Sarajevo was full of surprises. I hopped off my bus only to find out I was way out of town. Within seconds, one of the locals on the bus offered to drive me into the center. I got to my hostel and was welcomed with coffee and a meal. Bosnians took hospitality to another level. The more time I spent in Sarajevo, the more I truly appreciated this incredible city. For a city that has been devastated by so, so much, the people are nothing but kind and welcoming. I felt at home within my first day in Sarajevo and absolutely fell in love with the city. It may be small, but it truly has something special about it. One could read about its dark history, and expect a depressing, gloomy place. Instead, the city is alive, vibrant, and colorful. There's a short documentary called Miss Sarajevo that documents how Sarajevans adapted to life while under siege from the Serbians during the Bosnian War. Worth the watch. It was shocking to see how students were smiling and laughing about having to run to avoid sniper fire. And seeing how soldiers would take shifts of two nights on the frontline, then play their regular gig as a musician at a nightclub. They would host musical performances and even beauty pageants all underground. It's a great look into Sarajevo, and the people that make this city one unlike any other.


Heading there in a few weeks! Any suggestions for can’t miss places?


Here's a short guide I wrote to [backpacking in Sarajevo](https://thepartyingtraveler.com/2021/08/30/backpackers-guide-sarajevo-bosnia-2021/)! The abandoned bobsled track and hiking around Trebenic Mountain are can't-misses for sure.


Well it is small if you just focus on the center of it but there are kilometers more to explore. Glad you liked it and you're welcome back anytime :)


TIL Diagon Alley is in Sarajevo


Indeed an amazing city. Great food and coffee everywhere in the centre of town. Don't forget to walk up the hill for a sunset view over the city.


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Aw happy you enjoyed your time here :)


Reminds me of diagon alley