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Well this is super unexpected


[Matty Backpacks :\(](https://streamable.com/uolvzi)


He wasn't very good last year, but I wonder if they're just doing this either because of a roster spot they need or because they're afraid of his buyout option for 2024 which would increase by a lot based on appearances or something.


He was much better in the second half of the year when he was healthy, but not necessarily enough to justify risking the 24 option getting more expensive




The best two sport athlete imo


But still have Brasier????


I'd 100% have DFAed Brasier first, but maybe it's due to an org shift towards strike throwers? Darwinzon gone and Martin signed for example. And Barnes averages 1.5 more BB/9 over their careers.


Does Braiser have like exec dick picks or something I don't understand how through all these trades and bullpen DFAs he's the one that keeps being left alone when he was one of the worst Bullpen arms last season


You’re probably right. It’s useful if you can throw strikes and actually be good


I wish the org and Bloom would just come out and say if this is the plan. Because in theory it makes perfect sense after last year's fiasco and the rule changes making balls in play and stolen bases more prevalent, both of which makes baserunners much more dangerous. It's just, come on though. Please get rid of Brasier already.


He has survived too long. I don’t Mind him in the org but the 40 man crunch has been an issue all offseason and he has no reason to have survived so long


I hope this isn't a "shift towards strike throwers". What kinds of pitchers were they targeting before then? Close your eyes and huck it 99 MPH and hope the spider tack saves you? I would hope this is a shift towards food pitching across the org, but there's still Braiser so


Might have been targeting high K-rate pitchers before. For example, Diekman last year. Had like Ottavino and 2021 Robles as well who Ked at a solid rate too. Sawamura and Davis also had solid K numbers as well, but Sawamura fell off a cliff. All of these names also had BB/9 hovering close to 5 as well, and all are gone.


Interesting. Thinking of it this way, I would have expected teams to target more of those high K rate pitchers with the shift being banned. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out


Yeah I have no idea whether low walk rates, or high K rates will play better with the new rule changes. I think it's worth a shot to at least see how they do as many other teams already target high K rate teams. Both have possible ways of improvement with the rule changes, and we just have to see how it shakes out.


Brasier is cheaper and his underlying numbers make it look like he was incredibly unlucky. His upside isn't super high, but this is Bloom thinking he's more likely to be worth 2 million than Barnes is to be good enough to justify making his 24 buy out or option more expensive


... oh. The front office's love for Ryan Brasier has been memed about all off season, but... I definitely feel like I'd take Barnes over Brasier. I'm gonna assume they're hoping someone takes his money off their books.


He will definitely get a Major League offer


He's only due $8.3M for '23, and has an $8M club option for '24, so someone is definitely dealing for him.


Didn't expect that, I guess they're valuing the team control of Ort over Barnes. No comment on Brasier though. I guess maybe the reason for Brasier is a shift towards low walk guys?


Might just be changing the color of his Sox


Does Ryan Brasier have dirt on the GM? How is he still here over Barnes? Same with Ort. I don't know why they are still here.


And we still have brasier lol




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I’m shocked by this


See you in LA


What a great contract


One of the most fun relievers to watch in terms of a wild ride.