Why does this keep happening :( (OC)

Why does this keep happening :( (OC)


I grabbed a watermelon one day from the farmers market, hollowed it out, puréed and strained the pulp, and put it back in with ice and a few kinds of rum. This shit was ON POINT and better than almost anything you’d find in our county. As I’m the owner and I was pretty proud of it, I brought it out to the patio to let a few guests sample it. One guy goes, hahah - we call those ni**er pickles and starts laughing like it was the funniest thing on earth. Me: Ok. Get up. Get the fuck out. Him: wha?


Good man.


No, great man.


It stuns me that, well into the 21st century, that there are STILL asshole jerks who have no clue.


Unfortunately those people were raised by the 20th century asshole jerks who were alive to threaten black school children for going to a white school.


There are people who use the term "tree hugger" unironocally too


Isn't that just someone who cares about the environment? Is there another meaning I don't know about?


Yep but anyone who uses the term tree hugger is saying it as though it's a bad thing to care for the environment


I fail to see the connection between tree hugger and the N word.


Where on earth did you make this connection?


The conversation was about racial epithets and you came in with “tree hugger”. I fail to see your connection of people who use “tree hugger” with people who are racists.


Hats off to you, f*ck that guy.


This. Zero tolerance for racism and shit, otherwise the racists will have fun getting to be racist openly, invite their racist friends, and before you know it, you're a Nazi bar


Beautiful. I would've given you a standing ovation.


Must have been the easiest person to kick out since you opened. What an asshole.


I’m laughing my ass off. For so many reasons


I'm down for a good-natured offensive joke that playfully makes fun of anyone, but that isn't even remotely funny. That's just a straight up racist thing to say.


Good fucking job


I understand the desire to kick him out, but personally would have let him stay, with a warning to check himself. Never let the opportunity, to inform the ignorant, pass you by.


It not really his job to teach a grown man that aberrant, anti social behavior is wrong. It is his job to maintain an environment free of aberrant, anti social behavior.


It's all of our jobs to do that when we encounter it. I take my inspiration from people like Darryl Davis and Deeyah Khan.


He did inform the ignorant. He informed him he has to leave because he’s an ignorant asshole. It’s not other people’s job to educate people like that, even if it is a valiant effort to try, a lot of the time those kinds of people aren’t going to listen or care about what you have to say anyway. He’s running a business not a school, and he’s definitely not getting paid enough to make this a teachable moment for some drunk asshole.


I assumed [since he was giving him free alcohol] that he wasn't drunk.


Hmm. Downvoted 9 times but nobody willing to engage with their reasons. Okay I will explain myself. Kicking him out does nothing to challenge his opinions, he will take his anecdote to another establishment where it might be encouraged. Better to teach him right from wrong. I understand we are busy people and might not have the time, in which case I would place the responsibility on his shared company. Tell them that his behaviour is not tolerated and they will all have to leave if it is to continue.


I understand your angle, let me explain my perspective. In addition to it not being their (OP's) job - as previously said - giving a warning is not a consequence. By saying that language isn't acceptable and absolutely won't be accepted in my establishment now leave, the OP of this thread set a precedent for their establishment. If you come into my house, think it's ok to kick my dog - or insert any disrespectful and socially unacceptable thing - and I tell you to get out of my house, it's pretty clear that what you did was absolutely unacceptable and there is nothing you can do in this instance to correct it, your action deserved a consequence. Another angle, showing grace to overt racism may SEEM like it makes you the "better person," but in general on average it just makes you at best naive, in the middle complacent, and at worst complicit; particularly as you would continue to serve this customer. Could OP have given a little lesson and say "hey, that was unacceptable language to use anywhere ever, now leave?" Sure, but what grown ass adult doesn't know that using literally any racial slur isn't ok? Showing grace to someone being unaware that certain mild stereotypes are not ok is one thing, showing grace to overt racism is another. Use of slurs IS racial violence, it's mental violence instead of physical violence. I applaud this threads OP, growing up as a POC in the south I wish there were more like them. Hopefully this explanation came out as clear as I intended it to haha.


I get your perspective and I get the desire to kick them out, I'm sure I said that and I'm not berating anybody for making that decision. I'm just stating that in my experience it is better to confront ignorance. I'm just going off what the story reveals. the guy was already drinking in his bar and I assume there had been no previous hints at such an attitude [I may have read the story wrong but it sounds like he was one of the people that the OP decided to spoil with his generous offering] then I would pause to consider if it was out of character. I appreciate your engagement though. In my defence I don't live in the US and I know that such an outburst would be nothing more than stupidity. Understandably such an expression has far deeper meaning in the south of the US.


The bar I run (In the UK) has recently opened. The locals HATE gypsies. They come in, have a lovely time, I make them amazing cocktails and have a lovely chat with them. When they mention the fact that it’s bad that gypsies live in the area, I just say: “Well I’ve been serving you all night, I’m a Gypsy, have I been any trouble?” 9/10 they laugh and apologise, but the 1/10 pay their bill and leave so quickly.


How do gypsies feel about the movie *Snatch*? I love the movie but I imagine the traveler representation is...problematic.


It’s.. meh, the representation is pretty accurate but we’re talking accurate toward OLD SCHOOL gypsies. We’re all pretty civilised now (with a few exceptions). Plus they were Irish. English and Irish travelers are like chalk and cheese.. we’re very different and don’t often get along. The film is brilliant though don’t get me wrong.


My boss is an Irish gypsy….oh the stories he has.


Do ya like dags?


Oh, DOHGS? yeah I like DOHGS.


What's a dag?




Dags! Dags. Do you like dags?


Had a customer today complain that the person working behind the bar was probably foreign because he made her the wrong tea twice. I was working behind the bar. I'm 100% English.


Well, to me, you're foreign.


Hahha this comment deserves a post


Oh, so you mean pretty much every night at the bar.


I work at a dive in an 80% trump voting area, this is a daily occurrence damn near. I cannot wait to move.


I live in Florida. That is bartending here all the time.


Good God why does Florida suck so hard


Florida doesn't suck. It's just one of the most free and open states. A place where you can be yourself, have your own opinions, and not have to fit into society's expectations, nor be hindered by those expectations.




No income tax. Lax gun laws. No emissions regulations. Nude beaches and resorts everywhere. Where else in this country can you ride a turbocharged, straight-piped John Deere lawnmower around your front lawn butt ass naked, strapped with an AR15, while waving an American flag? That'd be like 6 different felonies in my state of Massachusetts. 😅 So much for freedom. 😐


Lmao you’re not kidding


Got a regular to my new bar I had to throw out the other week because he kept trying to order at the bar and not wear a mask and yelled about how Trump is still president and masks are useless. Now I get to show him the door like twice a week immediately, I just like that he tries to hide who he is in the corner and wears awful disguises.


If only there was something he could wear over his face to obscure his identity. Too bad such a thing doesn't exist


Constantly have to remind people..no religion, no politics in my bar.


What can I do when they're offended by basketball?


This dumbass kept calling it thug ball at my old bar a few weeks ago. Insisted I turn on baseball. I didn't have the heart to let him know there are lots of black and Latin players on baseball... It's amazing how people can project their ignorance.


Have a couple regulars that always complain about basketball being on the tv for what I assume to be some unsavory reasons, so anytime I see them walk in a make sure to blast basketball on the main tv and when they ask for it to be changed I just say another guest requested it be on first.


I hate to be the one to tell you this but it's about the black people


Oh I’m well aware


Omg this. Work in North Dakota. So many dog whistle comments about having basketball on.


> Omg this. Work in North Dakota. So many dog whistle comments about having basketball on. Our headquarters are in North Dakota and I have to travel there often. I'm from the South and really don't expect places like ND to be racist ... but yep, I've seen the same thing.


The Declaration of Independence was written in a bar. The bar tab at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 was an ungodly sum. Here's what the founding fathers ordered: >- 54 bottles of Madeira wine. >- 60 bottles of claret. >- 22 bottles of porter. >- 12 bottles of beer. >- 8 bottles of cider and 7 large bowls of punch (both of which were probably alcoholic). >In all, according to the itemized bill for the evening from the troop's archives, more than 45 gallons of booze were served to "55 gentlemens," who also got dinner, fruit, relishes and olives. The nine musicians and seven waiters ran up their own liquor bill (21 additional bottles of wine) that the troop paid for. There was a line item for cigars and candles and another for the broken wine glasses, decanters and tumblers.


This should be a cocktail.


Call it the Chumbawamba


Okay, this is the best internet gem I've seen all week. Could you provide a source for me, as I'd like to read the full story on this?


Here's one. There are others. I just googled "founding fathers bar tab": https://www.businessinsider.com/george-washington-ran-a-17253-tab-before-signing-the-constitution-2018-9


Thank you, friend!


Sure thing!


As a counter-point, *not* talking about politics is how we get fucked by the uppers.


I agree, with the stipulation that *I* don't want to talk about it with customers when *I'm* working. After shift, customer-to-customer, or with my coworkers, sure. I just don't want it affecting my tips.


100% correct. Also, we have to be able to talk about politics and religion civilly to make improvements. A dishwasher I worked with, one of the most intelligent people I've ever met, instilled that in me. He and I could be polar opposites on certain issues, but we would discuss them and allow each other to hash out their points. We may not agree at the end, but we saw the other's view. Now politics are teams sports that if you're not with us, you're against us. We're much more similar than different.


Absolutely this. I live in a blue county in a mostly red state, and there’s an Air Force base not too far from downtown. One night a couple of servicemen came into my mostly empty bar, and I was pleasantly surprised at the number of things we found common ground on when I could have just made an assumption about them and written them off. It turned into a really long, gratifying conversation with people whose life experience differed so much from my own.


Couldn't agree more, my friend.


Yeah but a bar is not the place to do it.


counterpoint, a bar is the place to do it. historically, bars and coffeehouses have been instrumental in political discussion and change


No way. Talk all the politics and religion you want. I’d like to be aware of the fact that I don’t want you in my bar.


Or in some cases, do want you in my bar.


This person gets it.


Gotta point out, racism isn't politics. It's not a political belief that some people are worse than others by virtue of their race. It's scum fuckery. It's the basest idiocy. It's grounds for a swift kick to the taint.


The politics enters in the approach to resolving the disparity between races.


As an aside, I joke that, at my in-laws’ house, religion and politics are forbidden topics, so all we can talk about is sex....


Bars are the best place for that! If you can't be honest at a bar then where can you be? You just better know where you're at and don't be a piece of shit.


I'm reminded of an acronym: RAPE. It's what you shouldn't talk about in public/polite company/strangers. **R**eligion **A**bortion **P**olitics **E**conomics Oh, and it goes without saying but probably don't talk about rape either. ​ Edit: for clarity. also as /u/InstantlyImpossible implied there are always exceptions.


Unless it's about beating up a rapist




That's always been my policy. Leave that shit at the door.


You actually police people’s conversations?


Lol, yeah that wouldn't fly with me.




I'd respectfully disagree. I'd say all religions and all politics are welcome, but that there's no need to argue over them in a bar. However, that may be what you meant, originally.


Because of politics and allowing these people to create their cults.


People should be allowed to do as they please. Cults and all.


Dude's gonna be getting murdered by deranged cultists going "At least they had the right to assemble 😢"


Classic leftist. Worries about “cults” but wishes murder on anyone that disagrees with his world views. Your parents fucked up.


Yes. I wish murder on anyone who's hateful and racist Wishing bad on bad people doesn't make you bad That's called false equivalence friend


Who was being racist? I was promoting liberty for everyone, of every race. You would do well in a communist country where you are told what to do.


Do you write Kaitlin Bennett's tweets? Because the way you flip the narrative to make it about you and Communism is incredible Bye bye troll


Later, hoe


Hypotheticals=/=wishing murder on someone


We kick them out so..


I live in Seattle. Literally never happened once. People around here are far from perfect, but at least they aren't usually blatantly racist.


I’m so happy not to have to deal with that.


The one thing common in all your customers is alchohol. Also know as instant asshole juice.


I just quit a job in the OC for the same reason 😂 I was there for less than a week. Other issues too, but the racist comments I'd hear definitely did not help.


Everyone is racist to a Redditor.


Bro this is so original and funny, how do you do it?


If you’re racist, you’re racist. The only people who don’t think a racist is a racist are other racists.


No you.


Dealing with “Irish travelers” I see