The Balkan countries were beautiful, but oftentimes, a little hit-or-miss when it came to the people. Albania had some incredibly welcoming people, but passing through Montenegro, I found myself feeling very unwelcome, and the people to be generally cold towards foreigners. I summited Montenegro's tallest peak and then was out of there on a bus to Bosnia as soon as I could. Bosnia turned out to be much more warm, both in temperature and in people. As soon as I got off at the bus stop in Sarajevo, I was offered a ride into the city center by a local who was on the same bus as me. It did not take long for me to feel at home in Bosnia. Throw in some incredible natural beauty and villages like Mostar pictured here, and you've got yourself one of the most severely underrated travel destinations in Europe. As a backpacker, you couldn't ask for more from this budget-friendly Balkan country.


Mostar was beautiful. But sort of brooding and melancholy too. The cemeteries told a tragic story and the clusters of bullet ridden derelict buildings were just sad.I loved it but it left me feeling a little depressed. People should travel there. The economy sure needs it.


Definitely felt that way about a lot of places in the Balkans, especially in Albania and Bosnia. Sarajevo was such a cool city, and delving into its history during the war and genocide was extremely fascinating.


The vibe I got in Montenegro (at least around Budva) was that the locals were resentful of the tourists, and in particular Russian tourists, that were basically displacing them from their own cities and relegating them to the service industry. I liked Mostar. I remember drinking a Sarajevsko Pivo on a patio somewhere around the center of your photo. The thing that really struck me about the city was how it hadn't been patched up like Dubrovnik had. You could still really tell that it'd been a war zone. There were still bombed out buildings everywhere, and the old church where our group met up had divots from bullets all over the corners of the walls where soldiers had been taking cover.


Nothing but beautiful memories of this place. Absolutely loved it here. Everybody needs to visit just to get a sense of reality of what war and hate can do. DON'T FORGET


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Mostar has like 2 things, that bridge and the sniper tower and they lean into them. They're just too proud of that bridge and it's not even the original; it's rebuilt. I was bored after about a day there.