Is it me or there has been a surge in drug abuse in Azerbaijan?

Is it me or there has been a surge in drug abuse in Azerbaijan?


“Pati” or “Meth” is not a new drug, it’s been around for years in Azerbaijan, just not on such a big scale. It’s been said that some local people started producing it (whereas it was usually brought from Iran) which is why there has been a surge in drug abuse.


azerbaijani heisenberg is out there i am saying this for a while


PTSD is a thing, and not just for soldiers, but other people who lost their jobs/incomes due to COVID. One of the ways people trying to deal with PTSD is drugs.


All this shit was coming from Iran through Karabakh and then to armenia and eu. Now the border is fully secured, iranians can't do this shit anymore. But a lot of it still passes to Azerbaijan.


This idea of drug-smuggling through Artsakh makes no sense. Why wouldn't the drugs just pass through the Armenian border?


karabakh* stop clowning around with your made up artsakh or some shi, wake up karabakh is place belonging to azerbaijan WAKE TF UP


Karabakh border was more loosely secured in the past, which made smuggling operations easier to do.


Yeah we can see news, thanks for the reminder tho