"Professional bartenders don't taste drinks."

"Professional bartenders don't taste drinks."


Professional bartenders ALWAYS taste drinks. No, not every one, every time. But regularly, all shift long. Mistakes happen, fresh juices vary in sweet/tart/bitter balance, housemade syrups will vary, soda guns don’t shoot the same amount of syrup per “splash,” guests ask for bespoke specs, bitters dashers aren’t consistent, wet ice dilution vs new ice, etc. Your manager is a moron. Edit to add that any bartender hired and paid to bartend is a “professional” bartender. Fuck that guy.


This. I am a sober bartender who also hates a ton of drinks (I used to be one of those drinkers who didn't want to taste the alcohol at all) and I had to get the fuck over it when I worked at the bar because I had to make sure I was making the signature cocktails right and know how they taste.


I also bartended sober. I straw tested drinks regularly. Never even thought of it as drinking. It was just part of the job.


I only thought of it as drinking because I could taste the alcohol. I wasn't an alcoholic or anything as a reason why I became sober.


Same, still bartend sober (2 years this week!). It's not drinking, it's a job requirement. I don't taste a ton, just occasionally throughout a shift as needed. OP's boss is a douche.


Congrats on 2 on years!!!!!


Thanks, yo.


I'm sure there's a lot of people in program who would call that a relapse


Probably so. Why I've never been through a program and did this shit on my own. I don't live by somebody else's arbitrary (for me) rules because everybody works differently. I haven't had a drink in two years. A tiny little straw taste a handful of times per shift doesn't even get me near to tipsy, whereas I used to drink a fifth of whiskey and a 6-pack of beer every day. Not to mention the coke that often got involved. I'd say I'm doing pretty well.


This is awesome. I have a few friends (some I've kept in touch with, many who I haven't) who went through a program and despite it working for a few of them, it turned a lot of them into super religious and super self-righteous people. Props for doing it on your own. Side note, I agree on that coca-cola bit. I've used it to free up seized dirt bike motors, I couldn't imagine what it does to a human digestive system. There are better chasers out there people!


Not the coke I was referring to, but I also don't drink sodas anymore.


lol, yeah. I've been in the life for a few years so I knew what you were referencing. I was just having a bit of fun.


Aaaaah. Hah. Fair enough, yo. Big ol' whoosh.


I think people try to be so practical that they miss the obvious. If you can do without a prescription and remain and/or get healthier, then please do.


Prescription? Do you have any idea how this stuff works or are you just making it up as you go along? When initially getting sober, yes...some people may need (and probably should at least consult with) medical help from a doctor to deal with possible withdrawals and delirium tremens. But that's a matter of days and then you're good. It's all mental after that. Given, the mental aspect definitely isn't easy.


Rather autistic to stick to one word but I’ll let it slide. The point is, program is a spiritual solution to a deep problem. I called it prescription because I was avoiding the breakdown of an alcoholic vs heavy drinker vs occasional drinker vs etc., but it was what I had in mind. The fact is, I do not think you’re an alcoholic, and I am convinced that the only 2 ways an alcoholic can get sober for a significant amount of time that also treats the underlying issue are church and program. Also it is important to point out the story in the big book about the man who was “dry” for decades and drank again in retirement, only to die in a few years. And just to note, as a sober bartender of 5 years, at a local bar in a retirement community, I have seen this. I do make it up as I go along though.


I really didn't understand your vague statement from before and thought you meant I needed a prescription, homie. But as for the rest of that: goddamn. You just dumped all your shit on me and told me it looks great. Not really cool. How about you allow me to define myself, since I've been living my life for 37 years and know myself pretty well. Like I said, everybody is different. I didn't need the program because after trying and failing over and over and fucking over again for half a decade to quit drinking (and only getting worse every year), I finally started being honest with myself about my addictions (not just the booze, but the cigarettes, cocaine, etc.) and found a method that worked for me. I don't know whether it will work for anyone else, just like I don't know if any programs will work for anyone else - because I'm not anyone else. See how easy it was for me to not assume a bunch of things about somebody else and, in doing so, be a total dick? Now you try. Also: autistic? You're just batting 0 for 3, dude. Stop while you're way behind.


Who mentioned the program? Dudes are talking about their sobriety.


I did genius, the hell does it matter if nobody mentioned it. There’s a group of people that may think this way that I bring up, is my point.


Lol yeah, but who cares what a third party thinks about someone else’s job/sobriety/lifestyle? There’s more alcohol in your overripe peach than a proper straw taste.


The entire original post is about a third parties opinion.


One dude asked advice about bartending protocol. Nobody asked or even alluded to what a certain cult thinks about their personal & professional approach to sobriety.


Yet another sober bartender/restaurant manager here. I've done both jobs, while not sober and while sober. Straw tasting isn't drinking. It's doing your job. It sounds like your manager is expressing some personal frustration. I've heard that line plenty of times from managers and it's always either a power trip thing or it's that they're under the impression the bartender (or even another staff member) is drinking on the job, aside from the straw tasting in question. It's generally a misguided attack.


Sober bartender too, not that I had a problem with it, unfortunately it has a problem with me. I can do tiny amounts and fortunately my pallet is good. Even though I'm not a drinker, tasting a cocktail is necessary.


Full agree, so many variables to keep in check. Important to make sure everything is in balance at very least least once in a while. Also another sober bartender. The intention for 'consuming' alcohol in this situation is to taste test, not to get drunk. I'm careful with tasting unmixed spirits but a drop from a cocktail is certainly not a risk factor for relapse for me. I knew this was going to be something I had to address honestly when I quit drinking and making sure my intentions are coming from the right place is how I have framed tasting drinks in a healthy way that works.


So interesting. I’ve worked with so many sober bartenders, and am exploring sobriety myself now. Everyone has their own limits- cool that you know yours. But yeah, straw-tasting is nobody’s way of sneaking drinks, lol.




Yeah- I get plenty of feedback. Thank you!


Feedback is only so good, though. You can’t trust a guests palette.




Exactly. If it were just a matter of the same proportions every time, there would be cocktail machines right next to the soda machines.






Fuck him. He was probably an even bigger asshole when drinking.


"Professional" shooters don't need to calibrate their sights at the shooting range either. /s Also, I have discovered issues with drinks that I would not have been aware of with my eyes such as: low syrup on the Sprite, flat tonic, bad mint/herbs, flavor from a tin that my other bartender didn't wash properly, missing ingredients and the occasional mix up with drinks that look similar. Also, I like the taste of margaritas. That .05 oz of margarita I taste every hour makes me happy and work better. Go smoke another 10 minute cigarette and shut the fuck up, Roger.


Fucking classic Roger.


Yeah, that's bullshit. You taste drinks, especially on new recipes if you have to deviate from the normal recipe for some reason (like, y'know, if you needed to use a different rum in your L.I.I.T.). Your manager was being a micromanaging POS.


Absolutely taste drinks. Some well known bartenders I’ve worked with have been adamant about never strawtesting the glass that goes to the customer and instead testing out of the build glass, just for appearance/professionalism sake. I bet your manager heard that once and completely bastardized it. Moron.


This.. I jump on any of my bartenders or servers straw testing from a drink that’s about to go out.


What a backwards take. Sounds like he’s coping with his sobriety by projecting his recovery onto his employees. God forbid this dude learns about CrossFit.


Fucking Cross Fit heads, the most evangelical of all the arse holes


I swear that shit is more addictive than heroin.


professional bartenders do taste drinks, especially when having to tweak it a bit. Fuck that guy lol


That's when you look them dead in the eyes and chug down the rest of that drink maintaining eye contact to assert dominance. If they still give you shit, break the glass over their head. :edit: This is how I was taught at my local dive bar. There may be other schools of thought.


Were you taught at the Double Down Saloon??


A chef not tasting his sauce before it hits the window would be fired


I rarely taste anything because I make ton of the same cocktails, but something new or something I haven't made for awhile? You're damn straight I'm gonna straw test that shit! What, are cooks expected to never taste the food they're making at your restaurant, too? Professional bartenders absolutely taste drinks.


So chefs shouldn’t taste what they’re making either then. Your manager’s a moron.


There's a cocktail lounge in my town where two of the bartenders were in nationwide competitions. It's generally known as the go-to spot for the best and also most creative drinks. I always see them taste the drinks. Oh, and if you're picky (prick), don't go there because they don't do substitutions.


Also my sober bartenders have me taste their drinks for them when they think somethings off. We aint sendin out shit ass drinks yo!


At the craft cocktail bar I worked at the owner was very adamant we taste the drinks especially if it hasn't been requested for a while.


ya I had a job like that ended just quitting since that was the start of similar micro managing shit that went on


Lol Sober Tober is a fucking dunce. I’ve worked at high end bars for close to 10 years now and this is so laughably backwards I can’t even imagine how you kept your cool. Does he keep tips from the tables he takes too? Show him the thread.


He instituted a tip sharing system a few months after I started, whereby the dinner shift has to split tips with the lunch crew "to keep them going." I've never heard of this before. It's a covid thing though so it should be changing soon but still, in my opinion if lunch isn't making enough to support the servers then the restaurant needs to pay them if they want to be open while the kitchen preps.


Your manager is dog shit


No no no no no. Pooling or splitting tips per shift is fine, especially during covid. You can’t Pool across shifts. Then people are making it loosing money for something they weren’t even in the building for. If they can’t keep staff for lunch then offer raises or close for lunch and focus on dinner. If leave RIGHT THE FUCK NOW while bartenders are still in high demand.


I taste drinks often. Especially if there’s multiple ingredients and haven’t made one in awhile.


Always taste.


I'll go as far as.to sat pouring a tiny amount of a spirit you're unfamiliar with and taking that back is absolutely fine. Piping a bit if a cocktail for qc is standard.


No cocktail passes the bar without a taste test


Fuck that guy!!!


Agree! Especially if you havent made it in a while or have to sub something. You want the drink to tastw good before sending it out!!!


I taste drinks all night. Especially if I havent made that drink in a while or webare using a new batch of mix or whatever. I am anything but sure of what that drink tastes like, I want to know before it heads to a guest. We have proffesional standards.


Your foh manager sounds like a fuckin idiot. Tell him he needs to reconsider being a manager


It's been said 100 times in this thread but tasting is a key part of insuring quality of drinks. Your manager is an idiot. If you were tasting every vodka soda/ cran or whiskey coke then maybe he has a leg to stand on but if you make a drink (especially if you have to deviate from a standard recipe i.e. dark rum vs light rum) and are unsure about it then taste it. Better to find out something isn't right then and there then has the guest dislike their drink.


Respect to all of the sober bartenders who still taste.


Your manager sucks cocks. I taste every single cocktail I make. I free pour everything so I have to. I'd find another gig if I were you - unless you think your manager will quit or get fired soon.


There are way too many variables and potential points of error to be able to guarantee that drinks will be perfect just because a recipe is followed. Tasting drinks provides a final stage of quality assurance. What if you grabbed the wrong bottle or the bottle had a production defect? What if your juices or other perishable ingredients have spoiled or diminished in its efficacy? What if you forgot an ingredient? What if the recipe was wrong? What if the temperature was incorrect? What if the expected ice melt didn't dilute the drink to the required level? Cooks constantly taste their product before sending it out because they know that the process is a living thing. And this is why robots won't ever fully remove the human put of the equation in contexts where quality is important. Your FOH manager is a dummy.


What in the pretentious mixology school bullshit is this. Taste your drinks, people. You manager is an idiot.


Bar manager in an upscale-ish restaurant here who also bartends. I kinda get what he might be getting at, (but disagree strongly) and he sounds like an unnecessary dick. He probably thinks straw tasting is a cheap way for a bartender to "drink" on a shift. (Even though you'd have to dip taste a million drinks to catch a buzz) and he's probably just high on power and self-righteousness on calling you out on it. I dip taste maybe 3 or 4 drinks a night, usually when a mixer seems to have run short, I haven't made it in a while, or the color seems off. Guy sounds like a dick either way. If your manager is cool with it, you do you.


Literally any bartender is a “professional” bartender, and it’s absolutely essential you straw test cocktails. Your manager should go look up what professional means in the dictionary, because he doesn’t sound very qualified or belonging to his profession if he treats his staff like that.


Straw tasting, especially if you need to sub an ingredient, is crucial, otherwise you end up comping drinks. The manager is an idiot.


That's like saying Chefs don't taste their food. Which is absolutely bullshit.


They don’t taste every plate that goes out, that would be unprofessional and you would assume they might not be sure of their own skills.


I have been bartending for 10 years and I taste every drink everytime. Even if its a soda and lime. Taste your juices at the start of the day, taste your drinks before they are shaken and multiple to times if it is stirred to have the the dilution exact. This way a drink never gets sent out unbalanced, no mistakes make their way to a table, no ingredient is faulty. In my 3 years in my current place I cant remember there being a single drink returned due to a fault. I encourage floor staff to taste them before they go too. They get to know the drinks and they can also spot faults and inconsistencies between bartenders. Its not a large amount of liquid, anyone who has a problem doesn't know what they talking about. Tell him it's not his section and to piss off.


He must have been a chef at Applebee’s


Can we not disparage those that work in the service industry regardless of establishment? We all go through the same shit because people are inherently terrible when it comes to the service industry. I learned a lot from those that came through the ranks of Darden et al. To discount the value of a person based on where they previously worked is fundamentally wrong. This manager guy, however: fuck that. I’ve known great cocktailians who’ve been sober for years and still take a straw taste for balance. This appears to be a man who is resentful of others’ self-control.


You may have some Applebee’s related issues you need to deal with. It’s a joke about how he probably didn’t taste food he put out, like a bartender who doesn’t taste their product AND I punched down. Hope your day gets better though. Cheers.


My day is perfect, as always. My point still stands, however. Thanks.


The issue, I believe, is due to the bar managers history he has a strong aversion to alcohol and alcoholic tendencies. He isn’t mad that you are taste checking drinks but it is a trigger alarming him of potential alcoholism.


Then he should say that at a quiet moment instead of berating OP during a service.


Well the FH or bar manager is free to execute his job as he sees fit and works at the discretion of the GM and owners. If an employee does not like this, they should talk with this supervisor first. If this fails, the employee can raise awareness with the GM or owners. The employee is free to leave if they do not feel the are working in a safe and supportive work environment. It is not the position of the employee (or us) to be dictating what the manager should and should not be doing.


Are you serious? One of the things that separates a good manager from a bad one is knowing what to bring up in the moment during service, and what can wait until the next shift meeting. A good manager also delegates well and promotes the best hourly employees. And a great manager takes what the owners/GM tells them and either makes it work for the rest of the staff, or adjusts with the owner if necessary. Of course the employee is free to leave at any time. Most of the time, however, the employee tries reasoning with the horrible manager before leaving. Edit: Are you one of the managers we are talking about? If you’re not, I don’t understand your point of view.


LOL, I'm not giving him orders here. We are *also* free to say what we think should be done, you know.


If straw-tasting cocktails during service triggers him, I don’t think he’s in the right industry


Hi before all this fun happened I was a Professional bartender/ mixologist who worked in New York and I can tell you there are bars, high-end mixology bars in NYC that make you taste every drink you make before you send it out. So please tell your manager he has no idea what he's talking about. But on a side note do u really need to taste a LIT. In general, it is a bullshit drink, very few people drink LIT because it's a good tasting drink most people drink it cause they think it will get them to their happy place faster. In my, to long of a career behind the stick I can count the number of people on one hand that I've met who truly enjoy the taste of a Long Island iced tea. For me, one of the reasons I tell the people that I train to taste there drink they make is I want them to get use to seeing it when it tastes right so your subconscious remembers the look of the drink when it is in the correct form. By doing that after a while you will just know buy the color how off you are.


I enjoy the tastes of lits but have worked in the restraunt industry over half my life


Yea when done right it tastes nice, but not for the 12-16 dollar range that you could get charged if you order one in the NYC area. But hey that is me, drink what makes you happy if you really enjoyed drinking a LIT you will get no slack from me .


Yo if he’s been sober for 6 years then *he* doesn’t taste drinks. He shouldn’t be projecting his faults in life on to his staff.


What a moron, and probably projecting his own insecurities. I may not straw test every drink, but I absolutely straw test, be it one I haven’t made in a while or something that’s super technical I make sure too


Hes just pissed off cause you get to feel the alcohol pumping through your veins and he dosnt cause hes obviously abused alcohol. Good bartenders may not put a straw in a finished drink and try , but will try out of the bostons before pouring in glass..maybe some with a lil pimp glass to avoid straw wastages...but this cant always be done if drinks built. You need to develop your pallette, and you need ensure drinks are consistant. Sommeliers will try wines when they open bottles for the same quality assurance reasons, (its better for a somme to taste a corked wine than a customer) and also for pallette expansion. Chefs will do the same.. So basically hes just getting all antsy thinking about drinking while ges on shift..maybe suggest to him that he stays out of the bar during shift and that you debreif after work to avoid delays in service.


Or, think of it maybe more along the lines of.. Youll never see a good bartender try every drink, you should be tasting inconspicuously..otherwise some customers can see it as inapproproate if they dont understand.


You were in the right. That guy is just a dick. If you're paying top dollar for a drink it's better for it to be right than have to make a second drink. If you have to remake it you're gonna have to taste it for sure before sending it out. So either way your gonna have to taste the drink. It's better to be sure than to waste the owners money.


I taste probably 30-60 drinks every night. Sometimes it’s a drink I haven’t made in awhile, sometimes it’s a bartenders choice, sometimes it’s a newer menu drink and I want to make sure I still like it or if it still needs workshopping. Fuck this guy.


He's wrong. Simply put.


You expect a cook to taste the food...


I full heartedly agree with you on this I’m an up and coming bartender and I agree. TASTE TEST!! You will know right away when something about that drink is NOT right. And when it isn’t you are able to go back and adjust the beverage. You always want the best quality drinks to go out to your guests. And it’s a learning curve. Taste testing doesn’t mean every single drink, or to abuse it. It’s a learning curve and it’s helped me learn a lot and get my recipes down. Sounds like your manager doesn’t know what they are talking about.


My situation is a bit different, in my state you're not allowed to taste drinks. There are times where we will but generally we don't at least where I worked. It is a pain for us and I wish that we could do it at times. And if we're making a drink special and doing it as a batch then we will just to get it right. But even that's a gray area for us. Just my two cents.


Its just like cooking. When in doubt (aka there are variables) then why not check. That doesn't mean taste every fucking drink. Also a more acceptable way to try a drunk is from the shaker/stirring glass, rather than the finished product imao. This is also more practical if u need to make an adjustment.


Imagine a chef that never tastes the food, would you want to eat there?


Bullshit! I taste all my drinks


I manage a bar and we don’t taste all drinks that we make every 10 minutes. The fancy cocktails we do taste. I also taste the new drinks On the new bartenders.


I don’t really taste cocktails often, just because it’s inconvenient for me, with covid we’re not allowed to have unwrapped straws out, and wearing a mask I’m not supposed to take off, but I very much disagree with this manager. There are plenty of reasons for a bartender to taste a drink to make sure it’s right. I also don’t consider myself a professional bartender I just bartend at a tigichilibees type bar.


Lol someone who actually cares about the quality of the product they’re selling does taste the drinks. At my last job I was the bar manager and I would 100% rather someone taste it to make sure it’s good than send it to a customer thinking they may have made a mistake because they may send it back and THATS a waste of money. Taste away my friend


We straw taste every cocktail even when its dead.


No mate. You taste everything you're not confident with or have replaced / exchanged ingredients with. Dudes talking out his ass, stand your ground with that nonsense. You are in charge of quality control for your drinks


If it’s fresh squeezed juices they vary dramatically


While yes you should still be tasting drinks that you haven't made in a while let's be honest. You do not ever need to straw test a LIT. Seriously. Someone is not ordering that drink because they have a refined pallet. I occasionally will straw test a drink that maybe I'm not familiar with or I am using a specification from the customer that I'm not sure about...... But I don't need to straw test a LIT to know its trash.


Hahaha I understand the disdain for the LIT. From my perspective though, I'm doing this because I actually like trying to give people the best version of what they want even if that is an LIT. If I make a sub-par drink (relative to others of its type) then I genuinely feel bad, that's just how I am. Like I said I'm in a restaurant bar so I'm not making fistfulls of cash like some of ya'll. I'm actually doing it for the joy of making good drinks (or in this case at least the best it can be). So if I stop tasting drinks and just send shit out without a care then I really would have to ask myself what the hell I'm doing there.


Why is your manager yelling, first of all? Secondly, he needs to check his crusader complex at the door. Third, he can take it up with the bar manager who agrees with the policy and/or the GM who hired the bar manager, rather than the employee doing quality control.


It’s necessary for quality control just like a chef or even line cook needs to taste test the product being sent out because there’s variables that could cause inconsistencies and as humans we make cognitive errors so it’s very important to taste test during a shift.


I recently made a cocktail I’d not made in a while. Did a taste test, and there was definitely something wrong with it. I modified the drink to try and fix it and it was still bad. Then went on to try all the ingredients and couldn’t work out what was wrong until another bartender asked if I’d tried the gin. With hindsight, I should have smelled it before tasting it. Who knew gin could go off? I’m just grateful it was in this cocktail before I sold it as part of a gin and tonic... You’re right to be tasting drinks and should go on doing it. This experience has definitely made me become more careful with what I’m sending out.


It’s literally like 1-4 ml per taste. >So let us define "a straw" as a circular cylindrical tube with outside diameter of 0.75 cm. inside diameter of 0.73 cm. and length of 20.5 cm. The internal volume is calculated as 0.73^2 * Pi/4 * 20.5 = 8.58 cc or ml. Even if you tasted **EVERY SINGLE COCKTAIL** you made it still wouldn’t make you drunk.


I taste my drinks all the time! I like to know exactly what my customer is tasting. Working in Florida heat, at an outdoor beach bar, the OJ and pineapple in store n pours quickly spoil. I always double check for that specific reason with a quick straw test.


Hes just pissed off cause you get to feel the alcohol pumping through your veins and he dosnt cause hes obviously abused alcohol. Good bartenders may not put a straw in a finished drink and try , but will try out of the bostons before pouring in glass..maybe some with a lil pimp glass to avoid straw wastages...but this cant always be done if drinks built. You need to develop your pallette, and you need ensure drinks are consistant. Sommeliers will try wines when they open bottles for the same quality assurance reasons, (its better for a somme to taste a corked wine than a customer) and also for pallette expansion. Chefs will do the same.. So basically hes just getting all antsy thinking about drinking while ges on shift..maybe suggest to him that he stays out of the bar during shift and that you debreif after work to avoid delays in service.


It’s pretty moronic to even bring that up. What he needed to say was “I would like you to not taste drinks as often” which is different conversation.


I stopped bartending right around the start of the pandemic. I’ll tell you what though, any drink that I was even a slight little bit unsure of I would definitely taste before I sent it out.


Or if it’s a craft cocktail that the guest wants made off of their tastes and you’re coming up with it?? Holy fuck I can’t even. You’re house manager, I’d want to slap them.


I didnt read beyond first two sentences, because I don’t want to make myself upset. But, “Real chefs don’t taste their food.” So, that’s how dumb that shit is, if you’re making anything beyond a 2-ingredient mixer. Even martini’s need a tasting straw. Ideally, fancy place, high standards, you taste EVERY DRINK. To ensure quality. Incase things are lined up in the wrong order in the well, according to the ticket, or the bartender makes a mistake, soda/juice/syrup is bad/mislabeled, etc. P.S.: it takes (IIRC) 42 full long-straw pulls to equal an ounce (may be 2, I don’t remember) so we calculated something like 480 pulls for a seasoned drinker to feel it, 100-300 for anyone else to feel a bit tipsy at best.


Professional Chefs (what a dumb fucking statement) taste their food all the time. Professional bartenders (again, fucking dumb statement) should also too. Shit. If you're an at home hobby bartender or chef, you taste your shit. How else are you going to know if it's right? Your manager is an idiot.


Fuck that guy. I was at my restaurant with my wife last night and she ordered a raspberry daiquiri and I had a sip. It tastes different from how I make it; it had more chambord. Tonight when the ticket comes through the till, I definitely tried it to make sure that I was making it right. I think that all the bartenders signature cocktails at your establishment should taste the same.


Yea make sure you taste things, but develop other skills to identify if a drink is off. I use sight a lot. Often I can look at a cocktail and tell it’s incorrect or missing ingredients. The color will be off, or it won’t hit the right wash line. Although I appreciate your managers sobriety they clearly are willing to sacrifice the quality of the product they are offering in order to expedite things. As an aside, if you are working at a place that is 86 white rum, your manager has other things to worry about aside from your LIIT recipe.


Do chefs taste their own food or just send it out hoping it taste okay?


I test 2-3 of even our most popular drinks every night just to assure we’re maintaining consistency across the volume we send out, and I am the manager. Your manager is absolutely incorrect, it’s important to be sure that you’re maintaining quality and not blindly sending drinks out (especially over service bar where you don’t see direct responses). Drinks we hardly make we almost always check to make sure it’s up to par and we don’t have to get it sent back.


I dont taste my drinks because I know my exact pour. However when I'm making margaritas or french martinis, i always gotta pour myself a sample ;)


Easy .00001 second response. He's an idiot.


Your boss is wrong, and dumb. Professional bartenders taste drinks all the time for reasons others have expressed in this thread.


My boss is in the recovery program (think aa). And we just opened a bar. He tastes drinks and tastes food. As we need to do quality control. If we don’t test things then below average products go out. As you said you don’t need to test every single drink. But with certain ones I always taste…and I’ve been in the industry for 15+ years.


Probably hard for thulis guy to straw test drinks with his head so far up his ass


Am I the only one who’s ever reached for the measuring glass only to find one ounce of something in it that should have gone in the last drink? This is one of the reasons why I taste. I’m an idiot.


Totally agree. As a side note, if I'm too busy I'll ask a support staff to taste. I'm not getting them hammered just asking for a professional opinion


When i'm not 100% sure, I have to taste it


If professional chefs can taste their dishes...then why shouldn't professional bartenders taste their drinks? Double standard, maybe? I, personally, didn't because I didn't think I had to, but of course with exceptions. I could conceptualize with accuracy how a cocktail would come out, depending on whether it was classic recipe or derivative of said classic recipe. But when I did taste drinks, I would usually make another the same way and have a good sip, letting it sit in my mouth and swirl around. This was common when I would experiment with creative cocktails, or with the ingredients at my disposal to make the classics. Or withdraw a moderate amount for a good sip, if we're talking about a batch. But even with batches, I could probably go without tasting, but would just for quality assurance. With batches, I always expanded recipes by proportion, instead of approximation. For example, if I were to make a classic margarita batch for 100, then (instead of having a recipe with a breakdown of parts for a certain quantity) I would make a batch that was basically composed of one classic margarita times 100, maybe more if I expected greater consumption levels. So if a classic margarita has 1.5 oz Tequila, 1/2 oz. Cointreau, 1 1/4 oz. Lime Juice and 3/4 oz. Raw Agave Nectar, then my batch would have these measurements times 100. In this case, if the batch would perfectly taste as if I were drinking a single classic margarita from a glass, due to proportionality, then is tasting really necessary? Even if someone wanted their cocktail adjusted, one could figure how it would come out based on what ingredients are increased, decreased, removed or replaced. But like I said, quality control and assurance is the main reason for a bartender to tastes his/ her drinks. And the reasons for quality control may vary, whether because of ingredients or it being a novel creation. If your house manager is in sobriety, then that's great. Good for him to take control of something he's admitted he can't. But he shouldn't meddle in bar affairs because he clearly doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about and is merely projecting his own issues. Luckily for you, your bar manager is on your side.


Straw tasting is just the tip of this iceberg. Sounds like it's gonna get worse before it gets better.


I don't know, but at the kinds of bars I go to, I see the tenders taste all but the basics, and I like seeing that. I only tend friends' parties, but I straw-taste too.


Every manager whose spent an hour on the bar slowly making drinks thinks they're an expert. Even if they dont know exactly what you're doing or why you're doing it they still know better and you need to shut up and do what they say! Also if the drink comes back cause you didnt taste it that's also your fault.


Do you work at my old bar? Next time your manager “works”, screw it up intentionally. Also Managers don’t take tables unless the servers are too busy. If the place isn’t doing enough business he’s the first cut labor wise, not the servers.


What a stupid statement on his part. Keep on tasting


Does a cook taste the food their making? If the answer is yes, then you have your answer.


As a non bartender with food allergy, how does this work? Do you take a sample not in the customers glass?


You stick a straw in and use vascular physics or whatever to take a taste and then throw the straw away


That's what I figured. Thank you!


I don't even drink anymore and I still taste drinks! Especially if it's something I haven't made in awhile or something im making for the 1st time!


Bartenders should always be sober. Someone I know got fired for drinking while working the bar


Yes but a straw test is not going to get you drunk it’s just a drop to see if the drink tastes right. Also there’s some places that allow employees to actually drink as long as they don’t drink too much


Ahhh. I have seen the straw being used but didn’t think much of it. Crazy bartender slight of hand


> I have seen the straw being used but didn’t think much of it Yeah, it's not the same as drinking on the job or working tipsy.


I’m pretty sure he’s just getting lost in the general idea that you are tasting every drink and he wants it to stop


I taste when I’m trying a new recipe, but never have to taste a drink, and definitely NOT every drink. Been doing this 20 years, if I saw you having to test drinks you made I would assume you have no idea what you’re doing.