*pets your paw back*


Claws your back later.




He would have been a great toe truck driver!


>had 😥




Thanks my quota for new animal subreddit has been fulfilled for the day :)






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What is it about cat feet?? I can't stop myself from touching my cats little feet even though I know there will be blood


I know right!! they are to irresistible to not touch haha


i like to touch my tortie's little white paw and whenever i do it i say "the lovely paaawww" with the same tone as Nandor from What we do in the Shadows saying [creepy paper](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw-Or3AMJW0)


/r/peachytoes (and relatedly, /r/toefeathers, /r/jellybeantoes, /r/murdermittens, /r/spreadytoes, and /r/kittykankles)


I'm like [Bill Clinton](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGtAP0_Hsns) when it comes to those kitty kankles.


One of my favorite scenes. So funny


Crepe paper master.


I believe you forgot to pay your cat tax, citizen.


my apologies, [here she is](https://imgur.com/a/HNUrK9t). funnily enough that's also her lovely paw in the picture.


Look at her, she's practically daring you to touch it.


Right? It literally glows. And her guardian is supposed to resist?


Such a sweet baby ![img](emote|t5_2qh1o|13383)


she's sweet when she wants to be.


With a tortie, that's brave lol


she loves me really. she just has a funny way of showing it. like when she murders my feet when i least expect it and then leaves without apologising. and then later on demands cuddles without acknowledging what happened before at all, and keeps pestering you until you give her cuddles. did i mention i'm allergic to cats?


Because you know those beans are sweet.


Sweet beans are made of these.


... who am I to disagree


What is flesh??


… baby don’t hurt me?


They’re so cute that our brain short-circuits lol. My cat doesn’t like his feet being pet, but I just have to poke his little toe beans when I see them. I also boop his nose if he’s looking extra cute lol. I can’t help myself, he’s too adorable.


I figure my annoying them when they are all cute and sleeping is payback for when they decide they need to groom my hair in the middle of the night.


That’s a very good point. Kitty isn’t paying the rent, the least he could do is let me poke his toe beans now and then lol


Had a cat who LOVED it when I massaged his toes. Only cat I ever had who would get mad at me when I stopped.


I wanna put my cat's ears in my mouth.. I really don't understand why my brain wants me to do that. My sister used to put my nieces' tiny feet in her mouth when they were a baby. I guess there's a gene in our family that urges us to put cute things in our mouths.


I too desire to nom (bite with lips only) my cats ears. I also cannot stop smooching the "M" on her forehead. When she sasses me for doing it too much I say "im sorry but if that isn't where the moochies go then why does it have an M!" She also does the "touch my butt" game. When she walks past you and leans into you, and you pet once twice, then the third receives lots of sassy meows, an attempted hand swat, and a retreat. If you ignore the butt touch you get your ankles bitten. She's a torti tabby and she's full of sass and attitude.


What you’re describing here sounds like [cute aggression](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cute_aggression)!


This! Sometimes when I see something really cute like a new kitten/puppy or an adorable stuffed animal i do exactly these things! I grit my teeth, I want to squeeze whatever it is really hard but I normally grab my husband's arm and squeeze it. I almost always say through my gritted teeth "OMG ITS SO CUTE I JUST WANNA SKWEEZE IT TILL IT POPS!". I redirect my need to skweeze onto a stuffy when my husband isn't around lol! I didn't know it was anything other than me being my weird self lol!


these scientists know what's up


omg I finally have answers to my irrational behavior! thank you


I do that sometimes. My cat thinks I'm weird but he's a super chill dude so he just purrs and puts up with me.


You just made me think about how it would be to put my cat's feet in my mouth and I got sickened thinking about the litter box


It's actually a thing with human brains- I looked it up a while back. I have no source other than Google it if you are interested- it's not just you! :)


I do it for a practical reason. So they are used to their paws being handled so I can cut their claws.


They’re so squishy


>*’I can't stop myself from touching my cats little feet even though I know there will be blood…*’ ______ the furry bits of softness, pitter patter from the start… the fluffy floof between my toes leave footprints on your heart! my ‘jelly beans’ of sweetness, like a tiny flower bud, but try ‘n touch my little feet, n friend - there Will be Blood… ❤️


~~Perfect!~~ Purrrfect! Thank you. Made my day! (eta: 6 minutes old. My freshest Schnoodle ever!)


Yessssss! Thank you Schnoodle.


A fresh Snoodle! Thank you, friend


piping hot Schnoodle 🥰


My cat has huge feet. I love holding and squeezing them. When she tires of that, she just gets up and moves a few feet away.


I love petting my cat's tiny feet and she tightens up her tiny toes and makes her tiny feet even tinier. It's the most ridiculous thing and I can't help but mess with her.


Because they're like lil pipe cleaners especially when the stick em under doors and such


She’s so pretty. We have a female orange tabby too! Apparently they’re not as common as male orange tabs :)


Oh really? I didn’t know that 😅 I should probably let her know then that she is special :)


I also have a female orange tabby. I don’t remember the exact science but the gene that turns a kitty orange is tied to the X chromosome. I believe the female orange tabby has to have both of her XX chromosomes have the orange tabby gene for her to be an orange tabby.


It's the lack of a gene (recessive trait) that turns them orange). That gene is located in the X chromosome. Male kitties have only one copy of the X chromosome so they only get "one chance" of not being orange.


Mostly correct - it's a gene coding for "orange/red," located on the X chromosome, and is always present. The difference is how it codes/what allele is "turned on." Orange is co-dominant with other colors, which is why we get calico females - natural mosaicism of the X chromosome, expressing red/orange in some areas and another color (black, grey, etc) in others. The allele (gene) for orange is *O*, and it's located on the X chromosome. *O* codes for orange, *o* codes for non-orange. Since female cats have two X chromosomes, they can be *OO* (all orange), *Oo* (orange calico), or *oo* (non-orange). Male cats have one X chromosome and one Y, so there's nothing else acting against the *O* allele. Males can be either *O-* (orange), or *o-* (not orange). I might have gotten a bit wrong semantically - it's been a long time since I took genetics - but that's the gist. They still have the gene that codes for "orange/red," the difference is basically whether it's on or off.


You're really close. In females in a species with XY sex chromosomes, the organism only needs one X chromosome to do it's thing. Otherwise, males would be screwed since they can only ever have one! So the female's body randomly turns off one X chromosome in each cell. So if the female has one orange X allele, it either gets left on or turned off in splotches all over the body, leading to it being calico.


So more females since they have 2 chances? Or do both of them have to be missing, therefore fewer chances?


More males, because the gene prevents them from being orange, so females with their XX chromosomes have twice the likelihood to have the gene that stops them from being orange


Both, so fewer orange females, IIRC.


She definitely knows already 😂


Definitely tell her! 😊


Correct! Just like most calicos are female, most orange kitties are male


Although worth pointing out that's there a huge difference between those "most"s. While about 20% of orange cats are females, 99.9%+ of calico cats are female. A male calico is only born through genetic defect.


Without opening the can of worms about sex and gender and all that, we are talking about cats after all, calico males are not "purely male" in the biological sense, they're intersex as they must have XXY chromosomes.


Oooh, that's pretty interesting and makes sense. I didn't consider that KS or other chromosomal disorders would also occur in cats.


Yes! I think it’s ~20% of gingers are female and they are so special. My first babe was an orange tabby and was just so smart, and quirky! She was clicker trained and even learned a few tricks!


That's definitely not the common experience with orange bbs, two orange brain cells is a meme and probably a subreddit too lol


My cat does something similar. I'll pat her paw, then lay my hand flat with my palm up and she will put her paw in my hand and sleep. It's like holding my hand. If I try getting up, she wraps my hand in a hug then puts her paw back in my hand.


This post is why the cat tax was invented.


Oh please try to get a video. That sounds friggin adorable.


That’s so precious


I would say "omg totes adorbs!" but I'm a 43 year old man so.....


> but I'm a 43 year old man so..... It's ok. This is the Internet, you can be a 13 year old girl if you want to.


I mean, honestly say whatever you want to say, nothing shameful in that =)


Those claws popping out look like a threat to me...


She never actually uses her claws on me. I think she meant to spread her paws in preparation to do the kneading thing cat sometimes do




Touch the beans get the means


My wife says this to me


Don't do the paw if you can't handle the claw




>*’She never actually uses her claws on me… I think she meant to spread her paws in preparation to do the kneading thing…*’ ____ i am the cat - it’s what i do, this just my way of *telling* you… i love to feel your gentle touch, (it comforts me, so very much!) but when i’ve had enough of ‘paws’, i sometimes show my *m u r d e r claws* (i will not use - is just ‘pretend’… am showing you i *need* you, friend) ❤️


TWO Schnoodles on one post! Oh frabjous day!


I love the last three lines!


Yay! Was hoping for a schnoodle on this one!


Yeah, what that little goober is doing is closer to stretching than it is annoyance. If you ever pet her while she's asleep and she stretches her legs, watch the claws, she'll pop them then too.




As I recall the claw stretching is an instinctual behavior from when they were kittens, where the kneading/clawing process is used while suckling. So overall it often indicates the cat is feeling very comfortable and secure, as though it's with its mother, and they want more of whatever it is you're doing. This video may not show that exactly (the initial reach is more targeted and probably from annoyance) but the gentle claw extension might be what I describe.


Cats have incredible claw control. Absolutely nothing to worry about.


You just have to get to a point that you know that your cat will be gentle.




My cat does that when I take his paw. It's wonderful, like he's trying to hold your hand. Also makes it easy to check if his nails need a trim without him being like "oh god she's gonna trim my nails".


Awwww how cute! Give her a hug from us, she deserves some love🤗


Don’t worry she will definitely get loads of cuddles :)


You pets the paw you gets the claw


If you don't heed You gonna bleed


If you don't stop You gonna mop..... up blood


You touch the beans you gets the means


When my cat does this I take my finger and put it on top of her paw. She will take her paw and put it back on top of my finer, rinse and repeat. I thought it was just a game that we play, now I think I might just be pissing her off.


Remember human, I̵ ̷c̵a̷n̸ ̶m̶u̵r̸d̶e̴r̴ ̸y̵o̷u̵.


Oh I definitely remember……




The claw flex!




Cat: imma cut you. OP: aww :)


Aww. I miss having a cat.


Polite r/murdermittens


“No no…*snikt*”


cute little paw


I actually believed all orange tabby’s were automatically male..that’s very cool you have a orange female


That’s actually so fascinating that most orange tabby’s are male cause I had no idea and just assumed that the odds of them being a girl or boy were the same


Not the same but not too rare either. About 20% of orange cats are female.


What a cutie! Orange girls are so special and honestly so emotionally intelligent!


kitty doesn't want to escalate.


Omg. The cat I grew up with used to do this with me. She was there before I was born, and she was absolutely crazy (so my parents named her Buster). But as soon as I got there she went into full mom mode. When my parents said goodnight to me she used to jump on my bed as well to get some pats and then leave my room for the night with them. And she never (or very rarely) scratched me. I remember one time I sat on the sofa with her and I petted her, and when she rolled on her back I accidentally touched her belly, which she absolutely hated and always treated like a war declaration. But not with me. Instead she put her paw on my hand and miaowed disapprovingly. She's long gone, but damn this made me miss her


So adorable kitty.


So gentle and sweet 🧁


Ginger cats are the sweetest 🥺❤️


She looks so similar to the two cats my family had growing up. They'd also do this, and this video was a nice reminder of them :)


Press the beans, get the means...


Cats just know their little feet are cute that's why they guard them


(Shows claws) Please stop touching me mommy. (Still doesn’t retract claws)


My precious kittos allow me to stroke and even hold their little feets. I'll never be able to thank them enough for such a privilege.


Haha my kitty does this, but rather puts his paw right on my face


My brother's cat (very similar coloration) likes having his front toe beans gently petted and he occasionally voluntarily 'holds hands'. AAAAAA SO adorbs


Pet my paws, get the claws. No mercy, no malice.


“No, thank you!”


🥰she is petting you back. ❤️


I love you. I will cut you. But I love you.


My cat looks like a twin of yours and does the same….


My girl too!


Id be terrified. Cat gave you a warning. Cat pulled out her damn switch blade. Imagine if you continued?? ☠️.


That's so adorable 🥺 my cats on the other hand let me touch them anywhere. When they're not in the mood they simply tolerate me a bit and then go away 😅


This is so cute look at the cats eyes


I love how the claws slowly come out it’s like”human I am warning you to stop this nonsense”


Put paw on hand. Slowly extend claws. I know this xD Don't kid yourself, the meaning is very clear. You ignore it and she tries again to show you, extending even further. Of course that doesn't mean she would ever hurt you. Just letting you know she could but won't, because cat.


I like that it didn't stop you from micro petting her claws afterwards. I do that with my kitty too hehe Man why are people downvoting that statement lol 😂 are people that angry


Just doing it reaaallllyyy gently so she doesn’t see it as petting :)


While your down there, trim those claws.


....people do that? Cats regulate that on their own. That's like saying to put a cat in the bath.... Wut? Cats scratch and bathe themselves constantly for a reason.


I think it can be dependent on the cat. My sister has a cat that's chill as fuck. Little dude never gets time with the shared brain cell and replaces it with being lovable. Comparatively, I have a ~5 month old monster who likes to hide under the couch and claw at my feet and to parkour off things (and me) when he's feeling energetic. I trim his front nails whenever it hurts too much.


No, they do not. Literally google it and get back to me.


Yeah, nah dog... I'm not buying it. Cats are absolutely fine without it. My oldest cat was 20 and did perfectly fine keeping it tended to himself. This is very much the same kinda advice they tell you about rabbits and making sure their teeth don't overgrow. If you give your pets the means to do it themselves.... They do. Sure, by all means check but it's not something you should ever have to actually do for em. For context about the Rabbit thing. Ours was free roam in the house and had untreated 2x4s in each room to gnaw on. He was a Flemish Giant so he was impossible to lose. He made it to about 7 years old and in those 7 years we checked his teeth maybe 5 times ourselves. Vet always said he was happy as a clam so we didn't worry. We were going through wood like it was going out of style so we knew he never had overgrown teeth.


You are correct. Most outdoor cats do not need their nails trimmed. They file them down naturally on the hard environment and also benefit from having long nails for defense. I mistakenly assume everyone cats are indoors because all legitimate animal welfare organizations advise against having outdoor cats because it’s very bad for the local wildlife and the cats health. That’s *my* bad.


I live in a certain area in Europa where basically everyone’s cat is a outdoor cat and I never thought there was any harm in having them outside.


I do believe that you would need to bath your cat if your cat has health issues that causes them difficulty to groom themselves. You can also bath your cat if you don’t like your cat making your house dirty and you want them to be cleaner than how they groom themselves but I always assumed that it mostly counted for indoors cats. This also counts for trimming their nails that because of health uses you can do it for them or if you don’t like them scratching you and the furniture. However my cat is a outdoor cat and never saw the point in bathing her or trimming her nails cause she doesn’t attack me or scratches furniture. I do regularly give her flea treatment and deworming


It's asserting dominance over you


The Animal! The Animal! Nothing can stop…**The Animal**! ^The ^Animal!




“Hi i know I’m cute and my paws are sooo cudly cute, but fuck around and find out how sharp my cute paws are” -Cat


My cats love foot massages, but only for a little bit and only on their front paws.


Such a polite kitty


I've found most cats do this. Some however go from cuddles to fight for your life in seconds :P




That head movement says "if your hand were already by my mouth I would have lightly bitten it instead".


Stop its sleepies time silly hooman


Extends claws…I could, but I won’t….


Just a hint of claw to let you know she is serious, but not really mad yet.


What a sweetie. She could have been more aggressive with you.


When the toebeans are just a lil bit spicey...


My cats and I play this game, it's called Paw On Top


This is the cutest video I have seen




See, so that's when the claws came out...


My cat used to love playing one up. Where id put my paw on his and he'd slam it ontop of mine and back and forth. He got fed up if I started using both hands. Miss him.


Gentle girl


Aww. My orange boy will put his paw on my arm if he feels that I am not giving him enough attention and hold it there. If I continue to not give him enough attention he will slowly extend his claws and add more pressure gradually until I bend the knee lol


My lady orangie does this too when I scritch her face


*or else*


I don’t know about your interpretation. I feel like she might be reciprocating and touching you back kindly with love.