on the Canadian variant of MLB the Show 14


First MLB game I owned. I didn’t realize that Canada got their own covers at first and I was like “Wtf Brett Lawrie?”


Using young, unproven guys feels like the new trend for cover athletes. Look at the NHL using Trevor Zegras because he is good at the Michigan.


It's probably because they're a lot cheaper and in the grand scheme of things the cover athlete is usually irrelevant


Also if the cover of your game is irrelevant maybe you're most likely to buy next year's


Also cause he's American born playing for an American team, and with ESPN getting the rights to NHL, the league wants him to succeed and be marketed.


Zegras also a showy personality in a league that lacks them. MLB isn’t short on star power and personalities, so this makes less sense than Zegras .


Kobe Bryant was on the cover of NBA Action 98 after averaging 7 ppg the previous season.


Surely Julio or Judge would’ve been a better choice, but this does look cool though


i can understand them not going judge since he was on the cover for 18, but if they wanted a young superstar they could’ve gone with acuña, soto, julio, devers, or vlad. i like jazz and think he could be pretty good, but unless all five of those guys turned it down then this is a strange choice


I mean hell, if you're gonna go for a Marlin pick Sandy Alcantara.


A pitcher on the cover of The Show? Ha


Wow, I guess I never realized their extreme bias towards position players on the cover. The series has existed since 1997 and Shohei last year was the first pitcher ever to get a cover, and obviously he's also a position player. 2K had a bunch of pitchers before it died. Pedro a couple times, Tim Lincecum, Verlander, and Roy Halladay.


The last 3, and 4 of the last 5 2Ks cover athletes were pitchers. Crazy that they were basically biased in the opposite way


This is definitive evidence that no one wants to buy games with pitchers on the cover.


~~chicks~~ sport video game consumers dig the longball


Unless he can also hit piss missiles


It was a pretty long time ago, but they did put Mauer on the cover in back to back years when he won MVP, so there is a precedent they could’ve used to put Judge on again


Yeah I don’t understand why Julio didn’t get it. Coming of ROTY, Seattles first playoff appearance in 4,539 years. Dudes an exciting player. Jazz is exciting too but he was hurt most of last season and the marlins are projected for 4th in their division? Heck, I think Rutschman or Guerrero could get the young and exciting player moniker better than Jazz. Maybe there’s some behind the scenes things where Julio didn’t want it or something with pay (if players get paid extra for it).


jazz has a close relationship with sds so that’s most likely why he was the choice. otherwise it should’ve 100% been julio


I would have put money on it being Julio.


Or even Sandy Alcántara who is significantly better and on the same team lol


They only care about who is marketable, not who is the best.


I agree, Julio Teheran was the correct choice


As someone who’s very new to baseball. Can someone give a NFL equivalent of this so I can tell how strange it is ?


Jaylen Waddle on the cover of next year’s Madden


Honestly this comp fits. Not sure why it does, but it does


Miami maybe? Lol


Didn’t even realize 🤦🏻‍♂️


Nahh, waddle had 1300 yards. I’d say an appropriate equivalent is Marquise Brown, WR, Arizona cardinals. Talented player, but injured this season with respectable stats.


Hmm, hard to say, but think of Najee Harris (RB) from the Pittsburgh Steelers. A good young talent, been in the league a couple of years, sub-25 yrs of age, definitely a big leaguer, but not even in the Top-10 or maybe even Top-15 of his own position.


So based off both answers I’m getting a message that he’s a good young player that most serious fans will know but doesn’t really have the established track record or widespread popularity that most cover athletes have. But he also could continue to pan out and in hindsight this move would be a “we called it” move


Peyton Hillis making the cover of the madden


Brian Robinson Jr.


Seems like a very underwhelming pick for cover athlete.


I assume that Jazz having a friendly relationship with San Diego Studio played a big part in the decision to pick him.


Everyone keeps saying this but what does it even mean? Is he hanging around the office in his free time, fetching the devs drinks or something?


Never thought I’d see a Marlin on the cover! Congrats Jazz!


smh forgot all about [MLB the Show 2017 Taiwan edition](https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/700/31680433693_c33286100a.jpg), eh?


It's like they're not even true fans smh


Hey! There are literally dozens of us!


Considering that I do not live in Taiwan, I had no idea this was a thing. (Also I would prefer not to remember Chen’s time with the Marlins).


As a 2017 marlins fan this picture made me violently ill


*a good Marlin on the cover


Seriously. I know there's a lot more players deserving than him but seeing a MARLIN on the cover has me so freaking hyped!!!


This is one reason I think it’s cool they did this.


one of the strangest the show picks ever.... really limited playtime, .770 ops in the last 2 years, smallest market in the mlb... dont understand their thought process


Obviously biased but how did jazz chisholm get a cover before acuna lol


bro got it before acuña, soto, julio, devers, and vlad lmao


Don’t forget Mookie Betts who should have gotten it years ago.


Yeah it's wild that Mookie hasn't gotten a cover yet. Consistently one of the 20 best players in baseball and seems like a fun, easy to market guy.


He signed exclusivity with RBI Baseball and it’s why Mookie and Trout haven’t been on a show cover.


Oh interesting, I didn’t know that. Strange that they’d sign with the obviously less popular baseball game franchise. The company that makes RBI must have offered Trout and Mookie a lot of money.


Can't speak on trout but they got mookie in 2016, before he won MVP, the world series and made an all-star game. So he was probably cheaper than.


You really wanna know? I could have sworn you've heard?


It’s a really shitty thing to say and I’m not trying to come across as spiteful or prejudice but I feel like the language barrier really hurts Acuna Jr overall with his marketability not just with a potential video game cover. With Shohei he has the uniqueness of being a 2 way player and Japanese players have always gotten huge fanfare even with the language barrier. But unfortunately for Latin players they always get shafted if they don’t speak English well. Guys like Acuna Jr, Wander Franco, Luis Robert etc are unfortunately never going to get the chance they deserve to be marketed stars. Hell even someone as great as a player and person like a Roberto Clemente got shafted compared to stars like a Pete Rose, Mickey Mantle, Johnny Bench during his day due to English not being his first language. Even the media/reporters went so far to portraying and vilifying him as “whiny” “arrogant” “combative” etc because of that. Latin players throughout history still get a negative bias or are ignored overall if they aren’t native English speakers.


alright MLB now put the game on PC and i'll preorder it all you want


For real, can't believe they're skipping PC again :'(


SDS didn’t even want to put the game on Xbox until MLB basically forced them to, so I don’t think they are in a hurry to release on PC


Don't tell /r/mlbtheshow you're disappointed, most of the time they draw and quarter people for wanting it to come to PC, crying about how they'd all automatically lose to M+KB players in Diamond Dynasty.


They could just force controllers in online mode like Super Mega Baseball. It's not rocket science.


Such a weirdly toxic community. I remember 4 years ago I had a very very small complaint about gameplay and a group of people called me every name in the book, went through my profile to bring up posts from years earlier that they thought conflicted with my complaint and told me to get lost.


It’s crazy how many small-ish boards on Reddit are like that. Like, “oh you have a question or a slightly different way of doing things? Go fuck yourself!”


I dont think thats been the reaction for the most part. And I think the biggest concern for players would be cheating, as can be seen in other PC sports games (2k, f1 etc) I'd still like to see them do it, assuming they can be sure curb potential cheating vs console players


You can stream it on gamepass for PC, been doing that with 22 for a few months. Your quality of experience will definitely depend on your network connection, though.


Just get an old PS4 and fire up like MLB16. I snagged MLB21 on the PS5 for cheap and I feel like it's the same damn game.


Wrong Marlins player


Unfortunately, Isan Diaz is no longer on the Marlins :(


There’s 100 players better than jazz


Julio, Acuna, Lindor, Sandy...a Goldschmidt/Arenado dual cover? Soto?? hell, Ohtani/Judge could do a dual cover if they wanted edit because i just remembered that Vlad would be such a good cover athlete!


Some of the players you've mentioned are already signed by other baseball games, just FYI.


would have loved a roy double cover with jrod and harris


Oh that would be nice. Both with their massive reflective shades on too. Colors could have been crazy.


I think a split cover for like the past/present/future of the game could’ve been awesome. Like the cover could be a split of Julio, Machado, and Pujols


I’m not going to hide the fact that I am so freaking excited and happy to see a Marlin on the cover of the show especially as a huge fan of Jazz but at the same time I do get the confusion with his extreme injury issues. I’m happy and excited for Jazz, but I also think that someone like Sandy would have made a bit more sense coming off his cy young season and finally seeing a non Shohei pitcher finally get a chance on the cover.


Hilarious that this legitimately bothers people.


Eh, I'll still take Gallen in that trade. Cover should've been Julio


If we are just throwing guys on the cover I want Adley on 24


Love jazz but I am whelmed


Weird choice. Arguably not even a top 100 player in the game playing on a team that averages about 200 fans per game.


Gets injured a lot


Julio snubbed


Julio saved from the cover athlete curse*


thank fulgar




Don’t you dare, watch him ball out next year and get on the ‘24 cover


Crazy choice, Andres Gimenez put up 1.5x this guys entire career war just last season 💀


Love jazz but no Julio or vladdy got me confused


I can’t lie and say I’m not disappointed it’s someone like Julio, but Jazz is a tremendous young player and I’d rather MLB The Show do a player like him that’s young and exciting than a retread athlete. Keep pumping these fresh faces and get the game more popular with the youth.


"Shock the system?" Undisputed Era doesn't exist anymore.


Jesus H. Christ


Julio Rodriguez he is not


Honestly, unexpected. I was thinking J-Rod.


I love the cover but I don’t know if he’d be my choice at least not yet


Zac Gallen better


Should have been Carlos Correa, they could’ve had regional-based covers for the East coast (Mets), west coast (Giants) and Midwest (Twins).


This is a fun choice for MLB, take the charismatic young guys and give them a platform!


Damn bunch of jazz hate in here lol didn’t know people cared about the cover that much


Should have been Julio 🥺


man a bunch of haters on this thread lol


Are we sure Jazz is even the best player on Great Britain’s WBC team??


Harry Ford clears


Sorry man but really stupid lol. He has 60 career games of being remotely productive and he barely played last year.


Wow can’t wait for the exact same game as last year