According to TSK Map, as well as other sources, Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan has resigned, which he announced during his address to the nation.

According to TSK Map, as well as other sources, Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan has resigned, which he announced during his address to the nation.


**Clarification**: He is stepping down in order to initialize snap-elections in June. He has no plans to stop being PM.


cannot believe how within one year Pashinyan went from being saviour of Armenians to incompetent populist that is hated by half of armenians


It think it’s the problem with a lot of Western backed, “people-power” leaders. It’s easy to gain power on a platform of anti-corruption and honesty, but another thing entirely when they’re actually in office


What instances of corruption and abuse of power did he engage in while in office? Most of the Armenians who hate him do it because he just so happened to be the PM when Armenia lost the war. There’s no leader who can avoid this under these circumstances.


First thing he should've done was aggressively continued negotiations with aliyev, and publicly state to the un minsk etc that he will immediately return the surrounding occupied districts for independence of karabakh with a corridor, OR protected road like the az to nakhichevan one, whether we liked it or not, but i dont think i saw any of that. That was his biggest mistake imo. He decided to play the populist role over the realist one and shouod have seen this war coming, with 2016, all the drone sales and stuff, etc


Pashinyan will get elected again I think, which would be good for us. I hope he wins. BTW: Ilham with the iron fist gets me every time :D


No fucking way, Khocharyan is very popular right now. People are searching for a strong man figure in Armenia right now


Latest polls I saw showed Pashinyan winning again. He's only stepping down to win election again, to take the energy out of the protests by proving they don't speak for the majority.


He is not popular dude, like at all.


Kocharian is definitely NOT popular even though Azerbaijani media makes it out to be.


Is he pro-east? If so beefing up security is important. Best to check if french,greek, Lebanese and Russian planes made more frequent flight to Yerevan.


He is a vatnik


Yes it's official, as snap elections are scheduled for June 20th in Armenia. Parliament will be dissolved and then re-elected.


Is there any promising candidate except Pashinyan and Kocharyan?


Qocharyan doesn't stand a chance, only Pashinyan, which is the only viable candidate for RA. He's inexperienced and inherited a systemically corrupt system, but things will continue to improve under his leadership for RA and the region at large. There was no possible chance for peace or resolution between Armenia and Azerbaijan under the previous leadership, as since they had decades to do so nothing happened. At least Aliyev & Pashinyan have shared the same room and spoken to each other before on occasion. Regardless of how we feel about the war and recent events, these are at least steps we can take to see if we can indeed come to an understanding about what will become of Artsakh's status and regional trade routes.


I hope things will move on positive way. Some politicians say that after Pashinyan wins the elections, Aliyev will change his rhetoric and will move on more peaceful rhetoric. They say he is just trying to give a message. Idk, too much people suffered in this conflict, i need this nightmare to be ended.


I feel you, and also hope for the same. Also, for selfish purposes, Azerbaijan does no good to the region without a diversified and sustainable economy. Competition breeds ingenuity. If we have Armenia, Azerbaijan and one day Georgia operating on similar IT levels it'll not only attract more attention to the region but force us all to innovate. Over here, I'm making 3x the salary I'd make in Georgia or Azerbaijan, which isn't right. Coding is beyond me; I just do sales & marketing for my company. (BTW, as a regular person I still earn more than I would in Russia.) Imagine the 3 of us start trying to outdo each other - it leads to better quality products for the consumer because we're all forced to produce above the competitor. There's so much potential here but Georgia blames everything on Russia, Armenia blames everything our old government, and Azerbaijan blames everything on Armenians. I'm interested in the day we can get out of this mess. We don't need to kill anymore 18-20 year olds doing their first conscription in the meantime, I hope.


The economic incentive has always been the end game for a prosperous South Caucasus. People are just sadly, excuse me for expressing me in this way, too far up their own asses to recognize a good thing when they see it. People are obsessed with dragging this shit show over to the next generation. People are glorifying their past while dehumanizing the other's. Hopefully, our president can do us all a solid and drop the antagonistic shit and your's can stop being a complete populist loser and move on. /end of rant


Eh, I wouldn't say Pashinyan is a complete populist loser. I think you'd have to see RA before and after 2018. Basic things like road repairs, traffic lights, street lights, etc, seemingly happened in a matter weeks. We had the income and ability to execute simple improvements for QOL like that for decades but well, it never happened. Populist, yes, but complete populist loser I'd say Nikol is not.


It's a good rant and I hope you have more of those. One would think that if Azerbaijan launched a political initiative to begin to settle the status of the region, they would hand the prime minister a strong card for the elections. A stronger one of it included Armenia as well.


I see more and more decent people appear on both sides. I think waiting for our leaders to do something is useless. Politicians are either afraid of or not willing to do radical changes. In ethnic conflict both sides are guilty. We should leave past behind and find a solution that whole region can get benefit of it. Maybe there can appear some people saying that we did it in past but it didn't work. I can say that in past neither side was independent and all the choices were made on behalf of us, and peace kept under pressure of Russia, and it only served interests of Russia. I think we can find a way to share disputed territories.


Agreed, but don't get me wrong - I still staunchly believe Artsakh should be an independent republic. That being said, anyone can come and visit here, and opening a business as a foreigner is now even easier than ever. This is of course a minority case, but we have businesses in Yerevan which are wholly owned by Iranians, Turks, etc. There's no issue with country of origin, even when it comes to owning real estate. Personally I know, for example, Iranian families that own apartments here and rent them out for profit. One reason why RA is not the best military power (as seen given the war) is we're business people first, not warriors. We're happy to do business with anyone that leads to a win-win for both parties. It's been that way for millennia now. I'll put it to you this way - my company does some business in Turkey. Whenever we're on calls we joke about how our governments are unfriendly and then get right down to business, end of story. As you mentioned, hah, our government doesn't represent every person or company within our countries. While democracy is terrific, it's still just mob rule, whereas in theory 51% can represent the other 49% in worst case scenario. Apologies if I'm rambling/not making sense at this point but I've been up since the last hour which is 5 hours earlier than usual for me.


I think Pashinyan will not be elected. Putin will put his puppet leader in president post and will end democracy in Armenia. Armenians think that by electing revanchist leader they will form an army and would reverse last year. But there will be either of two worst cases for both sides: 1. Revanchist leaders are liars and after one of them became leader everything will remain the same but Armenia will be puppet of Russia again. Which means no solution for conflict. 2. They will start a new war with help of Russia. Not depending on the result, the most bloody warfare will happen in the history of the region. This can trigger much bigger conflicts, will destabilize surrounding regions. Especially, it will exhaust economic and defense power of both countries. If this happens, bye bye happiness ((. Edit: Would like to mention that Aliyev was used perfectly by Putin. He killed two bird by one stone: 1. He cemented one autocrat's throne and 2. Destroyed democracy in another country.


If you want more sources https://t.me/bagramyan26/28939


Pashik 2021


This is FakeNews. He is not resigning.


Did Nikol just open a fake account only to write this comment and leave 😭


This is not TSK MAP anymore. They sold their account to dumb people.


It's the same organization, they just rebranded themselves.


No, they changed it to ConflictTR because someone sued them for using TSK in their name. Then they sold it to some nationalist people who does nothing except copy-paste. No more OSINT, no more infographics. Their new account is "Anatolia Intel" iirc. They also have their own accounts like "Turkish Market".


Nikol Pasha finally steps down.