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I do customer service for a women’s razor company that shows body hair in our ads. I can’t tell you some of the bullshit feedback we get WHY WOULD YOU PUT A WOMAN WITH ARMPIT HAIR ON MY TV *We sell women’s razors*


Yes!! Every time I see an ad with a woman or man shaving already hairless skin I’m like ????? You spend all that time explaining how your razor gives a superior shave and you don’t even bother to show us that it actually does??


The one that gets me is a Venus (I think?) commercial that’s recent and still airs. It’s a very close up shot of a woman shaving her already hairless bikini line. I don’t think anyone needs to be shown what a razor is used for. Why am I seeing some chick shave her pubes on The Discovery Channel in the middle of the afternoon?




yeah they’re one of the only razor companies i’ve seen show actual women’s body hair


It’s the reason I decided to buy from Billie. Lol silly maybe. But I just appreciated that their advertising actually showed women with body hair. Why would hairless women need a razor???


Their ads are so so good. I've been debating buying one. How is it?


Good! I just signed up for it a couple months back because of their real advertisements, and recommendation from a friend. I've loved it so far! Especially considering the low cost compared to a lot of regular store brands.


I've been happy with the quality of their razors! I love the magnetic holder a lot. I'm not a super frequent shaver (like once every 2 weeks? or whenever I feel like it), so lol sometimes I feel like the frequency they send blades is too often for me, even at the least frequent option, but I'm still enjoying the service.


I have crazy sensitive skin and had cysts and weird hormone stuff as a teen (apparently not PCOS though) so I shave my chin and sideburns which are even more sensitive and prone to rash... anyway short version is they’re the best razors I’ve ever used, and with the automatic shipping I don’t try and use them into oblivion because I’ll stress too much about the price at the grocery store to get more until I’m desperate. And the handle is good, we used Dollar Shave Club for a while but the prong on the handle kept breaking.


I freaking love Billie.


A week ago a female politician shamed women on twitter, calling them ugly and unnatural, for posting pics with body hair and stretchmarks.. (i posted the link). ..we made a such beautiful non-toxic society, aren't we?


This is just the worst; it’s one thing to have brutish men talking nonsense, but a woman?


I didn’t shave or think about it until my friends in middle school started pointing out my leg hair and bullying me for it in gym class. It’s whack


My friends didn't bully because well, they're my friends and not toxic jerks but my stepmom and one of my stepsisters did, my hair was slightly more noticeable than my stepsisters so I got bullied for it, It went so far as getting me a shaving kit and supplies for Christmas, I was like 10 when I started shaving because I was bullied into it.


you got a shaving kit at age 10 to from your stepmom so that you could conform to western beauty standards for women? but you were a child, not a woman???


I got bullied at school because I have super dark thick hair and had upper lip hair. A few boys would make shaver noises every time they seen me. Even after I started getting it waxed. It was the number one thing I was self conscious about and still am. I am paying a fortune for laser hair removal. I wish I could just embrace it.


Internalized misogyny is a hell of a drug. That’s kind of the demon of misogyny and racism. Not only do you receive that treatment from your oppressors, but it gets into victims heads and they begin falling into those same oppressive patterns amongst themselves, because as far as they know that is reality.


I'm 35 and throughout my life I've heard far, far, far more women than men explain to me that body hair on women is unwanted. I'm not saying some men don't hold that idea too or that it's women who created it, but I'm definitely under the impression that some women greatly contribute to the ongoing stigma against women's body hair.


Maybe there’s a mindset of “if I have to suffer, why don’t you?” When in fact, every woman’s body is their own business.


It's definitely seems like that for a lot of things.... weight, having kids, careers (or lack thereof), fashion, it goes on and on. I don't get why people can't just be happy for other people living their lives.


"How dare you be different" is a pretty powerful mindset, too. People are often explicitly or implicitly raised with certain rules, mentalities, etc., as being the only acceptable option, so seeing someone else living outside of those mentalities makes them feel the need to enforce their "rules" on others as the rules were enforced on them. There's also peer pressure and such for people who normally wouldn't care or would be less vigilant about it, since their group or group leader is valiantly pursuing the agenda, nobody else is willing to break the conformity and the snowball continues to grow. Moral of the story: be the combo breaker.


First time I shaved was when my friends kept going on for literal months about the fact I should shave my legs when we were 13


I only started shaving at 12 because my older sister, with whom I don't have a relationship now, pitched a hissy fit over my not shaving and my parents wanted us to get along and told me to do it so she'd shut up about it. I stopped shaving somewhere around a decade ago at age 30 because I didn't see the point of it. Now I only do it on a special occasion or when I'm bored.


> my older sister, with whom I don't have a relationship now Gee I wonder why


First time I shaved was also 13 because my friends made fun of my "hairy mammoth legs" compared to their smooth legs. Before this I hadn't even considered shaving because I never saw anything wrong with my little leg hairs..


I was around 10 when my (AFAB genderfluid friend) mom gave me an electric razor and made me shave my legs. A literal child, hadn't even gone through puberty yet, and was made to shave because my leg hair was "unsightly".


I've honestly had more older women and YOUNG teenage boys get disgusted and possibly downright offended by my hairy legs and underarms than any other gender and age demographic. My husband doesn't give a shit and tells me to just do what makes me comfortable, his dad doesn't seem to notice, neither does my dad, or my grandpa, my stepfather mostly just cracks jokes about it, my brothers don't notice nor do any of my adult male cousins or uncles. And all of those men are between the ages of 20 to 65. But my younger male cousins, their friends, my nephews, their friends, shit even random boys at the mall will give me weird looks if they happen to see just how hair I am and sometimes make comments about it, all aged between like 12 and 16. And older women, don't even get me started. Just about anyone that I've met that is a woman that is beyond the age of about 40 has something to say about my body hair and how unclean and unattractive it is, despite most of them knowing my husband very well. It's very confusing and frustrating.


Right, I think we've all just accepted that body hair on ourselves is disgusting, maybe most because of conditioning. I had a visceral reaction seeing the hair on her, I'm a woman. But I also hate my own body hair and want to get it lazered off. I would never say anything to a hairy woman, but I'm sure it happens. And some women follow beauty standards because it's our preference. I just always hated the feeling of hair, I love the feeling of smooth skin on fresh clean sheets for example. But yeah, no one should be saying anything about someone else's body like that


Thank you for saying this. I loathe hair under my arms. It feels like I sweat more if I don't shave. But yeah, some feel more comfortable with hair while others don't.


A LOT of people who have publicly opposed feminism throughout history have been women. Similarly, toxic masculinity about disregarding men’s mental health and stuff like that tends to come from men It feels like a few very loud and very shitty people have had a bad run of it and have decided to drag the rest of society down with them


That’s pretty ironic, calling *body hair* of all things unnatural. You know, the thing that every human naturally grows. And what does she expect people to do about stretch marks?? I dunno about y’all, but no amount of makeup will ever hide mine completely no matter how much I want it to.


In my experience, anyone who complains about anything being "unnatural" has no fucking clue what the word means.


Having natural body functions is considered a beauty trend?


Yes, because only men naturally have hair. The comments section of the article were all about how “gross” and “unhygienic” natural hair on women is. Quite disturbing.


But they say on men it's ok for some reason I assume?


Aaah the reasoning I’ve been given is body hair is from testosterone which men should have and women shouldn’t. So men should have hair and women shouldn’t.


Tell that to the top of my head


Too much testosterone makes men bald, I think?


The body can produce too much dihydrotestosterone, and because the body is fucking dumb, it thinks that it means it needs to shut hair production down.


This is an amazing ELI5!


The human body is really complex. It's either really smart or really fucking dumb


Yeah. Mine eats my nerve linings because a virus once hid on my nerves maybe. Science says maybe on that theory.


Sensitivity to DHT causes male pattern baldness. Testosterone levels may be normal or even low and it can still happen. My bf started Rogain at age 25 and it really helped preserve his cute head hair.


Male pattern baldness is crazy common, iirc 1 in 3 men will start balding before 30. It's mostly just due to genetics.


And yet I can grow a beard overnight.


The human body is fucking weird


In the [words of Red Green](https://youtu.be/B_fOTBCelOQ?t=464), it's like your skin got too tired to hold your hair up that high.


I also understand this to be true.


I imagine heads exploding if these types of guys ever find out that males have estrogen too. Not to mention that progesterone is essential for the production of testosterone.


Estrogen is made from testosterone- it is a reversible reaction It is actually estrogens in the brain that masculinize it (sorry to my non binary peeps but pubmed articles be how they be) and produce the male typical sexual dimophorphisms https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2851224/ You don’t need progesterone to make testosterone, you can also use pregnanalone https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Steroidogenic-enzymes-involved-in-the-de-novo-synthesis-of-sex-steroids-from-cholesterol_fig1_323646834


So how does all of this figure into those with intersex conditions, such as a male with XXY Klinefelter's Syndrome?


Women have testosterone. And men have estrogen. Some people are just so dumb that it physically hurts.


I’ve got PCOS (with high testosterone), and it makes my hair fall out, but I’ve still been yelled at by random internet men because it’s SO uNnAtUrAl and I’m obviously a whore to have such messed up hormones. It’s not even like I’m bald. Just bad shedding and thinning and a minorly receding hairline (which isn’t even noticeable when my hair is down). It doesn’t matter if women are hairy or hairless I think. Shithead men of the internet will find SOMETHING defective.


Random internet men are so kind about letting everyone know their preferences. Thank goodness they lack the power to just shut up already. They let everyone know they’re ugly on the inside. Sorry about your messed up hormones my friend. Wishing you good health, and good hair days if they’re important to you.


>It doesn’t matter if women are hairy or hairless I think. Shithead men of the internet will find SOMETHING defective. This \^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^\^ Edit: I also have PCOS with borderline testosterone. I feel you sister.


Yeah but... Women should naturally have some level of testosterone. Otherwise they'd have a problem...


Right. Lack of testosterone typically means sexual dysfunction hormonally for women. Think menopause symptoms but worse (think vaginal atrophy). Someone pls teach these dopes about endocrinology lol. But alas, studies have shown that men perform poorly in school and higher education in comparison to women. It's just numbers. I think that the sexes are equally intelligent but man, the ignorance. I'm a 34 year old gal and nothing has changed to my chagrin.


Yep. I have atrophy due to being put in chemical menopause, which made my ovaries stop producing any hormones for a while. It's not fun.


u/SaffronBurke holy crappy crap. You must be made of tempered steel. Many women are put in this state to avoid cancer so man, I hope you bounce back from this huge biological change soon 😢. You have my support.


I was given it last year to treat endometriosis. Most of the side effects are temporary, but atrophy isn't reversible, only preventable, from what I'm able to find.


I read an article about a female being banned from competition for having naturally unusually high testosterone for a lady. to many people think their beliefs should Trump reality.


And yet Michael Phelps having a natural lack of lactic acid production in his muscles, giving him amazing stamina, is just lucky, I guess!!


Is that actually true? Off to Google I go. Apparently, yes. This is true. We should revoke his medals for being a mutant and having unfair advantages. Definitely, this is what we should do.


Also not quite true. It is probably not genetic for one thing Endurance athletes produce lactic acid but they turn it back into glucose much faster, and hence can use it to make ATP. It is not use Michael Phelps, it is also cyclists and marathon runners. That is what endurance training is partially about. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5844198/


We should ban men over 6'3 from the NBA. It's unfair for men of natural but unusual stature to have such an advantage in making it to the big leagues!


I'm guessing these are the same ~~men~~boys who think hygiene is unmanly.


Make your man wash with a ph-balanced soap or gel before getting freaky. Haven't had a uti in 2 years :D ps. Make them clean out that foreskin with the aforementioned soap and all is well. Ps. Why don't they teach male hygiene in sex ed? Oh wait, the religious right. *cries*


>Make them clean out that foreskin with the aforementioned soap Eh, be real light with the soap use under the foreskin if you're going to use any at all. Much like a vagina, the glans is real sensitive and soap can be really harsh to it. But yea ... as the owner of a foreskin, forgetting to wash under it is fucking disgusting and I have no idea how women (and gay men) put up with less fastidious guys.


Love this comment! As the owner of a large clitoral hood I concur 😂 *blushing* For me I’m super gentle and only had to use a soft plastic dental irrigation syringe once or twice in my 30+ years. If you just massage it gently and peek under it can be easily washed out with even a bit of water. TMI but hell, I lost my filter years ago and no turning back!


My wife swears by [liquid oatmeal based soap](https://www.aveeno.ca/products/daily-moisturizing-body-wash), I think the stuff is supposed to be intended for babies and overly sensitive skin. She says the stuff is great for keeping external lady parts clean when she needs to use soap. But if you can get buy with just warm water, then that's probably the way to go.


Oh no way! I think they sell this in Costco but I always avoid it (or any other soaps there). My go to is femfresh, although I don’t know if they sell that in the US. It’s specially made for intimate hygiene and I finally convinced my husband to use it too on his bits instead of his 48 in 1 men’s shampoo, conditioner, body wash, dish cleaner, lighter fluid, etc etc.


I use that soap, too! It is gentle, non irritating & fragrance free.


I really hate how these annoying pricks are still the majority. I will never understand why people think that looking and smelling nice and having proper skincare is something that women, and only women, can do. Fuck, why do they need to constantly tell others how they should act and look and feel? Why can't they just let other people do what they want to do with their own bodies and lives? I sometimes wish humanity would just vanish in thin air.


I agree, if there is a washable surface of my body, it’s getting washed. Never understood why guys find it weird to clean the under carriage and do simple things like apply lotion.


I'm a guy working in healthcare, and I kick myself every time I go through a day sanitizing some 300 odd times through my shift, and forget to put lotion on even once. There's nothing manly about having open sores all over your hands, you're just inviting painful and potentially dangerous infections. edit: 300 may have been a bit of a hyperbolic number, but on some days it certainly feels that way. Especially when you need to sanitize your hands 3 times to take off one set of full PPE.


Unhygienic? Genuinely confusing critique.


“Unhygienic” The fuck are you doing with your legs to make leg hair unhygienic? Rolling around in really dirty velcro?


I'm just confused how hair on my leg affects my hygiene.


Thank you for reading that so we don't have to. I like having at least long pit hair to weed out the nasty men who are like this


How is it even unhygienic?? What the hell??


It's like they are intimidated by our leg hair. On that note I think armpit hair is especially sexy, it's so sensual and I can't get enough.


Woohoo! I’m on trend!


Heard the same things about wide rib cages, square torsos, and hip dips (love handles?) on women suddenly becoming a trend and all of my friends were super excited to have their bodies finally be “in fashion.” It crushed my heart in a way I can’t describe. To feel so ashamed of your body’s natural state, to only be able to breathe when society tells you you’re finally desirable… it tears me apart, even if I myself am a girl


You described my exact body type and honestly my bf was like, "I love your hips, I love your samurai shoulders, I love your high waist, I love everything and I can't help myself." Don't pay attention to the modeling industry - men don't even like that, not that it matters.


As my dad told me when I was younger -"the fashion industry is ran by gay men and old people (not the best wording but he tried) so don't worry if you don't match that image. All guys are unique and so they love equally unique women"


As someone who loves my gay men as friends I will say that when asked they say to disregard the fashion industry entirely and I don’t need to be told but the truth is still the truth.


I'm gonna be honest... when "thicc thighs" came into fashion, I kinda started feeling less insecure about my more or less fat hips. On the other side; it's really telling that so many girls can "ease up" only if it's trendy


Very much so. Good on everyone for being able to slowly create their comfort/self-love in society, but shit man. It’s like we’re fighting for the pedestal of Pretty when we should be tearing it down.


That's exactly how I feel every time my friends try to fit in with current beauty trends


For once- me too!!! (lol!) High five friend!


\*women of the 1700s cackling\*


Not just any beauty trend, but an AWKWARD one


The article talks about how women growing out their body hair is a “trend” that needs to stop. Looks like growing natural hair is a “trend”, and the removal of hair (which has happened over a smaller potion of human history) isn’t.


ind of like the post where some guy goes off on women coloring their hair and equates the example of creatures that are brightly colored to dissuade other creatures from eating them and women 'flashing warning lights' with bold hair colors. Then someone posted an article about it and showed him that if he was "repeled" then HE was the Predator and the practice was working!


Wow I love that response!! I had to leave my old friend group after they expressed simmalar views in regards to body hair and hair color :((


Well, that kind of commentary makes me feel repelled, so I'm the true predator! Gawr 😻


I don't disagree with your main comment. As a history nerd though, I feel like you should know that hair removal for men and women has been going on for at least as long the onset of civilisation. It's been done for different reasons between cultures, and different reasons between classes within those cultures. Some of which have been beauty related, some because of health reasons, others for religious reasons as just a few examples.


Thank you for pointing this out. Not every "beauty trend" is recent, humans have always changed preferences with hair, skin color, eye color, body fat, shape, muscle, etc. We're weird creatures.


This is true, but let's not pretend that there isn't more pressure nowadays. I have my doubts that the common population spent their time and resources on removing hair, back then. Meanwhile, nowadays, it's expected that literally every woman alive should be shaved at all times. I think that's what people are refering to when they say it's a recent trend.


Ohhh I felt this.


See, this is the exact reason I don't step out of the house with bare legs anymore. Even in summer, I wear stockings or long socks or pants that cover my whole legs, and I haven't done anything more than dip my feet in a pool for years. Like I miss swimming so much, but I am sick and tired of people always pointing out how hairy my legs are and how dark my leg hair is compared to my fair skin and asking/pressuring me to shave them. and I just wish that like I could go out with my bare, unshaved legs for once without feeling so self-conscious about someone pointing out my legs (even tho I know men with legs far hairier than mine that no one bats an eye at- hell my younger brother has leg hair so dark it basically forms a cartoonlike outline around his legs (I'm not trying to shame him for it cus I know he can't control it either and he can't shave it, it's just an example), but like I'm too scared people are gonna think I'm gross and weird and unhygienic, so I don't bother and just keep my legs mostly covered all the time So yeah, fuck the people who made this article Edit: Jesus Mary and Joseph this kinda blew up while I was asleep. I didn't think so many people would resonate with this and I would get this many replies and upvotes and an award! It's kinda sad a lot of people relate to this tho, because this is depressing as hell, but also it's really sweet that there are so many comments assuring me and others who don't shave that it's normal and I shouldn't feel bad going out unashamedly with my dark hairy legs, and it's kinda given me more confidence to actually do it when summer rolls around again here, so thank you guys!


I wish I could promise you that no one would ever comment, but the more you go the more comfortable you will be. And if you find the right community most people will accept the natural you in it. It's getting more and more common to see women with natural legs around Portland, OR and the more we see it the more normal it becomes and the more women feel comfortable doing it.


I hope you will, my friend. Soon I hope you’ll stop caring what anyone thinks and what they say. You’ll put on your swimsuit on a hot day, and jump into the cool, refreshing water. Some guy will say “your legs are hairy”. And you’ll reply, “so are yours.” And that will be that. You won’t care what he thinks or what he says. Your legs are for swimming and walking and running. You are a whole person, not a decoration. You are not weird or gross or unhygienic. The revolution has started. You’re allowed to be and to look however you want. And cool open minded people will meet and like the real you.


I used to be horrified of going out in shorts with unshaved legs, but nowadays I sometimes do. It feels really refreshing to just... not always care? And I think it helps other people find the confidence as well. I know I wouldn't have dared if I didn't have a friend who one day just came to a party with fully bushy legs and I was like, damn, girl, all I feel is respect.


I've started doing this too without realizing it. I've just... forgotten to shave for like a week or more, then wear shorts, because it's hot af. Occasionally i'll glance down or scratch my leg and only then will I realize I can't remember the last time I shaved. It's pretty thin so someone would have to be really close to notice though.


I feel the pandemic helped relax a lot of beauty standards and helped a lot of women feel more comfortable in their natural bodies.


I think it’s more than just not caring that makes us more comfortable with ourselves, it’s embracing ourselves as we choose to present ourselves. I can envision my sassy grandma self announcing that I’ve stopped shaving my legs, and saying something like, “yeah, my legs are hairy, and?” to anyone trying to use it to insult me. That’s how I dealt with homophobia in the early 90s. It’s an empowering stance to take.


These legs are made for walking, not for looking at ffs.


I have the extra pressure (admittedly self imposed) that I'm pretty overweight and I feel gross 100% of the time and I feel like I *have* to shave because people already assume I'm gross and weird. **I** think I'm gross and weird. I feel like if I wasn't a walking blimp maybe I could get away with body hair but I've already used up all my free passes by being fat and average looking at best. I'm not even hoping to attract a guy, I'm not interested in dating outside my church. It's just been hammered into me so hard that it's important to be desirable that I'm desperate for the approval of *literally anyone.*


Sometimes finding a community of the right people can be a huge reprieve from the burdens of what is “socially appropriate”. I played roller derby and we had women of all sizes and abilities, all genders and sexualities, and all manners of body hair preferences. One of our best and most beloved teammates was a bigger girl who didn’t shave anything. And no one gave two shits because we just saw her as awesome. I hope you can find a group of people who will not only show total acceptance and support for you but foster that acceptance and pride within yourself 💜💜


I let the hair on my freaky fat legs fly. Sorry you feel so imposed upon.


I know it's a personal thing. A guy called me fat when I was a kid and it was like something in the way I saw myself shattered. I was never the same. Sounds dramatic but it's true. It created an obsession with approval and appearance and absolutely nonexistent self esteem. Some of the conversation here is definitely helping me think maybe I'll take it easy on the shaving this summer and see how it feels. It's not like I spend that much time with people besides my family anyway.


My dear friend. I’m sorry. You’re way more nuanced and valuable than your arbitrary human suit. I hope you feel more comfortable in it soon and meet some good people you can be yourself with.


I feel like I'm reading something I wrote a few years ago. I've been in exactly your shoes. I'm still fat and weird but I don't really care about it anymore. I still feel like the chances of finding a guy who likes me as I am are pretty slim though. I just learned there are so many other ways to be happy besides being beautiful and married. I learned that I care about losing weight a lot more when it's for my health than for anyone's attention. No matter how beautiful I am now, in 40 years I'll be fat and old and whatever kind of man can't deal with how I look then isn't the kind of man I want to be with anyways. I hope you'll get your revelation and be able to feel good about yourself too.


When I don't shave my legs I have recurring dreams of being out in public in a dress, people are commenting on my leg hair and I am feeling shame. It's so fucked up how deeply ingrained this BS is


Exactly. I went in for a full body massage, and felt the need to apologize for my prickly legs.... I had shaved the night before, but my hair grows so fast, and I was so embarrassed to not have smooth legs when she was going to be touching them. She just laughed and goes “oh trust me, hair on legs is so normal. I’ve seen some women with hair on their backs that rival gorillas, and I’m not bothered by that. It’s just a body” Why can’t I internalize THAT message?!?!


Logically I know that it's bullshit but my reptile brain keeps me from living my life freely


This is the realest shit. Me: logical, radical, free thinking, body positive Also Me: afraid, timid, wants to fit in, hates confrontation


I've had those dreams too! And it's ridiculous that they make me feel as panicky as dreams where you suddenly realise you're naked in public


My thought when I have them is "the misogyny is coming from inside the house"


It's ridiculous how ingrained the double standard of men hair = normal, woman hair = unhygienic. Does my extra X chromosome make hair gross? Why then should I have longer hair on my head than a man? It's nonsensical cherry picking. If you want to get back to swimming but aren't quite ready to put your natural hair on display (which is understandable due to people going out of their way to give you their unsolicited opinions) have you tried a swim dress or something more skin to a wetsuit that is made for water and still covers? Lame as hell that we have to jump through hoops like this but they did help my confidence when swimming.


I haven't shaved my legs in like 8+ years. I went swimming like two days ago. No one cares. If they do tell them to stfu. Free the legs!


I've only been not shaving my legs for five or so years, but I do usually shave my legs for weddings, no matter the person, as it does make me feel fancy, righty or wrongly. My current leg hair has been on its way since Feb 2020. I am a human that doesn't grow dark hair above the knee. I have been swimming fairly regualrly in that time and no-one has ever said anything. But I'm not an instagram attractive person to begin with, so it's just yet another thing on the list that prevents my big boobs getting me wolf whistled. But swimming in particular... like... your legs are in the water the majority of the time, no-one sees them!


I haven’t shaved for years. I don’t think I ever made it a habit. But my dad’s getting married in September, and I’m in the wedding party, so I’ve started exfoliating already because I’ve got ingrowns/bumps from wearing pants. I intend to shave for the wedding- I assume people will be looking at me, and I’m already fat. (So I don’t want to offend my family and others *more.*)


Absolutely this. As much as it's god damn stupid, I don't want someone else's wedding photos to be criticised by their conservative family because my leg hair is on show, it's not my place. The rest of the time I could not give any fucks about what anyone thinks of the appearance of my legs.


[swim pants ](https://us.shein.com/3pack-Ditsy-Floral-Print-Long-Sleeve-Bikini-Swimsuit-p-2441212-cat-2194.html) Just an idea for you to consider. Swimming is way too fun and healthy to give up.


Swim pants are great! I bought a long sleeve swimsuit and swim leggings from LandsEnd and it's awesome. And they keep you warm in the pool too.


I have superblonde barely visible leg hair, and people are still grossed out about it. I had a guy telling me the makeup I wore (only eyeliner and mascara) was way too much and natural was the way to go, while in the same 5 minutes shaming my leghair. Like what do you want mate... I just learnt to handle these comments by seeing that no one ever should be able to tell me how to handle my body, unless I'm distubingly smelly for instance. People might think leg hair is gross, but I think their opinion is gross. Just remember: "having armpit hair is just like having an opinion, it's okat to have it, just don't rub it in peoples faces."


I’m sorry people suck. But don’t stop doing stuff you love because of the haters. Also swim pants. I have a pair that I bought from a scuba store and I love them! And I don’t have to worry about sunburn on my legs.


Santa Cruz, CA and Oakland, CA — hairy legs galore! I’m one of them. You are more than accepted. Be you. The people who say anything to you just don’t know any better.


People are awful, and I'm sorry you have to deal with them. As others have said, you will get more comfortable the more you do it ( if you want to) and you can practice various ways of telling people to STFU- in whatever manner you're comfortable.


I feel exactly the same. I rarely rarely ever shave (out of fear of public ridicule) because the skin on my legs will freak out and get irritated if I even so much as look at it with a razor in my hands. I actually DO like the shaved look, but I just can't do it because it's physically so awful. I wish people would just mind their own damn business and accept that women grow hair so I don't have to feel so self conscious!


If you want to swim with bare and hairy legs, you should! But if you don't feel comfortable, they make modest swimwear that had longer shorts, Capris, and pants.


I cannot image how much that must suck. I personally almost never shave my legs, and haven't since my early teen years. The only person that has ever commented on it was my sister. I don't know how I would even begin to express to a strange how little I care about their opinions on my leg hair


Just do it. If having body hair is what you find comfortable, then just do it and don't make any apologies for your body being how it is. Every winter my wife opts to not shave her legs because a plethora of reasons. Bottom line, she just doesn't want to do it. During the winter months I crack jokes about the body hair being denser than mine, and we laugh about it and carry on. But that's our relationship, we pop jokes off at each other and both laugh. It's worked pretty well for the last 14 years. But, every now and then, she'll stop and ask me if she's too hairy. I usually kiss her legs and ask her if she thinks it's a problem, because I don't.


I get severe eczema with every and any hair removal technique without extreme lotion methods that I can’t use as a pole dancer... So when people do comment on my hair I just go, Great well it’s this or red patchy eczema that I scratch and flake everywhere. The treatment can be over 200 with insurance. Are you going to pay for me to be hairless? No? Then shut up.


For this exact same reason I either just let it grow or use a beard trimmer. It leaves a millimetre of hair but it's fair and difficult to see and a million times better than legs scabbed with eczema, inflammation, and ingrowns.


Exactly! Stupid society trying to force ideals that are physically unhealthy to some of us, and then try to shame us for "not complying." You go, sticking up for yourself!


I stopped shaving everything years ago. My sex life has seen no change in frequency.


My partner pets my legs when the cat isn't around and calls them fluffy. I fucking love it.


hahaha when i dont shave/wax my legs my boyfriend likes to pet them and say “ooo spiky” because my leg hair grows so slow it’s almost always at the spiky stage lol!


Prickly cactus legs, unite!


Aw, that’s so sweet!


My boyfriend does the same! Except we don’t have a pet, so he just pets my hairy legs and say “*fluffyyyyy*”.


I chemically burnt my labia using hair removal cream down there and I can 100% guarantee that was less sexy and more undignified than being completely natural.


Oh girl… that just made me cross my legs…


Fairly frequently, my husband will rub my legs, comment on how smooth they are, and ask if I shaved recently. I haven't shaved my legs in years... he just can't tell at all lol


I’m dying 😂




I have seizures and am scared to shave my legs because I twitch my hand sometimes. i don't want to be all cut up. i stopped shaving about two years ago. at first, I was terrified to go out in shorts or a skirt. now I do it all the time. i am always nervous, but I really haven't had anyone comment on it or even really care. most of them are busy looking at my face or avoiding everyone around them. If anyone out there is scared away from not shaving because of this article, please don't be. i have had maybe one person comment on my legs in two years and it was someone that nobody likes anyways who constantly tries to upset me, so does it really count? XD


I can honestly say I never look at other women's legs unless they have tattoos I find interesting or are wearing a piece of clothing I like.


Fuck that noise. I quit shaving my legs over a decade ago (because they're not that hairy in the first place), and I quit shaving my pits like a year ago (because why not). Best decision for my skin in those places that I could've made.


I got so tired of shaving, I only trim. Have done for years now. I didn't realize how long it had been before my partner asked me for some help shaving some hair on her back and I had trouble using the razor right lmao


So a bitch can’t be warm now? Damn!


To be fair, if they don’t like it, they are more than welcome to pour bleach in their eyes.


The only thing that works for me without causing a huge rash is waxing. With clinics being closed during covid, my body has really gone back to just being hairy. Don’t even care enough anymore to start doing it again because of the sheer $$ saved!


It is only "trendy" when conventionally attractive people have body hair. I mean, I am sure this person got a shitload of horrible comments. But if it was a fatter woman with stretchmarks and frizzy hair... a majority of the comments would be just awful. Btw, there are no proven health benefits to shaving your body, so IDK why people think it is unhygienic. In fact, I wash my body more than I do the hair on my head. So technically my pits are cleaner than the top of my head.


> In fact, I wash my body more than I do the hair on my head. So technically my pits are cleaner than the top of my head Same!


Seeing how Patty and Selma from The Simpsons were treated as the butt of the joke for decades growing up, I’m still ashamed of my thick, hairy legs in public. I don’t care enough to shave (nor do I have the energy. 1 leg takes 2 hours). A stranger called me my mom’s “man-daughter” when I was 13 and just got out of the hospital from my first suicide attempt.


cishet men: facts over feelings snowflake!!! no one cares about your safe spaces!!!!!! also cishet men: *make posts like this crying about how traumatizing it was for them to have to see HAIR on a WOMAN*


I saw a video a few months ago of some neckbeard casually mentioning the rise in the of women "wearing" body hair as a trend and how gross and unhygienic/unhealthy it is, while eating fermented rotting raw meat. Porque?!


I’m sorry, WHAT kind of meat??


They call it high meat, and listen, please never ever ever search it on YT. I did throw up. And because I watched one clip, its been months and I'm still being bombarded with videos of these weirdos. If you do decide to investigate, (I'm curious and will google just about everything I come across often to my own detriment) just stick with reading an article or some blog in incognito mode for the love of future googles.


Man meat.


I stopped shaving my legs last year. My boyfriend doesn't really give a fuck either way, but goddamn my mother. She tried to force me to wax them a few months ago.




I demand all my women be hairless and sleek like a porpoise; legs, armpits, eyebrows, upper lip and scalp. If there is one single un-plucked hair, out she goes, back into the forest with the other land-mammals.


I’m giggling, good one


Thank you /u/BabyTapir, although you sound suspiciously like a land-mammal.


Yup just scrounging the forest wifi with the other... hairy land-mammals, hehe!


Growing natural body hair isn’t a trend, shaving it is


It's really weird how much media representation actually has an effect. I always thought that I wasn't influenced by those insta perfect pictures etc. 99.9% of the days my leg hair looks the same as on the pic, I don't see the point in shaving my legs. Yet, I looked at the picture and thought "those legs really do look like men's legs"


I'm a guy and I shave my legs and body because I just like being smooth. I get weird looks and "are you gay?" comments from other guys in the locker room at work. Why can't people just let others do whatever they want with their bodies and just shut the heck up?


jesus, what kinda website is that? they're talking like they're at a freakshow!


I actually really like seeing the thick darker hair on such a beautiful person because it makes me feel a little bit better about myself since my own legs look like that.


God forbid we don’t look like children.


It's not only that, it's just that there will always be something to criticize. It's the whole "if you sleep around you're a slut, if you don't you're a bore" thing again.


One of my favorite songs phrases it “if you save your self for marriage you’re a bore, if you don’t save yourself for marriage you’re a whore...ible person” Lol The rest of the song is just as excellent - Follow Your Arrow, Kacey Musgraves. It just talks about the hypocrisy and judgment of people, no matter what you do, so you may as well do whatever you want!


Which is sadly what the common societal demands are. The breasts and butt of a 20 year old, yet the vulva, face, and body hair of a 10 year old.


That is some impressive growth. I'm so jealous of the confidence some women have when it comes to not shaving their legs and wearing shorts or a skirt. Ive never found it gross.. I feel like trash when I do it.


And you know what? If you want to show me how great your razors are so I'll hopefully buy them, don't show them shaving legs that were just waxed yesterday afternoon, or armpits that were just shaved this morning. Show them shaving legbeards that would make Sasquatch himself jealous! And armpits that actually have hair in them!


I let it grow in the winter for warmth.


Yeah they can fuck off I won't be shamed into shaving, it's so annoying to shave. When I rarely do it, it's for myself.


I really only shave mine if I'm going swimming because I like the feeling of water on bare skin. Granted people don't typically say anything because I'm six foot tall and built like a linebacker so they probably think I'll kick their ass if they comment.


Maybe it's just me being Gen Z and my exposure to feminism, but I don't even pay attention to body hair on women, I can see hairy legs and I won't even notice it as anything out of the ordinary. Like...it's hair...so what? If I was a girl, I would grow it out all the time just to filter out weak men. A preference is one thing but you have to be a real piece of garbage to shame girls for having natural body functions.


News just in: Mammals have HAIR


And you just know the dudes that are the most triggered by this are the ones with those long ass back hairs that poke out the top of their shirt like some kind of squirrel trying to escape the back sweat


She looks fine honestly. She's really pretty and the leg hair takes nothing away from that. Society just loves ridiculing women.


Similarly, a few years back my mom told me a colleague of hers congratulated her on being so "brave" for not dying her hair and not caring about her greys. My mom was like ??? I had no idea I was being brave by just doing nothing...


Does anyone else's mother get angry at their daughters' body hair? My mom went batshit at me one time for not shaving my pits for a few months. Like how does it effect you? I'm wearing long sleeves all winter.


It ain't a trend, motherfucker, it's a way of life.


Here’s my unsolicited take: As a dude, and I can only speak for myself, women having body hair is such a weird argument to have. Do I have a preference? Sure. But, if someone I’m with doesn’t want to shave, why should it bother me to the point of anger? No one is breathing down my neck for my hairy legs and pits. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. You like it, I love it.


In my view, every person should have every hair everyplace they want it, and every person should respect that. Why is what other people do SUCH A BIG GODDAMN DEAL?


Every couple of years I shave my legs for some reason and immediately regret it. Red bumps, acne, the painful regrowth...I do not care if people think my hairy legs are offensive (and I'm fat to boot, a double sin in the eyes of the kind of people that would call natural hair on women "unhygienic") . It's mostly men and Boomer or Silent Gen women who yap about it. When I wear a dress I feel great because I think about the Alphas and Zoomers and that hopefully I'm setting an example that will make their own lives a bit easier.


I went on a bicycle trip in mid-May. Haven’t shaved my legs in months and no one said a damn thing.


I've seen similar things with armpit hair. Like, advertisements where girls shave their already hairless body might have something to so with that perception of girls as hairless cats, except for the head of course


See, this is why it's great to be average-looking in the first place. I can wear shorts and a tank top and everyone can see my leg and arm pit hair, but random men don't deem me worthy to talk to anyways! Hooray!


i love girls with hairy legs.


I don’t shave my legs. I think shaving is just damn uncomfortable, but I always feel so self-conscious about it. People who write “articles” like that don’t help. I try to wear pants as much as possible even though it’s so hot where I live. I’m not trying to prove a point, just trying to feel comfortable in my own body. But I don’t feel like I can without judgy strangers making me uncomfortable again.